10 Business Development Tips Every Business Owners Should Know

Business development is a fundamental concept for any enterprise that has a strategic focus. To continue being in operation, a business has to know and outperform their competition by not only providing products and services of ultimate quality, but also driving in significant revenue. This requires keen assessment of new ideas in order to develop the original purpose. Business development is a broad concept that covers revenue generation, improvement of product and/or service quality and generation of new deals, alliances or relationships. It is important to think of development as strategic positioning rather than end game. In short, business development is quite evolutionary and involves constant identification of opportunities and comprehensive establishment of ways in which those opportunities can be grasped. Depending on the organization, it could be an opportunity to target new markets, promote new products, expand the business and enhance the service or product among others. Some companies often resort to hiring expert enterprise development personnel. However, clearly outlining the job description, tasks they will be performing and how to measure performance is still a daunting task for most companies. Here are 10 business development tips every business owner should know if they plan on taking up opportunities and expanding their empire.

Business Development Tips Every Business Owners Should Know

10. Involve clients/customers

This narrows down to establishing a precise communication pathway including feedback. Positioning your business on the receiving side of information will expose you to a wealth of insights, metrics and intelligence that can be used in business development. Find out what your target market feels, thinks, expects and wants in regards to your business. Form groups to monitor changes in customer behavior and make plans in advance to provide what is needed.

9. Distinguish development and sales

One of the common hitches business owners face in their development activities is defining their sales and development prospects. It is important to recognize the difference between the two and treat them separately. Development processes are of course involved with enhancing products and creating partnerships that result in revenue generation. Sales are, however, entirely focused on revenue. Sales and development are separate departments that need clear distinction.

8. Involve some employees

It is quite unwise to embark on business development alone without involving a couple of entrusted employees. A common for business owners is to choose discretion and keep their competitive advantage expansion strategies in the company until implementation. However, business development is an area that requires a progressive approach where each input is assessed to determine its value. In development, the focus is on improving sectional and overall processes with a bottomline goal of expanding the business and generating sales. Keeping your employees in the loop facilitates this process.

7. Hire the right person

This is one of the most effective ways, although most business owners often oversight it. Identifying the credentials on which to hire a business developer is not as smooth as it is with other jobs. The personnel you entrust with your enterprise’s development should have profound knowledge, understanding and experience in the industry. Hiring business development personnel is very important, especially since other employees are busy handling their responsibilities and tasks. Having a separate entity to handle development will ensure everyone performs in their respective positions and collaborate with the developer to identify internal and external opportunities.

6. After-deal management

This is one of the most crucial parts of any business development plans. Businesses operate through finalizing deals and transaction. It is from these deals that revenue is generated. When a business manages post-deals activities, it becomes much easier to account for resource allocation, evaluate forecasts and form healthy relationships with clients. Management involves documentation of all deals including pre-deal estimates and identifying opportunities for future engagements.

5. Eliminate legal issues

Most business development deals entail legal agreements especially if the development plan involves products, services and contractual arrangements. A legal agreement will confine the business to certain boundaries that include decisions that should be taken in case of a different eventuality. It is vital that business owners and their legal counsels assess the risks and compare them against opportunities. When it is reasonable to venture into any given project, this comparison should be clear to all management staff.

4. Make deals decisively

In business development, there is a great difference between making a deal and a decisive deal (good deal). Some opportunities will present bold circumstances that are very tempting to explore. A business may be enticed to take up a project that promises the right market and revenue. Nevertheless, they may oversight the bigger opportunity masked under that deal. You can make a deal and reap substantial profits, but a decisive deal will look through the distractions that keep your business from seeing bigger opportunities.

3. Opportunity evaluation framework

It is very crucial to develop a plausible and viable framework for assessing your opportunities. This ensures you take on the best options and spend resources strategically. There should be a decisive framework to comprehensively assess viability whenever an employee or business development personnel approaches with a new idea. Everyone should understand why some deals will align to your company’s goals and others will not. Short-term and long-term implications must be fully described and analyzed.

2. Resource allocation

This is definitely one of the 10 business development tips every business owner should know. Although it sounds basic, no business will develop without proper resource allocation. Owners should expect parting with a few resources from time to time. The resource can be time, personnel, research expenses, promotion, training, events and seminar expenses among others. For a business to develop there must be sufficient resources to support ideas, research, assessment and execution.

1. Stay in business

This is a very broad perspective that involves analyzing business potential, market, threats, competition, qualitative and quantitative approaches, strategies and purpose. To develop your business, it must be in operation. Ensure the operations are yielding sufficient revenue to run things. Besides revenue, you should have a clear understanding of your brand’s position and loyalty as well as business dynamics. Employ modern technologies, use advanced systems, improve customer service experience and position yourself as the next ultimate choice within your category.


