10 Best Waterproof Headphones/ Earbuds in 2019 You Must Buy Now!

If you are a swimmer, exercise enthusiast, surfer or scuba diver you can enjoy some pumping music while spending all day in the water. What are you thinking, “That it’s not possible?” You are wrong! These days you can buy yourself the best waterproof headphones/ earbuds on the market and enjoy listening to upbeat music while living it out in the water.

Our editor’s choice of the 15 best waterproof headphones/ earbuds will amaze you as the growth for these headsets are increasing at a tremendous speed. The majority of these devices have the latest waterproof technology built into them. If you enjoy spending hours in the water or run in the rain our selection of water resistant headphones/earbuds is sure to please you.

Reviews of the Best Waterproof Headphones/ Earbuds you can buy

1. A Wearable Wire-Free Water-Resistant Earbud, The Sony Walkman Waterproof Sports Swimming Earbuds

The Sony Walkman Waterproof Sports Swimming Earbuds - waterproof earbudsThe Sony Walkman Waterproof Sports Swimming Earbuds you can buy in two different types of models 4GB and 8GB. They are stylish and available in five different color styles to suit your lifestyle: Black, Blue, Orange, Pink, and White. Whether you do a workout, swim, or run this one-piece music player will give you total freedom when indoor and outdoor.

A Superb Design

The Sony Walkman has a superb waterproof design that powers up on a 3-minute charge giving you total freedom while listening to music for up to 60-minutes. The design is lightweight and suitable to use with different types of sports. For total freedom, the device is wire-free and hands-free. Furthermore, you can drag and drop MP3s from a Windows Media Player, the Internet or iTunes to the headset.

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Unique Features:

  • Includes a USB cable to charge the battery in 3-minutes
  • The battery life use is up to 8-hours
  • The NWZ-W273 plays AAC, L-PCM and WMA music files
  • You can store music on the internal memory of the device and has two options to buy the 4 or 8GB
  • The earbuds have a complete multi-function playback system by only doing a quick tap to change music and more
  • The earbuds waterproof up to 6-foot and has an IPX8 water rating and only allows you to swim with it in the pool and not suitable for salt water
  • For high-quality sound, it has the Sony Clear Audio Technology such as Clear Stereo and Clear Bass
  • Included with your purchase you receive the USB dock, and small to large-long ear buds.

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2. For the Runner, Surfer, and Swimmer, The Waterfi Shortcord Headphones

The Waterfi Shortcord Headphones - waterproof earbudsIf you need the best waterproof headphones/earbuds for running, surfing, and swimming, you will be pleased with the Waterfi Shortcord Headphones. Compared to our top contender the Sony Walkman this pair of headphones is not wire-free and it is only available in a light blue color. The design of the ear tips are tri-flange and have a short 11-inch length cord.

Ergonomic Design

The design of the Waterfi is hip and stylish. With the short cord, it will not get in the way while you are swimming and work well with an audio device like the iPod shuffle. The headphones have a water rating of IPX8 and you can use it underwater up to 10-feet. The device has a plastic construction and lightweight. For superb tones and bass with clear trebles these headsets superb.

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Outstanding Features

  • The Waterfi headphones has a short 11-inch length cord
  • The headphones are fully waterproof with an IPX8 rating for up to 10 feet underwater
  • For your active life, you can enjoy listening to your mp3 player clipped on your wetsuit, goggle strap, shirt collar and more
  • The headset jacks gold plated and help to protect it from chlorine, salt water, and sweat
  • Included with your purchase you receive 4 pairs of silicone headphones for a perfect fit. Three of theheadphones designed for surfing and swimming while the other one is suitable for other activities.
  • You receive a one-year limited warranty

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3. A 100% Waterproof Headphone, Swimbuds Waterproof Earbuds

Swimbuds Waterproof Earbuds - waterproof earbudsFor the best swimming earbuds, you can look at the Swimbuds Waterproof Earbuds! These earbuds are 100% waterproof and designed for the water environment. They have a simple design and only available in a white color. You can even wear them in the sauna or steam room.

Superb Design

For a superb audio quality, the Swimbuds are perfect with its 10-inch cord that does not get in the way while you are swimming. If you do need a longer fit, you receive a 39-inch extension cord to use with different types of activities. For a perfect fit, you receive multiple earbud tips to give you comfort while listening to music. The earbuds are tree-shaped that seals your ears when used making them watertight. One of the standout features is the 2nd generation HydroBeat technology used in the headset for the best audio sound when used in water.

