Top 10 Best In-ear Headphones Available Nowadays

For the sports fanatic in need of listening to music while working out – our editor’s choice of the top 10 best in-ear headphones available nowadays will be more than pleasing to your ears.

As much as you enjoy listening to the best bass performance or enjoy having a pair of hugging over-ear headphones, you cannot take them with you everywhere. Sometimes you need something more compact without the added weight and having features such as water and sweatproof qualities are important.

You need an in-ear headphone that is compact, easy to use, and designed with some great features to use while on the go. With us, you can find the best in-ear headphone to purchase in one place. Our editor has looked at some of the top contenders and constantly updating the list.

If you are looking for an in-ear headset, you are in luck – view our selection and choose one according to your individual needs and lifestyle here.

More about In-ear Headphones

When you look at the in-ear headphone, you see simplicity. These earbuds you can buy with wires or wireless design. They are comfortable to wear and lightweight enough to take with you anywhere. They give you the highest-resolution sound and do a great job at sealing out surrounding noise.

Unfortunately, not everyone’s ears made the same and getting the perfect fit is tricky. You receive them with a selection of sized and shaped ear tips for the best fit. Another important thing to remember when trying out the different ear tips is that your left and right ear canals are not exactly the same.

You may find that the smaller ear tip fits perfectly in the right ear and your left ear may require a medium one. Therefore, before you decide to return your earbud, as it does not fit perfectly give the above mentioned a try.

Best In-Ear Headphones Comparisons

The RHA T10i EarbudThe RHA T10i Earbud

4.0$200- $250   Get it now on
Beyerdynamic IDX 200 IeBeyerdynamic IDX 200 Ie4.4$150-$200   Get it now on
Klipsch Reference X6iKlipsch Reference X6i3.5$100-$150   Get it now on
The Sennheiser MomentumThe Sennheiser Momentum3.6$50-$100   Get it now on
The Shure SE215The Shure SE2154.0$100-$150   Get it now on
The V-Moda ForzaThe V-Moda Forza3.9$100-$150   Get it now on
The Beats XThe Beats X3.8$150-$200   Get it now on
The Optoma NuForce BE Sport3The Optoma NuForce BE Sport33.0$50-$100   Get it now on
Bose QuietControl 30Bose QuietControl 303.6$300-$350   Get it now on
The Apple AirpodsThe Apple Airpods4.5$200-$250   Get it now on

Review of the Best In-Ear Headphones in 2019 You Can Buy

For a Natural Balanced Sound

1. The RHA T10i Earbud

The RHA T10i Earbud- In-Ear HeadphonesFor a natural balanced sound, the RHA T10i earbud has handmade dynamic drivers to enjoy listening to different genres of music.

Unique Design
  • Features noise isolation
  • Made of a metal injection molded, stainless steel
  • The tuning filters and holder is interchangeable
  • Compatible with Apple devices and includes a three-button mic/remote
  • The over-ear hooks has a steel spring design and the cable runs over and behind the ear
  • Has an oxygen-free copper cable with a gold-plated connection
  • Includes a selection of double flange silicone and memory foam ear tips, over-ear hooks, carry case and stainless steel ear tip holder
  • Three-year warranty

  Get it now on

  • Gives a clear sound
  • Large variety of ear tips for a perfect fit
  • Well built
  • The headphone does not keep a mold and fit well even when bending the headphone it does not stay in place

Ideal Travel Companion

2. Beyerdynamic IDX 200 Ie

Beyerdynamic IDX 200 Ie- In-Ear HeadphonesThe Beyerdynamic IDX 200 Ie Premium Ear Headphone makes the ideal travel companion with your Smartphone.

Great Design
  • Made with Neodymium HD drivers and great functional coils made with a delicate copper wire
  • Designed with a full-metal housing and titanium alloy
  • For making calls and media playback it has a three-button remote and mic
  • Compatible with Android and Apple devices
  • Detachable flat cable with a length of 40cm and can be made longer with a 90cm cable
  • Consists of silicone accessories available in 5 different sizes, 2 pairs of double & triple projection ear tips with supple plastic ribs
  • Closed design with a frequency response of 10 – 27kHz
  • Two-year warranty

  Get it now on

  • Crystal clear sound
  • Quality IEMs
  • Includes many fittings for a perfect fit
  • Includes two extension cables to connect to Android and Apple devices
  • A bit pricey
  • Lacks noise canceling

Anything but an Entry-Level Earphone

3. Klipsch Reference X6i

Klipsch Reference X6i- In-Ear HeadphonesThe Klipsch Reference X6i may look like an entry-level earphone, but you will be surprised once you have them in your ears. These headphones packed with high-clarity and balanced sound.

Incredible Design
  • In-ear design
  • Has a KG-723 balanced armature
  • Made with die-cast zinc and co-molded Elastomer housing
  • Four different ear tips
  • 3-Button mic/remote
  • Includes a clothing clip and carrying case
  • Compatible with iOS devices
  • One-year warranty

  Get it now on

  • Affordably priced
  • Excellent build quality
  • Thick cord
  • Oval tips are comfortable to wear
  • Incredible light once in your ear
  • Sound quality is excellent
  • None noted

Available in Two Designs

4. The Sennheiser Momentum

The Sennheiser Momentum- In-Ear HeadphonesWhether you are an Android or Apple user, the Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear headphone caters for both users.

Tangle-free Design
  • Has a tangle-free oval cabal with three-button in-line remote and built-in mic
  • Made with a stainless steel housing
  • In-ear design with multiple sized ear tips
  • Available in black/red with a stylish high-gloss finish
  • Has an 18ohm dynamic transducer for powerful bass
  • The cable is 1.3m with a 3.5mm jack
  • Includes a premium carry case
  • Two-year warranty

  Get it now on

  • Ample passive noise isolation
  • Superb carry case
  • Easy remote to use even for large hands
  • Thick cable
  • Stylish design
  • Lightweight
  • Some users prefer the low bass
  • Good noise isolation when using the mic
  • Has a very long 6.2-inch cable

A Headphone with a Wireform Fit Detachable Cable

5. The Shure SE215

The Shure SE215- In-Ear HeadphonesWith the Shure SE215, you need to get the proper fit and it has a Wireform Fit detachable cable with the sound isolation that stands out from other popular brands.

Separable Design
  • The cables is Wireform Fit and detachable
  • While on the go the SE215 gives you the best sound isolation
  • For comfort the earbuds lightweight and has a nozzle angle design
  • Includes flexible sleeves with multiple shapes and sizes, carry case and cleaning tool
  • Three-button remote and mic
  • Designed with a single dynamic micro-driver
  • One to two-year warranty

  Get it now on

  • Protects the inner ear well
  • Great sound quality
  • Not fragile
  • Detachable insulated cord
  • Powerful sound-cancelling
  • Suitable to wear to the gym
  • The cord is a bit on the long side

A Sports In-Ear Headphone

6. The V-Moda Forza

The V-Moda Forza- In-Ear HeadphonesFor those of you with an active lifestyle, the V-Moda Forza is a sports in-ear headphone designed to use with the Android and Apple devices.

Ultra-Lightweight Design
  • Has a three-button mic/remote with 5.8mm micro driver with noise isolation
  • Compatible with Android and Apple devices
  • Sweat and weather resistant
  • Includes detachable Active Flex Sports Fins, Sports Ear hooks and a Milano designed carry case
  • Frequency: beyond 40kHz
  • Backed by a two-year warranty and includes the Immortal Life Program

  Get it now on

  • Sound fantastic
  • Excellent soundstage
  • Comfortable
  • The remote is placed under the right ear and you need to reach up high to change the volume while running

For Wireless Listening

7. The Beats X

The Beats X- In-Ear HeadphonesSometimes wireless is best, and nothing compares to the Beats X that gives you wireless listening while on the move. The Beats X is one of the best in-ear headphones you can buy.

Wireless Design
  • Connect to your device via the Class 1 Bluetooth
  • Battery life: 8-hours
  • Playback: 2-hours with fast fuel 5-minute charge
  • Hands-free calls with the remote talk
  • Includes the Beats X earbuds, four different sized ear tips, removable wingtips, carry case, USB charging cable, and warranty card
  • One-year warranty

  Get it now on

  • Good noise isolation
  • Good audio sound
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent battery life
  • Expensive

Durable Sports Headphones

8. The Optoma NuForce BE Sport3

The Optoma NuForce BE Sport3- In-Ear HeadphonesFor a sports headphone that has a durable design, the Optoma NuForce BE Sport3 headphone has a durable and wireless design.

Resilient Design
  • Crafted with a polycarbonate inner and aluminum exterior
  • Battery life: 10-hours
  • IP55 weather rating and protected from dust, rain, and sweat
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Optimal fit with the SpinFit TwinBlade ear tips
  • Designed for sports and available in multiple colors
  • One-year limited warranty

  Get it now on

  • Great sound
  • Pairs quickly with your device
  • Comfortable
  • Problems with the battery

An In-Ear Headphone with Breakthrough Technology

9. Bose QuietControl 30

Bose QuietControl 30- In-Ear HeadphonesFor an in-ear headphone with breakthrough technology, try the Bose QuietControl 30 earbuds.

Manageable Design
  • Designed with Bluetooth and NFC pairing
  • Dual-microphone system with noise canceling
  • Neckband design
  • Lithium-ion battery with a use of up to 10-hours
  • Volume-optimized EQ
  • Free app to personalize your settings
  • Includes the headphone, two extra sets of earbud covers, already installed with S/M/L earbuds, micro USB cable, and carry case
  • One-year warranty

  Get it now on

  • Comfortable
  • The neckband adds no additional weight
  • Long distance connection range of up to 66-feet
  • Remote controls easy to use
  • Has a unique noise cancellation system with the variable control of the NC
  • Sound is good
  • Problems with the mic
  • Cannot use the headphones while charging

An Automated pair of Headphones

10. The Apple Airpods

The Apple Airpods- In-Ear HeadphonesThe Apple Airpods does everything for you from automatically playing audio once you place them on your ears.

