How to start Mobile Applications Development Business

It’s the dream of many people especially the technology bigwigs to start a mobile app development business and the allure of owning may lead one into quitting their full-time company job to concentrate on such a prospect. However, this transition does not happen overnight and turn you into a complete success but rather requires you to do a little introspection and research before engaging into the app development business.

How to start Mobile Applications Development Business

Many people have already taken this step and resulted into a massive success but some have not been that lucky simply because they failed to follow due process and diligence required. This due process involves incorporating a series of steps and resources in order to inculcate the culture of smooth running. Additionally this due process ensures that your newly launched business needs to be able to penetrate the market and maintain its rhythm in the long run.

With the influx of smart phone in the market, you can be sure that securing a mobile app market share shouldn’t have to be so daunting. The following intrinsic steps will be very resourceful in maneuvering about the whole topic of how to start mobile applications development business as a fresher in the industry.

Evaluate the market

Before embarking on this undertaking, it’s imperative to weigh in on the prevailing market demands and conditions. This is a very crucial step because it will provide you with a very positive and clear scenario of the market and hence allay the fears you may have. Due to the dynamic nature of mobile apps in their implementation processes, you need to have an overview of the costs and time you are likely to incur the entire project. However, the basic startup should kick start with you developing, deploying and designing mobile applications based on a particular mobile platform. In addition it’s wise to develop a strategy to employ when developing a particular app which will amass financial benefits in the long run.

Hiring professional vis-à-vis team building

The mobile app development industry is a very competitive one and therefore you must strive to develop an app that is in tandem with the needs of the market and will significantly crack the online stores. To develop and promote such apps, one needs to have the requisite technical expertise at their disposal. This resource, coupled with lots of experience will culminate into a top-notch application that is in line with most, if not all mobile platforms. You must be privy to the fact that at the initial stages of your business, it’s unlikely that you will hire external professionals to perform the job for you lest they eat so much into your budget. However, you can make use of the resources at your disposal and come up with a team that understands the business and is equal to the task. Also ensure that you make use of mobile developers such as JAVA which have are very effective and have minimal requirements.

Gradual business development

After you have amassed your fair share of the market share and your projects are now live on the major online stores, it’s time to now focus on the expansion aspect. You must keep the innovation wing of your business consistently at play in order to satisfy the constantly changing market needs and advancements in technology. Therefore, if you succeed in one platform then you should shift your focus to another challenge of using an alternative platform.

It’s also worth noting that competition can seriously cripple your app business and hence you must learn how to deal with it. Competition in this business is not limited to your locality but it’s a global affair. Huge reputable companies with adequate funding have the ability to develop and launch apps in shorter time spans compared to an independent entrepreneur. If you do not have adequate venture capital, then you need to do your stuff differently. Develop unique apps or have a unique implementation strategy that will catch your competitors’ off-guard.

Diversification is extremely important for this business. Keep your eyes and ears open to the needs of the clientele and you will be on your way to your big break.

The bottom line

This business requires lots of time, effort and funding. Therefore you are required to pay special attention to the above factors and your big break will be inevitable.

How to Start a Virtual Assistant Business

The virtual assistant industry has steadily grown over the last one decade. Today this industry has its’ own association & several certification-programs. A virtual assistant can be described as an independent-contractor who works from a remote location offering administrative, technical and creative support services to different clients. Although many companies usually hire home based support staff, the virtual assistants can reap-greater flexibility & hourly rates, that is $30 or more, by running their very own business. A virtual assistant provides off site support for businesses and companies without the need for a full time or on site administrative assistant. There are some entrepreneurs who start virtual assistant-businesses after having worked for many years as administrative & executive assistants, whilst others learn necessary skills by simply enrolling in the virtual assistant certificate-courses. A virtual assistant business may offer general administrative-assistant services like, answering the phone, sending faxes & scheduling appointments, or some more complex services like, web design & database maintenance. Advantages-of such businesses can include a low start up capital & low overhead.

How to Start a Virtual Assistant Business

How-to-Start a Virtual Assistant Business

Decide what services you will offer & what industry you will provide the services to

There are some virtual assistants who focus on specific-skills like customer service and website support. Others can focus on offering a variety-of services to the professionals in certain industries,like speakers and Realtors. You can make a list-of your virtual skills like typing speed, research, writing, technical knowledge & phone skills. You can also list the skills in using specific-software & equipment like, word-processing & photo enhancement software and/or in using certain digital audio devices-for transcription. You can even list all the industries you’ve experience in and/or are knowledgeable-about. Use these lists to identify services you would like to offer or/and the industries you would like to work-in.

