Best Workout Headphones in 2018

best workout headphones

As people become more conscious about fitness there is no better way than exercising with music playing in your ears. This is where the best workout headphones in 2018 can get you moving to the beat. Working out without a pair of workout headphones is not the same and with our selection, you can pick one that suits you best for keeping you moving to the rhythm in no time…

Best of the best – JayBird X2

JayBird X2Comparing to the older models in recent years nothing compares to the JayBird X2 one of the best Bluetooth earbuds for working out. This newest brand gives you elevated sound with enhanced fit and comfort while exercising.

As fits important, they have improved on the Jaybird X2 when it comes to stability and the flange wings do not flip out when you are sweating. They give you a great set of tips for a better fit as well. You receive standard sized wings in silicone ear tips designs three to be exact. In addition, you receive a selection of premium comply foam tips.

It makes these workout headphones stables when used and comfortable to wear with noise isolation with the in-ear design. The design of the earbuds lightweight even while it runs on battery and leaves no pressure or weight added and sweat-resistant. It also comes with a Lifetime Sweat-proof Warranty.

The only concern is the battery that does not have a long life use and runs out quickly. You can find the controls on the wire that goes behind your neck and you can set the volume to listen to the music. It also has an inline microphone to make hands-free calls. The Bluetooth range is 30ft that is a norm with Bluetooth sets.

You can connect to any Bluetooth mobile device, and the battery lasts up to 8-hours and stable. Moreover, for keeping your earbuds safe you receive a rubbery box. Where sounds concerned, these workout headphones will not disappoint you as it has the bass balanced and not too loud.

These are one of the best sports earbuds now.

  • The JayBird is a premium Bluetooth, audio and great for Skip-Free Music Outdoors,
  • Enjoy 8 Hours of Music + Calls with the included remote controls,
  • Fits securely to the ears with the secure over and under-Ear fit options,
  • You receive a Lifetime Sweat-Proof Warranty, and
  • The package includes Comply Premium Sports Memory Foam Ear Tips, Patented Secure-Fit Ear Fins, Friction-Fit Silicone Sports Carrying Case, Silicone Ear Tips, and Charging Cable & Cord Management Clips.
    Customers are pleased that the headphones do not fall out during a workout as the wings are improved. They are comfortable to wear and the battery lasts for a solid 8-hours. The only downside is that they are a bit pricey and tend to die after a while; however, they have an excellent customer service for replacing them under warranty.

What are the qualities of an outstanding workout headphone?

You are here for a reason and need the best headphones for working out at the gym or outdoors. You may be wondering what the qualities of an outstanding workout headphone are – we will help answer the question for you.

First, your workout headphones need to have a firm fit, must be sweat resistant, durable, have noise isolation; a reliable battery life is wireless and a great sound. Your earbuds need to stay in place, as it can be annoying when they drop out constantly.

The best-suited gym headphones are the ones that are light and comfortable to wear. Here you can look at ear hook and memory wire designs as they keep the headphones in place while working out. The earbuds need to be resistant against wetness and a sports headphone has specific designs for this purpose.

Additionally, they need to be durable as you are moving fast. When hitting them accidentally these workout headphones should sustain bumps and hits without damage in the process.

Another important feature is noise isolation, as you do not want to hear background noises while working out or other people hearing what you are listening. However, when running in the street noise isolation is not a concern, as you need to be aware of your surroundings.

The battery strength is using wireless should at least provide you with long life usage of at least 4 to 5 hours. The sound quality needs to be great and the ones mentioned in our article are some of the best. You also need to take into consideration that Bluetooth is different to wired earbuds and depends on the model as well.

The reviews of workout headphones below will not disappoint you.

Should you choose Wired or Bluetooth Workout Headphones?

Whether you choose a wired or Bluetooth headphone depends on you and both have their pros and cons. With a Bluetooth headset, you have freedom while wires can constrict you when used.

With a Bluetooth, you can connect to most mobile devices or your MP3 when in the gym or outdoors and listen to music from a distance. The only worry is the usage of the battery and only lasts up to 25 hours that is still enough to do a workout of up to 2-hours.

When it comes to Bluetooth workout headphones, they are the best if you do not mind keeping the battery charged. While wired workout headphones cheaper compared to a Bluetooth one and when it comes to sound quality, the wired ones normally win by far.

The only concern is when you pull the wires too hard as it could cause damage.