Automated Design
  • Automatically plays and stops audio
  • Double-tap to activate Siri for hands-free use
  • Battery life: 5-hours
  • Includes a charging case to hold multiple extra charges for 24-hours of listening time
  • Includes the charging case and the lithium-ion battery
  • Pairs with Apple and iOS devices
  • One-year warranty

  Get it now on

  • Lightweight
  • The rechargeable case is amazing and great to take with you while traveling
  • The magnets on the inside of the charging case keeps the headphones in place
  • Stay in your ears while running
  • Pairs easily
  • Automated play/pause is great
  • Good sound
  • Works well on non-Apple devices as well
  • The battery life use is not great but with the included case it helps

Final Thoughts

If you are in need of a pair of in-ear earbuds, you can find one at an affordable price in our top 10 best in-ear headphones reviews. Many of these headphones have unique features to suit each individual’s needs. Choose a pair for your sports active life or find one for casual music listening in the home or office. No matter what your needs are, find one that is pleasing to the eye and ears with us.

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Top 10 Best Kid Headphones in 2019

How many times have your kids used your headphones when you need them? Many times, choose one of our editor’s choices of the top 10 Best Kid Headphones in 2019 making sure your headphones left alone for you to use.

Not only will they leave your expensive pair of headphones alone, they will have a perfect pair that will not leave them hearing impaired. We have tested some of the top selections in the kid’s headphone range available online.

You can be sure, that you will find only the best ones available here with us. Using the correct headset for your child is important for you and us. These uniquely designed headphones will prevent hear loss, furthermore, who wants to listen to SpongeBob for hours.

Why Kids Need Their Own Pair of Headphones?

These days you can buy your child a safe pair of headphones online. Using one, specially designed for your child has a whole lot of benefits:

  • They are made specifically for a child’s hearing and gives them a comfortable fit compared to adult ones
  • They are essential for parents as you do not want to listen to Alvin or SpongeBob for more than 20-minutes
  • They are amazing when you plan an overseas trip and great to keep your kid entertained on long-haul flights

Another great reason in choosing a kid headphone is that they only listen to sound with the recommended noise level of 85 dB (decibels.) Using a pair of adult earphones leaves them listening to their favorite music and movies with a higher decibel recommendation that eventually leads to hearing loss.

Kid Headphones are they Safe to Use

Kid headphones are safe to use, but as a parent, you need to limit the use to at least 2-hours a day. This helps to keep their hearing protected as it limits the volume intake.

Although the WHO (World Health Organization) advice you choose a headset with 85 dB, the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and the US Environmental Protection Agency recommends the use of 70 dB. However, choosing 70dB headphone the sound is quiet and does not keep out ambient noise.

When choosing a pair of headphones it is important that the device needs to be comfortable and gives enough volume limitations to prevent damaging your child’s sensitive ears. Prevent buying in-ear or earbud models as the closer the sound is to your child’s inner ear, the more damage it can cause.

So without further a due, here is our:

Best Kid’s Headphones Comparisons

Puro Sound LabsPuro Sound Labs

4.4$100- $150   Get it now on
The Onanoff Buddy HeadphoneThe Onanoff Buddy Headphone3.5Below $50   Get it now on
The JBUDDIES Studio Over Ear HeadphoneThe JBUDDIES Studio Over Ear HeadphoneN/ABelow $50   Get it now on
KIDZ Gear HeadphonesKIDZ Gear Headphones4.2Below $50   Get it now on
The Contixo Foldable Bluetooth HeadphoneThe Contixo Foldable Bluetooth Headphone3.8Below $50   Get it now on
The Edifier H650The Edifier H6504.5Below $50   Get it now on
The Steelseries 800 SiberiaThe Steelseries 800 Siberia3.8$200-$250   Get it now on
The AmazonBasics On-Ear HeadphoneThe AmazonBasics On-Ear Headphone4.3Below $50   Get it now on
The Sennheiser HD201The Sennheiser HD2014.1Below $50   Get it now on
The CH68KG01The CH68KG014.2Below $50   Get it now on

Review on the 10 Best Kid’s Headphones

A Studio Grade Kid Headphone

1. Puro Sound Labs

Puro Sound Labs- kid headphonesFor a studio kid headphone, the Puro Sound Labs is audiologist approved and is wireless enabled. They are safe for your kid’s hearing and have an amazing sound.

Designed for Your Childs Ear
  • Has volume limiting ear protection of 85dB
  • Has custom dynamic 40mm drivers with Puro Balanced Response sound
  • Connects wirelessly with Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Battery life: 18-hours
  • Standby time: 200-hours
  • Has a lightweight aluminum construction in the earcups and headband
  • The ear cushions are soft & supple and block out background noise at 82% of sound at 1 kHz
  • Use them wirelessly or use them wired with the 3.5mm auxiliary audio cable with integrated mic
  • Available in white and silver
  • Warranty: one-year

  Get it now on

  • Has a good noise cancellation
  • Wireless when needed
  • Comfortable and includes a nice case
  • Sound is good enough for kids
  • Does not pair with two devices simultaneously but with a quality splitter this is possible

For Safe Audio Choose

2. The Onanoff Buddy Headphone

The Onanoff Buddy Headphone- kid headphonesYou want your child to enjoy listening to music without damaging the eardrums choose the Onanoff Buddy Headphone the best kid’s headphones for listening to safe audio.

Safe Audio Design
  • The BuddyPhone includes 5 sets of customizable decorative stickers
  • Limited volume: 85dB
  • Designed with a bendable housing with adjustable fit and made with hypoallergenic padding
  • Has a flat cable and prevents tangles
  • Folds away for ease of storage and includes a travel bag
  • Designed with a built-in audio splitter so that your kid can share their music with others (can share up to four of these headphones on the same device)
  • Works with Apple and Android devices with the 3.5mm gold-plated audio jack
  • Recommended for kids aged 2 – 8-years
  • Cord is detachable with in-line mic to take calls
  • Warranty: 30-day Money Back Guarantee

  Get it now on

  • Well made with a durable bendable design
  • Has volume limitations
  • Has a detachable cord and built-in splitter
  • The warranty is a concern as there is no mention of any warranty – the manufacturer’s website states one-year warranty but does not state if this is on their headphone or non-headphone products

An Over-Ear Studio Headphone

3. The JBUDDIES Studio Over Ear Headphone

The JBUDDIES Studio Over Ear Headphone- kid headphonesIf you have, a child aged three and up, the JBUDDIES Studio over-ear headphone is perfect for listening to music and movies. For comfort, this headphone has a comfortable Eco Leather™ Cushion with a padded headband.

Comfortable Design
  • Made with Eco Leather™ Cushions and the headband is padded for comfort
  • Suitable for aged 6 and up
  • Designed with built-in volume regulators – 85dB
  • Use it with your mobile device – consists of a tangle-free braided nylon cord with in-line mic and a 90° jack
  • Adjustable headband for your growing child
  • Cloud Foam Cushions
  • Foldable design with 40mm drivers
  • Frequency: 20 – 20kHz
  • Warranty: 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Limited warranty
  • Over-ear design

  Get it now on

  • Suitable for ages 6 and up
  • Has a fabric covered cord that is made to last
  • Comfortable
  • Fold up for ease of storage
  • Affordable
  • None noted

Kid Headphones That Work With Most Devices

4. KIDZ Gear Headphones

KIDZ Gear Headphones- kid headphonesIf your child enjoys listening to their favorite playlist on different devices, the KIDZ Gear headphone is a great buy. Choose from five different colors: blue, green, orange, pink, and purple.

Colorful Design
  • An adult stereo headphone made for kids that include a volume limit cable
  • Has a circumaural form with stereo output
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 108 dB with a 1.2-inch diaphragm
  • Cord length: 4.5-feet
  • Headphone jack size: 3.5mm
  • 30mm Speakers
  • Impedance: 32 OHMS
  • Warranty: Lifetime but has a 5-year limit from the discontinued date

  Get it now on

  • Works well with different entertainment devices
  • Great to use around the home and for travels
  • Durable
  • Even adults can wear them
  • Comfortable
  • Suitable for the growing child
  • Has a separate noise reduction cable
  • Great sound
  • Flexible
  • Gives you two different ways of controlling the volume
  • None noted and they have a helpful customer service department

A Kid Safe Bluetooth Headphone

5. The Contixo Foldable Bluetooth Headphone

The Contixo Foldable Bluetooth Headphone- kid headphonesFor one of the best kid’s headphones, the Contixo foldable Bluetooth headphone is a safe investment. Designed with kid safe technology and a volume control your child can enjoy listening to music safely. Choose from seven dazzling colors to suit your kid’s lifestyle and needs.

Kid Safe Design
  • Available in seven different colors
  • Kid safe technology plus an extra volume control
  • Connect wireless with the Bluetooth connection
  • A stereo earphone with a combo available in a Micro SD card, Audio Input and Output, FM Stereo Radio and hands-free calls
  • Suitable for aged 3+
  • Compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Made with soft-touch material used for the earpads and headband
  • Includes USB charging cable with a 3.5mm cable to listen to the headphone wired or wireless
  • Battery life: 10-hours with an 180-hour standby use
  • Folds up for ease of transport
  • Sound isolation
  • Designed with full-range driver and volume limited of 85dB

  Get it now on

  • Sound quality is amazing
  • Kid safe
  • Comfortable
  • Vibrant colors
  • Easy for child to put on and take off
  • Pairs easily
  • Use them wired or wireless
  • Occasionally switches off

A Hi-Fi On-Ear Headphone

6. The Edifier H650

The Edifier H650- kid headphonesWith the Edifier H650, your child can enjoy professional audio when listening to their music and movies. For ease of transport, the earphones fold in half making them lightweight to take with you anywhere.

Foldable Design
  • Designed with 40mm neodymium magnet drivers
  • Portable as it folds in half
  • Made with soft leather ear-cup and the headbands adjustable
  • Designed with a reinforced steel headband
  • Works with a 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Compatible with the majority of phones and devices
  • Warranty: 12-month

  Get it now on

  • Impressive sound quality
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Lightweight
  • Can wear them for hours
  • Has noise isolation
  • Minor complaints with endurance

A Closed-Back Headphone for the Teen

7. The Steelseries 800 Siberia

The Steelseries 800 Siberia- kid headphonesFor the teen in your life that enjoys listening to music in silence, choose the Steelseries Siberia 800 for clarity and detailed sound.

