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Best Blenders In 2020 | Blend All Your Ingredients Nicely

AHA! Experts have finally revealed the lists of the Best Top 10 Blenders in 2020. Are you the kind of person that spends money on things you don’t actually need and end up nothing? Want the value of your money? Looking for the best blenders? Need to be healthy? Want to save time and money as well? Step up now and start investing a high quality, top-of-the-line and modern machine like blenders. This page will definitely help you to find the best blender for your needs such as—– making smoothies, soups, pancakes, shakes, sauces, and much more.

So whatever the need, this machine is the best answer to that. Consumers’ top reviews have said getting a blender is a much better investment rather than spending more money on restaurants and cafes. Well, blenders have their pros and cons, so reading reviews are very helpful to find and get the right and detailed information in helping you to get the best one. Check out our page and learn more!

Blender is one of the amazing and interesting inventions of all time. Almost everyone owns this appliance at home. It’s very easy to use that even kids can be able to operate it. As many centuries passed by, a lot of improvements have been done with blenders. There are different types of blenders depending on its usage,

Blender is one of the amazing and interesting inventions of all time. Almost everyone owns this appliance at home. It’s very easy to use that even kids can be able to operate it. As many centuries passed by, a lot of improvements have been done with blenders. There are different types of blenders depending on its usage, functions, and purposes. Of course, there is the cheapest and most expensive one on the market. It can be used both in-home and commercial kitchens.

If you’re a food blogger or food enthusiast you may either have a blender or may have heard “Oh I love Magic Bullet!” “Vitamix is so amazing!” in food sites out there. So why and what’s great about a blender? Oh well, once you enter the reality of high-quality blenders, you will be surprised by many uses that blender has.

Amazing functions of blenders include emulsification, puree or mash, and the mixing of foods and other substances. Various purposes include blending ice cream, milk, and sweet sauces to make milkshakes. Mixing and crushing of ice in cocktails like a frozen margarita and other ingredients in non-alcoholic drinks such as Frappuccinos and smoothies. It can also use in making smooth purees of cooked vegetables and meat and reducing small solids such as spices and seeds to make it powdered. Also, it helps in dissolving solids into a liquid state and much more. Some of the models that have powerful features can be used to crush ice. Sounds good, right?

Since there are a lot of models released every year in the market, it is a bit tempting and overwhelming that people tend to buy the latest one. So, when purchasing a blender, what is really needed to be considered to get the best one? Some consumers greatly appreciate features that have large visible measurement marks, easy to use, powerful usage (typically 300-1000 watts), easy to clean and wash, low noise during usage, and has easy settings and options for quick pulse blending.

Most of the blenders are made up of glass containers. It is much heavier and more stable. Some are made of plastic but are prone to scratching and absorbing the smell of the blended food and others are made up of stainless steel which is highly preferred because of its looks but it limits the visibility of the food as it is blended.

There are three categorical types of blenders; these are immersion blenders, personal blenders, and smoothies blenders. They differ in functions and usage but very good in their own specialties. An immersion blender is a handheld device and from its word itself, you will hold it and immerse it into the foods, liquids, or whatever you want to make. It is typically for using sauces and dressings. A personal blender is great for persons who do not want to make effort in cleaning, in short, a lazy person. This can make single servings. Just put everything in the blender blended it up, grab it and you’re good to go! Smoothie blender has the most powerful speed and blades. It is a bit heavy because it is designed for larger and big servings.

Blades and motors are seemed to be the most important components of a blender. Logically, high-quality blenders have the most powerful, bigger, and strongest components. So when purchasing a blender, most consumers always consider checking it first. Other features to be considered are angled blades, multiple settings or options, and container bases.

Blenders are proven to be one of the most important kitchen appliances at home because of its versatility in use. From babies to adults, sauces, and shakes, pancakes to vegetables, and much more.

Blenders also have a great contribution to microbiology and food science. One example is the so-called cavitation. (Check-in Google, Science of Blenders)

Why Using Blenders?