Set the prices

Your fees/charges will vary depending on your skill level or/and industry knowledge that is needed, and amount of time & frequency that is needed so as to complete the tasks.

Good business Plan

Create a good business plan for the virtual assistance business which outlines your target market and just how to reach that market. You should also do a marketing analysis which focuses on the business needs, you can make a company motto and/or mission statement & sort out any legal issues which are required when starting the virtual assistant business.

Create a proper budget, using credits and debits, which outline start up & ongoing costs

This will help determine just how much capital/cash is needed so as to operate the business til it generates a regular income.

Decide on your business name & determine the business structure

The business name can indicate that you basically run a virtual assistant business. You may choose a name that’s specific to your-niche, but do not make it too specific that you cannot add any more services. For instance, if you decide to name the business”ABC-Transcription”, it does not allow-for you to add any other services like email support. You may run the business as the sole proprietor and/or you can form a legal-entity like a limited liability-company (also abbreviated as LLC). You should obtain all the necessary permits & licenses from the local city or/and county government offices. In case the business name is anything other than your given-name, you will most likely be required-to obtain a doing business as or assumed name-statement. In case you happen to form the LLC or any other such business entity, you will need-to request for an Employer Identification-Number (also abbreviated as, EIN) from Internal Revenue Service(Also abbreviated as IRS). As the sole proprietor you may use the social security number.

Set up your own virtual office

Ideally the office space can be dedicated to the virtual assistant business. The office should meet each of your needs in terms-of space, furniture, lighting & equipment & also be free-from outside distractions. Since a virtual assistant’s sits for long periods-of time, you should choose a comfortable-chair which has back support & keep the computer monitor at the level that does not strain your neck or eyes. Virtual assistants also maintain a great deal-of information like contact lists & billing for clients. In order to protect the information, you should equip the office with a good back up drive in case the computer crashes.

Market your virtual assistant business both off and online

Build a site which includes a portfolio-of your work. Ask for testimonials-from your current clients. You can also network with the target market off and online. Send press releases which not only describe your new services, but also provide details on exactly how various businesses can benefit-from using virtual assistants.

How to Start a Home Inspection Service

A home inspection service is one of the extremely important businesses that’s present in the community. It’s a type of service which aims to help people learn more about the quality of a certain type of home before it gets sold to the client, or even before it gets bought by the real estate service. Making sure that houses are safe and clean to live in is a huge priority that every home owner knows, and getting a decent home when moving towards a new location is also a priority. That’s why home inspectors are extremely valuable, and what made this more interesting is that a lot of people demand this type of business.


Home-InspectionEven known magazines such as Money has already ranked ownership of a home inspection service has one of their hottest jobs on the list. It’s because there are lots of people that are already aware of the fact that some homeowners are not just that good in taking care of homes. It has also helped a lot of people decide for a better home in the long run, and also made them feel convenient about checking the status of the home.

Recommended Books:

Home Inspection Secrets of A Happy Home Inspector

Home Inspection Business: A Detailed Business and Marketing Plan

Home Inspection Business From A to Z – Expert Real Estate Advice

This type of business can be a great opportunity to you. However, you must first learn the different steps needed to be taken in order to become a home inspector. Here are the following:

Learn from the Experts

There are lots of experts in the field that are willing to teach you when it comes to home inspection tasks. In fact an organization called American Home Inspectors Training exists, and they are open when it comes to helping out people become home inspectors. Their organization can be a good start for you to learn the basics of home inspection, plus it can also lead you towards the path that you will take once you consider it as a business. The said organization has also helped thousands of people already in developing their own home inspection business.

On some states, you might also need to get a certificate in order for others to prove further that you’re a legit home inspector that’s worth dealing with. Florida and Colorado are some of the notable states where no license for home inspection is needed.

Get Insured

There will be an instance where a certain homeowner might not agree with the suggestions and ideas that you have, and there will be a time where the client can also get injured as a result of your suggestion when remodeling the old house. Insurance is a great way to cover all of these up when the need arises, and hopefully it won’t ever happen. Liability insurances are great ways to save your finances, and with just a little investment, you will become financially protected against certain emergencies that are business related.