Closed-back Design
  • Designed with Virtual Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound Technology
  • Suitable for PC/Mac, PS3/4, Apple TV and Xbox 360
  • Has a directional mic that retracts with mute function
  • Includes two Lithium Ion batteries
  • Has sound share with a volume & menu click wheel
  • Made with memory foam cushions and the headband is padded
  • With the OLED transmitter, your teen can control important features
  • One-year warranty

  Get it now on

  • Fits well
  • Comfortable
  • Perfect for gaming
  • The mic audio quality is ok
  • Excellent battery life
  • The beep sound of the mute function is audible to other game players

A Basic Kid Safe Headphone

8. The AmazonBasics On-Ear Headphone

The AmazonBasics On-Ear Headphone- kid headphonesChoose two basic colors blue and green, when buying the AmazonBasics On-Ear headphone. These earphones are comfortable for you three year old to wear and suitable for older children as well.

A Basic Design
  • On-ear design
  • Suitable for kids 3+
  • Designed with volume limiting system with a sound output to 94dB
  • Has a universal plug and compatible with most devices
    No mention of warranty

  Get it now on

  • Decent quality headphones
  • Sound is good
  • Suitable for younger than three years old
  • Volume restriction
  • Affordable
  • The cord that runs through the headset comes loose

A Kid Headphone Suitable for the Teenager

9. The Sennheiser HD201

The Sennheiser HD201- kid headphonesFor the teenager, the Sennheiser HD201 is perfect with its smooth silver design and leatherette ear pads. This earphone delivers a powerful sound and has a lightweight over-the-head design.

Astounding Design
  • Features a stereo rich sound with the comfortable design of leatherette ear pads
  • Has a closed design
  • Cord length: 3m
  • Sealed earcup design made with hypo-allergenic earpads
  • Even great to use for studio and DJ session
  • Weight: 5.8 oz
  • Has a circumaural headphone form
  • Stereo output mode
  • Frequency response: 21Hz
  • Sensitivity: 108Db
  • Impedance: 24 OHMS
  • Has a gold-plated 3.5mm plug with 6.3mm adapter included
  • Two-year warranty

  Get it now on

  • Great price
  • Great dynamic range
  • Cord length is great
  • Great noise cancellation
  • Great construction
  • Designed with a quality plug
  • An included in-line mic and control would have been a nice added features

A Kidz Gear Wired Headphone

10. The CH68KG01

The CH68KG01- kid hedphonesThe Kidz Gear CH68KG01 wired headphone you can buy seven modern colors. Your kid will enjoy listening to their movies and music as it works with the majority of audio devices and iOS systems.

Great Design
  • Connects to the majority of audio devices
  • Custom designed for kids aged 2 years and older
  • Includes an independent volume limit cable with the limit of audio making it 20dB lower compared to the recommended decibels
  • Suitable for both children and adults
  • Includes a 3.5mm jack cable
  • Battery life: 10-hours
  • Has a built-in volume control knob as well
  • 90-day Limited Warranty
  • Removable boom mic
  • Designed for children aged two-year and older
  • Bluetooth 4.0 and has aptX
  • Works with most iOS and other devices

  Get it now on

  • Wireless
  • Available in two colors
  • Pairs well with different devices
  • Long battery life
  • Can use it wired
  • Comfortable
  • A bit on the expensive side


Stop your child from using your pair of earphones; buy them a pair of their own. With our Top 10 Best Kid Headphones in 2019, you can find a great pair to keep your child glued to the movie screen without the need of you listening to the same soundtrack for hours on end.

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Top 10 Best Island in the World You Should Visit

Everyone dreams about living on a tropical island. There is nothing more intriguing than lengthy beaches, the wilderness, and rolling waves. You can lay leisurely drinking cocktail or explore the untouched pockets around the island. Why dream if you can make it a reality. Here we have the top 10 best islands in the world you should visit.

Be enchanted when visiting any of these islands as each one boasts something to keep you charmed wanting to go back for more.

Top 10 Best Islands in the World You Should Visit

1. Palawan – Voted the best island 2nd time around

Kayangan lake

Palawan received the number one vote as Archipelago number one exotic island to visit for a 2nd time round. The isle is great for diving and you may even see some celebs hanging out here. The waters clear and it has one of the longest rivers that stretch for miles. This mysterious islet has featured in films such as The World is Not Enough and Bourne Legacy. Palawan is in Southeast Asia and is every visitor’s dream destination. The island boasts some of the best natural wonders you can find in the world. Take a trip in a boat inside the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River Nation Park cave. Book yourself in at El Nido Resort, Qi Palawan, or the Catian Beach Resort for a deserved holiday.

2. Boracay – Received Numerous Awards from Travel Agencies and Publications

The small island of Boracay is in the Philippines found south of Manila and northwest of the Panay Island. Here you will find white sand beaches and one of the best relaxing places to visit. The isle has a dog-bone shape and has two primary beaches the Buladog Beach and White Beach situated on the opposite side of the island. Relax at the many resorts found along the White Beach. Visit the restaurants and tourist attractions found around the island. If you prefer kiteboarding or windsurfing, Buladog Beach has everything you need for an adventure. Boracay is famous for scuba diving, parasailing, snorkeling, and helmet diving. You can event test your golfing skills on the 18-hole par 72 golf course. The landmark that stands out is the natural rock formation known as Willy’s Rock.

3. Ischia – A Stunning Italian Island

The Ischia Island in Italy must be one of the best islands to visit. To reach the island you need to take a ferry from Naples. With its natural beauty that includes the Thermal Spas with its golden beaches – the isle has a rich history with many iconic sights. For a sunny vacation, the island offers you a variety of relaxing and adventure activities. Enjoy horse riding, diving, and trekking on Ischia. Ischia is famous for its healing waters and lit taverns. Walk through stone streets and become frozen in time with the ancient Aragon castle in the background. The castles packed with history of old if you are into historical adventure. Take a taxi boat and go exploring around the Ischia Island, as there are many fascinating places to see along the way.

4. Waiheke Island – A Haven for Tourists

Waiheke is in New Zealand and is a haven for any tourist planning to visit the island. Here you will find olive groves, vineyards, and beaches. Visit the galleries and different craft boutiques in the homeland known for its artists. Enjoy a great barista coffee or indulge yourself on the delicious Italian cuisine. Relax at one of the many restaurants available at the vineyards and enjoy a local wine. For the best swimming, strolling and kayaking visit the beaches at Palm Beach, Oneroa, and Onetangi slope. There are different walking trails to explore and for the historicist visit the World War II gun emplacements and underground tunnels. Stay at in one of the many beach houses or visit one of the backpacker hostels.

5. Hilton Head – For Fun in the Sun

One of the favorite islands in America is Hilton Head in South Carolina. Here you will find pristine beaches for sand and surf. The island has 24 golf courses and over 300 tennis courts. Take a horseback ride through the forest or explore the Hilton Head by water. Visiting the forest, you may just see deer, alligators, and hundreds of species of birds. The sea life filled with loggerhead sea turtles and dolphins. You may even be lucky to see the Turtle Talk & Walk sponsored by the Coastal Discovery Museum with special tours to educate visitors about the turtle. Book yourself in at the Sea Pines Resort, Westin Hotels & Resorts, or Hilton Head Marriot Resort & Spa for a tranquil vacation.

6. Santorini – Is a Precious Gem of Islands

Blue Dome Churches Oia Santorini

Santorini in Greece is one of the best islands for any tourist to visit. The crescent-shaped isle consists of a group of islands. The island is still part of an active volcano and has a crater in the sea. For the romantic at heart, Santorini has loads to offer. Here you find clear waters and one of the biggest wedding attraction destinations. Visit the surrounding towns from Firá to Ammoúdi for a peaceful atmosphere as the towns surrounded by vineyards and castles. Treat your taste buds to some of the traditional dishes from cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, and wines. Visit the volcanic beaches with its deep blue waters and lunar landscapes.

7. Cebu – A Dense Populated Island

Cebu is one of the Philippines densest populated islands. White sandy beaches stretch for miles and you can take pleasure in diving. Visit the lively bars and emerge your taste buds in the best eateries when partaking in island hopping. The main vacation areas are Badian, Camotes, Bantayan, Malapascua, and Mactan famous for their high-end resorts. Cebu has amazing fishing villages and nature environments to unwind in with views of the sea and mountains. The most popular attraction on the island is the Hot Springs & Waterfalls at Mainit. Do dolphin watching at Tanon, as there are cruises available in the summer.

8. Maui – Known for her natural beauty and fun

Maui in Hawaii lures people from around the world and for the best island to visit this isle gives you outdoor fun and natural beauty. Get pleasure from the warm alohas or go downtown to the rowdy pubs and whaling area in Lahaina. Go zip lining in the green canopy of the forest or travel by bike up the mountains. You can even go hiking, as there are many trails available. Maui is famous for its surfers, wind boarders, snorkelers, and green turtles. Watch the sunrise from Haleakalā or go kayaking in Makena Bay. The food is top-notch and there are food trucks available along the roads to sample local food.

9. Kauai – Known as the Garden Isle

Kauai in Hawaii is a magical isle surrounded by mountains, beaches, waterfalls, and canyons. Soar over the tropical valleys by helicopter or zip through treetops by cable. Go navigating through the tracks into the canyon. Paddle the hallowed river or motorboat the sea caves. Lie on the beach or go drifting with the sea turtles in the perfect blue ocean. On the Garden Isle, you can find supermarkets, great chefs, and restaurants. Find from a Bubba’s Burger to grown vegetables and meat. The climate is perfect and the double rainbows & warm seas are something spectacular to see. Here as a tourist, you can find stunning sunsets, fun-loving adventure, and pure nature in one place.

