10 Best Waterproof Headphones/ Earbuds in 2018 You Must Buy Now!

If you are a swimmer, exercise enthusiast, surfer or scuba diver you can enjoy some pumping music while spending all day in the water. What are you thinking, “That it’s not possible?” You are wrong! These days you can buy yourself the best waterproof headphones/ earbuds on the market and enjoy listening to upbeat music while living it out in the water.

Our editor’s choice of the 15 best waterproof headphones/ earbuds will amaze you as the growth for these headsets are increasing at a tremendous speed. The majority of these devices have the latest waterproof technology built into them. If you enjoy spending hours in the water or run in the rain our selection of water resistant headphones/earbuds is sure to please you.

Reviews of the Best Waterproof Headphones/ Earbuds you can buy

1. A Wearable Wire-Free Water-Resistant Earbud, The Sony Walkman Waterproof Sports Swimming Earbuds

The Sony Walkman Waterproof Sports Swimming Earbuds - waterproof earbudsThe Sony Walkman Waterproof Sports Swimming Earbuds you can buy in two different types of models 4GB and 8GB. They are stylish and available in five different color styles to suit your lifestyle: Black, Blue, Orange, Pink, and White. Whether you do a workout, swim, or run this one-piece music player will give you total freedom when indoor and outdoor.

A Superb Design

The Sony Walkman has a superb waterproof design that powers up on a 3-minute charge giving you total freedom while listening to music for up to 60-minutes. The design is lightweight and suitable to use with different types of sports. For total freedom, the device is wire-free and hands-free. Furthermore, you can drag and drop MP3s from a Windows Media Player, the Internet or iTunes to the headset.

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Unique Features:

  • Includes a USB cable to charge the battery in 3-minutes
  • The battery life use is up to 8-hours
  • The NWZ-W273 plays AAC, L-PCM and WMA music files
  • You can store music on the internal memory of the device and has two options to buy the 4 or 8GB
  • The earbuds have a complete multi-function playback system by only doing a quick tap to change music and more
  • The earbuds waterproof up to 6-foot and has an IPX8 water rating and only allows you to swim with it in the pool and not suitable for salt water
  • For high-quality sound, it has the Sony Clear Audio Technology such as Clear Stereo and Clear Bass
  • Included with your purchase you receive the USB dock, and small to large-long ear buds.

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2. For the Runner, Surfer, and Swimmer, The Waterfi Shortcord Headphones

The Waterfi Shortcord Headphones - waterproof earbudsIf you need the best waterproof headphones/earbuds for running, surfing, and swimming, you will be pleased with the Waterfi Shortcord Headphones. Compared to our top contender the Sony Walkman this pair of headphones is not wire-free and it is only available in a light blue color. The design of the ear tips are tri-flange and have a short 11-inch length cord.

Ergonomic Design

The design of the Waterfi is hip and stylish. With the short cord, it will not get in the way while you are swimming and work well with an audio device like the iPod shuffle. The headphones have a water rating of IPX8 and you can use it underwater up to 10-feet. The device has a plastic construction and lightweight. For superb tones and bass with clear trebles these headsets superb.

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Outstanding Features

  • The Waterfi headphones has a short 11-inch length cord
  • The headphones are fully waterproof with an IPX8 rating for up to 10 feet underwater
  • For your active life, you can enjoy listening to your mp3 player clipped on your wetsuit, goggle strap, shirt collar and more
  • The headset jacks gold plated and help to protect it from chlorine, salt water, and sweat
  • Included with your purchase you receive 4 pairs of silicone headphones for a perfect fit. Three of theheadphones designed for surfing and swimming while the other one is suitable for other activities.
  • You receive a one-year limited warranty

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3. A 100% Waterproof Headphone, Swimbuds Waterproof Earbuds

Swimbuds Waterproof Earbuds - waterproof earbudsFor the best swimming earbuds, you can look at the Swimbuds Waterproof Earbuds! These earbuds are 100% waterproof and designed for the water environment. They have a simple design and only available in a white color. You can even wear them in the sauna or steam room.

Superb Design

For a superb audio quality, the Swimbuds are perfect with its 10-inch cord that does not get in the way while you are swimming. If you do need a longer fit, you receive a 39-inch extension cord to use with different types of activities. For a perfect fit, you receive multiple earbud tips to give you comfort while listening to music. The earbuds are tree-shaped that seals your ears when used making them watertight. One of the standout features is the 2nd generation HydroBeat technology used in the headset for the best audio sound when used in water.

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Dazzling Features

  • The Swimbuds have a 100% waterproof rating and the stereo jacks gold plated to prevent corrosion
  • For a tight seal, the earbuds are flanged and designed to stay in your ears while doing flip-turns
  • The cord is 11-inches so there is no more need of a stuffing the cord under your swim cap
  • For a longer fit, they have included an extension cord with a 39-inch length
  • Included with your purchase you receive 4 earbud tips for a perfect fit
  • The earbuds are in-ear fit
  • You receive a one-year limited warranty

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4. Earbuds Designed to work with Multiple Music Players, The OverBoard Waterproof Earphones

The OverBoard Waterproof Earphones - waterproof earbudsThe OverBoard Waterproof Earphones designed to work with multiple music players. The earbuds are lightweight and suitable use in any type of environment.
Fabulous Design
The OverBoard earphones do not have a flashy design and are straightforward. They only have one color style and that is black and made from durable plastic. On the other hand, if you think about it, you do not need a stylish pair of earbuds when swimming. The design of the OverBoard is fabulous, as it has no gaps for water to pass through the body of the headset. The audio jack has a gold-plated finish that prevents corrosion from damaging the jack. You can swim to a depth of 10-feet with them, as they are IPX8 rated.

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Dazzling Features

  • The waterproof earbuds has an IPX8 rating making them 100% waterproof up to a depth of 10-feet
  • The headsets fitted with neodymium bass response drivers
  • You can use it with multiple music players
  • Included with your purchase you receive multiple sized ear tip for a perfect fit
  • Includes a one-year limited warranty

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5. A Waterproof Earbud that rests against your Cheekbone, The FINIS Neptune Headphone

The FINIS Neptune Headphone - waterproof earbudsFor a waterproof earbud with a difference, the FINIS Neptune does not rest in your ear but on your cheekbone with the bone-conduction technology. By using this design, the sounds conducted to sound clear in your ears.

Astounding Design

The Neptune is a waterproof MP3 player that does not use ear buds to listen to your music. There is enough internal memory of 4GB to listen to different types of formats. The device attaches to your goggle straps and comfortably rests on your cheekbones. On the MP3 player, you will find that it has a high contrast OLED screen and gives you up to 60-hours of playback. The included lithium battery gives you up to 8-hours of use.

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Impressive Features

  • The FINIS Neptune has Bone-Conduction Technology to transmit sound from your cheekbone to your inner ear
  • There is a high contrast OLED screen to scroll through the songs you would like to listen
  • The internal memory is 4GB
  • Has a waterproof rating of IPX8 up to 10-foot underwater
  • Includes hydrodynamic clips to secure the device to your goggles
  • The lithium battery has a use of up to 8-hours
  • The connection pins gold plated to prevent corrosion
  • Includes a 12-month warranty

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6. For Heavy Underwater Activities, The Aquapac Waterproof Earbuds

The Aquapac Waterproof Earbuds - waterproof earbudsIf you are into heavy underwater activities, you need the Aquapac Waterproof Earbuds. These headphones tested up to 30-feet underwater and suitable for all types of water sports.

