Top 10 Best Traveling Backpacks

Top 10 Best Traveling Backpacks in 2019, One of the most important decisions you will ever make when traveling is choosing the right rucksack for your travels. How many times have you chosen a backpack only to find you made a terrible choice? Whether it is hiking through the Cambodia forest viewing temples or staying in a luxury hotel, you need a comfortable knapsack to take anywhere. Our editor’s choice of the top 10 best traveling backpacks in 2019 can help you out with your next trip. Each one presents you with superb features to keep important items for your trip together.


Why You Need the Best Travel Backpack Are you planning a long trip and stopping over at multiple destinations?

You need one of the best travel backpacks as choosing the wrong one will leave your travels painful. Firstly, you value your back and need to feel comfortable when you on a low budget. Secondly, you need to take clothing items and essential things with you and this is where the travel backpack needs to serve the best storage purpose.

Having a rucksack makes your travels easier and with the correct weight distribution, you can carry the backpack with ease. For long walking distances, the latest backpack collections are great as they have different features from hip straps, handles, and wheels. The other bonus is that the 2019 travel backpacks are compact and great to take with you on a bus, boat, plane and more.

Further, it saves you money, as there is no need of paying baggage charges.What is the Best Travel Backpack?When choosing a top-of-the-range rucksack there are different factors to consider making it the best travel backpack to use.

Here are some important things you need to consider when choosing one to suit your travel needs:

Style – Here you need to think about your travels. Are you planning a long trip for multiple seasons or do you need one for a normal vacation? There are different types of bags available from a daypack or a carrier type one. Consider these features, as it is important.

  • Size – This is important, as you need to carry it around with you all day and still feel comfortable. The best advice we can give you is to choose one slightly bigger than your length.
  • Straps – With the best straps, you feel comfortable and we recommend you look at padded hip straps, cushioned shoulder straps, a carry strap, and the strap connecting across your chest.
  • Frame – Here you need to look for a lightweight internal frame, however, if you only need a daypack this feature is not as important.
  • Material – As you are traveling in different weather conditions, the backpack construction needs water resistant material. Further, you need material that dries quickly and is lightweight.
  • Compartments – You need multiple compartments as you need quick access to your passport and other important items. However, too many partitions can leave items getting lost when you need them the most. Here we have covered the basics when choosing a knapsack. Once you are completely familiar with the features read our travel backpack reviews that follow here.

Best Traveling Backpacks Comparison

The Osprey Farpoint 40The Osprey Farpoint 40

4.7$150-$300   Get it now on
The Osprey Farpoint 55The Osprey Farpoint 554.6$150-$200   Get it now on
The Deuter Transit 50​​The Deuter Transit 50​​ 4.5$150-$200   Get it now on
The Osprey Meridian 60The Osprey Meridian 603.5$300-$350   Get it now on
The Highlander Outdoor ExplorerThe Highlander Outdoor Explorer4.0$50-$100   Get it now on
The Kelty Redwing 44The Kelty Redwing 444.7$100-$150   Get it now on
The Deuter Transit 65The Deuter Transit 654.2$150-$200   Get it now on
The Cabin Max MetzThe Cabin Max Metz4.2$50-$100   Get it now on
The Timbuk2 Uptown Travel BackpackThe Timbuk2 Uptown Travel Backpack4.5$100-$150   Get it now on

Review of the Top Traveling Backpacks

1. The Osprey Farpoint 40

The Osprey Farpoint 40 - Traveling BackpacksThe Osprey Farpoint 40 is one of the popular travel backpacks. You can buy the backpack in three different sizes 40L, 55L, and 70L. This rucksack has outstanding features and price affordable. The only difference compared to styles is the 55L and 70L has detachable Daypacks. If you plan on doing a lot of hiking the Farpoint has a unique suspension system with a comfortably padded hip belt that you can adjust according to your fit.

  Get it now on

You can choose the perfect size and color to suit your lifestyle. Another superb thing is that all the sizes are carry-on sizes with carrying handles found on the side and top of the bag. The Farpoint 40 weighs under 3lbs and the bigger the bag is, the more weight it has. For safe transportation, you can zip away the hip belt and strap making it perfect for hopping on to different modes of travel.

