Top 10 Bearing Splitter Tool Kits in 2019

As a car owner, you have no choice but to purchase a bearing splitter toolkit. Isn’t that why you are looking for the best Bearing Splitter Tool Kits in 2019? When it comes to pulling gears, pulleys and steering pumps, you need the best tool for the job to be a success. To ensure that you settle for that, you have no other choice but to ensure that the selection is based on facts and not guesswork. The discussion below is what you need. It talks about ten best products. It also highlights why each bearing splitter toolkit qualifies. Check it out!

Top 10 Bearing Splitter Tool Kits in 2019

10. OTC 4526 Heavy-Duty Single Pressure Beam Bearing Splitter Set

OTC 4526 Heavy-Duty Single Pressure Beam Bearing Splitter Set

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If you want a bearing splitter toolkit for not only bearing but also brushing, then this product is a high recommendation. That is for up to a diameter of 4 inches. Its weight is 31 pounds. The dimensions are 16 x 14 x 4 inches.

Its design includes a particular place where you make all the adjustments. Therefore, the splitter’s attachment becomes a breeze. It also has a pressure beam that facilitates a secure grip. To either shorten or lengthen the range of pull, use the interchangeable legs. Its high-quality tool grade materials enhance longevity.

Its versatility, robustness and the results that it offers have earned it a 5-star rating.

9. Approved for Automotive Bearing Puller & Separator Set w/Seal Remover Tool

Approved for Automotive Bearing Puller & Separator Set w/Seal Remover Tool

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The next bearing splitter tool kit that you need to consider is this one since it makes bearing extractions an effortless task. Its content includes a crossbar head measuring 6 inches, extension legs of 4 and 5 inched and 4 hex push-puller legs. In addition to that, you get an oil seal puller tool as a bonus.

Its design ensures that its fit is universal. Another great aspect of the design is the even-pull splitter. The two are responsible for the efficiency of the bearing splitter tool kits. Its torque is powerful enough to remove the bearings fast including the stubborn ones.

The quality of the product, its reasonable price, and quick delivery have earned it 5 stars. The average rating is 3.6 stars.

8. OTC (1183) Bearing Splitter Combo Set


OTC (1183) Bearing Splitter Combo Set 

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OTC has yet another incredible bearing splitter tool kits. The set includes 4 beading splitters manufactured by the same brand. It also has a pulley pulling attachment. Equally important, there is a case that keeps the tools not only safe but also organized.

Its lightweight design as the weight is 30.9 pounds makes it perfect for people who keep traveling to their workstations. It is also compact with dimensions of 22 x 17.8 x 4.1 inches. The product is sturdy enough to facilitate durability.

Due to its design and features, the item is as per the expectations of many users. That explains the average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

7. DASBET 14pc Gear Puller and Bearing Separator Splitter Tool Kit

DASBET 14pc Gear Puller and Bearing Separator Splitter Tool Kit

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This DASBET bearing splitter tool is also an excellent option. Its wide application is amazing. It can remove bearings, pulleys, gears as well as steering wheels. There is also the separation of the ball bearing. In addition to that, it removes and installs the large industrial bearings. It comes with a case that simplifies storage and transport.

Its design allows its bearing separator to work with diameters ranging from 9/32 to 3 inches. It removes gears without damaging them because of the evenly applied pressure. It is also durable due to the combination of steel, black oxide finish, and chrome plated.

The quality is worth every penny you spend on this item. That is one of the many positive praises by the customers. The average rating is 3.7 stars which are above average.

6. ABN Bearing Separator Set


ABN Bearing Separator Set

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ABN manufactures the following bearing splitter tool kit. It has 12 pieces. They include a forcing screw, puller crossbar, 2 separator jaw or splitter, and 8 hex pull-pusher legs. Its uses include separating flywheels, splitting bearings, removing bearings from a shaft and separating bearings.

As shown above, the bearing splitter tool kits has a versatile design. Its capacity is 5 tons. Its sturdy construction including the black oxide finish ensures that it lasts for a long period.

The customers highly appreciate all the above and its ease of storage. Its average rating is 4.8 stars.