10. Bali – A Sublime Paradise

ali – A Sublime ParadiseThe best island to visit in Indonesia is Bali. Set the right mood to become ambitious and let your state of mind see all the tropical wonders when visiting here. Experience the Ubud dance in the rice fields while driving the back roads and take in all the green. For the adventure go surfing, diving and relax on the beach. Take in the rich culture, as there are amazing sights to see. From nightlife at Kuta to luxury resorts in Kerobokan. The isle gives you plenty to do from the ancient monuments found to the east and west of Bali. This spiritual place has a diverse culture and is the Island of the Gods.


We hope that our top 10 best islands in the world you should visit help you to make an informative choice. Whether you are looking for a place to relax, take an adventure, or learn more about history each island has something special to offer.


Top 15 Best Headphones under 200 in 2019

In our fast-paced lives, you need our editor’s choice of the Top 15 Best Headphones under 200 in 2019! The device you can use anywhere with ease as they serve a multitude of purposes from a full-sized earphone for listening to music to the office when used as a telephone headset.

Take it with you while on the go to your work, gym class or chat with friends online. Use them with your mobile devices or enjoy using them while playing games online. As they serve different purposes, it is important to choose a quality one preventing damage in transit while stored away or on the ears.

With our 15 best headphones under 200, you can buy one offering you the best quality sound, give you the best bass experience when you need it the most and give you both noise-isolation & noise canceling features.


Choosing the Best Headphone for Your Individual Needs

Buying the best headphone to suit your individual needs can become a difficult task. First, you need to know what the earphones purpose will be when using them. You can buy them in different designs from over the ear headphones that can become expensive. You can also buy pocket-friendly ones that still have amazing features but are easier to take with you compared to the over the ear ones.

As you will see with our top 15 best headphones under 200 bucks reviews, there are a great number of headsets available presenting you quality components with superb features? The headphones listed with us serve many different users from connecting them to a:

  • PC for chatting to friends and family online to enjoy gaming online
  • Your mobile device to get the best sound and making/receiving calls
  • For the motorist keeping them safe while traveling by road when in need of answering calls

Find one to suit your needs as each one gives you a powerful bass, better isolation from ambient noise, durability, or noise canceling and much more.

Best Headphones under 200 in 2019

Review of the Best Headphones under 200 in 2019

A Great Pair of Headphones for Relaxation

1. The Beyerdynamic Pro DT-880

The Beyerdynamic Pro DT-880- headphonesNeed a pair of headphones for relaxing the Beyerdynamic Pro DT-880 will keep you pleased with its sophisticated design.

A Semi-Open Back Design

The Pro DT-880 has a semi-open back design, yes you heard right! What does this mean, “This means that the ear cups placed and lined with an acoustic secret to help retain a certain amount of audio energy.” This means that you can enjoy both a closed and open back earphone. Enjoy listening to your favorite music with a wonderful spherical sound from the lowest bass to the highest frequency that is crystal-clear.

Beyerdynamic Pro DT-880 Highlights:

The headband has a soft padded leather construction and you can adjust the headband
All parts of the headset is replaceable
Has a semi-open design with diffuse-field studio use
Can replace the ear pads and available in a diverse impedance range
Has a two-year warranty
Item weight is 10.1-ounces and has a dimension of 9.4 x 4.7 x 11.2-inches

  Get it now on

  • Everything sounds crystal clear
  • Great to use while listening to movies and classical music
  • Excellent value
  • Comfortable
  • Can replace the parts
  • Excellent warranty
  • Can buy the headphone with different impedances
  • May not be suitable to use if you are a bass head

An Open-Back Headset Designed for Music Lovers

2. Sennheiser Momentum

Sennheiser Momentum- headphonesIf you prefer listening to music with a closed-back designed headphone, the Sennheiser Momentum serves the right purpose when bought.

Closed-Back Over-Ear Design

Feel moved when listening to music over the Momentum with its closed-back over-ear design. The device has a stylish metal and leather construction giving it a durable and sonic distinctiveness. The metal earcups have neodymium magnet transducers for the best sound.

Sennheiser Momentum Focal Points:

  • Has a metal and leather construction from the headband to the earcups
  • The leather used is supplied by Pittards and is breathable and soft
  • The operating impedance is 18-ohm and to connect to your audio device it has a 3.5 mm stereo jack
  • Includes two audio cables, one for stereo connection and one that has a built-in smart remote with microphone to connect to your Apple device
  • When used with your iOS device it has volume controls, hands-free use, and voice control
  • Closed back design to isolate ambient noise
  • Get a comfortable fit with the slider
  • Receive extra a hard carry case, one standard stereo cable, one device cable with a ¼ -inch stereo adapter
  • Delivers a frequency response of 16 – 22kHz
  • Has a two-year warranty

  Get it now on

  • Every sound is superb from the low to the highs
  • Great pair of headphones to use while on the go as it connects to different devices
  • Lightweight and does not use a lot of power when connected with your phone
  • Does not bleed out any noise
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • When wearing them for up to 5-hours they do begin to strain your ears
  • Cannot lay down with them and listen to music

A Headset Designed with Style and Engineered for Music

3. The Bose SoundTrue II

The Bose SoundTrue II- headphonesThe Bose SoundTrue II has a stylish design and engineered for music.

Around-Ear Design

For a deeper and clearer sound, the Bose SoundTrue II has an around-the-ear design. These earphones you can buy in a splash of color. The headphone has a soft padded headband while the ear cushions consist of memory foam.

Bose SoundTrue II Aspects:

  • Connect the headphone with your Android and iOS devices
  • Available in fresh colors
  • The headband is padded and the ear cushions are made with memory foam
  • Does not include ANC technology (active noise canceling)
  • They are not wireless and includes a single cable to connect to different devices that are detachable for storage
  • They fold flat and you receive a matching color carrying case
  • Designed with an in-line mic/remote
  • Enjoy subtle sounds with the TriPort technology
  • Ideal to use when practicing with an instrument as it will not disturb others
  • One-year limited warranty

  Get it now on

  • Isolate well
  • Stylish
  • Lightweight
  • Has a long cable and a decent mic
  • Great to use while traveling
  • The sound is not as great as the Sennheiser Momentum

A Wired Over-the-Ear Headphone

4. The Beats Studio 2.0

The Beats Studio 2.0- headphonesFor one of the best headphones under 200, you can buy the Beats Studio 2.0 available in ten different colors.

Over-the-Ear Design

The Beats Studio 2.0 has a lighter and more comfortable design. It looks super sexy and with the ten available color styles, you can choose one according to your lifestyle. For precision acoustic sound, the headphone has noise canceling with a rechargeable battery that gives you up to 20-hours use.

Beat Studio 2.0 Standouts:

  • Designed with dual-mode ANC (Adaptive Noise Canceling) that automatically balances the sound when listening to music with your surrounding noise
  • Works with a rechargeable Li-ion battery that gives you a battery use of up to 20-hours
  • The headphone switches on/off automatically once you unplug the device
  • View the battery use via your phone with the Battery Fuel Gauge
  • With the remote talk cable, you can control your incoming calls and control the music you are listening to
  • Includes Beats signature DSP software to personalize your experience when using the earphones
  • Receive included with your headphones a USB 2.0 charging cable, USB power adapter, remote talk cable, 3.5 mm audio cable, a Beats cleaning cloth, quick guide, and a hard shell carrying case
  • One-year warranty

  Get it now on

  • Durable and built to last
  • Comfortable for users to wear for long hours of use
  • Loads of bass and may not be enough for those who work as a DJ
  • Overpriced
  • Great for occasional use

A Great Headphone to Listen to Different Genres of Music

5. The V-MODA Crossfade LP

The V-MODA Crossfade LP- headphonesIf you enjoy listening to different genres of music and need the best headphone under 200 bucks, you need the V-MODA Crossfade LP.

Over-the-Ear Design

With the over, the ear design of the V-MODA Crossfade LP you can enjoy listening to different types of music. This outstanding headphone has 50 mm Multimodal HD drives. For a comfortable fit, they have used premium material giving it a stylish design. Choose your color style from black/chrome, gunmetal black, pearl white, phantom chrome, and rouge.

V-MODA Crossfade LP Highlights:

  • For vibrant sound, the earphones has 50 mm, dual-diaphragm drivers
  • Designed with memory foam ear cushion to help reduce ambient noise
  • Made with lightweight Steelflex and a Kevlar-reinforced detachable cable that is great to use from the gym to the stage
  • Requires no batteries and included with your purchase you receive the headphones, the 69-inch Kevlar audio cable, a carry case, and a remote/mic cable
  • The audio cable is 45-inch in length and has a 3.5mm gold-plated plug
  • The included cable for your Smartphone and other devices has a three-button remote/mic
  • Has a one-year limited warranty with a 60-day test drive guarantee
  • The headphone has a frequency response of 5 – 30,000 Hz

  Get it now on

  • Looks stunning and stylish
  • Superb build quality as it consists of metal
  • The headphones customizable for a perfect fit
  • The earphones has a massive weight but does not make them feel uncomfortable when you wear them
  • Great sound for casual listening
  • Not soundstage headphones but with a bit of tweaking they are superb when listening to music

Designed for Long Listening Periods

6. Sennheiser HD 558

Sennheiser HD 558- headphonesThe Sennheiser HD 558 headphone has changed the world when it comes to listening music for long periods. Why, because it has an internal surround reflector.

Surround Reflector Design

For an extensive spatial sound field when listening to music and movies, the Sennheiser HD 558 has an inner surround reflector. With the E.A.R, technology incorporated into these best headphones under 200 bucks it helps to channel audio signals into the ear accurately. While the Duofol diaphragms help reduce unwanted resonances to a minimum.

Sennheiser HD 558 Traits:

  • Designed with luxurious velour ear pads and headband cushion
  • Has an over-ear and open back design with twist & lock single-sided cable that is tangle-free
  • The cable have a gold-plated ¼ -inch plug and included is a ⅛-inch adapter
  • Has an enhanced neodymium ferrous magnet system with an inner sound reflector for a rich audio sound
  • Has E.A.R. (Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement) technology to channel audio sound into the ears, while the Duofol diaphragms reduce unnecessary tones
  • In the box, you get the HD 558 headphone, a 3.5mm plug, and adapter
  • Has a frequency response of 15 – 28,000 Hz
  • The headphone is classified as a Circumaural type with a dynamic open transducer
  • Two-year warranty

  Get it now on

  • Covers your ear completely
  • The cushioned earpads and headband helps to relieve the clamping of the headphones
  • Has a long 10-foot cord
  • You receive included a 6.3mm plug with a 3.5mm adapter
  • Do not need an amplifier as it has 50-ohm drivers
  • Gives an expansive soundstage with outstanding bass
  • The plugs included are a bit on the heavy side and recommended to use a short cord between the female and male portions

Enjoy Listening to Music without Disturbing Others

7. The AKG K550

The AKG K550- headphonesEver wondered how you can listen to music without disturbing others. You can with the AKG K550 close back reference headphone.

