All Best Cheap Earbuds in 2018 You Should (At Least) See

Who has hundreds of dollars to spend on earbuds if they are only using it for commuting to work or casual listening? Not many people and finding the best cheap pair of earbuds is almost impossible. Nevertheless, is it that difficult, stay a while and find out if you can find a good pair of wireless headphones for under $100.

As we, all know they need to be handy to use as you throw them in your bag until you need them. When compared to the best over-the-ear headphones, they seem to lack a level of portability. However, with earbuds, even today a great pair has the perfect features when it comes to ease of use and sound.

best cheap earbuds - Cheap Earbuds

So let us find you a pair of affordable (Best cheap earbuds) to get your body moving and grooving!


The Number One Best Wireless Cheap Earbuds: JLab Epic Bluetooth Earbuds

JLab Epic Bluetooth Earbuds - Cheap EarbudsIf you are in need of the number one best wireless earbud, look no further than the JLab Epic Bluetooth Earbud set. They give you a comfortable, tight fit, even if your ears are like Dumbo the elephant. Use them when you run and they stay in place even while you are doing weightlifting, jumping or busy with your calisthenics. You receive different sized silicone tips to custom fit them to your ears.

The cord that wraps around the ear is flexible and remains secure. It weighs in at 0.53 ounces, making them lightweight. For sound quality, nothing beats this pair of earbuds with the enhanced bass. They are even capable of reproducing different frequency ranges, sound great, and have an 8-mm driver.

The Epic has a 3-button remote helping you to pair it with your mobile devices or computer. Pairing the earbuds is seamless and takes a couple of seconds. Even the remotes placed behind the ear for ease of use. When it comes to battery life, you will not be disappointed as it provides you 10-hours of juice. You charge it with the included micro-USB cable.

The normal range for any Bluetooth earbud is normally 30 feet; however, many users have used it up to 85 feet when away from their phone. It has a built-in microphone to interact with your phone and there had been minor complaints that it does not pick up your voice well as the microphone’s positioned behind your ear.

They are sweat and water-resistant, however, not completely waterproof and comes with a casing plus you receive a 1-year limited warranty.

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Second Best Wired Cheap Earbuds: SOL Republic Relays Sport Earbuds

SOL Republic Relays Sport Earbuds - Cheap Earbuds

Here you have a choice of choosing two types of inline remote controls when looking at the Relay Sport. Choose either a single button remote that consists of playback, track navigation, and making calls. Alternatively, choose the three buttons remote that include adjusting the volume and both are available for the same price.
hey present you with a secure fit that includes four pairs of different sized silicone ear tips. Choose from four colors black, yellow, neon or blue available only from the single button remote range. They are lightweight and the ear tips seal off the ear canal.

Here you will find the inline remote, microphone situated at your chin, and you receive a shirt clip to manage the cable. The cheap earbuds packed with power and does not distort when used at top power. However, if you are looking for a superb bass response you can look at our previous model the JLab Epic.

You can train with freedom as the Relay Sport presents you with FreeFlex technology and universal fit. They are sweat resistant, great for long runs, and lightweight, weighing in at 0.47 oz. They are even great to wear under a helmet while cycling. With the included remote control, you can control phone calls and music at the same time.
The earbuds are compatible with Samsung, Apple, LG, HTC, and other devices.

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5 Best Earbuds under 100$

1. Thinksound MS01 Monitor

Thinksound MS01 Monitor - Cheap EarbudsThe Thinksound MS01 earbuds are good headphones that are environment-friendly as well. Here the manufacturer uses recycled cardboard and very little plastic in the product. The cable is tangle free and there is no need of trying to untangle them when lying in your bag.

The sound quality is superb when placed in your ear as it has an 8mm high-definition driver to isolate passive noise. Designed with Audio Engineering, Thinksound CEO, Aaron Fournier and gives you fine resolution detail, clear mids, robust bass and detailed resolution packed in this dynamite package.

It is ultra lightweight with a reduced speaker diameter with a handcrafted wood housing for accurate sound. You receive included a soft carrying case, the Active Lifestyle Ear Hooks and additional four pairs of ear fittings, and a cord clip.

They are perfect for exercising, as they are sweat-resistant while the wood used comes from renewable sources. The cords made from PVC and the packaging from recycled & bleach-free materials. These earbuds is cheap and have received and excellent overall rating from Amazon clients as being the best earbuds available on the market.