Contact Real Estate Services

Build relationships and networks with real estate agents since it can give you more opportunities when it comes to your business. For example, a real estate agent can provide their clients some details about your service as a home inspector for you to assist their client when deciding whether to get the home or not.

The help of real estate agents is a great way to market your service further through the use of a more in-demand service. These two companies are a perfect match indeed, and it helps each other become productive by helping their clients out. If you also want to get more contacts, you can also ask banks and mortgage lenders to help you out with clients who might be in need of a home inspection.

Market your Services

You can use marketing strategies that are not damaging to your finances so then you will be able to promote your business further towards more clients. A perfect example of this is the internet – where you can promote your business through social media and your personal website. Your friends, real estate agents, and other companies will be able to see this. It’s a fast and cheap way for you to get promoted because in this era, the internet has served as a huge hub of info, and even businesses are often checked out online nowadays.

Start Financing

In order for you to get things started in the field of home inspection, make sure you have already planned out your finances. There are different techniques and approaches that you can do in order to fund your business. You can get some loan, ask a friend to help you with money, or simply earn with your own efforts for you to continue this business plan of yours. Get everything set by paying taxes, listing down your expenses for purchasing tools, and even the money that needs to be spent on your inspectors. Financing will always make everything flow smoothly in the business which is why you need to plan this well.

You can Also Start Online

You can create a home inspection service purely online, and all you need to do is to learn how the business works. Once done, you can use your website and e-mail so then it will serve as a means in operating your business further. It’s a great thing to know that the help of the internet is extremely useful to some jobs – to the point where others can save money since there is no need of renting a space for office.

Once you get a decent reputation online, reviews about your business will be seen, and some might even share your page on social networking sites for others to know. In the internet, businesses can easily achieve more clients since everything can be easily searched nowadays thanks to the power of technology. Small businesses such as a home inspection service are perfect to operate online, and the only operating time where you and your workers will go out is when a client hires your services.

As you can see, the help of a home inspection service is extremely valuable to people who desire to get a new house to live in. Making sure that safety measures are done is a great idea in planning various matters in our lives, and that includes the house that we will be living at. With home inspection services as your business, for sure a lot of clients will see you as an extremely helpful business to deal with during some of the most important choices in their lives – the part where they pick a home to live in.

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How to Start an Architecture Design Business

The field of architecture is one of the most in-demand business to many people around the world simply because various structures are being made in this modern era, and people simply need to get the right professional who can properly design the building. It’s an extremely important thing to consider architecture as they provide a means in designing different types of houses and/or other structures that we can visit.


It’s a great business to explore, and this is a very decent field of work to take. Well-known people such as Courtney Brett were able to build themselves a decent firm that has provided her a very nice amount of income. For sure, you will be able to find this business as one of the best options, and it’s all worth the finance. For you to do it properly, below are the following steps that you need to apply if you want to start your architecture design firm properly:

Check your Interest

Always look at your own interest in the field first before you proceed in planning your business well. People who tend to become successful in their field of work are known to be passionate in doing it. Most of the successful architectures of the modern world such as Sylvia Kwan and Melissa Werner are known to be well-versed in the field simply because they love the job that they were doing. The interest they have in architectural designs made them strategic when doing the work, and were able to come up with very unique ideas even during crucial times.

Must-have books for architecture professionals:

101 Things I Learned in Architecture School (MIT Press)

Architect and Entrepreneur: A Field Guide to Building, Branding, and Marketing Your Startup Design Business

Find the Lost Dollars: 6 Steps to Increase Profits in Architecture, Engineering and Environmental Firms

Art’s Principles: 50 years of hard-learned lessons in building a world-class professional services firm 

Gather Clients

If you’re going to start your firm right away, it’s the best to get some clients first. This is the very reason why you want to start architectural design business: to help out people who are in need of a blueprint for their desired structure. To do so, simply socialize with different people in your own network, or simply gather some clients using social networking websites. There are some sites meant for professionals as well – where you just need to make a decent profile for clients to notice. If you have people who are planning to have their own house, you can approach them by talking about your firm.