Designed to stay in your ear

The earphones equipped with silicone earloops to keep the earbuds secure in place. You receive three different sized earbuds for a perfect fit. Another superb thing is that the silicone prevents that the headset slips out while you are doing your workout. The included jack is nickel-coated and works with most MP3 players and Apple devices.

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Notable Features

  • The Aquapac has a 3.5mm stereo jack that is covered with a nickel coating
  • The earbuds compatible with different MP3 players and Apple devices
  • The headset has a solid sound with 100 dB pressure level and a frequency response of 19 – 20 kHz
  • The impedance is 32 Ohms
  • The water rating is IPX8 up to 10-feet but tested up to 30-foot underwater
  • Fitted with silicone earloops and you receive three different sizes
  • Made from PVC/Vinyl and includes a one-year limited warranty

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7. One of the Best Waterproof Earbuds,  The Plantronics BackBeat Fit

The Plantronics BackBeat Fit - waterproof earbudsFor one of the best waterproof earbuds, you must buy the Plantronics BackBeat Fit. The headphones engineered for all types of sports. You can buy the headphones in four-color styles black, blue, green, and red.

Miraculous Design

The miraculous design of the Plantronics BackBeat Fit earbuds has a sweat proof nano-coating with an IP57 waterproof rating. You can only use these earbuds underwater up to one meter for 30-minute. For controlling music, you have on-ear controls to make and receive calls when paired with your Smartphone. With the included battery, you get up to 8-hours of listening time. One more superb thing is that the headset has a DeepSleep mode and with the free apps, you can keep the headphones updated.

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Unique Characteristics

  • The Plantronics BackBeat Fit gives you a comfortable fit and made for active workouts
  • The headset has a P2i coating making it sweat and waterproof
  • The waterproof rating is IP57 up to 1 meters
  • The battery gives you talk time up to 8-hours
  • For making calls and controlling music it has on-ear controls
  • The headphones goes into hibernation with the built-in DeepSleep mode
  • Included with your purchase you receive a Smartphone armband, a quick start guide, micro USB cable
  • You receive a one-year limited warranty

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8. Impressive Sound Quality, The Photive PH-BTE50 Wireless Sports Earbuds

The Photive PH-BTE50 - Wireless Sports EarbudsFor an impressive sound quality, the Photive PH-BTE50 Wireless Sports Earbuds received the best waterproof earbuds reviews. For swimming underwater, the Photive has no water rating but is more suitable for your tight budget and hard workouts.

Durable Design

Where the earbuds lack in waterproofing it makes up for sound and they are comfortable to wear with the wireless design. The headset has a built-in microphone making it easier for you to make and answer calls. The headphones protected by a nano-coating that safeguards the unit from corrosion and liquid damage. Furthermore, it has a lithium-ion battery that gives you up to 7-hours of use.

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Superb Features

  • The Photive earbuds are wireless headphones that work with Bluetooth 4 and APTX codec
  • They are compact, lightweight and fits comfortably into your ear
  • The lithium-ion batteries rechargeable and gives you up to 7-hours of use
  • Has an onboard control to listen to music and receive calls
  • Designed with sweat-resistant covering
  • Ideal to use while working out in the gym, jogging, cycling and more

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9. An Excellent Sports Headphone, The iSport Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Headphone

The iSport Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Headphone - waterproof earbuds If you are in need of sweat-proof headphones, you can look at the Monster iSport Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Headphone. You can rely on them to stay put while working out.

A Wow Design

The iSport In-Ear Headphone is available in two different colors black and blue. You can listen to thumping bass that is clear and wide with the Wireless Pure Monster Sound. The headphones designed with an angled tip. They are lightweight and have a universal ControlTalk Handsfree system. When paired with your Smartphone it gives you up to a 30-foot wireless range and the ear clips sweat-resistant.

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Matchless Features

  • You can buy the headphones in two color styles black and blue
  • The headphones wireless and connects via Bluetooth
  • With the patented sports clip, it stays in your ear
  • Works with a 30-foot wireless range
  • Includes a micro-USB cable for charging the device
  • The ear clips sweat-resistant and you receive a one-year limited warranty

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10. Water-Resistant Hands-Free Wireless Stereo Headphones, The Pyle PSWBT7BK Waterproof Earbuds

The Pyle PSWBT7BK Waterproof Earbuds - waterproof earbudsFor a marine grade water-resistant earbud, the Pyle PSWBT7BK stands out for all the right reasons. You can wear these earphones anywhere from the land to the water. Choose from 3 color styles black, blue, and pink.

Sole Design

The Pyle has IPX8 marine grade water rating for up to 10-feet. You can even make calls and play music while on the go with the wireless built-in touch-button control pad. Connect the headphones to your mobile device and charge the battery via the included USB cable. The only concern is that you find the control buttons located on the back of the headset.

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Surprising Features

  • The headphones wireless and connects via Bluetooth to most mobile devices
  • Has a built-in microphone to play music and answer calls
  • The waterproof rating is IPX8
  • For charging the MP3 Control Unit detaches and has a battery life of up to 6-hours
  • Has a built-in rechargeable battery that charges via the USB port

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What are waterproof earbuds?

waterproof earbudsWaterproof earbuds help you to take your music with you from running along the shore to swimming in water. If you are a sports enthusiast that enjoys doing triathlons these headsets will provide you live music while practicing on land in water.

The waterproof headphones designed to use in water up to 10 feet for up to 30-minutes at the most. However, you can find some of the best waterproof earbuds giving you a battery life use of up to 10-hours. The great thing is if they do become dirty while doing an intense workout, you can wash them to keep them clean.

How do you choose the best waterproof earbuds?

When choosing your waterproof earbuds you can consider the following:

  • The Sound Quality – this is the most critical aspect when looking for the best waterproof headset. Certain underwater earbuds have superb ambient noise features allowing you to listen to your surrounding environment and still hear the music playing in your ear.
  • Another important feature is that the earbuds need to be comfortable to wear. This is important if you are planning to wear them for different types of sports. You can buy them in different sizes that fit around the ear to fitting into your ear channel. The headsets are available in different color styles and some have reflective covers.
  • Additional features are also important as they help to enhance the earbuds when used. Some have remote capabilities, connects to different mobile devices, while others are straightforward to use.

Stay a while and let us help you find a headset catered according to your specific lifestyle and needs.


Whether you enjoy running, cycling, swimming, or scuba diving you will find our editor’s choice of the best waterproof earbuds more than pleasing. If you are in need of a durable quality headphone, you can look at the Sony Walkman that received superb reviews from customers. However, if you are in need of a pair of earbuds the Waterfi is a great pick but you need to remember that you will need a waterproof MP3 player if you do want to use it out in the water.

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Top 10 Best Bluetooth Headsets in 2018

When one thinks of the standard headset of 10 years ago, a lot has changed over the years. By choosing one of our editor’s choices of the top 15 best Bluetooth headsets in 2018, you will receive modern devices with outstanding features.

These headsets designed with stereo surround sound to enjoy listening to music and make/receive calls while on the go. You can still find some mono headsets available online. However, many of them are no-name brands from years ago.

With us, you will find the best Bluetooth headsets reviewed giving you freedom of use to answer calls and enjoy your favorite music tracks with amazing technology features. Each one is unique featuring microphones and control buttons.