Let’s just say we are indeed in a new world wherein technology has been surprisingly arisen. In which there is a lot of machinery, devices, and food processors out there. Many foods nowadays are instant which means we do intake unhealthy foods and spending a lot of money just for take-outs. Some examples are milkshakes and ice cream. Meaning, we almost eat foods that are already processed——-chemicals, if you know what I mean. Technically speaking, blenders also promote healthy living. In my opinion, we are badly in need of plenty of fresh vegetables and fresh fruits in our diet.

This means making blended fruits and vegetables through a blender. Having a blender at home, you can personally do it by putting and blending up fresh bananas, apples, and other ingredients or either blending up soup, make a vegetable sauce and pour it all over into steamed vegetables and much more. Every single person has the ability to make delicious and healthy stuff or whatever is the need through the help of blenders.

So you must choose the right blender according to your needs. It is either for personal use or business matters. Of course, you’ll be paying for what you need. Some blenders are very expensive and there is also the cheapest one.

A further advantage of using blenders, it also saves time and money. Why? Because instead of chopping, mixing, and more, you can make meals from scratch and ready to go. You don’t need to spend a lot of money just to buy burgers, fries, coke, etc —– that’s a lot already and a lot of fats, yikes! But with a blender, a piece of banana, apple, and some sort of ingredients you’ll be able to attain good eating habits get the nutrients your body needs, sexier body, and more importantly, you just save money for future needs.

Many establishments like lounges, cafes, and hot shops out there have been started by some businessman. Their main menus are mainly milkshakes, smoothies, and frappes. Most of the customers spend a lot to buy this delicious stuff but aren’t aware of the ingredients used to it. It is really important nowadays to be aware of the foods we eat. Everything is instant. Almost everyone has hypertension and diabetes because of a high level of sugar intake (some, magic sugar). Anyways, still you can do and make it as business as well. Who knows, right?

Everyone must increase our awareness of being a healthy, healthy living, having a proper diet, and most importantly we should always remember that prevention is better than cure. It is much expensive if your loved ones get hospitalized or need maintenance in the future.

There are a lot of demos, instructions, how-to-do, and recipes out there, just search it on Google or you can even watch on YouTube. Yes, start a healthy living today!

As Summer Time comes, you know what to do! Smoothies? Shakes? Frappe? Who would say no to them, right? This year let’s find out who’s at the top, most popular and best blenders to keep at home!

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Best Blender In 2020 | Blend All Your Ingredients Nicely


This Designer 625 is a kind of blender that can do everything. With its black color, though there are other stunning seven colors to choose from, can complement your kitchen as décor because of its elegant look as it was designed not only to perform but to fit with every fashion sense. It features a new generation of blending and control technology, very high tech! It is already pre-programmed with four custom cycles including smoothies, ice cream, whole juice, and hot soup. It has a superpower 3.0 peak horsepower motor, just imagine that! The package includes the motor base, a BPA-free jar with a vented Gripper lid, and Blending 101 tutorial guide and recipes.

This product has a unit dimension of 7x8x8 inches, 13 pounds in item weight, and 13.7 pounds in shipping weight. Designer 625 has illuminated touch controls with noticeable icons, a very smooth display panel. It is very easy to use, can operate it with a single touch, only illuminates when in use and it shuts off automatically. You can control its motor speed by simply sliding your finger left or right depending on your blending needs and if added power is needed you can use Pulse at any speed. There is no problem with cleaning its jar as it is completely flat.

The Designer 625 jar/pitcher is made of durable plastic and compared to other models out there, this one can contain about a total volume of 90 fluid ounces and it is BPA-free. Its handle is also easy to hold and has an easily removable lid. Unlike many other models, this Blendtec Designer 625 has an interesting feature because of its “Wildside”, it said to be the better blending vortex.