Closed Back Design

For superb sound quality, the AKG K550 has a 50mm driver and a closed back design. The headband has a 2D-axis for folding the earphones to store them and it comes at an affordable price.

AKG K550 Attributes:

  • For the best listening experience, the headphone has a closed back design
  • Built for high output and low frequencies with the 50mm driver
  • Lightweight to wear for hours
  • Designed with a 2D-axis to fold the earphones flat
  • Two-year warranty

  Get it now on

  • Balanced sound
  • No distortion when listening to music
  • Bass is ok
  • Comfortable to wear for hours
  • Durable design
  • Some users may find the sound not according to their needs, but depends on the amp you use with it

Suitable to Use for Listening to Music and Gaming

8. Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro- headphonesIf you need a multi-functional pair of headphones, the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro is exactly what you need. The best of all is that this is the best headphones for under 200 bucks.

Diffuse Filed System Design

The Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro has a closed, diffuse-field system that delivers amazing sound for critical listening, mixing, gaming, and tracking. The earphones have a durable headband with single-sided cable and soft ear cushions. Furthermore, it has a 3.5mm jack that includes a 6.35mm adapter.

The DT770 Pro Components:

  • Designed with a closed, diffuse-field with Bass Reflex Technology for superb bass response and low frequencies
  • Has Velour ear pads for comfort when listening to music or gaming for hours
  • Can buy parts for the headphone separately
  • Has a single-sided cable with soft ear cushions and includes a 3.5mm plug with 6.35mm adapter
  • Available in different impedances and you receive a two-year warranty
  • There is a difference between the 80-ohm and 250-ohm cable – the 80-ohm has a straight cable while the 250-ohm has a coiled cable

  Get it now on

  • Comfortable
  • Has a long cable to use around the home or studio, but can be annoying if you want to use them on the go
  • Depending on the model you buy the 80-ohm has more bass compared to the 250-ohm
  • The sound is even better when used with the best DAC/AMP
  • The headband is detachable and it can be bent for a perfect fit
  • Lightweight
  • The long cable can be annoying if you want to take the headphones with you while on the go

A Studio Headphone

9. The Shure SRH440

The Shure SRH440- headphonesFor a studio quality headphone, the Shure SRH440 stands out for all the right reasons.

Professional Audio Design

Although, the SRH440 is an imported product it has a professional audio design made for home and studio recording use. You can buy the Shure SRH440 in two different versions with or without a hard case.

SRH440 Quality Features:

  • Includes a two-year warranty
  • Has a 10-foot coiled cable that is detachable and has a ¼ -inch gold-plated adapter included
  • The ear cup pads are replaceable
  • Securely lock the detachable cable with the Bayonet clip
  • Has a 44-ohm impedance
  • Has a built-in 40mm neodymium driver with enhanced frequency response
  • Closed-back, circumaural design to isolate noise
  • The headbands collapsible and adjustable
  • When on the go use the included carrying bag
  • Includes replaceable ear cushions

  Get it now on

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Blocks out ambient noise but does not have isolating or canceling features
  • Clear sound
  • The cable you can remove and locks in very quickly
  • Has a weak bass sound
  • The headphones slips forward and backward easily when moving the
  • Creaks when you eat

Headphones Made For the Bass Head

10. The JVC HARX900

The JVC HARX900- headphonesFor the bass head, the JVC HARX900 headphones give enough deep bass punch with its 50mm neodymium drivers.

Ring Port Structure

The HARX900 gives you an amazing bass sound with the built-in 50mm neodymium drivers and ring port structure. The included drivers give you two different superior sound structures and the ring port structure allows for high-quality sound.

The JVC HARX900 Modules:

  • Has 50mm neodymium drivers for a deep bass sound
  • For comfort, it has pressure dispersion mesh padding with a ring port structure
  • The drivers give two types of superior sound structures
  • Has an acoustic lens structure to produce natural sound and is found in front of the diaphragm to direct and indirect sound
  • Has a 11.48-foot cord made with copper and has a 6.3mm plug adapter included
  • Has a frequency response of 7 – 26,000Hz with a normal impedance of 64-ohms
  • One-year limited warranty

  Get it now on

  • Great for those with a limited budget
  • Comfortable even when wearing glasses
  • Blocks out ambient sound
  • The headband is flexible
  • Great bass sound
  • They are on the big side and takes time to get used to them when you wear them
  • A very long cable may need some cable ties

One of the Best Headphones to Share with a Friend

11. The Logitech UE6000

The Logitech UE6000- headphonesHave you ever wanted to share your headphones with a friend, with the Logitech UE6000 you can?

The Two Person Sharing Design

If you live for your music, you will appreciate the UE6000 headphone with it around-the-ear design. With the custom-tuned drivers, the earphone presents you with a wide-open sound with outstanding detail. Furthermore, the active noise canceling will keep distractions out. The best of everything is that you can share this headset with a friend with the included 2-person sharing splitter to share music from an iOS device.

The UE6000 Unit:

  • Filter out ambient noise with the included active noise canceling technology
  • Comfortable design as the headphone fits around the ear and has memory-foam cushions with an adjustable soft headband
  • Designed with on-cord call/music control and mic
  • Includes a two-person sharing splitter for friends to listen to the same music you are on your iOS device
  • Available in two colors black/blue and white
  • Has a wide-open soundstage
  • Has a portable folding design with a zippered travel pouch
  • Supports only the iPod nano, iPod classic, iPod touch and iPhone 3GS and later plus the iPad
  • Has 40mm custom-made laser-tuned drivers
  • The ear cushions have a 3D shape
  • One-year warranty

  Get it now on

  • Has a superb sound separation
  • Designed with active and passive mode with excellent sound
  • Built well
  • The earcups are comfortable on the ears
  • Reduces outside sound well
  • The cord is long enough
  • The headband folds away with ease
  • The power button gets stuck between on/off sometimes

A Headphone Designed for the Home and Studio

12. The AKG Pro Audio K77

The AKG Pro Audio K77- headphonesFor the perfect home and studio headphone, you need the AKG Pro Audio K77!

Closed-back Design

For a powerful sound, the K77 is an over-ear, semi-closed headphone that is perfect to use at home and at the studio. For comfort, the headphones covered with posh leatherette over the ear pads, and headband. The headband is adjustable to extend for a perfect fit.

The AKG Pro Audio K77 Features:

  • For a perfect fit, the K77 has an over-ear, semi-closed design
  • Includes 40mm speakers for a powerful sound and is extremely lightweight
  • Available in two colors black and gray
  • Included you receive a mini phono plug that fits into modern earphone ports and consists of an adapter for larger sized plugs
  • Two-year warranty

  Get it now on

  • Sound good for the cost
  • Great to use on the laptop, mp3, and tablet
  • Fashionable
  • They do give a bit of a moisture build up
  • Does not give off a big bass sound

For Unmatched Performance in Sound

13. The Sennheiser HD 598

The Sennheiser HD 598- headphonesIf you are in need of a great pair of headphones for unmatched performance in sound, choose the Sennheiser HD 598.

Crafted with Premium Materials

The HD 598 constructed with premium material giving it a touch of class and durability to use for long periods. The headphone channels audio sound directly to your ears with the E.A.R technology and positioned on the inside of the ear cups.

HD 598 Highlights:

  • Designed with premium material and has an over-ear and open back design
  • The ear pads have Velour material over them for comfort
  • Can be used with most audio devices from the Smartphone to tablet
  • The 3m cable that includes a 3.5mm adapter plug you can detach from the headphone
  • Has high-gloss burl wood emphasis with a black metal mesh
  • For the best listening experience, the transducers use an aluminum voice coil
  • For a more in room listening experience, the headset uses Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement Technology
  • Has an impedance of 50-ohm and connects with the oxygen-free copper cable with a gold plated 6.3mm connector
  • Available in black and Ivory color
  • Two-year warranty

  Get it now on

  • An excellent starting pair of headphones
  • Has an amazing sound when used with an amp
  • They leak sound and if this is something you want to avoid they are not made for you
  • Do not clamp the ears and suitable to wear for hours
  • Not made for the music lover that enjoys listening to bass

For a Premium Style Headphone

14. The Sony MDR-1R

The Sony MDR-1R- headphonesThe Sony MDR-1R is a premium style headphone that you can buy in three different models that include Bluetooth and DNC (Digital Noise Canceling.)

Designed with a Liquid Crystal Polymer Film Diaphragm

Listening to high levels of acoustic sound without internal loss needs something special and this you can find in the MDR-1R. In the headphone, they have a liquid crystal polymer film diaphragm that helps with minimal vibration and gives your music the balance it needs.

Sony MDR-1R Characteristics:

  • Designed with 40mm Liquid Crystal Polymer Film diaphragms with a frequency of 4 – 80Hz
  • Has comfortable ear pads with an enfolding structure to seal out noise
  • For an optimum fit, the earphones has an inward axis structure
  • Designed with an HD driver unit
  • For a heart pumping bass sound, there are enlarged air vents found at the back of the driver unit
  • Closed dynamic type of headphone
  • Included with the headphone there is an in-line mic/control to take calls and listen to music with your phone
  • One-year limited warranty

  Get it now on

  • Has a classic yet futuristic design
  • Suitable to wear around the home or outside as the ear cups have a left and right rotation with an up/down movement for a comfortable fit
  • Gives a well-rounded sound without distortion
  • Can control music from the headphone or your device
  • The battery life when buying the Bluetooth headphone is 200-hours in standby time
  • May not suit everyone’s head

A Wired Ear Headphone

15. The Beats Solo 2

The Beats Solo 2- headphonesOne of the popular headphones available online is the Beats Solo 2!