Bluetooth (Pros and Cons)

  • There are no wires, giving you free use of your hands,
  • The chance is less that they will be damaged while working out,
  • You need to charge the battery compared to a wired headphone,
  • Moreover, they are normally expensive.

Wired (Pros and Cons)

  • Wired is much cheaper than Bluetooth,
  • They are always ready, and don’t need battery charging, and
  • The only concern is the wires that could be tangled or damaged.

In the end, the choice is up to you and your personal preferences so why not try them both and see what works for you!

Best wired workout earbuds reviews

Best Budget Workout Headphones – Koss KSC75

Koss KSC75

For working out in the gym the Koss KSC75 are the best budget workout headphones. For the design factor, they may not win rewards, but what is important is what is inside of them. It has an ear hook design, put them on, and adjust the angle to make them fit comfortably on your ears.

They are lightweight and with the ear hooks, they stick to your ears and suitable for most sports. They may have some feeble points, but nothing beats the comfort of these workout headphones. Even without water and sweat-resistance, they are still perfect and cheap.

These are basic headphones they have no controls, and only have the wires and an AUX plug-in. What does shine in these headphones is the sound quality. They have balanced the sound in these as it has an effective bass, forward mids and creates natural sounds.

  • Has a Sports clip design that fits carefully around each ear, with pivoting ear plates for a comfortable fit,
  • The drivers are Titanium-coated delivering true sound replica with little distortion,
  • While the Neodymium iron boron magnets proffer deep bass presentation for a comprehensive frequency response,
  • The cord measures 4 feet long with an L-shaped 3.5 mm plug,
  • Limited lifetime warranty,
  • The frequency Response is 15-25,000 Hz,
  • It has an impedance of 60 ohms,
  • The sensitivity is 101 dB SPL/1mW,
  • It has a distortion less than 0.2%

This is the best value for on-ear workout headphones for sports with an amazing acoustic sound. The ear hook designs, superb they are comfortable when worn, but does not have much bass for those enjoy it and there are no additional durable features.

Best Sounding Workout Earbuds – Shure SE215

Shure SE215

If you enjoy sound while working out the best sounding wired sports/ workout headphones are the Shure SE215. The SE215s not designed for sports usage, but great for working out. Listen to music during cycling or when on a flight to any destination in the world.

They are versatile and in-ear monitor earbuds to take with you anywhere. The design is superb and may take some time getting used to. Once you are used to them, they are comfortable and hardly ever fall out. For sound isolation, these are great and much better than its competitors are.

Comfort all depends on the size of ear tip you use and most people find them comfortable to wear. The SE-125 has olive tip earbuds and require getting used to. These headphones are not water or sweat resistant, but still do the job well even if you are sweating.

The casings all plastic and the wires durable as it is a memory wire that one can fold to your liking. The great thing here is that the wires detachable and reinforced with Kevlar and thick. As they do not have control and the wires replaceable, you can replace them with microphone wires.

Sound qualities amazing and excel with natural sound. The treble is clear and precise, making them great to listen to music. The bass is not overpowering and emphasized somewhat.

  • Designed with a detachable cable made with a Wireform Fit,
  • To prevent outside noises from interfering with your acoustic experience, it was designed with sound isolation technology, whether on the-go or not.
  • To rest contentedly in the car, they are designed with lightweight low-profile shape optimized nozzle angle.
  • Softly and flexibly sleeves design which is available in multiple shapes and sizes and a gentle contour for your ears.
  • Carrying case also included
  • Two different colors choices

Customers have rated these earbuds for its terrific sound isolation and comfortable wear. The memory wire keeps the ear tips inside the ear while moving and durable to last a while. They are a good value for the price, but the wire needs some getting used to.

Super Sweat Resistant Earbud – Sennheiser CX 685 Adidas

Sennheiser CX 685 AdidasWith the Sennheiser CX 685 Adidas, the two companies have collaborated in creating a durable and sweat resistant Earbud with a perfect fit. For those of you who have small ears, it may be better to look at our other mentioned models, as these may not fit.

It is an IEM design with great sound isolation; however, some people have said that it still does allow some sound through. They may not be suitable if you enjoy working out outdoors. It has a slide to fit design and comfortable to most people with normal ear sizes that are not too small.

They are sweat-resistant with a Para-aramid cable making the design perfect for most indoor sports. You can even wash them. It does not have a control or a microphone. When it comes to sound many are disappointed with them.