It’s fine if you don’t have an office yet; as long as you have a laptop that can use CAD, it will give you your first project as a firm. Basically, you’re going to start getting your own clients at this point; you will be your own boss now! The team and the others will follow. It’s also a good way for you to get more funds, and it helps you manage yourself as you handle all of your finances for now. Your firm will grow eventually.

Start Budgeting

In order for you to properly set your finances while doing the business, make sure that you budget it well. Note that the money that you make will wholly depend on how much you’ve invested for the business that you’re in right now. All you have to do is to properly set the right amount of money that you need for the month so then you can upgrade your business into something better. Start separating a part of your personal income from your solo firm so then you can find a means in providing money to the architect that you will hire. Also, consider spending some budget for making your firm’s office, too.

Aside from budgeting money, you should also learn how to budget time. In order to do so, use a bit of your working time to market your business to the clients who might need your services. This is very easy because you can use a website or a social media account in order to promote your services online. Also, spend some time to make some plans in improving your architectural firm. Lastly, you can also invest some of your time to learn from experts. Learn from others’ perspective as it can give you ideas especially if you’re feeling lost in the track of business already.

Aim for Reputation not Income

We might be telling you that budget matters once you’ve earned your income, but we want to make sure that your reputation is what matters. One of the secrets to a well-built business is a very decent reputation as it defines the professionalism of the business in relationship to their interactions with the client. This can be done by accepting some low fees once you’ve started to operate your firm, but make sure that it’s the right type of project.

It can provide you higher prices for your income in the long run once you consider your own reputation first before thinking about the price of the clients’ offers. Another good way for you to build more reputation as a skilled architecture design business owner is through the means of joining design competitions. There are lots of competitions happening around different parts of the country, and it’s a good way to make your name known to other people. It can fetch you more clients as well!

Never Stop Researching

Make sure the research never ends as long as you’re in the field of architectural design. Remember that there are lots of methods that you can learn when handling business just by researching various books and even the internet for information. Always consider the fact that learning never stops for all of us as long as we have a skill that we love to do. Even masters themselves in architecture still need to study harder so then they can refresh their minds about the past lessons that they might’ve forgotten.

Handling an architecture design business is no joke need. However, remember that there are simple steps that can help you handle the business better. This set of tips for you to follow can be used on your business plan, and you can even expand it further so then you can create your own technique that will guarantee the success of your firm in the long run. Architects are in-demand, and by opening up a service, you will be able to help a lot of people in their needs for a long time indeed.

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How to Start Online Trading Business

These days the Internet has allowed almost every common man to access the world of online opportunities. From sales and purchase of tangible commodity, e-commerce has taken a leap further into the world of online trading. Online trading businesses basically refer to those business ventures that deal with stock exchange and the market in an online capacity. As opposed to real-time market exchanges, online trading is based on an entirely digital medium. This is both beneficial and risky. The biggest benefits of online trading is the fact that one can conduct business from anywhere in the world. In a fast globalised market this is extremely convenient as there is no need for a cumbersome office space. It also provides a convenient way of avoiding real-time issues that may hinder productivity during business hours.

Online Trading Business

What is an Online Trading Business?

Online Trading Business is another name for a real-time Stock Exchange that takes place in a virtual field. You can invest in stocks and shares through an online broker and increase your profits all without visiting the Stock Office physically. The biggest attraction of online trading businesses is that you can sit in the comfort of your home and navigate the market.

What to do to Start your own Online Trading Business?

Since the online trading business takes place entirely on the internet, it is important to keep in mind that there are various risk factors involved. However, by following protocol carefully and keeping an eye out for frauds, thefts and risky investments one can always increase profits and minimize damage. There are a few things that need to be considered while starting an online business. These are especially needed when one is a beginner in the field and has little prior experience.

1) Choosing the Stock

Many people are under the false assumption that the Stock Market is an easy way to make fast money. While it is true that there is an ease in profit making, one must also be smart while choosing the stock. The financial section of the newspaper always has graphs that show the daily fluctuations of the stock market. An investor must keep a careful eye out for these graphs to understand what the market trend is. If one does not have access to the newspaper, they can look up the Stock Exchange Rates online and act accordingly.

