10 Tips To Grow Your Business With Social Media

The fact that Social Media is essential for the growth of any business is already widely known by all. What remains sometimes a mystery to some business owners is how to use this wonderful tool of innovation social media to grow their business. A large percentage of business owners don’t know their way round social media marketing while some conservative ones are not yet interested and not ready to embrace this method of business promotion. One thing you must know is that your online reputation is essential whether you embrace social media marketing strategies or not. Because it is the contemporary trend, your business can be discussed about in the social media. If you aren’t there, you wouldn’t be able to take charge of any negative statement that may be injurious to your business.

10 Tips To Grow Your Business With Social Media

We have provided 10 tips to help you grow your business through the social media:

1. Embrace the social media with open hands

Before you can talk of growing your business with the social media, you must first of all have social media accounts and be actively engaged in them. The world is constantly changing. Consumers’ behavior is also not static. Social media has come to stay as a successful way to meet most of your customers in the contemporary world. So, go out there and embrace them. Do don’t allow yourself to be underplayed by your competitors. Endeavor to always play up your games and stay ahead of others.

2. Engage with your customers where they are

Try to identify the social networks that are more frequently used by your customers and connect with them. Often times, customers voice out their opinion about any business through the social media of their choice. If you are doing well, they would praise you but if they have any complaint against your business or services, they will also voice it out. Ensure you connect with them on personal notes by responding to their questions and requests in a timely manner. There is no better way to do this than to seek out where they are and get connected with them out there.

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3. Your social media posts must be true representation of you

If you say things that aren’t true just because you want to entice people and bring them to yourself, sooner or later they will discover and that would create a bad impression of you. Just go ahead and discuss about the happenings in your industry. Show through your posts that you are up to date with the developments and innovations in your industry. This will portray you as an expert and naturally draw them to you to ask questions and eventually you’d end up turning them into valuable customers.

Don’t be afraid to occasionally talk specifically about your business so that they see what you do and where you are coming from. Posting articles about the industry should occupy about 80% spaces on your blog while direct business promotion should occupy only just about 20% space. Always ensure that your posts are true representation of you and your business.

4. Update your knowledge always

Social media is speedily evolving and changing on a day to day basis. An idea that rocks today bay be old fashioned tomorrow.  Updating your knowledge frequently and in a timely many at the advent of any new social media marketing strategy ensures that you are ahead of your competitors. This gives a winning edge.

5. Choose the right Social media

The social media channels you use determine your success or failure. Your best bet is to carefully discover the social media channels that are more frequently used by your prospective customers. When you discover them, seek them out and connect with them. You would be more successful by connecting to only few and suitable channels than getting registered with a number of channels that are irrelevant to the industry and most importantly, be active in your chosen social media channels.

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6. Develop a plan and ensure you understand your customers’ needs

Developing a tactical plan about how you would handle your social media campaign is highly essential. You may decide on a weekly content posting schedule or fortnight posting schedule and if you have time and are able, on a daily posting schedule. The visitors of your site should be able to ascertain the order of things or at the very least know when to expect a new post or an update from you. Creating a schedule will also be instrumental for estimating if your strategy worked by the end of the month or not. Knowing who your audiences are and connecting with them on a more personal level gain you more of their trust and will help you to know what they are interested in. You would then devote time on those things that would be especially beneficial and relevant to them than beating about the bush.

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7. Develop an Integrated Social Media Strategy

Ensure that each social media platform you use is for a specific purpose. Share your forthcoming events, articles, blog posts, industry news, business news and everything you are doing with your business. This will help you to ascertain how each of social media networks you use is impacting on your business.

To efficiently grow your business, you need to make use of numerous platforms and employ various forms of online marketing strategies. On Facebook for example, start by getting a lot of your friends and fans to like your page especially your prospective customers. This will successfully grow your page with valid prospective consumers. Also, that would mean that when you post content, it gets picked up and read by fans who are already interested in the business you offer and this will create more awareness for your business.

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 8.  Create useful Contents and ensure you connect with everyone

The first thing that draws the attention of prospective customers to your social media is useful contents. You must produce useful and reader friendly articles on constant basis and share it over your social media platforms. People will get connected with you when they know that you have something to offer. If you aren’t particularly good in writing, you can outsource it out to professionals that will help you in this regard. Also, be available to respond to the comments of your readers. That will show them they are valued and would gain you more of their trust over time. Do constantly keep your pages updated to show that your business is alive and vibrant.

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9. Ensure your Social Media Accounts are SEO optimized

You optimize your social media accounts through the use of keywords and hashtags.  Use keywords that are directly related to your business. To choose keywords, think of what word or group of words people searching for your business will use in the search engine.

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10. Use the Best Social Networking Sites

For  social media marketing strategy that works, you need to consider first and foremost the most popular ones like Facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and Google plus. There are tons of them out there. Ensure you discover where your customers are and connect with them as mentioned earlier.

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The most excellent strategy to grow your business is by developing a strong and powerful social media presence. So, ensure that you are not left out if what you truly desire is to grow your business.

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