Review of Best Bluetooth Headsets in 2018

For Supreme Audio Clarity and All-day Comfort

1. Plantronics Voyager Legend

Plantronics Voyager Legend- Bluetooth HeadsetsAs a motorist and executive, you want to enjoy the audio clarity and all-day comfort! With the Plantronics Voyager Legend, you can achieve this.

Be Amazed by the Unique Design

The Voyager Legend has a combination of triple-microphones that helps to cancel out noise when outdoors. Designed with voice commands and Smart Sensor technology it understands when you want to talk. The built-in sensors react once you place the headset on and allow you to take a call quickly. Check the battery level, your connecting status and more by tapping the voice command button.

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  • The Voyager Legends available in the color Black
  • With the Signature Plantronics audio technology, the headset uses Bluetooth 3.0
  • With the Smart Sensor Technology, the device senses when you wear the headset and automatically answers calls – once removed it automatically redirects the audio to your phone
  • Designed with voice recognition to manage your hands-free calls as it has Plantronics voice recognition technology – you just answer or ignore
  • Has noise canceling with the triple mic technology that helps block our background noise and separates your voice from background noise from 80 DB
  • The headset has a P2i nano-coating to protect the device from water if you are caught in the rain or sweating it out in the gym
  • Easily connects to your Smartphone and tablet
  • Designed with WindSmart technology that gives the device three layers of wind protection
  • For a natural voice sound, it has DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and can even be used over a PC telephony
  • Listening comfort, it has SoundGuard technology
  • For displaying the battery meter, you can use it with the MyHeadset app and gives you up to 7-hours talk time
  • With the A2DP you can even stream music, get GPS direction, and listen to podcasts
  • Charging is super quick and easy as it has a magnetic connection with standard USB connection
  • Included in the box, you receive the Bluetooth headset, a USB charging cable, a wall charger, 3 x foam covers, 3 x ear tips and a user guide
  • The warranty on the device is one-year

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A Bluetooth Headset with Industry Leading Noise Canceling

2. The Jawbone ERA

The Jawbone ERA- bluetooth headsetsThe Jawbone ERA is an industry leading noise canceling Bluetooth headset that has military-grade NoiseAssasin 3.0.

Military-Grade Design

The Jawbone ERA headset cancels out background noise and auto-adjusts inbound calls according to your surroundings. Listen to calls, music, and videos while on the go with the 10mm wideband speaker. With the ERA, you have total control with the built-in accelerometer and MotionX technology.

  Get it now on Amazon.com

  • For clear communication, the Jawbone ERA Shadowbox headset has NoiseAssasin 3.0 functionality to block out surrounding noises
  • Designed with a 25% larger wideband speaker to listen to HD audio when paired with your phone
  • Has a built-in accelerometer and MotionX technology to pair with your mobile device
  • ERA pairs easily to most mobile devices and is integrated with the MyTalk platform to personalize your experience when using the device
  • View the Jawbone battery life automatically on your phone as it gives you up to 5-hours talk time and ten days of standby time
  • For the iPhone, it includes free voice communication to send voice messages to friends and family without the need for typing text
  • Included with the Bluetooth headset you receive 4 x spout earbuds, 4 x round earbuds, a micro USB cable, carry case, operating instructions, AC wall adapter and the binaural earloop
  • The headset is made from PET plastic, and the package consists of recycled material
  • For ease of use, the device has a micro USB port, talk button, built-in accelerometer, on/off switch and VAS (voice activity sensor)
  • Pairs to mobile devices via the Bluetooth 2.1 and has A2DP (advanced audio distribution profile, a hands-free profile and headset profile
  • Can handle up to two live audio connections simultaneously
  • The Jawbone ERA has a one-year limited warranty

  Get it now on Amazon.com

Get on the Edge with this Amazing Bluetooth Headset

3. The Plantronics Voyager Edge

The Plantronics Voyager Edge- bluetooth headsetsThe Plantronics Voyager Edge will get you on edge, as it is one of the best Bluetooth Headsets available compared to our two previous models.

Powerful Design

The Voyager Edge has a powerful design for those of you that have a non-stop life. With the slim and lightweight device, it fits comfortably in your ear to abolish disrupting surrounding noises. The responsive features help keep you on the move while the charging case keeps the headset ready at all times.

  Get it now on Amazon.com

  • Compared to the Voyager Legend the Edge uses enhanced voice clarity Bluetooth 4.0 and supports wideband
  • With the Smart Sensor Technology, it senses when the headset is placed on the ear and automatically receives calls
  • The headset manages calls for hands-free use with the voice recognition technology all you need to do say “Answer or Ignore.”
  • If you are not sure where you have placed the headset you can use the FIND MYHEADSET on your mobile device to locate it
  • With the Edge, you receive three additional ear tips for a comfortable fit
  • Stay connected for longer with the wireless charging case that gives you up to 10 extra hours of talk time
  • When the device is fully charged, you get up to 16-hours talk time
  • Connect to the Plantronics App and simply your headset with your personal touch
  • Receive the Voyager Edge, car charger, micro USB cable, clip-on earloop, user guide, charging case with the rechargeable battery and the silicone ear tips
  • The warranty varies from one to two years

  Get it now on Amazon.com

From the Office to the Gym

4. Jabra Motion Bluetooth Headset

Jabra Motion Bluetooth HeadsetsTravel from the office to the gym with the Jabra Motion Bluetooth Headset.

A Design Packed with the Latest Technology

The Jabra Motion has a built-in motion sensor with highly developed microphones that adapts to your surroundings. Stay focused, as the device is easy to pair and has NFC technology and only needs a tap to connect. When you are busy, and in need of receiving a call the voice recognition control helps you to answer or reject a call.

  Get it now on Amazon.com

  • Designed with motion sensor intelligence to adjust the volume according to your background surroundings
  • Automatically answers calls when picked up and consists of a power saving mode
  • Has a discerning flip-boom with wind-noise protection
  • Designed with Noise Blackout technology and you can personalize it by adjusting the height or rotating the earbud to wear left or right and includes multiple ear gels
  • Use it to listen to multimedia, music, GPS or internet radio as it is A2DP
  • Pairs easily with your mobile devices with the NFC technology
  • In the box, you get the headset, one USB cable, a car charger, two extra ear gels, a user guide, warranty card and registration paper
  • You get up to 7-hours of talk time and 15 days standby time
  • Has a 300 feet range
  • Has a one-year warranty

  Get it now on Amazon.com

When Life Gets a Little Noisy Choose The

5. VXi BlueParrott Reveal

VXi BlueParrott Reveal- bluetooth headsetsWith the VXi BlueParrott Reveal, you can take care of life when it gets a little noisy!

Has an Extendable Boom Design

With the VXi, there is no concern of background noise when used, as it has an extendable boom design with noise-canceling. This helps for a better natural sound when having a discussion with colleagues and friends.

  Get it now on Amazon.com

  • Designed with an ANC microphone that eradicates ambient noise up to 90%
  • Designed with an extendable boom that slides out
  • Has a strong wideband audio output for the best sound
  • Stream audio from your Bluetooth-enabled devices with the A2DP
  • Connect to two different devices at the same time
  • Has Near Field Communication (NFC) for instant pairing
  • Gives you up to 7-hours talk time and 150-hours standby
  • Can upgrade the firmware for free on the VXi website
  • Includes a choice of ear buds and ear hooks and a carrying case
  • Has a one-year limited warranty

  Get it now on Amazon.com

Go into Stealth Mode with this Marvelous Headset

6. The Jabra Stealth

The Jabra Stealth- bluetooth headsetsThe Jabra Stealth is the next generation Bluetooth headphone incorporating a microPower battery for longer talk time.