2) Consultancy Services

There are many consultancy services that will offer to do your research for you. It might be confusing or cumbersome for an investor to keep track of the stock market trends. In cases like this the investor may choose to hire a consultancy service. Services will aim to provide you with the best possible information and also present the various pros and cons of each investment. There are also a number of online consultancy services available these days. However, one must be careful while choosing to work with these agencies as sometimes they can have false credentials.

3) Planning a Strategy

While investing in online trading, one must make a careful note of how much money one wishes to invest. If you have a fixed amount that you consider your capital it is advisable to choose a consultancy service that matches your base capital. Many online brokers have a minimum cut-off for the money invested. This is generally different from the account balance and one must be vigilant when it comes to making any sort of commitment to any agency.

4) Opening an Account

Most banking organisations allow one to open a Single or Joint Account. To open an account one needs to produce identification and government papers such as PAN Cards or any other photo-ID and income proof. The bank will guide you through the steps needed to open an account. Once that is over, you can start trading online without worrying about the legal hassles of the financial transactions.

5) Placing a Market Order

Once you have opened an account you are ready to start your Online Trading Business. To start you must ask for a real-time stock quote. This may be provided to you by an agency. After you have received the quote it is time for you to place a market order. The order that you place depends on your capital.

It is important to keep in mind that orders will typically take time to be processed and will not be instantaneous.

While it is fairly simple to start your online trading business there is always the risk of fraudulent practices. To minimize a loss one needs to do their research thoroughly. It is advisable to do individual research despite hiring an agency as sometimes there are inconsistencies in financial advice. Furthermore, one must also be aware of what sector in the industry one is investing in and should have a good idea of the financial history of the company they choose to invest in. If a person keeps all these considerations in mind the chances of theft and loss are minimized and the investment is likely to bear fruitful results.

10 New Business Ideas To Start In 2015

Each year comes with a new expectation, and among the many things expected to change in 2015 is the job or business opportunities. The main focus will be on business opportunities that can get you money in a more flexible and easier way. It aims at the ability of reaching as many clients as possible when conducting the business. People technically are looking for ways of getting money without having to sweat too much. Most of the business ideas are expected to mainly utilize the internet, while others can work both online and offline. That means that there will be no need to rush out in order to beat the traffic jam. Also, you will not be required to set up an executive office in order to start working. Most of them will not require you to have a lot of money to start it. And even better, some will not require you to have any money at all, you will only need to have the skills and a reliable internet connection. While these businesses might not be that new, they have new approaches of conducting them. That being said, here are the 10 new business ideas to start in 2015.

10 New Business Ideas To Start

1. Writing

This might not be new, but there are always new clients every now and then, who need content for their blogs, eBooks or web pages. The main thing that will be put to test is your ability to create quality content that has a sense of genuineness. There are several sites that offer the content writing opportunities, which can help you start earning money right from your home. The requirement here is that you have a reliable internet connection, and good writing skills. Your ability to write content faster will also get you more money.

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2. Green Energy Distribution

People are in need of gas and oil alternatives, for the sake of energy production. There are several alternatives for energy that are environmentally friendly, and they are also affordable. Some of the green energy option that most big companies aim at are the natural gas, solar and hydrogen energy. The only challenge that comes in is that most of the energy alternatives might be too expensive for a regular person. Nevertheless, if you can find ways of producing the hydrogen, natural gas and solar energy, then you could be making quite some money from the big companies.

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3. Photography

Photography is turning to be a very lucrative business idea. Having a good camera that has other special attributes to make the picture more elegant can be very beneficial. The creativity comes in when you know how to take the photos from different, amazing angles, or customize them to look even more classy. You could take photos for events like weddings, and post them on your website. Having a website can be very beneficial as well for this type of business.

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4. Healthcare

No matter how new things can be, there will always be the need for health care services. The aim here is to focus on the affordability, and the flexibility of the given service. You can be a health care consultant who provides management services or data analysis for the health organizations. You may be working online, providing them with the necessary facts or solutions needed to save money, and enhance efficiency.

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5. Affiliate Marketing

This is also one of the 10 new business ideas to start in 2015 that people are angled to, especially factored by the new technology. With this idea, you can have the ads of the affiliate put on your website, which will redirect people to the affiliate’s site. The trick here is to be able to get a remarkable traffic volume that can visit the given site. There are many affiliate programs offered by most of the leading online stores, which can help you get money quickly.