Business development is a strategy that keeps improving. It is very flexible, although the purpose should be maintained at all times. Effective business development involves constantly creating partnerships and relationships that open up platforms for driving revenue. It also entails enhancing products, services and systems to achieve efficiency.

How to start an Aircraft Charter Business

To start a new business is a challenge for many of us. Even if we have much knowledge about the business or we have something on our mind about how we will be doing things, starting a new business can still be a very difficult task to do. Likewise, to start an aircraft charter business is not easy too. This business facilitates flights to and from the airports that are sometimes not served by major airlines. Aircraft charter is scheduled by the government officials, travelers and corporations. These flights may also features services like access to business equipment, aerial tours, drinks and food. With qualified staff, competitive rates and comfortable planes your aircraft charter can build up a good reputation. Here, are some steps on how to start an aircraft charter business.

How to start an Aircraft Charter Business

How to start and Aircraft Charter Business

1. You should firstly develop a business plan with the company that will address flight range, secondary services and startup capital. Large portion of the business plan should be devoted to an initial balance sheet. Additionally, you should have a plan for three and five year projections so that you can give the investors a clearer view of the company’s financial wherewithal. To show sources of additional revenue you should list airplane appraisal, long-term charter services and consulting.

2. To act as investors in your aircraft charter company you should approach venture capital firms, airplane enthusiasts and banks. The banks can offer advertising in your aircraft charter for the first few months and they also offer commercial loans to finance equipment. You should deliver a five minute presentation to the prospective investors and deliver copies of your business plan to them.

3. Next, you should reach out for the regional airport to know about the minimum requirements for the construction permit and land lease for the new airlines. Your aircraft charter company should lease the land from the airport authority for runway space, offices and hangar. To build up facilities on empty lots you should seek permission from the airport authority for the new construction.

4. Now to find planes for your aircraft charter business you should contact with the aircraft brokers such as USA Aircraft Brokers Inc. To eliminate any problem related to aircraft you should establish the seating requirements, hangar capacity and charter’s budget with the aircraft broker. To develop your air charter fleet you should compare the prices for new and slightly used aircraft through the brokers.

5. You should build up an aircraft charter staffs that has experience in the aviation industry. For the pilots you should search for the one who has charter flight experience who is willing to speak to the passengers about their destinations and give them air tours. For the day-to-day operations you should hire for the baggage handler, ticket clerk, administrative and mechanic assistant.

6. Now, for the aircraft charter business you should seek aircraft certification from the Federal Aviation Administration. To initiate the aircraft certification you should provide dimensions, initial mileage and lettering from your aircraft to the Federal Aviation Administration. To keep track of every airline the Federal Aviation Administration puts the air charter businesses through multiple evaluations about employee qualification, licensing and safety procedures.

7. You should now submit the plans of the flight for each of your air charter’s regular routes to the Federal Aviation Administration. To keep a track about the small and big planes the Federal Aviation Administration plans require details like passenger capacity, speed, aircraft routes and altitude. You should also regularly update the Federal Aviation Administration to reflect changes and new routes to speed or altitude on regular routes.

8. You should also negotiate a monthly fuel contract with the jet fuel supplier like the UVair with the distribution facilities in your area. This contract should show the amount of fuel that is delivered each month and also show the volume discounts for your aircraft charter business. You should shop around for the fuel price quotes until you can find a supplier according to your operating budget.

9. When advertising about your aircraft charter business you should think outside of media outlets and local publications. You should speak with the travel agencies about the charter routes, contact information and rates in their packets about the vacation destinations.

10. Lastly, through a simple website you should build up your aircraft charter’s brand online. The website should have pictures of your aircrafts, destination airports and your staff. To inform the motivated clients you should create tabs for travel packages, charter rates and secondary services.

The Basic Steps On How To Start A Wholesale Real Estate Business

Most of the real estate investors find most of the challenges when they are starting their business. Thus is due to the fact that they do not have the required experience and the exposure to the real market. It is a very important aspect to have sufficient money to set up the business and a very realistic business plan so as to succeed. This will protect you from the impromptu losses that may arise as a result of poor planning. The buying and selling of the properties for business purpose in real estate involves a lot of risks and making of the right decisions so as to avoid losses. Are you planning to start this type of business? Here are some of the basic steps on how to start a Wholesale Real Estate Business:

How To Start A Wholesale Real Estate Business

Establish Your Own Area Of Specialization/Niche

There are very many options that are available. Depending on your interests, financial capabilities and your expertise, you can choose the option that will ease your management of the business. The options that are available include wholesale purchasing of the properties, rentals, investment in the foreclosures and the commercial real estates. You should identify the one you are well conversant with so as not to struggle so much managing it.