Redesigned from the Inside Out

If you are on the go at all times, you can take your music with you by using the Beats Solo 2 headphone. The earphones lightweight has a compact and durable design.

Beats Solo 2 Features:

  • For balance, breadth, and clarity in sound, the Beats Solo 2 is fine-tuned and streamlined
  • Has a foldable design to take the headphones with you
  • With the remote talk cable, you can control the music and take calls
  • You receive the earphones, a carrying case, and the RemoteTalk cable
  • Compatible with all iOS devices
  • Available in eleven different color styles with matching cables
  • One-year limited warranty

  Get it now on

  • Sound is clear
  • Stylish
  • Affordable
  • Includes a nice case
  • Lacks a bass sound

Final Thoughts

If you are in the market for an affordable pair of headphones, you will find our top 15 best headphones under 200 in 2019 more than pleasing. Whether you need a pair for listening to music in the comfort of your home or want to use them for making calls – you will find one to suit your needs right here with us. Choose any of the reviewed earphones with us and make one of them part of your daily lifestyle as they will fit in with your daily needs.

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Top 10 best coffee grinders in 2019 Reviews

Let’s begin with a hint of coffee grinders history. With undisclosed legends about its beginnings that bring an attractive conversation theme from the thirteenth century, coffee has been remaining a mystery a lot of us love. From its humble beginnings to being the protagonist on business, brands, labels and marketing strategies, the way traveled for coffee has been long and very hilly.

The first hill coffee has climbed the way to make it keep its aroma and taste intact on the hard boat traveling it had to go from Ethiopia and far East to the tables of Loyalty on Europe. Its recognizable aroma was capital to keep to make coffee attractive. It was a struggle really defeated until Sixteenth Century, which brought a way to maintain coffee quality and properties, coming up with an adaptation of spice grinders, in order to apply its same principles to roasted coffee grains, easier to storage, carry, and opening the way to its commerce in a grand scale, being the coffee grinder, the first device to make coffee approachable and the very first door to make coffee as we know it today.

The popularization of ground coffee made it get very popular among the public, who lost the most interesting part of the coffee, being tamed with low quality coffee, instant coffee and other sub-products of the same old beverage we all know.

XXI Century became a “back to the roots” for humanity, culture and lifestyle, making coffee lovers try to reconnect to the mysteries coffee involve, such as taste, texture, fragrance, quality, only recognizable by grinding the very grains, offered with different varieties and making a whole new market for the coffee lovers who also needed a portable device that mixes elegance, functionality and good taste, to make a simple cup of coffee a brand new experience we all have something to learn from: The Coffee Grinder.

Coffee grinders are excellent for coffee lovers, finding in this device such a great way to give a spin on the daily coffee. It allows knowing very carefully, the quality of the purchased coffee at home, bringing the opportunity to taste, compare, and find out the kind of coffee that suits you. And I am not even talking about the money a coffee grinder will help you save.

A coffee grinder will keep all the aromatic and taste properties of coffee, being so useful to give a new whole experience of kinds of coffee, taste, texture and aroma, and save money by the way. You use fewer coffee beans to make a nice cup because coffee grinders will help you measure the amount of coffee you will need for every cup, spending less and tasting more.

Why using Coffee Grinders?

A Coffee grinder will make better (exponentially better) the experience of a cup of coffee. It gives you a great topic of conversation (everybody will want to taste a cup of coffee with you), and your experience as a coffee lover will be completed by tasting a freshly ground coffee.

Ground coffee doesn’t give coffee lovers all the full experience since we do not know if ground coffee we bought is a product of quality mixed with minor quality coffee, or if it’s just brand coffee with just a name. When you purchase grains of coffee, you can’t easily be scammed, because you can see “where your coffee comes from” and can evaluate its freshness, color, aroma, the percentile of broken beans, the presence of fungus or white parts on beans.

When you purchase grains of coffee, you can’t easily be scammed, because you can see “where your coffee comes from” and can evaluate its freshness, color, aroma, the percentile of broken beans, the presence of fungus or white parts on beans.

It’s a fact about ground coffee industry the presence of impurities as coffee shells, and a market full of unscrupulous merchants that don’t mind on labelling the adduced “ground coffee” they sell, as the purest coffee existing on market, and you can be obtaining a simple mix that doesn’t even “paint the water” used for its preparation, and even worse, they use low quality beans branding them as 100 % high quality coffee, and you get to pay lots of money for a product that simply doesn’t worth it.

So in order to avoid being scammed with those mere publicity advertisements about coffee, consumers introduced a new whole level for coffee lovers, the people that pushes quality to get even better, making real the possibility to enhance the coffee industry by a personal experience of taste and pleasure to the senses, by challenging producers to do their best in order to present the very toasted coffee grain as a wink to unscrupulous marketers, and an incentive to producers to get better and developing raw quality public can valuate by themselves: The commercialization of entire coffee beans.

So to taste your fresh ground coffee, you must have a coffee grinder, and fortunately, the market has grown enough to give coffee lovers so many alternatives to enjoy our favorite beverage the best way possible.

As a curious fact, coffee grinders “grinding” part can be made of two materials: metal and ceramic, which can or can’t handle heat during the grinding process, making a whole difference between grinders, since one of them (metal grinding systems) only shreds coffee beans (producing heat on the process and providing a constant need of cleaning in order to eliminate old traces of seeds), while ceramic grinding systems, just “bite” coffee beans (a colder process with almost no traces of old beans).

So, the task is taken: to get a Top 10 best coffee grinders you might want to know, and their pros and cons, to let you choose.

Best Coffee Grinders Comparisons

The Universal Selectorized 445 Dumbbell with StandThe Universal Selectorized 445 Dumbbell with Stand

4.5$650-$700   Get it now on
The BOWFLEX SelectTech 1090The BOWFLEX SelectTech 1090

4.2$300-$350   Get it now on
The Bayou Fitness Adjustable DumbbellsThe Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells

4.4$150-$200   Get it now on
The BOWFLEX SelectTech 552The BOWFLEX SelectTech 552

4.7$200-$250   Get it now on
The One Pair Chrome Plated Metal Adjustable DumbbellsThe One Pair Chrome Plated Metal Adjustable Dumbbells

4.0$150-$200   Get it now on
The One Pair Adjustable Dumbbell KitThe One Pair Adjustable Dumbbell Kit

4.5$150-$200   Get it now on
The PowerBlock SportBlock 2.4 Adjustable DumbbellThe PowerBlock SportBlock 2.4 Adjustable Dumbbell

4.5$150-$200   Get it now on
The Bayou Fitness Adjustable 25 lbs DumbbellThe Bayou Fitness Adjustable 25 lbs Dumbbell

4.4$150-$200   Get it now on
The One Pair Cast Iron 105 lbs Adjustable DumbbellThe One Pair Cast Iron 105 lbs Adjustable Dumbbell

4.5$50-$100   Get it now on
The Weider Speed Weight Adjustable DumbbellThe Weider Speed Weight Adjustable Dumbbell

4.3$50-$100   Get it now on

Review of the Top 10 Best Coffee Grinders in 2019

1. Compak K10 WBC

Compak K10 WBC- coffee grindersA beautiful simple design you just simply can’t resist. It has a transparent cup to put on the coffee beans and make it look pretty at a coffee shop. Sober and elegant at first sight. But I have seen it before, so it would be better to get to know the product abilities to make a choice

About Compak K10 WBC Coffee Grinder:

The grinding system is the old fashioned metal system, very famous for coffee grinders, offering a beautiful classic design and two color options: polished aluminum and black, being black the most popular choice. On a constant slow blending speeding, this will surely won’t miss a single bean. As a durable grinding device works perfectly, and its cup can handle 300 grams of coffee beans and can be adjusted to dose coffee from small cups to big cups in a natural way, meaning fewer efforts during a busy day.

It has its cooler system, by an electronic fan that assures the motor (output of 825 watts) will be working fresh and safely. Works with 110 Volts, and it’s better to keep it in a fixed place because it has a respectable weight (37.5 lbs).

About design, Compak K10 WBC Coffee grinder, screams coffee shop as you see it, it’s classical, sober and eye catching. Its traditional system and assemblage can be known and handled by the owner. It’s a tall coffee grinder you should place where it can be seen, due to its peculiar clean and classy design. Looks even more sophisticated and luxurious than it is, giving to a coffee shop, a professional touch.

The quality of a Compak K10 WBC Coffee Grinder has been backed up for decades, being one of the favorite coffee grinders for baristas, coffee shop owners, and enjoys of general public acceptance. It’s a low maintenance coffee grinder, has got it all: great design, simplicity, quality, back up, solidity on the market, low requirements and its cooling system to be durable and in short words: reliable and good. This is a strong candidate to put your investment on.

  Get it now on

  • Good
  • Reliable
  • Related to coffee shops from a simple look
  • Low maintenance
  • Heating on grinding system can elevate a bit the producer level of beans roasting changing the flavor of coffee
  • Constant need of cleaning the grinding system to avoid old beans traces
  • Possible collapse of the grinding system due to shredded old coffee compacted by heat and deficient cleaning

2. Anfim Super Caimano Espresso Grinder

Anfim Super Caimano Espresso Grinder- coffee grindersThis is a clear upgrade of traditional coffee grinders; this is more an industrial coffee device. Counting on a single titanium burr disc instead of the traditional double aluminum shredding system, this one particularly offers high speed and less exposition of the coffee beans to heat, which makes a difference on the final product. Counts on an electronic timer, electronic fan, a powerful motor, being ideal for a big coffee shop, because it handles very well the volume, uses and abuse a busy owner could give.

It’s solid and even bigger than other coffee grinders, so it has to be fixed on a place you have to keep clear, due to be a shame underuse it and not to take advantage of its particular resistance, speed, and tolerance. Its hopper has a capacity of 4.4 lbs. of coffee beans, so, if you are not using that volume of coffee in a short period (three days minimum), remember, the hopper is not a good place to storage coffee beans.