It is very easy to use and easy to clean. It’s just that it is too noisy when in use because of its very powerful motor. If you’re in a hurry, it can make a smoothie in just a snap. It does great with smoothies and frozen drinks.4. VITAMIX 5200 SERIES BLENDER, BLACK

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The Vitamix 5200 is the new universal machine for your home. It creates meals from frozen drinks to creamy desserts in just a couple of minutes. It has a powerful 2 peak HP motor with laser-cut stainless steel blades measuring 3 inches in diameter for consistent blend every time. The product cord is about six feet and is retractable. Other features include a radial cooling fan and thermal protection system. What comes in the box is a motor base, the 64-ounce container, a tamper, and of course recipe books and tutorials.

It has a product dimension of 20.5×8.75×7.25 inches and approximately 11 pounds in weight. It was manufactured by Vita-Mix Corporation. Vitamix 5200 is ideal in making bigger and larger batches or family-sized meals because of its 64-ounce container. This product can be able to pulverize every single ingredient even the tiniest seeds precisely. The speed is easy to adjust and you can be able to rotate the dial anytime during blending to achieve the texture you want.

The blades of Vitamix 5200 can bring cold ingredients or cold meals into steaming hot in just six minutes. The materials used for this product are also BPA-free so no need to worry about your child’s health. Vitamix ensures their product quality with a 7-year full warranty covering parts and services with two-way shipping free of charge.

It is very convenient because it perfectly fits in the kitchen cabinet. It can make healthy fresh ice cream in just a minute and can make soup too. VITAMIX 5200 is very flexible and versatile in use. A bit noisy, well almost blenders have this feature but it is because of its powerful motor. There are no pre-set functions and difficult to scrape the bottom.

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With its strongest 3.5 Peak Horsepower motor and professional features, this Hurricane Pro is now the new most powerful blender ever made by Cuisinart. This new technology ensures the consistency of blending speeds with 3000 to 25,000 RPM and a six-prong stainless steel blade regardless of the volume of the ingredients you put in the jar for a perfectly blended meal. Like with the other blenders, you are also free to adjust time and let’s control its panel display. Along with the package is a 100 Delicious Blender Recipes.

This product has a 64-ounce extra-large jar that is ideal and perfect for family gatherings and parties. It has an LCD that lets you with no more standing and guessing because of its pre-set functions and programmable countdown timer with customizable memory control. Hurricane Pro has a unit dimensions of 8x3x6 inches, 1.1 pounds on item weight, and 14.4 pounds in shipping weight.

It is BPA-free Tritan plastic jar with a soft handle grip. It can blend anything you throw at it since it has an extremely strong motor. It performs perfectly! Cuisinart warrants a 10-Year Limited Warranty for the 3.5 Peak Horsepower Motor and Limited 3-year Warranty product.

Cleaning it is easy as ever. It is as loud as expected because of its powerhouse. This product is good but has limited blending options and replacement parts are not available at the moment.

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This package includes Silicone Spatula, Accelerator or the tamper, and 20 oz. Travel Cup.No setup is required and can instantly enjoy deliciously fresh smoothies, drinks, and much more. All in one Professional Blender Set has been designed as an industrial-grade high-speed motor with six-way stainless steel blades.

You can be able to access the bottom of the blender because of its flexible tip whenever there will be leftovers in it. Some blenders have a soft grip handle but this one is reinforced with a metal handle. Its base is protected with a silicone textured base with cord storage so it can’t be easy to slip, it is easy to clean and removable too. Along with this is a contoured tamper. Controls are easy to use as it is adjustable and one-touch liquify, on and off.

It has a large capacity blending jar ideal for family-sized blends with a twist measuring cup both ml and oz. measurement lines and an air-tight container cover. The liquid capacity of the jar is 70 oz. or approximately 2Liters. A 2.0 peak Horsepower motor, 1500Watts, 120voltage, and a cord length of four feet three inches.Quality

It ensures consumers that it is FDA approved and BPA-free. They assure that the product has met every FDA requirements and Standards on all parts. With the help of the contoured tamper, it greatly blends thick and frozen mixtures even the machine is running. It is perfectly designed a twelve inches long to prevent contact with the blades. The container is made of durable plastic.

It is great that it comes with a spatula to help in scooping out the bottom part. Easy to clean as well and very convenient as it has a travel cup. The price was very ideal. Very impressive blender!