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Dazzling Features

  • The Swimbuds have a 100% waterproof rating and the stereo jacks gold plated to prevent corrosion
  • For a tight seal, the earbuds are flanged and designed to stay in your ears while doing flip-turns
  • The cord is 11-inches so there is no more need of a stuffing the cord under your swim cap
  • For a longer fit, they have included an extension cord with a 39-inch length
  • Included with your purchase you receive 4 earbud tips for a perfect fit
  • The earbuds are in-ear fit
  • You receive a one-year limited warranty

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4. Earbuds Designed to work with Multiple Music Players, The OverBoard Waterproof Earphones

The OverBoard Waterproof Earphones - waterproof earbudsThe OverBoard Waterproof Earphones designed to work with multiple music players. The earbuds are lightweight and suitable use in any type of environment.
Fabulous Design
The OverBoard earphones do not have a flashy design and are straightforward. They only have one color style and that is black and made from durable plastic. On the other hand, if you think about it, you do not need a stylish pair of earbuds when swimming. The design of the OverBoard is fabulous, as it has no gaps for water to pass through the body of the headset. The audio jack has a gold-plated finish that prevents corrosion from damaging the jack. You can swim to a depth of 10-feet with them, as they are IPX8 rated.

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Dazzling Features

  • The waterproof earbuds has an IPX8 rating making them 100% waterproof up to a depth of 10-feet
  • The headsets fitted with neodymium bass response drivers
  • You can use it with multiple music players
  • Included with your purchase you receive multiple sized ear tip for a perfect fit
  • Includes a one-year limited warranty

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5. A Waterproof Earbud that rests against your Cheekbone, The FINIS Neptune Headphone

The FINIS Neptune Headphone - waterproof earbudsFor a waterproof earbud with a difference, the FINIS Neptune does not rest in your ear but on your cheekbone with the bone-conduction technology. By using this design, the sounds conducted to sound clear in your ears.

Astounding Design

The Neptune is a waterproof MP3 player that does not use ear buds to listen to your music. There is enough internal memory of 4GB to listen to different types of formats. The device attaches to your goggle straps and comfortably rests on your cheekbones. On the MP3 player, you will find that it has a high contrast OLED screen and gives you up to 60-hours of playback. The included lithium battery gives you up to 8-hours of use.

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Impressive Features

  • The FINIS Neptune has Bone-Conduction Technology to transmit sound from your cheekbone to your inner ear
  • There is a high contrast OLED screen to scroll through the songs you would like to listen
  • The internal memory is 4GB
  • Has a waterproof rating of IPX8 up to 10-foot underwater
  • Includes hydrodynamic clips to secure the device to your goggles
  • The lithium battery has a use of up to 8-hours
  • The connection pins gold plated to prevent corrosion
  • Includes a 12-month warranty

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6. For Heavy Underwater Activities, The Aquapac Waterproof Earbuds

The Aquapac Waterproof Earbuds - waterproof earbudsIf you are into heavy underwater activities, you need the Aquapac Waterproof Earbuds. These headphones tested up to 30-feet underwater and suitable for all types of water sports.

Designed to stay in your ear

The earphones equipped with silicone earloops to keep the earbuds secure in place. You receive three different sized earbuds for a perfect fit. Another superb thing is that the silicone prevents that the headset slips out while you are doing your workout. The included jack is nickel-coated and works with most MP3 players and Apple devices.

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Notable Features

  • The Aquapac has a 3.5mm stereo jack that is covered with a nickel coating
  • The earbuds compatible with different MP3 players and Apple devices
  • The headset has a solid sound with 100 dB pressure level and a frequency response of 19 – 20 kHz
  • The impedance is 32 Ohms
  • The water rating is IPX8 up to 10-feet but tested up to 30-foot underwater
  • Fitted with silicone earloops and you receive three different sizes
  • Made from PVC/Vinyl and includes a one-year limited warranty

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7. One of the Best Waterproof Earbuds,  The Plantronics BackBeat Fit

The Plantronics BackBeat Fit - waterproof earbudsFor one of the best waterproof earbuds, you must buy the Plantronics BackBeat Fit. The headphones engineered for all types of sports. You can buy the headphones in four-color styles black, blue, green, and red.

Miraculous Design

The miraculous design of the Plantronics BackBeat Fit earbuds has a sweat proof nano-coating with an IP57 waterproof rating. You can only use these earbuds underwater up to one meter for 30-minute. For controlling music, you have on-ear controls to make and receive calls when paired with your Smartphone. With the included battery, you get up to 8-hours of listening time. One more superb thing is that the headset has a DeepSleep mode and with the free apps, you can keep the headphones updated.