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  • Provides you with noise isolation in-ear construction,
  • You receive 4 different sized ear fittings with the Thinksound MS01,
  • Designed with an aluminum baffle and wood housing that is resourced from renewable sources,
  • Presents you with accurate music reproduction and detailed frequency response,
  • Includes a soft casing, the Active Lifestyle Ear Hooks, and a cord clip, and
  • Receive an additional one-year warranty

These pairs of Thinksound MS01 look sexy with the wood housing and if you are always in the gym or outdoors, they make for a perfect sound pick.


5 Best Cheap Earbuds under 50$

1. Sound MAGIC E10 In-Ear Earphones

Sound MAGIC E10 In-Ear Earphones - Cheap Earbuds

The Sound MAGIC E10 has a quality build and comfortable to wear. The in-ear monitors are easy to fit and have superb sound isolation. Enjoy your music with these cheapearbuds without any other outside sounds interfering.

They are available in four color styles to choose red, gunmetal, gold, and purple. Fit them for comfort with larger or smaller soft ear tips. They are light and weigh 11 grams with a 3.5mm connection gold-plated plug and cable length of 1.2 meters.

There are no in-line controls and only has your regular wires. The sounds well balanced with low bass making them the best when you are in need of a cheap pair of earbuds. It has a dynamic 10mm Neodymium driver with a frequency range of 15Hz – 22 KHz and 16Ω.

However, do not expect these headphones to provide you with emphasized bass, as they do not focus on balanced sound. They present you with flexibility to listen to most types of music. It is a stylish pair of metal casing earbuds.

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  • They are designed with an all metal construction,
  • Has enough power of sound,
  • Has a Dynamic 10mm Neodymium driver,
  • Great, balanced sound,
  • Clean mid bass,
  • They are durable and stylish with 4 colors available, and
  • Affordable

Not recommended for the bass heads and should rather look for a more advanced pair.


Best Earbuds under $30

1. Brainwavz Delta IEM Earphones

Brainwavz Delta IEM Earphones - Cheap Earbuds

When you look at the Brainwavz Delta IEM earphone, you may even find them priced under 20$. These are in-ear monitors and affordable to buy. They fit well and the ear tips are made from quality material that compares well with the more pricey sets.

You receive included 4 sets of ear tips made from silicone available in different sizes and have Comply foam S400. There is no need of buying additional tips and the noise isolations average. They are comfortable when worn and have no microphone issues.
They are durable and when compared to more pricey ones can stand up to its make. The casings aluminum making them feel and look sturdy while the cords durable as well. It has a rubberized reinforcement plug in adapter.

You can use these earplugs on an Android or iOS device as there are different types available so best to choose the right one. It has an in-line remote with microphone to play/pause, hands-free calls, songs, and volume.
It has great sound quality with high and mid range with clean bass.

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  • The Delta has a balanced bass response,
  • Designed with an all metal housing,
  • Designed with Comply S400 foam tips included,
  • Has a 3 button remote with a built-in microphone to work with iOS and Android devices,
  • It has a Dynamic 8mm transducer driver with a 160ohms rated impedance,
  • The frequency range is 20Hz ~ 20KHz ,
  • You receive one pair of Comply foam S-series tips, 3 pairs of silicone tips, one shirt clip, and the instruction manual, and
  • You receive a two-year warranty

Overall, the Brainwavz Delta is the number one pick for customers and they are pleased with the balanced sound, durable design, and the earbuds.


How to Choose the Best and Cheapest Earbuds

Is buying cheap earbud worth it? Moreover, how does one go about choosing the best cheap earbuds? These are common questions on everyone’s mind when in need of buying earbuds. There are cheap in-ear headphones that you can choose when looking at different price ranges.

However, when it comes to the quality of the sound you may find a difference when comparing them to the more expensive headphones. If you are tight on the budget and in need of buying pair of cheap earbuds, you need to remember that they do not produce the kind of bass and audio quality you may be looking for.

Nevertheless, choosing the right model can provide you with quality audio at an affordable price. You need a balanced, clean sound and the right amount of bass and not impossible to find. Choosing a single driver earbud presents you with the right range and that is normally 20 hertz to 20k hertz. Furthermore, they do have their limitations.

The headphones need to be comfortable and available with different sized ear tips to fit perfectly. If you need a wireless set, expect to pay a little more. Durability is important and here you can look at water and sweat-resistant options. They need to isolate noise and complete noise isolation costs more.


For a great listening experience and budget friendly for the wallet as well, you are sure to find these best cheap earbuds for 2016 superb. Some have extra frills while others present you with a smooth and mellow sound. They are affordable and the majority of them will work with your mobile devices.

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