About its design, this is a robust piece of engineering working for massive retailing coffee industry; it’s heavy, well developed, but simply functional. Doesn’t add, as a design a “touch” a coffee shop must have, so I highly recommend it for high scale beverage shops, hospital and university cafeterias, but it’s up to your choice, because this specific design can make a lot for your business and lead the way to grow and help to a small family bakery get its expansion and growth. But it’s not as refined as other coffee grinders and won’t make an impression, that’s what I have to say.

About its quality, it is the highest quality coffee grinder to purchase if you are willing to expand your small business. Its industrial machinery applied to a humble cup of coffee, ready to be exploded and profitable. You have to purchase the specific cleaner and brush, having a further money expense, but this coffee grinder almost pays itself if you allow it to make that.

  Get it now on

  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenance
  • High Scale sales of coffee
  • Speed
  • Less exposition for coffee beans to heat during grinding
  • Not so fancy design, it’s not eye-catching
  • Heavy
  • Requires further expenses
  • Only for big shops or massive public requirements

3. Mazzer Mini Espresso Grinder

Mazzer Mini Espresso Grinder- coffee grindersThis is a small and attractive coffee grinder that mix the charm of elegance and the function ability. But I see a trouble here. There is a whole market of spare parts for this specific coffee grinder. Even pieces I thought It didn’t have to be replaced, which makes me not feel comfortable because I didn’t realize this coffee grinder was that fragile.

So I don’t see it being useful on a busy coffee shop day, the knob might end up in your hand. The hopper lid might fall and break; the grinding adjusts disk handle might get lost with several clients waiting for coffee. It seems this coffee grinder doesn’t handle stress, so I guess it’s good in the house of a “coffee sybarite.”

About Mazzer Mini Espresso Grinder, it’s a traditional aluminum grinding device, with a short bean hopper, ideal for a house, not a business, having grind adjustment in order to experiment different grinding levels, which also make a difference on coffee, a dosing level for small and big cups of coffee, it’s itself a slow grinder, so you can’t have people waiting for a cup of coffee with this grinder, and the heating of grinding process affects its taste, so don’t try to make it work a whole day, it will mess the coffee after some time of use.

The motor output is 250 watts, working on 110 Volt energy. Is small, cute, elegant for a nice kitchen, and not so heavy.

Its design is very eye catching, you will feel like a barista in your very own place, sophisticated but yet understandable, it could be a possession to brag, but not to work with, making you a real coffee experimenter, and giving a spin to your morning coffee, even to entertain your guests with a nice conversation and become a coffee bean collector if you want to.

Its quality depends on the use you will go to give it. Even though it’s resembled as one working machine for baristas with so many years of solidity on the market, the availability of spare parts made me think it is more fragile than advertisement tell and means it’s a high maintenance coffee grinder I have to spoil and not over employ to get profits. You just have to make a wise choice adjusted to your needs.

  Get it now on

  • Eye catching
  • Great design
  • Light
  • Practical
  • Powerful
  • Fragile
  • So compact it can overheat
  • No cooling system
  • Not suitable as a working device. Definitely not

4. MACAP M4 Stepless Espresso Grinder

MACAP M4 Stepless Espresso Grinder- coffee grindersAs another example of traditional design, MACAP M4 steps espresso grinder is a nice piece of design and sobriety. Out of mystery, it can be adjusted, cleaned, maintained by its owner, being not so clear if someone could use it in a coffee shop, I am pretty sure it could be used on a familiar bakery or coffee shop, (criteria based on the volume of hopper)

About MACAP M4 steps espresso grinder, you will find it only in black; its worm gear-driven step less adjustment can make you easily clean it, check it out and put back together, being a low maintenance grinder you might love. You can adjust doses, and it counts on traditional grinding burrs (aluminum ones).

This grinder doesn’t offer speed, so it’s easy to overheat coffee beans and find traces of old coffee on the burrs, so you have to be cleaning it at least twice a week. It has a nice wide hopper you can store the coffee beans you will be needing on a small family business a day or even more. Its motor output is 250 watts, giving it a powerful, reliable motor that works on 110 Volt electricity and it’s light. It could fit in a kitchen and or a small family coffee shop.

About its design is very eve catching and elegant, it’s made to fit in a small place, so you don’t need even more than the proximity of a plug. The market for spare parts is low on this model, but existing still, so it seems is fragile, but not as much as other brands. Its design didn’t allow the cooling system, so try to be gentle with this coffee grinder.

Its quality is remarkable as standard. The way you use it, the more the quality will fade. Try not to overuse it and keep it working in a cool environment, as it seems is only a coffee grinder a sybarite could own, but it will work on extremal cases on a small business place. It’s a warranted product on several authorized agents. Choose the best warranty available for this grinder.

  Get it now on

  • Tolerant to work with
  • Portable and lighter than other models
  • Easy to use, easy to clean and low maintenance
  • High risk of overheating
  • Not suitable to be working all day
  • Not a good tool to work

5. Pasquini Moka Espresso Grinder

Pasquini Moka Espresso Grinder- coffee grindersWith a traditional grinding system, the spin is given here making it with tempered steel, which doesn’t produce much heating during grinding and making it almost self-cleaning, due to the natural ability of the material of not letting traces of coffee beans get kept on burrs, the Pasquini Moka Espresso Grinder mixes old and new technologies to offer a device which allows you to make your ground coffee, mocha, espresso and even a menu of options for coffee shops. It requires some qualification to handle it. This is just for experienced baristas.

About Pasquini Moka Espresso Grinder, this is not as easy to disarm as other coffee grinders, but there will be not much need to do it due its burrs, you just have to “clear the area” allowing traces of old coffee beans get into the ground coffee hopper, and you are ready to change coffee beans.

Nearly effortless, but you have to trust in your device. It has a considerable volume and weight, so you have to fix it in a wide place. It has a powerful motor, and even though it’s a slow grinder, handles very well the work for masses and doesn’t burn the coffee beans. As a matter of fact, it makes even ground coffee, perfectly ground, and you can choose 25 selections of grinding, but the lack of a door system by itself, gives you extra work measuring, but at least counts on a safe place to keep coffee, so think about it. The hopper is one of the few ones safe to keep coffee beans preserved.

About design, it is a curious device that seems as complicated as it is. Only an experienced barista can take advantage of it. It’s a heavy duty working device that will give you years of profits and low maintenance, anti-scratch surface and self-cleaning. Suitable for business and kitchens. It mixes all possibilities in one due to its size and resistance.

The quality of Pasquini Moka Espresso Grinder is supported by its manufacturer, giving good technical services, spare parts and even a phone line in case of troubles. Try to rely on the natural functions of this grinder, do not try to make it develop other functions than given ones, learn through trial and error its handling, and you will be ready to take advantage of this coffee grinder that opens the doors to experimentation for coffee lovers. Its motor is powerful, but as is doesn’t handle additional heating from grinding, it’s very difficult to experience overheating or malfunctions. This is a wise choice if you are willing to give coffee a spin.

This is a wise choice if you are willing to give coffee a spin.

  Get it now on

  • Its steel wheels don’t produce heating due to the grinding process, keeping the grinding system clean
  • Several levels of grinding
  • Ability to keep beans and ground coffee in excellent conditions
  • Wide hopper you won’t be worrying about refilling
  • Looks and it’s complicated to use
  • Evolves a lot of trial and mistake tasks
  • Suitable only for coffee enthusiasts and baristas
  • The interest it could generate gets lost quickly. It’s not very attractive.

6. Rancilio Rocky Doserless Coffee Grinder

Rancilio Rocky Doserless Coffee GrindersPersonal knowledge apart, Rancilio has been a very well-known brand when you talk about coffee makers and grinders. This is a very traditional brand, and you should not expect novelties out from it, but if there’s something you should expect, is quality, durability and a great customer service. The problem with this it’s just a grinder, a simple grinder and you have to dose coffee.

About Rancilio Rocky Doserless Coffee Grinder, I can say it’s a commercial grade grinder, quiet, easy to maintain and reliable, but doesn’t count on a high capacity hopper, so you have to be refilling it at least twice on a low day. The grinder adjustment is simple and easy to understand, but you have to be careful due to its fragile parts and its light weight. Place it

Place it in a fresh place, it generates heat and doesn’t count on a cooling system, so it makes the grinder not so good for industrial needs. You need to evaluate if this will suit your needs, being mora a personal decision under the knowledge about the existence of better grinders available.

Rancilio Rocky Doserless Coffee Grinder is an industrial performance device made for a house, is a portable coffee grinder, not so revolutionary, not so eye catching, but very practical in order of owning a discrete coffee grinder just to enjoy coffee and not sumptuous technology surrounding it. Just for tradition lovers!

Quality is the less worrying thing about a Rancilio device. Rancilio will guarantee you years of quality, great performance and simplicity, it has a good customer service, and this particular coffee grinder doesn´t take loads of spare parts. Your only worry will be, in so many years, the motor.

You will have to replace it when it’s done. Rancilio is a brand you use to inherit and the last devices you expect to replace at a coffee shop. But this particular device reacts well on heavy work, material resistance, but you have to be aware of the traces of old coffee beans left on burrs. As you treat a Rancilio device, it will treat you, that’s something a real coffee businessman knows.

  Get it now on

  • Almost eternal
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy cleaning
  • Too simple
  • Too traditional
  • Not appealing
  • Is dossers, so you are on your own after grinding

7. Baratza Virtuoso

Baratza Virtuoso- coffee grindersIf you look for a light, small, powerful, cute, elegant, functional and curious coffee grinder for your house, you are in the right place looking for a Baratza Virtuoso. It’s also easy to clean and maintain, but it is just a home device which only defects is a small hopper to be refilling it every other time, but you can order bigger hoppers aswell! It has conical burrs made of steel which is resistant to the heating produced by the coffee bean as they are being ground. And also guarantees durability and sharpness, being the most approximate device to be a success on coffee grinding machines.

About Baratza Virtuoso, the fact is it sounds too good to be true, but as it sounds, it is, having a superior ability to grind up to 2.4 grams of coffee on a second. Is fast and accurate, offering 40 settings of grind, easily adjustable, to experiment different types of grinding, tastes, aromas and flavors of coffee on a single coffee bean package.