Consult A Real Estate Lawyer/Attorney

It is normally very important for you to know all the rules and regulations governing the real estate business deals before you start. Besides, it is very necessary to deal with genuine and well known customers. The real estate attorney will guide you on the relevant and genuine legal procedures that you are supposed to follow so as to deal with genuine properties. There are very many cases where a buyer (normally beginners) buys a property that is not genuine. This is due to the fact that they overlooked the importance of consulting an attorney before investing and they normally end up losing.

Conduct A Market Survey

Conducting a market survey is very necessary as it will be a gauge as to whether you will earn profits or not. Compare what you competitors have to offer and their price range. Identify the key areas with more customers who can buy the properties when you want to sell. Besides, you should be in a position to foresee what the emerging issues in the market are and how the market will be in some few years time. If the market will be favorable to your plans, then you can go ahead to the next step. If not favorable to you, you can still do some research on market trends that will favor you.

Raise Enough Money

The wholesale real estate business requires a lot of money. This implies that for you to buy the property you require, you must be having the required amount. Besides, you should have extra cash to take care of the risks you are likely to encounter so as to be on the safe side. You can get the required cash from loans, fund raising, private investments, sponsors and many other genuine sources.

 Look For A Genuine Agent

An agent will guide you on the required procedures to use as they have vast experience in the field. They know where to buy genuine properties at genuine price range. Besides, they know the potential customers who can buy your properties at fair prices. For them to be very effective, they should not only have links to the public businesses but also to the private businesses. This will expand your scope and thus access to more potential customers raising your chances of earning more profits.

Hire Competent Staff And Management Team

After your agent has guided you to invest in a real estate business, the final step is to hire qualified staffs who will manage the property on your behalf. They will act as the owners of the real estate and do all the management on your behalf. They can adjust the rent in case of rentals, adjust the prices of the properties to sell and also vet the potential buyers so as to identify the one with the highest price range. Finally, they will do the maintenance of the properties when required so as to sell them at higher price thus optimizing on the profit margins.

Starting a Meat Shop

If you love the taste of good meat, then you might be interested in knowing how to start your own business in this line. Knowing how to start a meat shop is something that should not be too difficult especially when you understand the steps that must be followed. Even though this is not one of the easiest businesses to start, there is no doubt that you can always be successful if you are well prepared. Here are some of the steps that you can follow so as to make sure that the business grows as desired.

Starting a Meat Shop

Have A Business Plan

Come up with a butcher’s business plan. This is very important because it may not be the same as the other business plans that you know of. In this case, you need to know how you will open the business, advertising it and even how you will get it to the potential clients so as to record sales. You also need to know how you will handle your competitors so as to have your own share of the market because without doing this, you will find it very hard to find any sales. This requires a lot of consideration and time.

Look For Suppliers

You should find suppliers. These are the people from whom you will be getting the meat products so as to sale them to your clients. The choice of suppliers should be determined by many things among them the specific location from where you want to operate. For instance, you may want to buy directly from the farmers if you have the ability to do so. However, if you are in an urban area that does not give you the opportunity to find farmers directly, then you can buy from some of the suppliers who deliver meat products to the cities.

Get Funding

The next thing is to find funding for your business. Depending on the business plan, there definitely is some amount of capital that is required. It always is good to be clear about the specific strategies that you will employ so as to get the money to pay for your start up costs. Many people opt for loans while others prefer to use their own personal savings. Regardless of your choice, the most important thing is to make sure that the amount is sufficient to take care of your business operations until you stabilize because this can take some time.

Set Up The Shop

This is now the times to design your meat shop. Make sure that it is the kind that will help you to appeal to your clients. There should be enough area to allow for the meat cutting processes while you also must ensure that there are enough storage facilities. In addition to that you need to make sure that the display stands are well visible so as to attract more new clients. In most cases, people will like your meat shop depending on what they see and so, you have no option but to make sure that it is an impressive one.

Get The Licenses

Get clearance from the health department. Meat shops are among the most sensitive food area that need a lot of supervision from the health department and other government quarters. There is no way you can be allowed to start one unless they are satisfied that you meet the criteria. So as to avid the disappointments that come when you are forced to go through many checks at the last minutes, it is advisable to start looking for the certification in advance. You also might be required to pay some fee for this.


After going through all these steps, it becomes the time to take your business to the people. You should look for marketing strategies that will make people to know that there is a new meat shop in town. If you just sit back and wait for them to come for you, you will probably take unnecessarily too long before you make any significant sales. You might want to print and distribute some flyers, posters and other information materials. Advertising through the local media is also a good approach to ensuring that you hit the ground running and grow your business without too much difficulty.