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6. Online Trading/Store

One of things that have evolved majorly is the buying and selling of goods. If a person is looking for something to buy, they will visit an online store in order to get their required item. The concept of the online trading is to find a popular platform, that is mostly visited. For the site, you will need to know the items that are the most selling, or rather, those that have the highest demand. Also ensure to follow the websites rules and regulations in order to know what to sell and what not to sell.

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7. Virtual Assistant

This is another business idea that people are opting for in 2015. This will need you to have the admin assistant or secretarial skills. For this job, you will be working either for a company, or an individual. Some of the duties that you would be taking as the VA are responding to text messages, answering calls, updating the website or you might also write a press release. This applies the VoIP technology, which lets you answer any call from anywhere.

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8. Mobile Applications

Many Smart devices are introduced in the market, and one thing that people should consider is to develop applications that will run on those devices. There are many mobile applications that are available on the market. So if you have the software development skills and experience, this could be the opportunity to prove your creativity. When developing an application, you should develop it while focusing on the problem of the targeted community. For instance, a chatting and sharing application solved the problem of waiting for an email response.

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9. eBay Trading Associate

Since eBay is one of the top online stores, you might consider being a trading assistant to any of the top selling traders. Here, you have the duty of writing the descriptions of the product or answer questions from the customers with concerns. You will only be waiting for your paycheck as the owners deal with the trading and shipping.

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10. Marketing

Internet marketing is another top business opportunity that can be very lucrative. Very many people want to broadcast their businesses to the world and diversify to the maximum. You may use the several services for marketing such as B2B options. This will let business relate to each other and find ways to make it to the top. You may also develop an Internet marketing software and sell it to business, which can be very lucrative as well.

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You can choose any of these 10 new business ideas to start in 2015 to start making money. However, your experience and self discipline counts a lot, especially for the online jobs.

The Basic Steps On How To Start A Wholesale Real Estate Business

Most of the real estate investors find most of the challenges when they are starting their business. Thus is due to the fact that they do not have the required experience and the exposure to the real market. It is a very important aspect to have sufficient money to set up the business and a very realistic business plan so as to succeed. This will protect you from the impromptu losses that may arise as a result of poor planning. The buying and selling of the properties for business purpose in real estate involves a lot of risks and making of the right decisions so as to avoid losses. Are you planning to start this type of business? Here are some of the basic steps on how to start a Wholesale Real Estate Business:

How To Start A Wholesale Real Estate Business

Establish Your Own Area Of Specialization/Niche

There are very many options that are available. Depending on your interests, financial capabilities and your expertise, you can choose the option that will ease your management of the business. The options that are available include wholesale purchasing of the properties, rentals, investment in the foreclosures and the commercial real estates. You should identify the one you are well conversant with so as not to struggle so much managing it.

Consult A Real Estate Lawyer/Attorney

It is normally very important for you to know all the rules and regulations governing the real estate business deals before you start. Besides, it is very necessary to deal with genuine and well known customers. The real estate attorney will guide you on the relevant and genuine legal procedures that you are supposed to follow so as to deal with genuine properties. There are very many cases where a buyer (normally beginners) buys a property that is not genuine. This is due to the fact that they overlooked the importance of consulting an attorney before investing and they normally end up losing.

Conduct A Market Survey

Conducting a market survey is very necessary as it will be a gauge as to whether you will earn profits or not. Compare what you competitors have to offer and their price range. Identify the key areas with more customers who can buy the properties when you want to sell. Besides, you should be in a position to foresee what the emerging issues in the market are and how the market will be in some few years time. If the market will be favorable to your plans, then you can go ahead to the next step. If not favorable to you, you can still do some research on market trends that will favor you.

Raise Enough Money

The wholesale real estate business requires a lot of money. This implies that for you to buy the property you require, you must be having the required amount. Besides, you should have extra cash to take care of the risks you are likely to encounter so as to be on the safe side. You can get the required cash from loans, fund raising, private investments, sponsors and many other genuine sources.

 Look For A Genuine Agent

An agent will guide you on the required procedures to use as they have vast experience in the field. They know where to buy genuine properties at genuine price range. Besides, they know the potential customers who can buy your properties at fair prices. For them to be very effective, they should not only have links to the public businesses but also to the private businesses. This will expand your scope and thus access to more potential customers raising your chances of earning more profits.

