Top 10 Bumper Guards in 2019

One cannot understate the value of their cars if you want to have it looking new and prevent it from dents when packing or when hit from behind, you need to have strong bumper guards. Most people are not comfortable talking about such circumstances; however, it is a healthy topic to discuss what measures one can employ to ensure their bumpers don’t get scratched when hit from the back. However how skilled driver you are having your bumper dented while trying to park is a phenomenon that happens frequently. If you think that your car is invaluable to you, then a bumper guard is a must-have car accessory. They indirectly help one save much money. While there are a broad variety of bumper guards in the market today, we have compiled a couple of them to buy in 2019.

Top 10 Bumper Guards in 2019

10. Rhino Guard by BumpTek

Rhino Guard by BumpTek

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If you are looking for the best bumper guard for your car before the year ends, look no further, but purchase this top on the list bumper guard that comes in 4 pieces. Moreover, with a matte black finish such that it neither pills nor chips.

Its medium size measures 20 by 2 inches and is extra thick, so you are assured of longevity and durability.

Customers who bought the Rhino-Guard-BumpTek-MEDIUM say that this bumper guard is simple yet sturdy. The bumper is a great buy that deserves a 50-star and is also cost effective than most in the market.

9. Run make Universal Black Anti-Collision Patch Bumper Guard Strip Anti-Scratch Bumper Protector Trim Run make Universal Black Anti-Collision Patch Bumper Guard Strip Anti-Scratch Bumper Protector Trim

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This pair of black anti-collision patch bumper guards is sure to fit most cars. They are made using high-quality rubber which covers scratches as well as preventing your vehicle from wear and tear.

This guard is sure to also protect the bumper edges from scratches and abrasion. This one, unlike most bumper guards, comes with adhesive on its back for easy installation. What’s more, it is durable and has complete flexibility.

Most of the buyers praise these bumper guards for they are of excellent quality. They look great on the car. However, there are some who said that it fell off without warning.

8. T-Rex Bumper Protector, Rear Bumper Guard

T-Rex Bumper Protector, Rear Bumper Guard 

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This is the best bumper guard you need for your car, whether small or large. It is made using quality material which is durable and all-weather foam. It is ¼ inch thick and is sure to protect your car bumper from dents and scratches.

This bumper guard is lightweight; weighing only 1.5 lbs, therefore installing it is a walk in the park. It offers your car 360-degree protection.

So far, most of the customers who have bought it say that the bumper guard is great. It looks nice and is equally affordable. However, there are a few who had little issues here and there, claiming that their package would not fit their cars as indicated in the feature section.

7. BumperX Car Bumper Guard and Protector

BumperX Car Bumper Guard and Protector

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This is one of the best bumper guards recommended to cars with completely flat bumpers. If your car is, for example, the new 2016 +Ford Fusion or Prius, this may not work. This is because such bumpers have ridges and groves.

You also should avoid installing the bumper guard if you are not an expert. If you are not a Do-It-Yourself guy, then avoid installing it yourself like a plague as you may need to trim it to before fixing it.

While most buyers say this product is excellent for their cars, a click of them would have loved a slightly larger than this size. Nonetheless, most buyers love how it looks.

6. FH Group F16408 Universal Fit Rear Bumper Butler Bumper Guard Protector

 FH Group F16408 Universal Fit Rear Bumper Butler Bumper Guard Protector

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This bumper guard is patented, and durable. Its construction is with a long-lasting rubber design, as is sure to fit many sedan vehicles. The installation of this bumper guard is also a breeze. Unlike most bumper guards that would often need a professional or an enthusiast DIY person to install, you only need to fit the adjustable straps inside of the trunk.

The bumper guard is also mildew and stain resistant. Shake to remove loose dirt. Also, you can vacuum it. For hard soiled areas, hose them down and allow it to dry.

A higher percentage of previous buyer claim this bumper guard by far outshines most bumper guards in the market today with their ease of installation, cleaning and also its durability. They say it deserves a 5-star.

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5. Bumper Thumper Ultimate Complete Coverage Front Bumper Guard Shock Absorbing

Bumper Thumper Ultimate Complete Coverage Front Bumper Guard Shock Absorbing 

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This bumper guard is sure to offer maximum protection to your bumper. It is more than 2 inches thick and more than 15 inches wide. Also, it is over 7 inches tall. It offers an extra-wide viewing angle.

Its material is the weather impact absorbing foam that does never rust. In the same breath, it comes with stainless steel reinforced rigidity.

For real this bumper plate is good for what most buyers purchased it for. Even those who are yet to buy it have a feeling that it works great. It is so far the perfect bumper guard that fits license plate as well as personalized frames.

4. FH Group F16408Black Universal Fit Rear ‘Bumper Butler’ Bumper Guard Protector

FH Group F16408Black Universal Fit Rear 'Bumper Butler' Bumper Guard Protector

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When you buy the FH Group F16408 Black Universal Protector, the package will contain 1 BumperButler whose dimensions are 43 by 11 inches. It is patented, durable and lasts long and fits most sedan cars.

It is easy to install as it comes with adjustable straps which hook to the inside of the trump. This bumper guard will fold into your trunk cargo area when you are not using it.

This bumper guard is perfect for use with Subaru Impreza. It is good for the price and looks ideal after trimming. While some products may exhibit low quality and performance, most work just well.



3. BLACK EDITION Bumper Bully


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This is another BumperBully piece of bumper guard. It is number 1 Rear Bumper Protector. The bumper protector is super wide measuring 46 inches by 12 inches and is among the largest bumper guards in the market today.

The black stabilizer bars are patented. It has waterproof trunk straps that are not steel reinforced. Finally, its material is premium grade rubber and is PVC free.

This is an excellent investment for any motorist that offers great bumper protection. Most buyers attest that it works perfectly well ad also is pocket-friendly.

2. Luv-Tap BG001 – Complete Coverage Universal Fit Rear Bumper Guard

Luv-Tap BG001 - Complete Coverage Universal Fit Rear Bumper Guard

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This bumper guard is new and improved. It will protect the whole bumper including the corners and the sides from slow speed impacts. With it, your bumper is safe from scratches that may have otherwise come about. It securely attaches to the bumper using suction cups or bungee cords. These are usually part of the package.

This bumper guard can be easily customized and resized without using any tool. It is machine washable, so there is no hassle when you want to keep it clean and good looking.

This bumper guard is Mercedes Benz C300 approved. Its suction cups hold the bumper and prevent it from flying off no matter what speed you are driving at. It is a great piece and what every motorist should have.

1. GOLD EDITION Bumper Bully Extreme

GOLD EDITION Bumper Bully Extreme 

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What more would you want in a bumper guard that you won’t get in our number 1 bumper guards? It is a super-wide bumper guard that measures 46 inches by 12 inches. This is so far the most massive bumper protector you can find in the market.

It also has high-intensity safety reflectors which makes it BumperBully to vehicles that pack behind you. This one is sure to make your car noticeable in times of an emergency. It also has steel reinforced security straps for deterring thieves. Also, it has patented stabilizer bars in gold color.

This bumper guard is great for the city. Most people prefer it than any other bumper guard as it is perfect when they are parking in the street. However, as good as it may be. Still, some buyers think the manufacturer has room for improvement.


All these bumper guards have passed tests that and have proved to stand out from the generic bumper guards in the market today. Their construction involves original, and quality material, and therefore they can never be counterfeits. They will for sure last you long and have your bumper looking as good as new despite being hit. We hope that the review as well as what former customers think about the products will enable you to make the right decision the next time you are out shopping for one. Buy any of these today, and it will go a long way serving you best.

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