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Top 10 Carpets for Stairs in 2020

Carpets for stairs are ideal in every modern home. Not only do you benefit from them, but also your dogs and pets. Here are the best carpets for stairs to buy in 2020. It is thought that a carpeted stair is way safer and quieter than their wooden stairs. A carpeted stair will reduce your chances of slipping on the stairs and getting injured. The carpeted stairs will absorb sound and soften footsteps. They are known to be the quietest since they have the padding underneath your carpet. There are many benefits to having your stairs carpeted, and, therefore it is wise that you purchase only the best carpets for stairs as they save money in the long run.

Nonetheless, it is an uphill task to select appropriate carpets for stair if you don’t know what to look for in them.  The list below features some of the most beautiful carpets for stairs you should consider buying in 2020.

Top 10 Carpets for Stairs in 2020

16. Sussexhome 

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Looking for a great view as you descend down the stairs? The Sussexhome is a fancy looking rug manufactured all the way from Turkey. Each of the treads is soft and thick and come in 9 vibrant colors.

These carpets for stairs are made from 100% Polypropylene. The tape that comes with it isn’t that sticky though.

  • Double sided tape
  • 28” x 9” size
  • 7 crisscross colors and 2 solid colors available

15. Elogio 

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Need elegant carpets that can’t show stains? The Elogia is great for fashionistas with pets and kids. Each of the 13 treads are 0.4 inch thick allowing for padding from noise.

These carpets for stairs are neutral gray in color and have a gripping design. The treads come with anti-skid tape for easy attachment. 

  • Machine washable and dustable
  • 13-piece tread
  • Size 8” x 30”

14. Ottoman 

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Worried about your cats pooping in the carpet? Worry in style with this glamorous tread flaunting a rich Moroccan flair. These rugs can complement any floor no matter if it is marble, wood or stone!

The Ottoman carpet for stairs comes in a grey and blue trellis and is made from polypropylene and nylon

  • Stain resistant
  • Machine made in Turkey 
  • Rubber backing

13. Pure Era 

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Parents who have kids to play all day along the stairs have to try the Pure Era if they want comfort. These bullnose carpets for stairs are 1.2” thick and so highly durable. 

The Pure Era treads have a solid gray color and are self adhesive. That means, they do not need any extra backing and will not damage your floors.

  • 100% polypropylene 
  • 30” x 9.5”
  • Machine washable

12. Marash Luxury Collection 

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Bring a little Turkish royalty into your home with the Marash Luxury Collection. The fibers of the runner are resistant to mildew, sunlight, and abrasion.

This carpet for stairs is 100% Olefin and comes with a high pile count for thick backing. 

  • Covers around 14 steps
  • 25ft x 26
  • 5 colors available

11. Benissimo

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When you say you want rugs of contemporary designs, do you find it tough to separate the eye catching ones from the ugly ones? You need to check out Benissimo. Their chic cotton treads enliven your stairs and protect them from skidding. 

Each of the modern carpets for stairs are 2 inches thick. The rubber backing allows them to stay but if you have much movement, you’ll need to tape it.

  • 100% cotton
  • 32” x 8” size 
  • Machine and hand washable

10. Ottomanson Softy Stair Treads Brown Striped

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These imported carpets for stairs use 100% Polypropylene material. They come with a non-slip rubber backing for skid resistance, as well as safety grip for dogs and pets.

Carpets are bound on all the edges. Therefore, they are fray-free. This carpet is made to provide traction and stability when placed on a hardwood, stone, tile, or marble stairs. They are the best for protecting the stairs from scratches, wears, and tears. Also, they are great for reducing noise.

9. Millenium Stair Tread Treads Greek Key Design Indoor

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Our carpet for stairs machine washable, however, you need not use detergent or spin dry. The Meander Brown staircase carpets come in a Greek Key Meander design and are approximately 8 ½ inch x 30 inch.

They are stain, mildew, and fade resistant are sure to protect your stairs as well as create traction. These carpets have a slip-resistant backing that works on most stairs, whether marble, hardwood, stone, etc. These carpets look so nice and are very grippy. Their treads are also likable.

8. Non-Slip Carpet Stair Treads + Double-sided tape

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They come in 13 charcoal stair treads plus a roll of double-sided stair tread tape that provides extra security. It is of 100% premium Polyester and an ultra-skid latex backing.

They are ideal for protecting your stairs from wear and tear, scratches, and also traction. Consequently, these carpets reduce your chances of slipping on the stairs and are good for pets too. Most buyers love them for they are mildew, stain and fade resistant. With a 4.7 out of 5 stars, this speaks volumes about their quality.

7. Stair Treads Collection Indoor Skid Slip Resistant

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This stair carpet is dark grey and comes in a set of 13 stair treads. Each stair tread measures 8 by 30 inches. It protects your stair and creates traction. The stair treads are stain resistant, mildew and also fade resistant.

Meant for indoor use only, the stair carpet is robust and come in strong construction, is waterproof and offer great value for your money. They look great and will work great when they are correctly applied.

6. Gloria Rug Skid-Resistant Rubber Backing Gripper

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These treads come with a durable rubber backing that prevents one against slipping or the sliding of the rug, and the rag is firmly held in place. They are made to last long and are, stain and fade resistant.