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  • Has a suspension system
  • The hip belts padded
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Designed with carrying handles
  • Has lockable zippers
  • Has an interior slip, interior zip and exterior pocket with 6 ID windows
  • Superb guarantee
  • No mention of water resistance

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2. The Osprey Farpoint 55

The Osprey Farpoint 55 - Traveling BackpacksIf you need a backpack that does most things right, the Osprey Farpoint 55 is what you need. You get a 15-liter daypack that zips onto the back of the bag. This is a great bag to have and there is no need of carrying two bags with you.The downside of the bag is that it does not offer you adjustability in the torso section.

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The 55L you can buy in three different color options. The material used to construct the bag is polyester and has a fixed unisex back panel.The complete harness system and hip belt, you can stow away with the zipper system. All the straps are padded for a comfortable wear and you can remove them. On the main compartment, there are loops to lock the bag and the bag has one interior zip and one exterior pocket. The frames made from LightWire and for improved ventilation on the back, it has mesh. Large zips to access the main compartment and for carrying the bag, it has padded handles.

  Get it now on

  • Fits most overhead bins in an airplane
  • The main bags perfect for your clothing items
  • The daypack is great to keep your camera and document essentials• Lightweight
  • Not waterproof, but can handle light rain

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3. The REI Vagabond 40

The REI Vagabond 40 - Traveling BackpacksFor a nice travel rucksack that has an affordable price, the REI Vagabond 40 can serve the purpose. You can only purchase the backpack directly from REI online. This is a 40L bag with a 2.5lbs weight. The shoulder straps have enough padding, but not as much compared to the Osprey brand.The knapsack has a hip belt with no added support and has a couple of external pockets for your miscellaneous items. Both the hip belt and shoulder straps can be stored away and it has two carry handles.

Unfortunately, the handles are not padded. The outer zippers on the bag you can lock while traveling. While the top organizer pockets designed with a key clip and soft lining detail. The side pockets are great to keep a water bottle. There are inner compression straps and outer lash patches to attach items.

  • Helps avoid paying expensive carry-on fees
  • The duffel feature gives the bag a nice touch
  • Suitable for roaming light
  • Stylish black color• Affordable
  • More pockets would be great

4. The Deuter Transit 50

The Deuter Transit 50​​ - Traveling BackpacksFor reliable outdoor gear, Deuter has been around for a long time. If you need a mix of hiking and traveling, the Transit 50 is perfect. The shoulder straps, padded and it has an excellent suspension system. Further, it has a great hip belt. All of the above accessories you can stow away and you can even carry it over the shoulder with the shoulder strap.

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For ease of carrying, it has two handles one found at the top and the other on the side of the bag. For a perfect torso fit, the travel backpacks adjustable from 15.5” to 22”. The rucksack weighs over 4lbs and includes a 15L detachable daypack. The bags made from polytex material and have a zipper closure and it’s breathable from the back.

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  • Great for a 3 week trip • Ample space • Comfortable • Enough pockets • Detachable daypack
  • There is one single item compartment

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5. The Osprey Meridian 60

The Osprey Meridian 60 - Traveling BackpacksFor ease of carrying and moving your backpack around, you need the Osprey Meridian 60 with wheels. The Meridian has a nylon main body with a rolling clearance chassis. There is a harness to use it as a backpack with torso adjustability. The harness stows away in the rear panel pocket and you can remove it.

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The daypack included you can detach to use on a day trip and can even fit a 15” laptop. The carry handle has a dual tube system for carrying heavy loads while the rear pocket is great for your passports and other important items. For traveling by airplane, the rucksack fits into the overhead compartment of the plane. The back panel of the bag has ample ventilation with the hip belt is covered with mesh and there are four zippered side pockets. The interior has compression straps to keep clothing items secure. There are top and side carry handles and an extended handle.

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  • Great to use as a backpack and for maneuverability it has wheels
  • Has a separate daypack• Comfortable• Affordable
  • This is not a backpack to pack
  • a tent and stove (small joke)

  Get it now on

6. The Highlander Outdoor Explorer

The Highlander Outdoor Explorer - Traveling BackpacksThe Highlander Outdoor Explorer rucksack gives you a breath of fresh air in luxury travel. For a reasonably priced backpack, this is the one to own. You can the Highlander in different colors from black to teal and suitable for both men and woman.

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For shorter trips, the 45L sized bag is perfect while the bigger sizes the 60L and 80L is suitable for longer trips. The back system is a triple lock adjustable with a ladder lock design and Velcro strap one can adjust. The back is breathable and padded for comfort.Further, it has a padded hip belt and has a 45L main compartment with a 15L detachable daypack.