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Unique Characteristics

  • The Plantronics BackBeat Fit gives you a comfortable fit and made for active workouts
  • The headset has a P2i coating making it sweat and waterproof
  • The waterproof rating is IP57 up to 1 meters
  • The battery gives you talk time up to 8-hours
  • For making calls and controlling music it has on-ear controls
  • The headphones goes into hibernation with the built-in DeepSleep mode
  • Included with your purchase you receive a Smartphone armband, a quick start guide, micro USB cable
  • You receive a one-year limited warranty

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8. Impressive Sound Quality, The Photive PH-BTE50 Wireless Sports Earbuds

The Photive PH-BTE50 - Wireless Sports EarbudsFor an impressive sound quality, the Photive PH-BTE50 Wireless Sports Earbuds received the best waterproof earbuds reviews. For swimming underwater, the Photive has no water rating but is more suitable for your tight budget and hard workouts.

Durable Design

Where the earbuds lack in waterproofing it makes up for sound and they are comfortable to wear with the wireless design. The headset has a built-in microphone making it easier for you to make and answer calls. The headphones protected by a nano-coating that safeguards the unit from corrosion and liquid damage. Furthermore, it has a lithium-ion battery that gives you up to 7-hours of use.

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Superb Features

  • The Photive earbuds are wireless headphones that work with Bluetooth 4 and APTX codec
  • They are compact, lightweight and fits comfortably into your ear
  • The lithium-ion batteries rechargeable and gives you up to 7-hours of use
  • Has an onboard control to listen to music and receive calls
  • Designed with sweat-resistant covering
  • Ideal to use while working out in the gym, jogging, cycling and more

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9. An Excellent Sports Headphone, The iSport Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Headphone

The iSport Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Headphone - waterproof earbuds If you are in need of sweat-proof headphones, you can look at the Monster iSport Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Headphone. You can rely on them to stay put while working out.

A Wow Design

The iSport In-Ear Headphone is available in two different colors black and blue. You can listen to thumping bass that is clear and wide with the Wireless Pure Monster Sound. The headphones designed with an angled tip. They are lightweight and have a universal ControlTalk Handsfree system. When paired with your Smartphone it gives you up to a 30-foot wireless range and the ear clips sweat-resistant.

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Matchless Features

  • You can buy the headphones in two color styles black and blue
  • The headphones wireless and connects via Bluetooth
  • With the patented sports clip, it stays in your ear
  • Works with a 30-foot wireless range
  • Includes a micro-USB cable for charging the device
  • The ear clips sweat-resistant and you receive a one-year limited warranty

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10. Water-Resistant Hands-Free Wireless Stereo Headphones, The Pyle PSWBT7BK Waterproof Earbuds

The Pyle PSWBT7BK Waterproof Earbuds - waterproof earbudsFor a marine grade water-resistant earbud, the Pyle PSWBT7BK stands out for all the right reasons. You can wear these earphones anywhere from the land to the water. Choose from 3 color styles black, blue, and pink.

Sole Design

The Pyle has IPX8 marine grade water rating for up to 10-feet. You can even make calls and play music while on the go with the wireless built-in touch-button control pad. Connect the headphones to your mobile device and charge the battery via the included USB cable. The only concern is that you find the control buttons located on the back of the headset.

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Surprising Features

  • The headphones wireless and connects via Bluetooth to most mobile devices
  • Has a built-in microphone to play music and answer calls
  • The waterproof rating is IPX8
  • For charging the MP3 Control Unit detaches and has a battery life of up to 6-hours
  • Has a built-in rechargeable battery that charges via the USB port

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What are waterproof earbuds?

waterproof earbudsWaterproof earbuds help you to take your music with you from running along the shore to swimming in water. If you are a sports enthusiast that enjoys doing triathlons these headsets will provide you live music while practicing on land in water.

The waterproof headphones designed to use in water up to 10 feet for up to 30-minutes at the most. However, you can find some of the best waterproof earbuds giving you a battery life use of up to 10-hours. The great thing is if they do become dirty while doing an intense workout, you can wash them to keep them clean.

How do you choose the best waterproof earbuds?

When choosing your waterproof earbuds you can consider the following:

  • The Sound Quality – this is the most critical aspect when looking for the best waterproof headset. Certain underwater earbuds have superb ambient noise features allowing you to listen to your surrounding environment and still hear the music playing in your ear.
  • Another important feature is that the earbuds need to be comfortable to wear. This is important if you are planning to wear them for different types of sports. You can buy them in different sizes that fit around the ear to fitting into your ear channel. The headsets are available in different color styles and some have reflective covers.
  • Additional features are also important as they help to enhance the earbuds when used. Some have remote capabilities, connects to different mobile devices, while others are straightforward to use.

Stay a while and let us help you find a headset catered according to your specific lifestyle and needs.


Whether you enjoy running, cycling, swimming, or scuba diving you will find our editor’s choice of the best waterproof earbuds more than pleasing. If you are in need of a durable quality headphone, you can look at the Sony Walkman that received superb reviews from customers. However, if you are in need of a pair of earbuds the Waterfi is a great pick but you need to remember that you will need a waterproof MP3 player if you do want to use it out in the water.

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