For those who enjoy bass rather look at our other brands available as these are great for listening to podcasts and audio books.

  • Designed with Para-aramid-reinforced cables, making them strong and durable,
  • They are perspiration and water-resistant,
  • Designed with a 10mm transducer for sound performance,
  • Has an Ear Fin holding system for a comfortable and secure fit,
  • Designed with a Slide-to-fit mechanism,
  • 2-year warranty

Provides you with sound isolation and is water and sweat proof and you can even wash them. The slide to fit technology keeps them in place and comfortable to wear. The sound quality is average and many users do not like this.

The Best Budget Workout Earbuds – MEE Audio Sport-Fi M6

MEE Audio Sport-Fi M6For the best budget, wired workout earbuds look at the MEE Audio Sport-Fi M6 as more than 7000 people agree. They are affordable and you can buy them in seven different colors. Their fit and isolation is great without irritating your ears, even after wearing them for hours.

Choose from six different ear tips for a comfortable fit and is a great feature from the beginning compared to other brands on the market. Noise isolations standard and they are suitable to wear outdoors as well.

Some users have complained that the first time you wear them it takes a time to achieve a comfortable fit, however, once you get used to the memory wire it works perfectly. You can even order this model with a microphone for hands-free use, but does cost more.

It has a durable plastic design that is IPX5 water and sweat-resistant and the wires made from a rubbery memory material that is suitable for sports making them durable. This workout headphones connect with a gold plated 3.5 mm audio plug.

When buying the regular ones, you do not receive controls, but as mentioned, you can buy the most expensive model with controls. For sound quality, these do not disappoint you, as the bass is emphasized and detailed but not overpowering.

  • They fit securely over-the ear and made with a memory wire that does not fall out,
  • It has a patented ergonomic design for long-term wearing comfort,
  • Designed with noise isolating in-ear usage and a lively sound and improved bass,
  • Has Certified IPX5 making them sweat- and water-resistant and durable,
  • Includes carrying case and 6 sets of ear tips for the best fit and comfort, and
  • 1-Year manufacturer’s warranty

Numerous customers found these earbuds, made from quality material and give them a good sound for the price. They are affordable with a comfortable and even fit with the ear hook wire. They are popular amongst clients who enjoy working out indoors and outdoors. The only thing is that you need to get used to the wire and it is a lowered priced, product and one cannot compare it to the more costly models.

Most Comfortable Workout Earbuds – Bose IE2

Bose IE2

For comfort, nothing beats the Bose IE2 workout earbuds. They have a wing design and once placed in your ear it stays in place even when jumping. However, while wearing they are comfortable and great, but does not have a great sound isolation and you can hear a lot of background noise.

Regarded to the sound they are very loud if you enjoy loud music. Nothing competes with these earbuds when it comes to comfort as you can wear them in the ears for hours. The ear tips are soft and loose fitting.

They are not water or sweat resistant, but still durable enough for keeping fit. The wires are not tangle-proof and can become a nuisance. They do not have an in-line microphone or any controls and you get a clip for the wires to clip to your shirt.

Sound quality is great and better sounding than most of the non-sports headphones available in the same price range. The bass is perfect and clear. The medium and high ranges are clear and balanced and have soundstage.

  • Included you receive the IE2 headphones, one pair of StayHear tips, and a protective casing,
  • The StayHear ear tips nestle inside the bowl of the ear and naturally conforms to the ear’s upper ridge,
  • Has an improved audio design for smoother and natural sound,
  • The TriPort® acoustic headphone structures only available from Bose, producing a balanced audio with deep low notes from small, in-ear headphones,
  • The cable constructions reliable, flexibility and durable,
  • Compatible with most MP3 players, including iPod® models, as well as laptops, portable CD and DVD players,
  • Designed with a Hologram label, and
  • 1-year limited warranty

Customers have found these earbuds comfortable to wear and stay in the ears with the wing design. The sounds superb and has a rich bass and soundstage. The only concern is the noise isolation for some people and the wires are not tangle prone.