There is a suitcase-style side opening with twin zips and a zipped pocket on the inside and two compression straps. In between the base and main compartment has a drawcord divider.The daypack includes a front pocket, two mesh bottle pockets, and the main compartment. The travel backpack has a Ripstop Polyester and PVC coating.

  Get it now on

  • The backs, adjustable
  • Great knapsack for children
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Has no rain cover

  Get it now on

7. The Kelty Redwing 44

The Kelty Redwing 44 - Traveling BackpacksOne of the best-selling traveling backpacks is the Kelty Redwing. This comfortable bag has some great features available at an affordable price. For walking hours on end, the rucksack has a suspension system and the shoulder straps padded.The hip belt is nice and the backs vented and great for warm days.

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The interior has panels and there are a few exterior pockets. The downside is that this bag does not include a cover to protect the hip belt and shoulder straps when transported. You can buy the Redwing in two different sizes 40L and 50L. There is also a 40L version specifically designed for females. The bag weighs a little over 3lbs and compared to other brands it is lightweight. The side pockets, zippered and the front pocket have an organizer while the front pouch stretches.

There is a sternum strap and load lifter strap and fits a torso size 14.5 – 18.5-inches.

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  • A versatile bag
  • Has a front loading
  • The hip belt is decent
  • Durable
  • Has a water bottle holder
  • Includes an organization pocket
  • Gives ample back air flow • Converts to a daypack
  • Cannot hide the straps
  • Has no rain cover or pocket on hip belt

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8. The Deuter Transit 65

The Deuter Transit 65 - Traveling BackpacksAnother great bag presented by Deuter is the Transit 65 that gives you a combined hiking and travel bag. The suspension system is perfect and the shoulder straps padded. Further, it has a nice hip strap and everything can be stowed away.You can carry the traveling backpack over the shoulder or on the back.

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There are top and side handles for carrying the knapsack. You can adjust the torso length for a comfortable fit and the bag weighs over 4lbs.For the day there is a detachable daypack and both these bags have a polytex structure. The main compartment has a zipper closure, X-frame, external pockets and a bottom compartment.

  Get it now on

  • Great vacation backpack for touring the world
  • Has a bottom portion to keep dirty clothes
  • The Daypacks detachable and great to use on the plane
  • Versatile
  • The main compartment has only one section with no division for organizing items

  Get it now on

9. The Cabin Max Metz

The Cabin Max Metz - Traveling BackpacksFor a flight-approved bag, the Cabin Max Metz is water resistant and available in different colors. The carry bag has a large 44L capacity and has a padded back. The bag features three main zipped compartments with two internal zipped compartments.

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The shoulder straps, adjustable and it has side adjustable straps with a carry handle. This lightweight bag weighs 1.5lbs. Further, you receive a 100% money back guarantee if you do have an issue with the bag once on the plane. The carry bag has a one-year limited warranty.

  Get it now on

  • Ample storage space
  • Comfortable to carry for short trips
  •  Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Not a backpack only for hand luggage

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10. The Timbuk2 Uptown Travel Backpack

The Timbuk2 Uptown Travel Backpack - Traveling BackpacksFor a TSA-Friendly backpack to fit your laptop, the Timbuk2 Uptown bag helps one commute with ease. The bag opens up to lay flat when going through security.

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For small bits, the rucksack has a zip pocket on the front and the main compartment is great for essential items. There is an external side pocket for a water bottle and stretchable. For protecting your mobile phone and sunglasses, the floating pockets tricot lining. The back panels channeled with air mesh for ventilation and it has a fitted strap making for a perfect fit.

For using the bag on a bike, it has a vista loop to attach a bike light and you can fit a 15-inch laptop in it. The handles, reinforced and the bag weighs 2.4 pounds.

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  • Ample pockets for storage
  • Great for everyday use
  • Fits a laptop
  • Makes packing easier
  • Great weekend bag
  • Not made for outdoor adventures

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If you are planning your next trip abroad, we hope our top 10 best traveling backpacks for 2019 helps you out. With the right rucksack, you can travel the world without feeling uncomfortable and keep important items on hand while touring on a budget. Plan your vacation with one of the reviewed backpacks available here and save money to spend on your trip.

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