The stair carpets and easy to maintain and are meant to last you for long. They are easy to clean and maintain. Not only do they look classy, but the carpets are also of topnotch quality and serve the promise all the time.

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5. (Set of 13) Non-Slip (23-inch x 8-inch) Stair Treads

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The Dean Carpet Stair Chair Tread will prevent you and your pet from slipping on the hardwood stairs. It is ideal for not only the hardwood floors but also can be perfect on marble, tiles, and stone flooring.

These treads are easy to install all by yourself. They are available in sets of 13 stair treads and a single roll of double-sided tape. Most buyers love it because they use quality, hand-picked materials. They look great and are easy to install.

4. StepBasic Non-Slip Rubber Backing

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These stair carpets guarantee safety thanks to their maximum grip offered by their non-slip rubber backings. They protect you and your pet from sliding, as well as your stairs from scratching. They will provide stability on tile flooring, stone, marble and even on hardwood floors.

The carpets are durable, they are anti-bacterial, are fade, stain and wear resistant, and therefore maintaining them is effortless. They are easy to clean using warm water and to flat dry. These carpets have a stunning look, to add on to that, they are perfect for slippery stairs.

3. Ottomanson Comfort Collection Soft Solid

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The carpets come with a non-slip rubber backing that prevents one from slipping and sliding. The rubber backing also provides a safe grip for both your dog and other pets. These carpets are durable. They are stain resistant and are easy to maintain.

The carpets are bound on all edges thus they can’t fray.  They are available in packs of 14 treads. Ottomanson Comfort collection carpets will protect your stairs against wear and tear and also against scratches. 67% of all the buyers who rated these carpets gave it 4.3 out of 5 stars, meaning it served their purpose. They look so nice on the stairs and are worth your money.

2. Ottomanson Skid-Resistant Rubber Backing Non-Slip

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These stair carpets from Ottomanson are of 100% Polypropylene. The imported product measures 8.5×26.5 inches. The carpets are machine washable using warm water, they don’t bleach, and you can hang them for drying.

The Ottomanson skid resistant nonslip stair carpets come with non-slip rubber backings that prevent you and your pets from sliding. Cleaning them is easy. They are perfect for dogs that struggle to get upstairs, and also are value for money.

1. Ottomanson Softy Stair Tread Mats

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These imported stair carpets from Ottomanson are of 100% Polypropylene. They come with a rubber backing to prevent you and your pets from sliding. The rubber backing also provides traction when placed on the floor.

They are durable and washable in a washing machine. The carpets are also stain-resistant and maintaining them is effortless. These carpets are handy for older dogs and good for protecting the floor. Other customers say that they are very soft under feet thus they love it more.

Using carpets on your stairs will not only reduce the noise, but it will give your house a better and classy look. Hope you’ll be able to find the one you need from our list!

Should You Carpet Your Stairs?

Carpets can be a blessing or a menace depending upon the environment of your home. Here are some situations when you might need a carpet:

For all the times you’ve watched movies about serial killers, the idea of having someone tread on the stairs with loud and mysterious footsteps can make you hide behind the covers, even if it’s your partner surprising you with donuts. 

A carpet with light padding can reduce unwanted noise. Then again, pets and toddlers who discover stairs will be bent on abusing it. Carpets can be great if you want to safeguard your stairs.

For stairs with the most basic appearance that only does its job, carpets can create an aesthetic aura and can itself be a decor.

There also can be reasons that may not make carpets the best idea. Nailing down tack strips to an already stunning hardwood floor is a good way to destroy money spent well. You’d rather cage your kids then let them play on these babies.

Is Wood or Carpet Better for Stairs?

Wood and carpet both have their advantages and drawbacks. Deciding if you want wood or carpet for your stairs depends on how you can handle their flaws.

Safety: Wooden stairs are hard and slippery. You may fall on wooden stairs unlike those with carpets. Carpets can cushion falls and also provide better traction. If you’re not worried about kids or chinaware, you’re good with wood.

Cleaning: For everyday cleaning of dust and allergens, hardwood floors are easy to manage. Even carpets can be easy to manage if you have a high quality vacuum cleaner.

Durability: Homes with kids and pets indeed have ruined wooden floors. Carpets of low and dense fibers and colors that hide spots are necessary to survive kids.

What Can You Put on Stairs Instead of Carpets?

Tiles: Although tiles can be at a lower temperature, they have an endless range of styles and prints to decorate your floors.

Hardwood: Hardwood is both classy and easy to clean but aren’t scratch resistant. Then again, there is engineered hardwood that covers up that flaw while puncturing your wallet.

Laminate Flooring: Laminated flooring is both affordable and easy to fix with the help of just adhesive. They can have different forms to match your home.

Carpets for stairs are ideal and commonplace in an average home. They beautify your home as well as providing the benefits mentioned above. However, if you are not very careful when buying them, you may end up purchasing a low-quality carpet for your stairs. Low-quality carpets for stairs are not durable to start with. Also, they don’t come up with the qualities that the carpets mentioned above for stairs have. In the end, you will not get value for your hard-earned money, and this ends in disappointments. Nonetheless, with the above list of the best carpets for the staircase, you can’t go wrong.

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