Small and Lightweight Design

For a small and lightweight device, the Stealth is one of the best Bluetooth Headsets available. With this earpiece, you have access to Google Now and Siri as it is available at your fingertips without using your phone.

  Get it now on Amazon.com

  • Gives you remote access to Google Now and Siri with the tap of the dedicated button on the earpiece
  • Has a small and lightweight design with microPower technology
  • With the Jabra Assist app, you can locate your headset by using the GPS tracking
  • Designed with HD Voice, Noise Blackout, and A2DP
  • With the NFC and Multiuse to pair with two devices connecting via the Bluetooth is super easy
  • Gives you up to 6-hours talk time and has a PowerNap function to save battery use
  • Designed with a dedicated mute button
  • Has a 12-month warranty

  Get it now on Amazon.com

A Premium Earpiece

7. The BlueAnt Q3

The BlueAnt Q3- bluetooth headsetsThe BlueAnt Q3 is a premium earpiece that uses the latest Bluetooth silicon for comfort and style.

Designed with Dual Microphones and Custom-tuned Speaker Drivers

The BlueAnt Q3 features twice the bandwidth compared to other devices. For incomparable call performance, the headset has custom-tuned speaker drivers and double microphone. Furthermore, it has a combination of noise reduction and wind armor technology.

  • Has custom-tunes speaker drivers and dual microphones
  • Designed with noise reduction, echo cancellation, and wind armor technology
  • Has a conference mode built into the earpiece
  • With the touch of a button, you can answer, hold, end or merge calls
  • Has incoming call notification, voice answer, and voice dial
  • Has an on-screen battery meter when using an iPhone
  • Get access to Google Now and Siri
  • Includes in the box you receive the headset, stabilizing ear gels, two by ear buds, an ear hook, AC adapter, user guide, USB cable and a warranty card
  • You get a one-year limited warranty with your purchase
  • Get up to 7-hours talk time and 180-hours standby time

  Get it now on Amazon.com

Find the Perfect Fit With The

8. Motorola Elite Silver II

Motorola Elite Silver II- bluetooth headsetsWith the Motorola Silver, you can find the perfect fit as it allows you to adjust the stem in the ear.

Comfortable Fit Design

Even while the Silver headset has a comfortable fit, it also has the next level of Bluetooth audio with a CrystalTalk tri-mic for HD audio and speech. Charging the device is easy with the portable charging case and micro USB connector.

  Get it now on Amazon.com

  • For ease of charging it has a chargeable case to give you additional talk time
  • Designed with crystal clear HD audio and up to 5-hour talk time
  • The headset has a 12 days standby time
  • Connects to all Bluetooth enabled devices
  • One year limited warranty

  Get it now on Amazon.com

Work Up a Storm with the

9. Jabra Storm

Jabra Storm- bluetooth headsetsWith the Jabra Storm, you can work up a storm while on the go – rated as one of the best Bluetooth Headsets by many users online.

Designed with Power

The Jabra Storm has microPower battery technology and is compact in design. For comfort, it has comfort ear gels for a secure fit while the wind noise blackout and HD voice gives you a clear sound when making and receiving calls.

  Get it now on Amazon.com

  • The Storm headset has a compact design with microPower technology
  • Designed with a comfortable ear gel and wind noise blackout with HD voice for the best sound
  • Pairs easily with your Smartphone and other Bluetooth-enabled devices with NFC
  • Use it with two devices simultaneously
  • Designed with a PowerNap function that gives you up to 9-hours talk time
  • Includes extra foam sleeve for background noise reduction
  • Designed with a dual microphone
  • Control calls with voice control
  • One-year limited warranty

  Get it now on Amazon.com

For an Affordable Buy

10. The Motorola Moto

The Motorola Moto- bluetooth headsetsAre you tight on money and in need of the best Bluetooth Headset, look at the Motorola Moto?

Universal Design

With the universal design of the Motorola Moto, you can take hands-free calls and stream music directly from your Smartphone and other mobile devices. With the High-Definition audio sound, you can listen to your MP3 in stereo.

  Get it now on Amazon.com

  • Has a universal design with HD audio to listen to stereo sound
  • Pairs with multitude Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Has noise cancellation to minimize your surrounding sounds
  • Designed with a contoured band that rests on the neck with in-ear gels
  • Has a wireless range of up to 150 feet to roam freely around the home without the need of having your mobile device with you
  • Delivers powerful bass with quality audio sound
  • Has easy to use buttons to skip, control volume and more
  • Automatically pauses the music when receiving a call
  • Has up to 11-hours of battery life and gives you up to 8 days standby time
  • One-year limited warranty

  Get it now on Amazon.com

Are you considering buying a Bluetooth Headset?

Learn more about the Bluetooth headset before buying one

Years, ago the Bluetooth headset was one of the renowned devices available on the market. You would see every 2nd person wearing one over his or her ear. Over the years, technology has changed picking the best Bluetooth headset is not that simple anymore.

This is a challenging task! All the models available online are not the same, and the most important part of buying one is the fit and feel of the product. You need a comfortable headset that can fit comfortably around your ear while used throughout the day.

For the executive, this is crucial, as you cannot afford to miss that important call. Not only must this tool be comfortable it needs to be perfect in all ways from the sound quality, style, design, additional features to the battery life.

Using a Bluetooth headset is not only limited to executives that need them for answering calls – there designed for the motorist to help them enjoy hands-free calls. They help with keeping you safe while traveling by road, as there is no need of removing your hands from the steering wheel to answer an urgent call.

How do they work?

There are two important factors to consider when buying the best Bluetooth headset – noise cancellation and the quality of sound. These headsets work by wirelessly connecting to your mobile device. The signals transmitted from your phone’s microphone and receiver to the earpiece. The headset consists of a microphone and audio driver that wirelessly communicates the audio information with your mobile device.

The Bluetooth receiver has controls on the earpiece allowing you to receive calls and can incorporate voice commands as well. This characteristic helps you to dial contacts or dictate text messages without the need of touching your phone.

The latest designs have noise canceling and a wideband frequency range. The majority of single headsets is monaural, fits on one ear, and consists of one driver. Some of the reviewed Bluetooth headsets here have some amazing features that allow you to enjoy the freedom of listening to music and hands-free calls.


If you do have a busy lifestyle and need to enjoy listening to music or respond to calls while driving, our top 15 best Bluetooth Headsets in 2018 is the best way to go. Each one designed to cancel out ambient noise, answer calls and you can enjoy listening to music with them. We are sure that you will find a suitable pair to fit in with your lifestyle and needs. There are two standout headsets packed with amazing features the Voyager Legends packed with superb features and the APIE for the best comfortable fit and currently a best seller.

Top 10 Best GoPro Gimbal/ Stabilizers in 2018

Do you own a GoPro camera and want to capture the most amazing footage? You do then you need our editor’s choice of the top 10 best GoPro Gimbal/ Stabilizers in 2018 to achieve this. With one of these outstanding devices, you will be able to capture the best footage without having the shakes.