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This is somehow almost identical to Vitamix 5200 Series. Affordability and versatility come in this model. It is good at blending cold soups and even turning raw foods/vegetables into hot soups in just a minute. Using the provided tamper, you can also make thick smoothies especially green smoothies, thick milkshakes, and frozen desserts. Vitamix Series 200 has a commercial-grade 2-peak horsepower motor just like the Vitamix 5200 that spins blades at 240 mph.

It is excellent in handling and crushing ice. It consists of ten blade speeds and you are in full control by selecting it the way you want it. This is highly recommended to people who use a blender daily since the cost is not an issue. The package contains the motor base, patented tamper, 64 oz. container, laser-cut hammer mill blades, and 300 quality recipes book and tutorial.

It has a 64-ounce container ideal for family meals. It is designed to chop, blend, heat, grind, churn, and more. Vitamix 200 Series just like Vitamix 5200 and Vitamix 1363 has a unit dimension of 20.5 in tall, 8.75 in deep, 7.25 in wide, 10 pounds 9 ounces, and a cord length of six feet. Quality

Vitamix offers a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee on all their products, so if you’re not satisfied with the machine or you have second thoughts then you’re free to return it within the first 30 days and be able to get a full refund even the shipping fee if it covers when you purchased it. A 7-year warranty is also guaranteed. The container jar is also BPA-free with spill-proof.

The coolest thing about this product is that you’ll be paying less unlike any other Vitamix model but is almost as powerful as them. You can easily find its accessories and parts and buy them at fair prices. As well as blending, the machine can do self-cleaning too just put a warm water and dish soap. You need to buy a separately dry container if you are into making powdered ingredients like nuts and grains. There is no pulse setting.8. BREVILLE BBL910XL BOSS EASY TO USE SUPER BLENDER, SILVER.

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The Breville Boss key features are its ProKinetix Blade and Bowl System. The ProKinetix Blade is said to be very good in pulverizing any combination of ingredients thrown in the blender creating a super fine texture and very a smooth mouthfeel that has not been achieved by any traditional blenders. It is also being designed and built with a manual speed selector up to 12 speeds for maximum and precise control. For maximum cutting ability, it was designed with three powerful blades contoured to the base.

Controls are simulated analog with one-touch program presets including smoothies, green smoothies, frozen dessert, soup, pulse and ice crush. It has unit dimensions of 17 inches height, 12.8 pounds in weight, and a 68 ounces capacity container size. Breville Boss has a 2 peak horsepower motor base. The lid is tightly fitted in the jar but vented for hot soup meals allowing steam to escape. Quality

The best features are its presets, timer, tamper, and the scraper. Breville also warrants a 7-Year warranty covering parts and services free of charge. It is BPA free Tritan jug and independently NSF Certified. A large backlit LCD panel display helps you to operate the machine easily. No need to worry to those people who easily forget when making meals through blender because it has a timer function that lets you set and forgets for your convenience. The pitcher/jar is made of durable plastic and is easy to clean. Pros and Cons

Unlike other models that have very loud noises, Breville Boss is just moderately loud. It is very heavy and the lid is hard to remove. It does great in milling ingredients of course with the fastest setting. Since it is programmable, you can just hit the button and walk away.

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This blender’s brand is specifically designed for hot liquids and thick ingredients and sauces. In this new technology, it confidently crushes ice cubes, makes extra-thick milkshakes, and mashed fruits. It can blend any ingredient and lets you stir, chop, mix and liquefy because of its stainless steel tri-blade and with the help of Intelli-Speed functions.

With the soft-start function feature, it progressively increases the speed and it also prevents liquids from splashing over the lid. You can choose your desired color which includes Onyx Black, Empire Red, and Contour Silver. It has a die-cast metal base and a steel-reinforced coupler coated for quiet operation. It comes with a bonus Diamond Blender Recipe Book.