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5. 8MILELAKE 12pcs bearing Splitter Gear Puller Fly Wheel Separator Set Tool Kit

8MILELAKE 12pcs bearing Splitter Gear Puller Fly Wheel Separator Set Tool Kit

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Our list wouldn’t have been complete without this bearing splitter tool kits by 8milelake. Its tools include extensions, yoke, bearing separator and a carrying case. It not only removes but also fits both gears and wheels.

Its versatile design makes a great investment. It works incredibly when it comes to small components. This product is also compact for easy transport and storage. Due to its chrome-vanadium material, the product will stay intact for a long period.

It has an average rating of 4.2 stars after over 60 reviews. That is because of the quality, build and great specifications.

4. Shankly 5 Ton Capacity Bearing Pullers, Bearing Puller Set and Bearing Separator Kit

Shankly 5 Ton Capacity Bearing Pullers, Bearing Puller Set and Bearing Separator Kit 

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This is another bearing splitter tool kits worth purchasing. To enable a wide range of tasks, the package has 2 inches as well as 3 inches bearing splitters. It is perfect for not only professionals but also for beginners. The contents are four hex push-puller legs, forcing screw and bar type puller head.

Its design makes sure that it is versatile. For that reason, it is economical when it comes to money spent and the space it occupies. The strength comes from the rugged drop forged construction. The manufacturer also heat treats it further to enhance durability.

More than 80% of the reviewers have awarded it 4 stars and above. Its robustness regardless of the compactness is commendable. Its average rating is 4.1 out of 5 stars.

3. OrionMotorTech 5-in-1 Ball Joint Separator Tie Rod End Remover Pitman Arm Puller Service Splitter Removal Tool Kit

OrionMotorTech 5-in-1 Ball Joint Separator Tie Rod End Remover Pitman Arm Puller Service Splitter Removal Tool Kit

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What do you get if you settle for this bearing splitter tool kit? There are many components including a pitman arm puller, pitman’s arm and tie rod end puller, conical pitman arm puller, tie rod and ball joint remover and ball joint separator. In addition to that, you get a carrying case.

Thanks to its design, the tool has many uses. It can remove, separate or pull ball joints and tie rods. Its material is alloy steel. It is strong, but they go further to heat-treat it for a durable piece. The ABS case also lasts for long.

Its 4.1-star rating has been as a result of versatility, high quality, great design, incredible features and affordable price among others.

2. DASBET 14PCS Bearing Separator Puller Set 2″ and 3″ Splitters Remove Bearings Kit

DASBET 14PCS Bearing Separator Puller Set 2" and 3" Splitters Remove Bearings Kit

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Before you second-guess this bearing splitter tool kits, let me update you on why that shouldn’t be the case. It has a lead screw, puller cross-bar, and various separators. Lead screw and puller cross-bar measures 6 ¼ and 5 inches, respectively. On the other hand, separators measure either 2 or 3 inches.

Its versatile design is another big plus. It marks the end of hassles when pulling steering wheels, bearings, pulleys or gears. Its case ensures that transport, as well as storage, are not only easy but also safe. The material, drop forged as well as heat treated steel, sees to it that it lasts for a relatively long period.

Going by the price, it is hard to find such a great piece. It also works perfectly for most customers. More than half of them has offered it a rating that is above average. Considering all the rating, the item scooped 3.2 stars.

1. Shankly Bearing Separator (Mini)

Shankly Bearing Separator (Mini) - Bearing Splitter Tool Kits

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On top of our list, we have these bearing splitter tool kits by Shankly. It is no secret that the brand is a guru when it comes to manufacturing similar products. This one is ideal for small fittings, wheels, and gears.

It has a versatile design. That makes it a run to the device when working on steering pumps, pulleys, wiper arm and alternator among others. Its material, chrome-vanadium, contributes to its longevity. It comes with a case to ensure that your things stay organized.

70% of the buyers have awarded it 5 stars. There is another 20% approximately who have given it 4 stars. Their reasons include high quality and value for one’s money. Averagely, it has earned a 4.2-star rating.


After giving extensive details regarding the best bearing splitter tool kits available in the market, one thing is for sure. Making the buying decision will not be as tough as before. Secondly, the risk involved will be negligible. Why not when regardless of what you choose quality is top-notch? They have the tools necessary for such tasks. Don’t forget the carrying case, design, and other features. That is why you should grab one right away.


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