Hire Competent Staff And Management Team

After your agent has guided you to invest in a real estate business, the final step is to hire qualified staffs who will manage the property on your behalf. They will act as the owners of the real estate and do all the management on your behalf. They can adjust the rent in case of rentals, adjust the prices of the properties to sell and also vet the potential buyers so as to identify the one with the highest price range. Finally, they will do the maintenance of the properties when required so as to sell them at higher price thus optimizing on the profit margins.

How to Start an Ice Cream Shop Business

An ice cream shop is a business where there will always be customers visiting the place. Ice cream itself is a delightful dessert that’s enjoyed by people of all ages. It provides a wide variety of flavors for them to choose, and they can even order it on a cup or cone. Ice cream never failed to please us when it comes to our cravings, and what made it better is that you can use it as an advantage to earn some income.

ice cream

Starting up an ice cream business will surely grant you a decent market for your field of income because it provides you a lot of options since ice cream is simply that lovely. However, there are some steps that you need to take before you even proceed despite the fact that ice cream is well-loved by a lot of people. It’s because learning how to operate a business properly with a plan is the best way to achieve success. Here are the different steps in starting an ice cream shop:

Do your Research

Research is what matters if you want to plan your business out. This involves thinking whether you want to pursue a small business such as an ice cream shop – which means putting up almost all possible ideas that you can make for the business. However, you need to know that small businesses will be quite a stressful task for you. It’s a type of business where you handle almost all matters by yourself since you will be your own boss at this point.

That’s why you have to consider if you’re really the type of person who’s willing to accept the challenges since ice cream shops are abundant around different parts of the world, and there will be instances where their ice cream menu will be better than yours. Gladly, learning is all that matters to improve your skills, and that’s the key towards achieving that.

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Think About your Business Type

Once you’ve learned enough to the point where you can make your own ice cream shop, start thinking whether you want to proceed with your own independent business, or if you like to go for a franchise instead. Independent businesses are usually unique when it comes to their preferences in delivering their products.

For those who want to pursue an independent company, note that well-known ice cream shops such as Baskin Robbins are now spreading worldwide. Note that this huge company began as two separate and independent businesses owned by Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins, but were successful enough in leading a company that can even help others franchise their 31 unique flavors. Being independent grants you access towards many ideas since it’s all under your control.

On the other hand, franchising a business can be fine as it helps you gain income. However, there are rules needed to be followed here depending on what the company wants. It can hinder you on your own ideas when it comes to customizing your menu, but you can make your own branch reputable to others if you have a decent idea that can help you market more customers in your shop’s vicinity.

Get Licensure and Certification

The next thing that you need to do is by accomplishing the legal requirements needed in order to properly set up the business. The requirements that you need will vary from city to city. In cities such as Toronto, you need to get your ice cream shop inspected, get a proof that you’re going to deal business, show an agreement that you leased the area or a proof that you own the lot, and you also need license for business purposes as well. Insurances are also needed in case emergency situations happen. All of these should be collected and shown in order to prove that you’re a legit ice cream shop dealer.

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Make a Business Plan

To effectively do this, a lot of research will be considered which is why you can plan this out as you study the nature of business once you’ve grasped an idea about how ice cream shops work. You need to build the “backbone” of your ice cream shop – which are the liabilities that you will hold, the assets needed, and of course extra money to spend on the things that you want in the store. You can go for sole proprietorship which is the most basic form of small businesses, or if you can proceed with a company who can help you with legal liabilities.

Aside from that, you should also think about the perfect location where your ice cream shop will be easily seen by the people. You have to get the perfect lot where you can place your business, and make sure that it’s located on an area where a lot of people will come and go. Remember that you have an ice cream shop – the more people pass by, the bigger chances of a full ice cream shop.

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Get the Items Needed

Now that you’re closer on accomplishing your plans in having an ice cream shop, you need to get the supplies that you need. This means you have to get contacts on equipment suppliers in order to provide you the right equipment needed for the ice cream shop, and so as companies who can offer you items such as freezers and cabinets for your ice cream ingredients. We are not talking about the simple ice cream machine that you usually see in convenience stores; the right ones are special types of machines that can help you make adjustments in order to make your ice cream outstanding. A business has to be unique to gain a success – even if similar types of businesses already exist!