Starting a Recycling Business

If you are yearning to commence a business, which is eco-friendly, then recycling business comes in handy. In fact, you can earn lots of cash with recycling business since it has not been explored properly like other businesses. It is stereotyped that recycling business involves collecting data cans, old papers and bottles but most of the successful recycling businesses concentrate more on other materials and items such as gold found in many electronic items like PCs and cell phones or even reselling some household items. Continue Reading “Starting a Recycling Business”

Start a Paintball Business Successfully

Paintball is a kind of game that is much popular in Unites states and also in many other western countries. There are about 5 million participants in paintball in just USA. These people are so into the game that they have spent good amount of money on various things like guns and other ammunition that is necessary for them to play the game. This game includes the professional leagues, many activities and also other tournaments included in it which can really make one get relaxed and enjoy the holiday in the most amazing manner. The popularity of this game opens an opportunity for you to start a business in providing paintball field for the players to enjoy the game. You can start the business in much easier manner by following the steps that are described below.

Get the Related Stuffs

The first thing that you need to do is to buy all the things that are required for playing the game in the most amazing manner. You may need a paintball gun, ammunition, mask etc for playing in the game in its fullest form. You should then try the equipment of yours in a setting that is controlled and inside a professional field. You can try shooting, cleaning and also repairing the equipment by following the steps that are provided in the manual for the user or you can even contact the manufacturer for providing you with the required amount if training that can help you in playing the game in the most amazing manner.

Paintball Business Continue Reading “Start a Paintball Business Successfully”

How to start a Profitable Human Resource Consulting Firm For Small Business

A human resource consulting firm is a firm that deals with offering different functions related to human resources to different companies. In case you are planning to start a human resource consulting firm for small businesses then your task in the firm will be offering human resources services to small businesses .This is a great venture considering many businesses are small business in nature. For you to succeed you need to do your own research where you will be able to identify your market. This will involve studying the nature of business in your area of interest where you will like to set up your business. In your company you need to have competent personnel who understand different laws in the human resource industry. Sometimes the laws in different states may experience different amendments, for you to be updated you need to be always alert and learn the new regulations. You should also organize for study forums such as seminars where your employees in your consulting firm will be able to get updated. The following are steps on How to start an HR Consulting Firm for Small Business: Continue Reading “How to start a Profitable Human Resource Consulting Firm For Small Business”

How To Start Auto Body Shop

Opening your own business such as an auto body shop will help you in realizing more benefits because of which maximum benefits are obtained with relevant ease. Increased road accidents in recent times have made vehicle owners more aware of the benefits that auto body shops could provide them in an instant manner. You can turn this feature into your advantage by obtaining the best projects and orders for your strategic financial gains. Remember that it is necessary to provide tremendous workmanship so that the products appear brand again for sure. Multiple sources that you approach and request for details and services in this regard will prove to be most effective to you on an overall.Given below are some of the effective steps to you for opening a auto body shop successfully.Auto Body Shop Continue Reading “How To Start Auto Body Shop”

A Comprehensive Guideline on How to start a Profitable Woodworking Business

You may want to know how to start a woodworking business after a job retrenchment or as a hobby if you have the ingenious dexterity. In case you may have latent reserve of talent for woodworks and arts, you can turn it to an income generating venture. However, although you may be an expert, starting a business requires careful planning and consideration. Researching widely and understanding the parameters of the business will make your path towards prosperity smooth. You must be prepared to face the challenges before your products have increased in sales volume. However, in case you have the skills and abilities necessary for woodworking specialists, this completes a substantial part of launching your operations. The other stages encompass undertakings that are administrative or organizational to facilitate smooth operations.

Continue Reading “A Comprehensive Guideline on How to start a Profitable Woodworking Business”

How to Start a Resort Business Successfully

A resort is a location usually loaded with exclusive facilities used for rest, relaxation, and recreation. Resorts are meant to attract diverse visitors for vacations and to promote tourism. A resort can be a place, town, or commercial establishment that can be owned and operated by anyone who meets certain pre-conditions. Resorts are often places that provide scenic beauty in combination with various activities meant to refresh and enliven a person both mentally and physically.

A resort accomplishes this best by providing vacationers with things like food, beverages, room and board, shopping, sports, and entertainment, and anything else they could possibly require in a single, convenient location. There is no monopoly of business talent or skill involved in learning how to start a resort business successfully and manage it effectively. Indeed, entrepreneurs at all levels can participate in active roles to set-up and run their own reports by strictly adhering to the steps highlighted below. Continue Reading “How to Start a Resort Business Successfully”

How To Start A Home Baking Business

Knowing how to start a home baking business is actually quite easy to do because in all honesty you will not require a large outlay of money to even just get your business off the ground. However, as with any business it is certainly very important that you follow certain key steps to ensure that you get your business off to the best possible start.

Continue Reading “How To Start A Home Baking Business”