This photographic tool helps you to keep your camera steady leading to the perfect shot. We have the best GoPro gimbal/ stabilizer reviews available here to help you settle on the best one suited for your photographic needs.

Best GoPro Gimbal/ Stabilizers Comparisons

The EVO GP-PRO 3 Axis GimbalThe EVO GP-PRO 3 Axis Gimbal

4.4$400-$450   Get it now on Amazon.com

3.3$300-$350   Get it now on Amazon.com
The EVO Handheld Gimbal/StabilizerThe EVO Handheld Gimbal/Stabilizer

4.1$250-$300   Get it now on Amazon.com
The Feiyu G3 Ultra Handheld GoPro GimbalThe Feiyu G3 Ultra Handheld GoPro Gimbal

3.7$150-$200   Get it now on Amazon.com
The Zhiyun Z1 Handheld Camera Mount GoPro GimbalThe Zhiyun Z1 Handheld Camera Mount GoPro Gimbal

3.8$150-$200   Get it now on Amazon.com
Newer Feiyu G4 PTZ GoPro GimbalNewer Feiyu G4 PTZ GoPro Gimbal

3.7$150-$200   Get it now on Amazon.com
The Xsories X-Steady Electro Cube GimbalThe Xsories X-Steady Electro Cube Gimbal

3.7$50-$100   Get it now on Amazon.com
The ZX5 Bow GoPro StabilizerThe ZX5 Bow GoPro Stabilizer

4.3Below $50   Get it now on Amazon.com
The Movo VS01-SP StabilizerThe Movo VS01-SP Stabilizer

2.8Below $50   Get it now on Amazon.com
The Fantaseal Ergonomic GoPro Hand Grip MountThe Fantaseal Ergonomic GoPro Hand Grip Mount

4.1Below $50   Get it now on Amazon.com

Review of the 10 Best GoPro Gimbal/ Stabilizers in 2018

Shoot Amazing Videos

1. The EVO GP-PRO 3 Axis Gimbal

The EVO GP-PRO 3 Axis Gimbal- GoPro StabilizersThe EVO GP-PRO 3 Axis Gimbals designed for the Hero4 camera and other models available. This is a handheld model and supports the LCD BacPac as well as the battery.

  Get it now on Amazon.com

Amazing Design and Features
  • The gimbal features a thumbstick control found on the handle to help “feather” the motion of the camera manually while on the go
  • A great device to use for small spaces to achieve the best angle
  • Has a 3.5mm AV audio and video output port to use external monitors with a ¼ -20-inch female thread
  • You can place the gimbal on a tripod and is easy to use even for the beginner
  • Designed with different stabilization modes that you can use choose with the available mode & tilt button found on the handle
  • Designed with 3-axis accuracy to help eliminate the shakes
  • Setting up the device is super easy as it has powerful motors to give you unparalleled levels for stabilization
  • Includes a built-in charging cable, charger, USB charging cable and two by 18650 lithium ion batteries
  • Has four shooting modes: inverted, heading follow, heading/pitch follow and heading lock mode
  • Backed by a one-year limited warranty
  • Dimensions: 12 x 4 x 4-inches and the item weighs 1.3 pounds
  • The batteries takes up to two hours to charge

  Get it now on Amazon.com

A Pre-Programmed Gimbal/Stabilizer

2. The IKAN FLY-X3-GO-3

The IKAN FLY-X3-GO-3- Gropro StabilizersFor a unique shot with your GoPro camera, you need the IKAN FLY-X3-GO-3 gimbal/stabilizer for the smoothest operation. For one of the best GoPro gimbal/ stabilizers that come pre-programmed and ready to use this is the one to own.

  Get it now on Amazon.com

Amazing Design and Features
  • The IKAN presents you with an inventive mounting and operation as you can mount it on a boom pole, monopod or a roll bar mount
  • Includes an extension cable to make controlling the pitch, roll and yaw easier
  • Comes pre-programmed out of the box to use
  • Includes a hand control and a wired remote control
  • Has a five-way joystick and you receive the tool in a padded case
  • The handgrip has non-slip rubberized material for ease of use
  • The gimbal/stabilizers powered by 2 lithium ion batteries (18350)
  • Dimensions: 7 x 8.5 x 7-inches and the item weight is 3-pounds when shipped

  Get it now on Amazon.com

Shoot Pro-quality Footage

3. The EVO Handheld Gimbal/Stabilizer

The EVO Handheld Gimbal/Stabilizer- Gropro StabilizersThe EVO Handheld GoPro Gimbal works with the Hero 3, Hero 3+, and Hero 4 cameras and supports the GoPro LCD backpacks as well as the battery.

  Get it now on Amazon.com

Amazing Design and Features
  • The EVO is super easy to use as it has different modes of stabilizations that you can choose with the tilt buttons found on the handle
  • The gimbal has three modes: inverted & lock, heading/pitch follow and heading follow mode
  • The device comes pre-configured and once removed from the box it is ready to use as it does not need any setup or software
  • Designed with triple wound motors
  • Has 3-axis precision
  • Includes a one-year limited warranty, a charger, the USB charging cable and two by Li-Ion batteries that give you up to 5-hours use
  • Dimensions: 12 x 3 x 3.5-inches and the product item weighs 1.4 pounds when shipped

  Get it now on Amazon.com

An Easy to Carry Around Gimbal

4. The Feiyu G3 Ultra Handheld GoPro Gimbal

The Feiyu G3 Ultra Handheld GoPro Gimbal- GoPro Stabilizers For an easy to carry around gimbal/ stabilizer, you will not be disappointed with the Feiyu G3 Ultra Handheld GoPro Gimbal.

  Get it now on Amazon.com

Amazing Design and Features
  • The Feiyu is a 3-axis gimbal that is compatible with the GoPro3 and GoPro 3+ but does not work with the GoPro Hero 4+
  • Has a fixed axes, pan, and tilt following mode
  • Designed with a single button operation
  • Has a 300° pan/tilt and a 90° roll rotation
  • Includes 4 x 16340 Li-Ion batteries with a capacity of 2560mAh and only needs three to operate the gimbal
  • Dimensions: 12 x 4 x 4-inches and the item weight is 15.2-ounces when shipped

  Get it now on Amazon.com

For A Simpler Designed GoPro Stabilizer

5. The Zhiyun Z1 Handheld Camera Mount GoPro Gimbal

The Zhiyun Z1 Handheld Camera Mount GoPro Gimbal- GoPro StabilizersFor a simpler designed GoPro gimbal/ stabilizer look at the Zhiyun Z1 Handheld Camera Mount GoPro Gimbal.

  Get it now on Amazon.com

Amazing Design and Features
  • Designed with a 2nd generation motor and 3rd control program for superb speed increases up to four times and boosts the position loop bandwidth by three times
  • Has no exposed cables and equipped with a 250mm handle and works with an 18650 battery that gives you up to 12-hours of use
  • Has a 3-axis design with a three button control pan, mode and tilt change
  • Charges via the USB port and supports the GoPro backpack
  • Has Micro USB interface and remote control function
  • The firmware is upgradeable and includes the Z1-Proud gimbal, two by 18650 Lipo batteries, battery charger, Micro USB charger cable, user manual and two by extension bar
  • Dimensions: 12 x 4 x 4-inches and the shipping item weight is 1 pounds

  Get it now on Amazon.com

Suitable for Most GoPro Cameras

6. Newer Feiyu G4 PTZ GoPro Gimbal

Newer Feiyu G4 PTZ GoPro Gimbal- GoPro StabilizersFor one of the best GoPro gimbal/ stabilizers sold in 2018, the Newer Feiyu G4 PTZ makes capturing moving videos and action photos simpler!

