Top 15 Best Fitness Blogs You Should Read

Our editor is a big lover of fitness and follows some great blogs and as you know, there is no shortage of workout blogs available online. When looking at our editor’s choice of the Top 15 Best Fitness Blogs You Should Read –we have weaved through all the available ones online. Each one fluffed out so that you can read the worthy ones available online.

In the list, you will find the name of the creator and a little bit of information about them. The list of the best fitness blogs covers a complete range of styles from female to male fitness, calisthenics, yoga, weight training and more. Each one will not disappoint you and you can follow them for some great tips.
If you want to see smart workout plans, need motivation or want to get yourself into the fitness rage you can find helpful information by clicking through and following them.

Top 15 Best Fitness Blogs You Should Read

1. Fit Bottomed Girls – A Fitness Blog for Women

Fit Bottomed Girls powered by three amazing women Jennipher Walter, Erin Whitehead, and Kristen Seymour. They feature weekday post and provide all women and guys with fresh fitness content to improve your health. With them, you can tips, reviews, exercise tidbits, healthy food, some fitness humor, and personal accounts. One thing you will note when visiting their blog is that they tell it like it is. Furthermore, in 2010, they added another sister site known as Fit Bottomed Mamas, specially created for new moms to be and families.

You can follow them directly at their website or you can follow them here:

2. Nerd Fitness – Aimed At You If You Are Serious About Health

Have you ever wondered what Optimus Prime has to do with exercise and weight loss – Nerd Fitness can answer your question. Founder Steve Kamb discusses down to earth topics to help boost your confidence. Furthermore, he shows you how to navigate through your grocery store the correct way. They do not believe in New Year’s Resolutions and has been around for several years. With them, you can also find interesting tips on how to build your muscles and follow a healthy diet. If you need to change your appearance and mindset this is the best fitness blog you should read.

3. Remodel Fitness – For The Women In Need of A Positive Outlook

Founder Jessi Kneeland is a certified personal trainer and dedicated blogger of Remodel Fitness. If you are women in need of a positive outlook, Remodel Fitness is the place to be. She is on a mission to help you save yourself from negativity. She has provoking posts about different fitness genres for you to enjoy while reading. With her, you can be empowered and build on that body you yearn and long for. View different topics, join her sisterhood, and become vibrant and alive.

4. YogaDork – For the Latest Commentary Yoga News

YogaDork has a network of contributors and offers you the latest commentary yoga news. Whether you are an old hand at yoga or just starting out they will welcome you into their yogi’s family. With them, you can find information related to any type of yoga. If you enjoy yoga blogging, they even take submissions. You can even advertise with them through their banner ads, sponsorships, and other affordable options. Join in the fun and view some of their entertaining posts.

5. Roman Fitness Systems – If You Like Your Fitness Sessions Hot

Founder of Roman Fitness Systems is John Romaniello and he likes to do his fitness sessions hot. The site is more than just fitness and gives out career advice and nutritious recipes. RFS has come a long way since 2003 and coached some professional athletes to actors. The RFS site started up in 2009 and is now an operational company with dozens of employees that includes ½ a dozen of different products. For all your fitness & lifestyle needs make sure to check them out. On the other hand, if you are in need of personal and business development needs they can help you out.

6. Lift Like a Girl – Great Blog Site for Strength Training

The founder of Lift Like a Girl Nina Shanks will help you to erase the negative thoughts of your mind and encourages you to start strength training. She is an empowering writer that helps you with how you should eat and how to move your body without feeling guilty when you have eaten more than three cookies. Lift Like a Girl is one of the Best Fitness Blogs You Should Read. For maximum results and breaking free when obsessed about eating make sure to join them. With them, you can regain your sanity and love your body the way it looks.