Aside from the usual equipment needed, you also need the ingredients to be purchased correctly. Get some suppliers who can provide you the cream, fruits, chocolates, and other items on your personal recipe. Lastly, decors are also needed to make your ice cream shop more attractive since these places needed to be neatly designed for accommodation as well.

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Start Making Ice Cream

Once done, start attempting to make ice cream. If you’re an independent business, start doing some yourself and sell it to your customers. In this way, you will be able to learn how to teach your staff in the future (if you don’t plan on hiring some at first). Once time passes by, ice cream will be a specialty that you love to share and create not just for your customers, but also for your employees for them to work  better in the long run.

As you can see, creating an ice cream shop is never a hard business at all. A lot of people will appreciate the fact that you’ve made such as a remarkable dessert that people really love, plus you also provided a convenient means for people to access more ice cream flavors. All you need is a plan, a very unique idea that can define your store, and the will to do it. Surely, your ice cream shop will flourish towards success one you consider these extremely valuable steps in setting up an ice cream shop.

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How To Start A Marketing Agency

Online money earning techniques are more prevalent these days that need to be considered in an extensive manner. Perhaps, starting a marketing agency in the first place will prove to be most effective for you based upon which lasting benefits could be obtained for sure. Remember that you should not focus on generating more profits being a startup. Checking out the other earning prospects of regular marketing agencies will serve as an immediate alternative for you in a perfect manner. Instead of settling with the lackluster methods of earning without any strategic alternatives into consideration, you need to prefer those methods that help you in earning with ease.

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What is Private limited company and its benefits?

Are you interested in starting a private limited company? It’s quite good to start operating this kind of company, but you might wonder a lot about what are the benefits from starting a private limited company. In this post we will discuss about what private limited company really is and its benefit to business itself, business owners, and the shareholders.  First we would like you to know the definition of the term.

private limited company

What is Private limited company?

A type of company that offers limited liability, or legal protection for its shareholders but that places certain restrictions on its ownership. These restrictions are defined in the company’s bylaws or regulations and are meant to prevent any hostile takeover attempt.

The major ownership restrictions are:

(1) shareholders cannot sell or transfer their shares without offering them first to other shareholders for purchase,

(2) shareholders cannot offer their shares to the general public over a stock exchange

(3) the number of shareholders cannot exceed a fixed figure (commonly 50).

An example of a limited liability company is Chrysler Group, LLC, whose ownership is separate from its management.

Source: businessdictionary

After knowing what Private Limited Company really is, I would like to move your attention to its benefits:

Limited liability

The first good things about  forming a limited private company is that when the company goes bankrupt, you ( ​​ if you are a company’s directors and shareholders) are required to pay only the amount of your shares you have in the company. For example, If you have purchased a share of 100,000$, your liability is limited to 100,000$ only, and only the assets of company will use to clear the debt. The creditors have no right to seize other properties besides the assets of the companies of the debtors. If the share is partially paid, then this can be required to pay only the unpaid value of the share. Unlike the unlimited company that has ‘unlimited liability’. If a business which is being carried on as a sole proprietorship or a partnership is not incorporated goes bankrupt, the proprietor or partners are personally liable for the debts of the business. The limited company offers the limited liability, as a result, many people are encouraged to invest in share of private limited company.

Tax advantages

Normally, private limited companies can have one or more shareholders. They cannot offer shares to the public. The business owners would enjoy paying the lower tax, because based on the law, sole trader and partnerships pay income tax and company pay corporation tax on their taxable profits. There is a wider range of allowances and tax deductible costs that can be offset against a company’s profits.

Business Continuity

Private limited company can enjoy permanent succession, because the company is private legal entity.  When a company is incorporated, it becomes a separate legal automatically. Employees and shareholders are just the agents of your company, so if they leave it doesn’t have any effects on your company or existent costumers.  More Companies and more companies has a degree of continuity and allow a number of different persons to participate as directors or shareholders.  A company continues to exist as a separate entity, and is not terminated or dissolved even when shareholders die or sell their shares which are an advantage over a traditional partnership.

Social benefits

Private limited company has some social benefits which should also be mentioned. Large resources of the companies allow large scale production so that they could enjoy number of economies which enable production at low cost, generate more sales and sure more profits. The society is automatically supplied with low cost yet high quality goods.