  Get it now on Amazon.com

Amazing Design and Features
  • The gimbal you can use with the GoPro3, 3+, 4 and other comparable sized cameras
  • The bar connectors extendable and made from carbon fiber
  • Gives you an interface for the video output and power supply
  • The size is 9.4 x 3 x 2.6-inches and has a 2804F
  • Designed with different modes: heading lock mode, heading following mode and heading & pitch following mode
  • Works with two by 900mAh 18350 batteries
  • Compatible to use with the GoPro LCD backpack and has a visible LCD
  • Supports camera weight 50 – 120g
  • Included with the kit you buy you receive the gimbal, charger, four by batteries, the USB converter, USB cable, two by screws, one by spiral connection, manual and two by extension bar
  • Carries an 180-day warranty

  Get it now on Amazon.com

For Fast Action Image Shooting

7. The Xsories X-Steady Electro Cube Gimbal

The Xsories X-Steady Electro Cube Gimbal- GoPro StabilizersFor fast action image shooting, the Xsories X-Steady Electro Cube Gimbal stands out of the rest for all the right reasons.

  Get it now on Amazon.com

Amazing Design and Features
  • The gimbals designed with one-axis and HorizonDrive that has brushless motor technology to take shake-free imagery
  • Has a ¼ -inch universal screw to mount your digital camera, GoPro, and Smartphone
  • Gives you up to 8-hour of use when fully charged
  • Included with your purchase you receive the gimbal/ stabilizer, foam grip, mounting hardware, user manual, charging cable and a warranty for 90-days

  Get it now on Amazon.com

A Durable GoPro Camera Mount Gimbal

8. The ZX5 Bow GoPro Gimbal/ Stabilizer

The ZX5 Bow GoPro StabilizersIf you are in the market for a durable GoPro Camera Mount Gimbal/ Stabilizer, the ZX5 Bow GoPro is shouting out to you buy me! The gimbal/ stabilizers made from aluminum material and drilled & tapped to keep your camera balanced at all times.

  Get it now on Amazon.com

Amazing Design and Features
  • Made from CNC machined aluminum
  • To counterbalance your camera the gimbal/ stabilizers drilled and tapped
  • Required no extra tripod mount and has two mounting holes to use with a bow
  • The shipping weight is 1.9-ounces and you receive a lifetime warranty

  Get it now on Amazon.com

A Gimbal/ Stabilizer that Includes all the Required Hardware

9. The Movo VS01-SP Stabilizer

The Movo VS01-SP Stabilizer- GoPro StabilizersYou will not have any problems mounting your GoPro series to the Movo VS01-SP gimbal/ stabilizer as it includes all the required hardware!

  Get it now on Amazon.com

Amazing Design and Features
  • Suitable to use with the GoPro series, Apple, iPhone, and Samsung Galaxy Smartphone as it includes all the required hardware to mount your device
  • Designed to use with both lightweight compact camcorders and Mirrorless cameras up to 1.5 lbs
  • Fits all mobile devices that measure up to 3.5-inches wide
  • Has a ball joint design with a bubble level for fine-tuning the balance
  • Includes a one-year limited warranty

  Get it now on Amazon.com

A Versatile GoPro Gimbal/ Stabilizer

10. The Fantaseal Ergonomic GoPro Hand Grip Mount

The Fantaseal Ergonomic GoPro Hand Grip Mount- GoPro StabilizersNeed stabilizing support try the versatile Fantaseal Ergonomic GoPro handgrip mount?

  Get it now on Amazon.com

Amazing Design and Features
  • The Fantaseal is a versatile grip that has a built-in clamp for the Smartphone
  • Can use it with Wi-Fi connection
  • Has a pistol style design made from ABS material and has a rubber plate
  • Works with a Smartphone that has a width of 60 – 85mm
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Dimensions: 7.9 x 2.4 x 1.6-inches and the item weight is 5.4-ounces
  • The device consists of three parts the hand grip, action camera mount and the Smartphone mount

  Get it now on Amazon.com

More about the GoPro Gimbal/ Stabilizer

As you should know by now using a GoPro camera is great for making recordings to use in your blogs or taking memorable pics of friends and family. Not everyone has a steady hand and the pictures can come out misshaped.

The GoPro camera is an activity camera and to achieve a steady image or video you need a committed stabilizer made for your camera. This accessory has a lightweight design and you can sometimes hold them in your one hand. They take up little storage space and are easy to use.

Whether you are an entry-level photographer or an experienced one using the best GoPro stabilizer will help you to achieve great results. Once you attach your camera to one of these stabilizers, you will find that it keeps the camera steady and takes normal to action shots in no time.

Why use a GoPro Gimbal/ Stabilizer?

Using a GoPro gimbal/ stabilizer is the best option to choose when you want to take outstanding footage without the shudder. They are simple devices to use compared to a tripod and is easier to take with you while traveling.

You can easily take moving shots with a gimbal/stabilizer compared to a tripod that is bulky to move around with you while on the go. Try one of our GoPro gimbal/stabilizers out and achieve amazing results without the shudder when taking videos. Amaze your followers with the best footage displayed on your blog!


Whether you use a GoPro camera, Smartphone or any other form of camera, you need the right accessory to keep your hand and camera stable. Try out any of our Top 10 Best GoPro Gimbal/Stabilizers in 2018 to achieve amazing footage all the time. They are versatile, easy to use, affordable, and made from durable material to last you a lifetime of use.

Find one now and display some of your best photographic shots for the whole world to enjoy.

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10 Best Bass Headphones in 2018 You Must Get One Now!

Choosing the best Bass Headphones can be intimidating if you are not armed with basic shopping information about bass headphones. A good deal of technology and engineering processes are cleverly put together to make a set of headphone sound in a peculiar way. Bass headphones also come in different forms including in-ears, on-ears, and over-ears. Depending on the quality and make, the varieties range from cheap plastic ones to very expensive ones. Getting the right sound can make a whole lot of difference and would determine the amount of enjoyment you could get from your favorite music. Some forms of bass headphones can help you reproduce studio experience at home and on the go.

To help you make informed choice and decision when out to shop for a pair of bass headphone, we have therefore provided here basic information you need to know. We have also touched on few types of headphones, their good points and bad points and explained few jargon you would come across while shopping for bass headphones.

Best of the best -JVC HA SZ2000

JVC HA SZ2000 Bass Headphones

The HA-SZ2000 is the best of the best among our selection of top quality headphones. This headphone does not only offer a greater detailed sound quality but was crafted to provide users with fun-filled experience.

The HA-SZ2000 headphone is a bass-oriented headphone. It is made of sleek design which can erroneously give the impression of less quality sound and deep bass production.
The structure looks similar to audiophile headphones. The headband is padded with a thin layer of soft material, and the earpads are much shallower than that of standard bass headphones. They feel okay within the first two hours but after that they feel uncomfortable.