Best Bluetooth Workout Earbuds Reviews

Best Value for Money Bluetooth Earbuds – Mpow Wolverine

Mpow Wolverine

For value, the Mpow Wolverine is the cheapest Bluetooth workout headphones for sports. It features a wing tip design and you receive 3 different sized ear wings and keep the earbuds in your ears while building up a sweat.
The secure fits stable with a fair amount of isolation blocking out the sound. You can wear them for hours, however, if you have small ears they may be a bit problematic. The battery is stored in the casing making them larger. They are lightweight when exercising.
The casing sweat resistant and made from durable plastic and aluminum giving it a premium touch. The wires tangle-free and fit behind the neck but do not abuse them as they can break easily. Additionally, you receive a 45-day money back guarantee and an 18-month limited warranty.

It has standard controls situated on the wiring for volume, play, and pause and available to use with your connected devices. It uses the latest Bluetooth technology 4.1 for ease of connection and disconnects rarely with a standard range of 30 feet.

It has a noise canceling CVC6.0 feature and many users have noted it makes little difference in the noise levels when used. Even the built-in microphone for making and receiving calls works well. While the battery life is, 7-hours and you charge it via a micro USB port.

The sound will not disappoint you and is average when used.

  • Designed with the latest Bluetooth 4.1 Technology,
  • Easy and fast pairing with Bluetooth-enabled devices,
  • Offer you with an impressive dynamic sound,
  • With the CVC 6.0 Technology, it reduces outside noises and enables clearer sound from microphone,
  • Excellent Battery Performance up to 8 hours,
  • Designed with an aluminum shell, and
  • Ultra lightweight and does not cause any trouble to the ears, with lasting wearing comfort.

People love the price factor when buying these earbuds and are loaded with some great technology features. The battery has a solid life compared to other models and when it comes to disappointments, there is none and one cannot compare the Mpow Wolverine with more expensive models.

Best Rated Wireless Sports Earbuds – Plantronics Backbeat


The Plantronics Backbeat has been rated as one of the best for sports. They are designed for any type of sports from running, playing basketball or even lifting weights. They are stable and comfortable to wear as the ear hook fixes nicely to your ears. There are no wires getting in the way and they are lightweight.
You will barely notice you have workout headphones on your head and can wear them for hours. The earbuds made from flexible plastic and sweating, not an issue, as they are water and sweat proof but not made to go underwater so does not even try it.
Carry them around your neck or place them in your backpack, as they are durable and handle most punches it receives. The control buttons located on the earbuds and very small to use. Change the volume, play, pause, and make calls with these workout headphones.

Connecting with the Bluetooth is straightforward once getting used to the controls and works up to 20 feet. The battery use is superb up to 8-hours and the battery does not change its capacity over a time. However, there is nothing special related to the sound compared the Jaybird X2. It is rich in bass and the treble’s medium.

  • Exclusively built with a supple design so the earbuds remain stable in your ear,
  • Designed with imperceptible nano-coating technology protecting the earbuds against water and sweat during workouts,
  • Remarkable 8 hours of wireless listening,
  • Easily accessible on-ear controls,
  • Headphones feature a safety-oriented ear tip design allowing you to hear your surroundings,
  • Ip57rating to Withstand Fresh Water up to One Meter for 30 Minutes,
  • Included neoprene armband secures your mobile device,
  • It has a DeepSleep mode that puts the headphone into hibernation when away from phone and helps to extend battery life, and
  • Free app keeps headphones updated with the latest firmware.

These workout headphones are durable, water & sweat-resistant, lightweight, comfortable and super stable when worn. The battery life is superb and it is great value for money. The only lack is sound quality and the comfortable fit makes up for it as you can wear them with most sports.

Another Jaybird Bluetooth Earbud – Jaybird – Freedom F5 In-Ear Wireless Headphones

Jaybird - Freedom F5 In-Ear Wireless HeadphonesThis new model to the range is the Jaybird JF4MBL Bluetooth workout earbuds and smaller than most of its other predecessors. The price is even more affordable and the fits comfortable because of the design. The ear cushions have an adjustable stabilizer.

If you do have small ear you can make them more comfortable by buying tight fitting earbuds. Because they are small, these earbuds are more compact and lighter making them comfortable when worn. They are great to use at any sports activity and perspiration resistant. You even get a lifetime warranty if they happen to die on you because of sweat.

In addition, very important remember to register them online when making your purchase. They have controls positioned on the right earbud and function well. It has a built-in microphone for hands-free use.

Connecting them with the available Bluetooth is quick and works with most mobile devices for up to 30 feet considering wall thickness as well. Users found the battery life disappointing and last up to 3-hours at the most. It takes about 2 hours for the battery to be fully charged.