7. Tony Gentilcore – A Strength Coach

As the fitness blog shows the founder is Tony Gentilcore a co-founder of Cressey Sports Performance. He is a real life training coach that has coached some of the top baseball players and helps the general fitness population. If you want to find out more about power lifting, feeling better, living a better life, or performing better at any of your fitness goals he is the man to visit. He even trains Soccer Moms in his Boston Sports Performance Center. He brings his love for power lifting over to his readers in a smart way and every post is encouraging.

8. Eat, Lift, and Be Happy – Learn How to Love Your Body

If you want to learn how to love your body and empower your life, visit Eat, Lift, and Be Happy. The founder Neghar Fonooni is more than just a blogger she is an all around personal trainer and coach. Enjoy tips on nutrition, fitness, and empowerment. Find out more about how happy she was when gaining weight or how to deal with gratefulness, especially when you are not in the mood. For the best lifestyle guidance, feminism and an occasional chat about anything – make sure to follow her.

9. Breaking Muscle – For Your Fitness and Nutrition News

The Breaking Muscle is an incredible blog made up of a bunch of coaches, fitness junkies, and trainers. The community-led platform is always in need of great contributions from knowledgeable and experienced coaches. View what is currently trending on this site such as Red Meat Isn’t The Villain Anymore and How Gut Bacteria Impacts Heart Health to name a few. You can even find a free training plant on the site. Subscribe to their newsletter for high-quality information on health, exercise, nutrition and more sent directly to your inbox.

10. Tabata Times – For the CrossFitters

For all cross fitters out there, you do not have to go searching millions of sites for the latest CrossFit news. You can find it all on the Tabata Times blog site. With them, you can find all the important information you need from tips to inspiration. Did you know that CrossFitters should partake in yoga? Not, then visit the site to find out why. For beginner tips, they have enough information to make you faint or get you started in Cross Fit.

11. Run to the Finish – For the Runner

If you enjoy running then you will relate to Run to the Finish created by Amanda Brooks. In addition, for those of you who hate running, she may even convince you to change your mind. She addresses everything related to running. Read her article on convincing reasons to run this year or how to survive the long runs on a treadmill. She is a certified personal trainer and all her posts are motivational and filled with tips on how to reach your goals.

12. Born Fitness – A Complete Approach to Fitness

At Born Fitness, the creator Adam Bornstein that has a different approach to exercise greets you. Join his winning team and receive free guides on carbs, workout, and injury prevention. Receive a new guide every month with weekly updates. For great information on different fitness aspects, he provides you with helpful articles on fitness, motivation, nutrition and some healthy recipes. Learn how to power up your workouts and to fuel your body the right way.

13. My Name is Jessamyn – For the Yoga Enthusiast

Jessamyn Stanley is the founder of My Name is Jessamyn. For the yoga enthusiast, this is one of the Best Fitness Blogs You Should Read. She is a yoga teacher and body positive advocate who offers you advice and tips for all the yogis out there. My Name is Jessamyn empowers you with superb photos and videos that she posts on her Instagram account.

14. Girls Gone Strong – A Great Blog for Workout Tips

flagship training program for you. Join her blog and receive a free handbook and great tips. Are you trying to lose weight or do you want to gain some muscle view her amazing blog site for all the right information you need? She will provide you with all the encouragement and support you need. There is even a great section for moms to be.

15. Fit and Feminist – For the Feminist Fitness Addicts

Fit and Feminist – For the Feminist Fitness AddictsCaitlin Constantine is the found of Fit and Feminist where the feminist fitness addict can find all the important information on different fitness genres. Read about BMX biking, Gender and Sports and a Ladies Guide to Weight Room to name a few. When it comes to anything about feminism Caitlin is front and fighting about the topic. You can find resourceful information to keep you motivated right through to political issues with her.


No matter what your fitness genre is, you can find an amazing blog to join in our Top 15 Best Fitness Blogs You Should Read here. From yoga right through to strength training each one of these top blogs has something for you to read. If you want to fight feminism in sports the Fit and Feminist blog makes a good read. If you are into yoga My Name is Jessamyn has all the information you need. Read each of these standout blogs and find one to follow catering for your unique lifestyle needs.

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