  Get it now on Amazon.com


  Get it now on Amazon.com

1. Fostex USA TH900 Premium Over-Ear

fostex-usa-th900-premium-over-ear Bass HeadphonesMost headphones won’t be comfortably worn after one hour but the TH900 can comfortably be used all day. It comes with best price and special offers.

The design of Fostex USA TH900 Premium features Neodymium magnetic circuit that has a 15,000 gauss magnetic flux density for broader dynamic range. The housings are made from Japanese Cherry Birch. The finishing is made with Urushi lacquer. It is produced with 25-ohm impedance and 2-inch dynamic drivers. It features low specific gravity, high Yang’s modulus and high internal loss concurrently to produce 2 times high propagation velocity and 5 times high rigidity against the standard plastic film based driver unit. Read More Below:

  Get it now on Amazon.com


  Get it now on Amazon.com

2. Denon Ah-D600 Music Maniac

15 Best Bass Headphones in 2018- Denon Ah-D600 Music Maniac Bass HeadphonesDenon’s Patent-pending Pentagonal Shaped Memory Foam Ear pads and Adjustable Headband provides superior comfort and good fit to users. It comes with 2 Cables; one is very long 10 foot 7-NOFC cable with 3.5mm connector 1 3 foot long cable with inline remote and microphone for use during commuting.

  Get it now on Amazon.com


  Get it now on Amazon.com

3. Monster® Inspiration ANC Over-Ear

monster-inspiration-anc-over-ear Bass Headphones

This bass headphone is supper comfortable. Comfort plays a significant role in the use of headphones. If they are too tight, you can feel excessively uncomfortable to put it on after a short period of time. If they are not tight enough, the seal won’t be superb and the sound would be scattered all over the place.
It fits people with big head and rest perfectly on such heads and won’t be tight enough to make the person have head ache but just enough to maintain a suitable seal that prevents the sound from escaping out into the atmosphere.

  Get it now on Amazon.com


  Get it now on Amazon.com

4. Audio-Technica ATH-PRO700MK2 Professional DJ Over-Ear

audio-technica-ath-pro700mk2-professional-dj-over-ear Bass Headphones

PRO700MK2 headphones are not meant for casual listening. The producer of this head phone, Audio-Technica produced this headphone with utility in mind. It is exclusively for DJs. The pads are thin, but adequate. The fit is tight, but if you hope to wear it during physical exercises, it would be a perfect match. The overall build quality is fantastic. It is rugged and durable for active use. The pads are thin, but adequate.

  Get it now on Amazon.com


  Get it now on Amazon.com

5- Sennheiser HD201 Over-Ear

sennheiser-hd201-over-ear Bass Headphones

The Sennheiser HD201 Stereo Headphones is a low priced alternative to high-end studio headphones. It produces sound with superb clarity. It is thus an ideal choice of headphone if you hope to enter into the ideal world of powerful stereo sound. These outstanding headphone as well produces great attenuation of ambient noise and terrific comfort at a good price. The HD201 possesses stereo rich sound with crusty bass production. These headphones are lightweight, rugged, and structured with the high-quality leathered ear pads which as well make it super comfortable to put on.

  Get it now on Amazon.com


  Get it now on Amazon.com

6. Bowers & Wilkins P5 Over-Ear

bowers-wilkins-p5-over-ear Bass Headphones

It is made up of a combination of sheep’s leather and aluminum which makes it very strong, yet comfortable and provides super soft cushioning effects to your ear. It is highly durable and long lasting, thanks to the magnets which hold P5 Series 2’s ear pads in a comfortable position. The Bowers & Wilkins P5 also makes them easily detachable to replace it or to replace the chord.

The Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless is luxury Bluetooth headphone with excellent sounds but its high price makes it less desirable by many. Music lovers tend to prefer to listen to music through wired headphones, but this collection for Bowers & Wilkins, has gone far beyond that model by producing a wireless bandwagon with this Bluetooth headphone. The P5 Wireless looks and feels highly superior through its posh and sturdy design which incorporates a mixture of retro and contemporary style.

  Get it now on Amazon.com


  Get it now on Amazon.com

7- Philips Rich Bass Neckband SHS5200/28 On-Ear

philips-rich-bass-neckband Bass Headphones

The cable is properly connected to one side. This helps to minimize the risk of tangling and make it easier to coil the cable up for storage. The cable is covered with textile to last longer and prevent it from getting tangled. The attractive textile covering also help to prolong the life span. Ear luxurious cushions and shape makes wearing more comfortable and boosts bass response. They inhibit sound leakage and as well boost bass performance. The ear cushions are also shaped in a manner that makes it easy for them to align adequately with the region round your ear.

  Get it now on Amazon.com


  Get it now on Amazon.com

8-Yamaha PRO 500 Over-Ear

yamaha-pro-500-over-ear Bass Headphones

Yamaha Pro 500’s are stylishly-designed pair of headphones. It is made to take care of the rigors of day to day use. It features an adjustable, reinforced headband with sufficient padding that provides a pleasant feel. Yamaha PRO 500 High-Fidelity Premium Over-Ear Headphones are made with the best materials with famous Yamaha tuning expertise to provide a super sound experience. The ear cushions that came with it are extremely soft and smooth, with a feel that look so natural that you would love to hang on with them. It features an in-line remote/microphone on the 4-foot cable that is specially made to work with Apple devices.

  Get it now on Amazon.com


  Get it now on Amazon.com

9- V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Over-Ear

v-moda-crossfade-m-100-over-ear Bass Headphones

The design of V-Moda Crossfade M-100 over ear is very outstanding and readily discernible for those who know something about headphones. Specific V-Moda design will attract attention in public which is never a horrific thing.

It is made of a great build quality. It is manufactured out of quality materials that provide you the confidence to take these headphones with you, anywhere you go, without any fear of breaking them. You can feel how sturdy and experience the quality of the material by touching them. V-Moda Crossfade M-100 is extraordinarily durable, includes an inline remote and microphone, and can fold into a compact bundle.

  Get it now on Amazon.com


  Get it now on Amazon.com

10- Sony MDRXB800 Extra Bass Over-Ear

sony-mdrxb800-extra-bass-over-ear Bass Headphones

Sony MDRXB800 Extra Bass Over-Ear is designed with contemporary popular music lovers in mind. It is an extra bass headphone that unites an exclusive direct vibe structure for a tight acoustic seal with high sensitivity db. These headphones produce commanding and dynamic bass response whereas the compact, double-folding design and ultra-comfortable ear pads makes them easy to take long when commuting.

  Get it now on Amazon.com


  Get it now on Amazon.com

Types of headphones

– In-Ears

In Ears headphones are very small and portable. They are as well known as IEMs or In-Ear Monitors. The ear bud is made to fit into your ear canal. In-ears are typically powered by roughly 8 to 10 millimeter-sized tiny drivers. They are easy to pack and store. In-ears are great for travelling and commuting. The good point of in-ears is: they are light weight and can be comfortably worn for hours. The bad point is the invasive nature of the fit which makes less preferable than larger on-ear and over-ear headphones.

– On-Ears

On-ears are as well known as supra-aural headphones. They are practically made to sit on your ears, and are bulkier than in-ears. On-ears make use of bigger driver casings and a headband that helps to firmly secure the ear cups on your ears. They commonly make use of 30 to 40 millimeter drivers. The good point of on-ears is they are more comfortable than in-ears when used for short periods of time and they can easily be packed for storage when not in use. The bad point; they are not very portable like the in-ears and they feel uncomfortable when used for a long time because they are seated directly on your ear.