The sound quality is not bad and it gives you clear mids and highs with more bass. These are not acoustic quality but works well for sports.

  • Wireless music & calls with complete remote controls
  • Patented micro-sized premium metal buds
  • 8 hours play time (4 hrs on-board + 4 hrs with included charging clip)
  • Patented secure-fit with enhanced comfort ear fins
  • My sound app (customize your sound settings & save them to your buds)

Overall customers are pleased with the product as it gives them great sound quality with more bass. The earbuds are comfortable and smaller with a stable wing designed ear cushioning. The only concern is the short battery life.

A New Version the Matone Qy8 Earbuds

Matone Qy8

The Matone Qy8 is a great workout earbud with many updated features compared to its predecessor the SoundPeats Qy7. For the price, you get loads of functionality for the money spent. This is a cheap wireless in-ear-model and great for the gym.

They come with different sized ear tips and ear hooks for stability when you wear them, but the earbuds still slide out sometimes when you become sweaty. The noise isolation is not perfect but good and if you use the right ear tips, it will help.

While doing any type of movement they fit comfortable and comfortable in the ears. It is best to try the different tips for a comfortable wear. On the other hand, the build is great and made from durable plastic and lightweight with the plastic body.

Even the cords tangle free and durable while on the right earbud you have a multi functional button to control from volume to playing music. You can easily accept calls with the built-in microphone. The Bluetooth connections great but nothing special to it and you can reach up to a 25 feet range with it.

This is ample enough when used in a gym. The battery life has improved and you get at least 7-hours of battery life compared to the Qy7 model. Another great improvement is the sound quality. The sound detailed, clear, and uses ATP-X preventing distortion and not bass heavy.

  • The Matone QY8 is equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 + EDR APT-X audio decode technology, presenting you ideal stereo sound.
  • It can pair with 2 mobile devices simultaneously,
  • Please note that in order to resolve the problem that customers can’t keep them in the ears, they have added a pair of ears hanging in the packing,
  • Built-in elevated polymer 80mAh battery, that lasts up to 7-hours,
  • Fully sweat-proof and practical user interface, in-ear designed workout headphones that work up to 30 feet,
  • Universal device compatibility and Noise Canceling and compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices, and decreases external sound,
  • Control functions are easy to use and you can make calls from your phone via the provided user interface on the workout headphones themselves.

Compared to the Qy7 the Qy8 gives a much better sound. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear and designed with wing ear hooks making them stable when fitted. The battery life is superb and this workout headphones is affordable. The control buttons simple to use and one cannot compare the sound to a Jaybird X2. The design is plastic and for the price, you cannot expect more.

The Best Bluetooth Noise Canceling Workout Headphones – Phiaton BT220 NC

Phiaton BT220 NC

For the best noise canceling technology, nothing beats the Phiaton BT220 NC earbud. These earphones cancel up to 95% of background noise while listening to music through them and very effective. It is a bit expensive and the earbuds are bigger than your most brands available but comfortable to wear.

Even with the ANC technology turned off these earphones isolate well. The provided ear tips are decent and if you fly, a lot rather buy yourself some Comply tips instead. Durability is not one of the best features as the earbuds made with plastic and they are not sweatproof or even waterproof.

It uses the latest Bluetooth 4.0 and has NFC support making connection easier to two devices at the same time. The range is standard up to 30 feet and the battery is stored in a device that looks like an MP3 to control music and more. You can also use wired earbuds with it.

This one presents you with a battery life up to 16-hours with the ANC and Bluetooth enabled. The sound quality is great with a punchy bass, mids, and clear highs.

  • Designed with Bluetooth 4.0 for improved sound,
  • Has Active Noise Canceling blocking out sound up to 95%,
  • Pairs easily with any Bluetooth device and with the NFC-enabled pairing is easier and faster, and
  • Designed with multipoint connection to pair with two devices with CVC (Clear Voice Capture)

People love this product for the effective noise-canceling feature blocking out background noises. Many do not find it comfortable to wear but lightweight with a great battery life and balanced sound. However, the wind speeds known to cause chaos with the ANC sound quality.


If you enjoy working out with music, you are sure to find our best workout headphones for 2016 affordable, great to wear, designed with performance in mind, and present you with great sound. You need a pair of workout headphones that will stay in your ears and comfortable to wear and our selection fits them all when it comes to quality.

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