Diamond Blender is designed with a blending system control panel that illuminates when touched. It pours liquid or meals easily and the jar is easy to clean. The motor has a 9 peak horsepower blending and 220-240 volts, 50 & 60 hertz with Intelli-Speed functions such as Speeds, Crush Ice, Pulse Mode, and Soft Start. It can contain an approximately 1.75L or 60 ounces of liquid in its diamond-shaped jar. The product blender dimension is 16 ½ x 8 ½ x 9 and weighs at around 11 pounds.
Buttons are rounded for integrated speed selection.

It is combined and secured with a stay-put the lid and lock-in jar that is easy to open and remove by twisting and is easy to clean. It has a metal base and patented steel blades for using to crush ice. The pitcher is BPA-free so no worries with hazardous chemicals. The Diamond Blending system ensures an exceptional blending result by blending all ingredients quickly and efficiently. There are a 2-year part and labor warranty.

The pitcher is stain-resistant that makes an easy clean-up. Conveniently, it has power cord storage to keep the excess cord. The coupler is working great as it’s not too noisy when blending.

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This is the all-in-one appliance that makes ice cream, milkshakes, fresh juice, dough, sauces, and more as it replaces any other appliances. The package comes with an innovation large BPA-free jar and large turned four inches stainless steel blades. Its combined power makes a great performance through making bigger recipes and tougher blending options in lesser time.

It is built with a single blade patented vertical wingtips and blunt edges that allow ingredients to fall easily in the blades for ultimate efficiency and pulverizing power. It is surrounded by a rubber mount to absorb the shock produced when blending stubborn ingredients, especially of ice. Ball bearings have been reduced to makes it quieter when in use and blends faster. Blendtec is said to be the heart of the most powerful motor. The package includes a Fresh Blends 200+ recipes book.

The blades are round and smooth. It is easy to clean without cutting and hurting yourself. Bearings are welded properly making the blender more durable and stronger. It has pre-programmed cycles that create perfectly delicious meals in just one touch such as batter, ice crush, smoothies, ice cream, whole juice, and soup. This has a powerful 3 peak horsepower motor with 1560 watts, 120 volts, and 13 amps. It can speed up, slow down or shut off the blender automatically into the built-in 25 pre-programmed cycles. The product has unit dimensions if 8x7x15 inches, 7 pounds in item weight, and 10.9 pounds in shipping weight.

Blendtec’s jar is made of extra-strong material but is light. This Blendtec Home HP3A Blender has hard carbon brushes made of electrographic carbon that last a very very long time. Its blades are designed and tuned for heavy use and are cold-forged making them stronger with any other blades. It has been assured that this blender is ETL certified which means it already met national safety standards. Blendtec’s blender has the ability to monitors itself from speed mode to motor safety because of its pre-programmed cycles. Its base is made of durable industrial-grade polycarbonate to resist scratch and easy tearing the parts.

The jar is exceptionally light so no worries about lifting. It is quieter but blends fast. It has a very powerful motor with its 13 amp motor and 1560 watts. I can easily attach the blades without cutting myself. It perfectly fits in the cabinet.

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Doing this kind of research and reviews, I found out that there are many factors and features that affect the blending and performance of each blender. For example, are the blade design and the number of blades. Actually, some blenders are being advertised thru its blades sharpness, but I discovered that it really has no relation to how the blenders will be performed. Well, they give you a higher chance of hurting and cutting yourself during cleaning or even breaking your spatulas.

In some reviews, actual horsepower is being delivered to the blades and does the great performance and it is the very reason for a mouthfeel meal result. So it is very important too that you must choose the blender that has a powerful horsepower motor, it will also make your blender last longer. Other features that you might consider are the jug or the pitcher’s design and the control panels that will help you in choosing and performing a very good blending resulting in deliciously nutritious meals.

You can choose blenders the way you need them if it is for personal use or business. If you are looking for a blender that you will use for business purposes you should find the one that has extremely good specifications and can do an excellent performance, of course, you need to pay more for a high-quality blender. Who knows? You might be the next café or restaurant that will have the yummiest and best blend menus for smoothies, shakes, margaritas, and much more! There are a lot of tutorials everywhere and anywhere anyways.

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