– Over-Ears

Over-ears also known as around-ears and circum-aural headphones are the biggest size of headphones and the most comfortable type. The driver casing and headband is larger and the drivers are around 45mm and above. Their good points are; they produce louder, more distinct sound and they are very comfortable. Their bad point is they are bulky and are unsuitable for traveling.

Specialized Headphones

– Noise cancelling headphones

This headphone functions with active noise cancelling technology. The technology drowns unwanted sounds to give the user peace and tranquility. Active noise canceling headphones use small microphones. Their good points are; they are well suited for factory, airplane and noisy environment use. The bad point is they use up more power and requires extra batteries or charging.

– Gaming headphones

Gaming headphones are specially made to be used for playing video games, computers games, consoles or portable devices, to boost in-game audio experience. Their good points are; they produce superb surround sound effect, and can pick up direction and sound detail. The bad point is they are not suitable for music but specially made for game.

– Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones have no cords or cables. They normally function through either radio frequency, infrared or Bluetooth. Their good point is they are highly portable and highly suited for use outdoors and indoors such as when the music device is placed at a large distance, like watching TV or playing music in the living room. Their bad points are; poorer sound quality, battery life and range issues.

In conclusion, bass headphones come with broad varieties of features that boost the deep bass of your music like frequency range, bass boost, noise isolation technology, inline remotes, soft ear cushions and headbands which provide comfortable and stylish bass bloom. You need to check the headphones functionality together with bass and sound quality before you buy.

What every user should know about Bass headphones

Before purchasing a bass headphone, apart from bass quality, there are other factors you need to consider like sound quality, how comfortable and durable the headphones are.

1. Sound Quality:

A lot of factors determine the sound quality of a headphone. Examples of such factors are:

• Sensitivity

Sensitivity is a measure of how efficiently an earpiece translates an inbound electrical signal into a perceptible sound. It therefore shows how loud the headphone will be for a particular level of electrical drive. The more sensitive the headphone is; the more sound pressure it produces under the same voltage condition.

• Sound pressure level

Sound Pressure Level and sensitivity are related and any of them can be stated on the headphone specification. They show the extent of the sound level that could be produced by the headphone. Sensitivity shows how efficiently an electrical signal is converted into an audio signal.

• Efficiency

Efficiency tells you the sound pressure level produced when a particular power is applied.

• Drivers size

Drivers are the interior vibrating part of all headphones and speakers which send ripples through the air. The most common used driver for headphones is the dynamic driver. To hear every bass tone in your music, you would require a big driver. The bigger the size of the driver; the better quality of the sound produced.

There are many ways you can boost the bass level and make your music sound more powerful. You can either achieve this through physical modification of the headphone and creating vent holes by substituting stock velour ear pads with pleather pads or through the use of equalizer on your smartphone.

2. Comfort

Comfort a very significant factor to consider when shopping for bass headphones. You don’t want to get a headphone that would hurt after few minutes or few hours of use. Do you? So, check the headphone in person or check customer’s review before you make any purchase.

Bass headphones should be fashioned in a way that makes all its components fit suitably without producing any resonance even when you high up the volume. You also need to check that all its essential parts are suitable made durable to withstand constant usage.

Apart from sounding great, you want your headphone to feel great. Go for headphones that fit to your head and one that don’t weigh you down. Over-ear headphones help to isolate noise and produce booming bass without any need to increase the volume. Try the headphone on and allow it to stay for about 15 minutes or more and check how it feels. Many headphones feel fine initially but hurt the ear after sometime. Unfortunately, you won’t want to stay in the store for hours checking out how it feels but putting on for a little while will give you idea how comfortable it would be.

A very good point about over-ear and on-ear bass headphone is comfort. They are big, heavy and bulky but very comfortable because the producers make them extra soft and comfortable.

3. Durability

All headphones are not made equal. Some are built with more sturdy and durable materials while others are made with weaker and cheaper materials that won’t last long. You don’t want to be heading to the store every now and then to buy a headphone. So, check the durability of the headphone before you buy. If a headphone appears and feels cheap, the possibility is that it is not durable and would not last as long as you would want it to.

A good headphone can be pricey. However, not all costly headphones are durable. Headphones made with quality fabric material round your ears are more durable.
Factors that makes Headphones Durable

Durable headphones:

  •  Have sturdy hinges
  • Are made up of strong cable and cable coating
  • Resist moisture from rain and everyday use. Some cables are made resistant with Kevlar or additional layers of rubber. Have quality materials: Look for headphones made with strong and
  • lightweight plastic which provides great protection from physical damage. Metal casing such as aluminum casing is more durable. Also, consider the thickness and the quality of the rubber material around the wires.
  • Are not fragile: A good quality headphones shouldn’t have weak point or develop one after a few weeks of use.

Why Get Bass Headphones

Many people who use headphones do so for different reasons. Commuters and travelers use headphones to produce noise canceling effect. Those who use it to buff the audio sounds do so to limit hearing of the musicians’ breath.


Headphones come in many different styles and designs with different fits and sound qualities. There are lots of competitions among the designers of headphones. The designers of headphones compete among themselves about who can produce the classiest or craziest looking headphones. Some headphones are made brightly colored while others are made into unconventional shapes. Other forms of bass headphones are made of delicate designs. No matter your personal style and choice, you will pick the type of headphone that suits your need.

Whatever design of headphone you choose to go for, remember that impressing others shouldn’t be your sole reason for purchasing a headphone. Your priority should be more on the sound quality rather than the design. It makes no sense purchasing a headphone that look nice but which cannot deliver any reasonable response. Also, a design that looks great now may be outdated and useless tomorrow but a headphone made with simple, timeless design would still be useful after decades of use.

Again, when considering the design of the headphone to buy, try to look at different types of headphones as stated in the earlier part of this article. Different types of headphones are made of different designs. While choosing headphones’ design, also consider what purpose you want the headphone to fulfill; convenience, portability, indoor and outdoor use and so on.


Poor quality made headphone or extensively used headphones may start to clatter whenever loud or deep bass music is played.
Adjust the volume in your headphone and test it at a high level. The sweeping tone ought to remain pure and clear at each of the frequencies devoid of any scrounging hum or rattle in one earpiece or the other.

Good quality headphones have better tolerances to the variation of their drivers’ frequency responses. One of the most important factors to consider when looking for good-quality bass is that high-quality sound comes from high-quality speakers. The maximum driver size for better sound quality, louder play or more bass is roughly 42mm for complete-sized headphones. A more sensitive headphone will play louder than a less sensitive headphone under an equivalent volume setting a smartphone or headphone amp. Top quality headphones are usually costly. However, remember that high price doesn’t always mean good quality.


The customary headphones that come with smartphones are high quality headphones. This provides great experience for mobile music lovers. However, to get the most from your Smartphone, or your portable player, an upgrade of bass headphone is necessary. Bass headphones provide immediate boost of audio quality, more booming bass, crisper, more thorough treble and enhanced noise isolation.

When choosing headphones, apart from checking if it produces improved audio quality, you should consider features like an inline remote and microphone. Inline remote features allow you to answer calls, jumble up music tracks and alter the volume of audio playback, while the integrated microphone helps you continue with your conversation through the use of voice activated software without any need to bring your phone out of your pocket.

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