It doesn’t overheat and keep freshness on the hopper during grinding, counting on a timer you can rely on. The virtuoso name makes honor to this simple piece of engineering you will be happy to have. This only needs a frother for cream and milk, and you are ready to open a coffee shop.

The design of Baratza Virtuoso is sober, well developed, compact and really eye catching, being a dream for a minimalist, a must-have for coffee enthusiasts and coffee sybarites, and a great help to a small business unless you order the biggest hopper and some appliances Baratza Virtuoso offers, and you are ready to make it profitable just spinning the hopper and knowing well the grinding measure every spin gives you.

Its quality allows it to be the smartest choice available around, being a new brand it has shown reliability and good design, making it a kind of all in one coffee grinder to look up and resemble.

  Get it now on

  • Small
  • Light
  • Eye catching
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean, use and practical
  • You have to buy it with authorized marketers of this product
  • You have to buy bigger hoppers and appliances to make it work on a business

8. Breville Smart Grinder Pro

Breville Smart Grinder Pro- coffee grindersAs it names says, it’s a professional gadget lover coffee grinder. It has superior performance, but it’s best to keep it in your kitchen, not in business. So you will have grinding levels to choose after reading a manual and knowing which one of the buttons work for.

Going further than traditions, stainless steel conical burrs provides a great grinding, and the opportunity of tasting a pure cup of coffee, not transformed by heat on a small device which you will be easily cleaning, just to do something. This is the closest to self-cleaning burrs available on the market, so cleaning will be passing a brush, and you are ready.

About Breville Smart Grinder Pro, it delivers the possibility to leave it unattended while grinding and dosing, so you can invest your time doing other stuff instead of keeping an eye on the grinder. It has a powerful, quiet motor, no further exigencies, and it has developed technology for coffee lovers as easy to understand as an old cell phone. I think this device just nailed it; it’s something you can have at home, at your small business or office, you can brag about it, it has quality, one-year warranty and an LCD interface displaying grind setting number, grind time, and a number of shots/cups you will be grinding. Pretty luxurious, light and user-friendly.

Its design is made to be admired and imitated. Fits in small spaces, it’s shiny and durable, but not hit and scratch proof. Is worthy to a futuristically designed kitchen and gives a sophistication appeal to an office or business for personal use. It looks even more expensive than it is, so you are making a good purchase for less on this one.

It’s a quality product you have to take care of, but you are not buying an eternal item with this. Think. When does LCD screen stop working? I believe that you should not be going on special features to value a product. The quality of this grinder need to be proven in long terms since it’s a new product and brand, so, if you are willing to give it a try, go ahead and tell others about it. But I can’t advance on quality expectations still because this specific device must be a beta version of the further coffee grinders ahead.

  Get it now on

  • Cute
  • Technological
  • Light
  • Resistant grinding system, that’s why I would have it in my house
  • Not sure if LCD interface will work as long as I expect, or even motor
  • Is so cheap I think I am about to be scammed

9. Gaggia MDF Burr Grinder

Gaggia MDF Burr Grinder- coffee grindersAs Rancilio brand, Gaggia MDF Burr Grinder is the baristas and coffee shop owner’s choice by the defect. The only problem is difficult to clean, you have to be doing it while your business is closed, on Sundays or free days. No discussion on this subject. Is the only plastic device with a good motor, a long life, ability to choose grinding levels and dose, so it’s safer and fool proofer than other brands. So you have a good reliable coffee grinder with this one.

About Gaggia MDF Burr Grinder, I can say presentation is acceptable, is a long lasting device and it’s on a well-recognized brand, a powerful, resistant, quiet motor is everything you need to make a coffee grinder profitable. This one pays itself, being a smart investment, only compared with Rancilio Brand by far.

You have to be careful with this one because awkwardness can make this significant investment lose its integrity due to its fragile materials. It comes in black colors, and it’s not as dark as it seems at first sight. Place it in a well-ventilated area since its burrs can produce heat and change the coffee properties.

Its design is raw, very not eye catching or even attractive, but keeping it simple is the lead way for the manufacturers that occupied their time making a well-developed coffee grinder with some details every owner wishes to change. They present a powerful, affordable and good device on a tricky humble package. No pretensions allowed with this coffee grinder.

Its quality is solid and respectable; you are making a good, if not the best, investment on your business. Gaggia MDF Burr Grinder offers you a real possibility to make a great purchase on a traditional coffee grinder that will bring you years of profits, paying itself several times until it finally needs a replacement. But wait.

It is so easy to repair and due to its simplicity, the possibility of keeping it alive with a good handyman for a small amount, is always open, you will only get rid of this Coffee Grinder by sale or donation, not by damages or regular use.

  Get it now on

  • It’s easy to handle, maintain and use
  • Hardly gets damaged by regular and daily use
  • It’s a quality durable item
  • Hard to clean. Really hard
  • You will have to replace the burrs after some years
  • Not so appealing
  • Looks cheaper. This is not a luxurious coffee grinder

10. Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer

Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer- coffee grindersA Coffee Bar on your place. Great idea. Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer offers you comfort, a nice design and specifically settings to be a kitchen device. So don’t even think of making this one work for you, but you can always brag about this excellent purchase.

About Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer, all I can say is this perfect for real lovers of coffee and gadgets, so appropriate for the new generation of sybarites and enthusiasts, a great gift.

It is a must have to every modern couple joining the dreams of a coffee shop owner in one single device, but there’s a catch. This sounds even better than the other coffee grinders that sounded good. It has more plastic and stainless steel than other coffee grinders, making it not so durable and more like a novelty than a solid product you have to get.

Something remarkable about Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer is the fact of being a well-developed concept design which could make it a great idea to work on, but not a profitable device that lasts long. It looks good but cheap materials take to the ground this awesome concept, and this might be a whole beta version for a whole new barista concept then will make a new revolution ahead. Small, light, attractive, elegant and useful for small tasks are remarkable assets it has.

About quality, this is a new product inventing itself a niche on young people, so its quality is not measurable still, and materials do not provide a sense of security for an inversion, other than being a novelty you have to experience if you want, willing to take the risk of wasting your money.

No motor specifications available, people will only rely on merchandising and the names of big stars to give a sense of quality, but merchandising process is tricky and can make you lose the sense of reality and focus about the Coffee grinder you are purchasing.

  Get it now on

  • A nice novelty you have to get to know
  • A good gift
  • Variety of functions
  • Glamor involved around it makes it interesting
  • Not such good materials
  • Doubtful durability and quality
  • Risky investment


Picking the right Coffee grinder might be an extensive task.

You should know about coffee beans as much as you know about grinders, so no one can scam you. To make a good purchase and a great invest on the best coffee grinder you can buy, please attention to materials, quality, and durability.

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Style by Emily Henderson – Make Your Décor Beautiful and Functional- Interior Design BlogsStyle by Emily Henderson is a blog packed with functionality and beauty for your home décor. On Style by Emily Henderson, you can use her E-design service or take the opportunity of using her full interior design service. Take the style quiz or find DIY tips according to the category you desire. See the latest trends and read some of their favorite posts. You can shop around the website by finding suitable items for your home or view Emily’s recent finds used in her home.

8. EyeSwoon – Create Beauty in All the Nooks and Crannies of Your Life

EyeSwoon – Create Beauty in All the Nooks and Crannies of Your Life- Interior Design BlogsEyeSwoon is your one-stop blog for everything beautiful. Read about entertainment, food, fashion and everything about lifestyle. For a creative destination filled with deliciousness and beauty founder, Athena Calderone shares all her creativities with you. Not only will you enjoy reading her treasures but other like-minded designers wealth of information when it comes to interior designing. Learn how to take simple ideas and create them into masterpieces. Read stories of acclaimed chefs, actors, models, and entertainers and take a glimpse into their creative life. If you have a passion about anything gorgeous, make sure to bookmark this page.

9. Interior Design Magazines – Start Sprucing up Your Home

Interior Design Magazines – Start Sprucing up Your Home- Interior Design BlogsInterior Design Magazine is a global design publication and event website. With them, you can find innovative design ideas in real-time and has a large audience. The blogs packed with resources for any design professional. Whether you are an architect, interior designer or want to read interesting information or tips you can find it at the Interior Design Magazine. Subscribe to the newsletter and get free updates as the articles posted on the site. There are many categories available from home design, country life, interior design, travel, luxury homes and more. Are you interest in Arts & Crafts view what they have to offer.

10. Design Cloud – For the Best Art & Design

Design Cloud – For the Best Art & Design- Interior Design BlogsDesign Cloud is a website with a wide collection of arts & design from around the world. View individual projects displayed on the site as each designer has amazing work to display. With them, you can find helpful tips, images, and displays from interior designing, graphic designing and so much more. Decide what interests you and follow the blog. Are you a designer and want exposure why not join Design Cloud. For the best ideas on collages, digital art, furniture, typography, sculpture and more bookmark this site to follow and see what fascinates your creative taste.

11. Because It’s Awesome – For the Interior Design Addict

Because It’s Awesome – For the Interior Design Addict- Interior Design BlogsAt Because It’s Awesome, you will find discussions of everything related to design, interior decorating, art, and brass addiction. See how you can create a festive friend giving table, how to change one room into a masterpiece or visit the One Kings Lane shop and browse around for interesting items for your home. Follow Tobe Reed as she blogs about all things nice at BIA from vintage goods to everything about Craigslist. Having a design crisis find out how Tobe handles these disasters.

12. My Design Agenda – A Platform for All Designers

My Design Agenda is a platform for different designers to advertise their work. View their featured content such 100 Must See Bedroom Ideas or the top 3 interior design shops in London to visit. Find out what is trending in the elite design boutiques and what you can expect to see from Maison & Objet Paris. Interested in attending designer events from around the world My Design Agenda can help you. Recently featured are 5 Lighting Exhibitors you need to see and so much more. Make sure to bookmark this blog and stay up-to-date with the latest design trends.

13. Best Interior Designer – For the Best Interior Inspiration

Best Interior Designer – For the Best Interior Inspiration- Interior Design BlogsAnother, design blog dedicated to designers or in need of the best interior inspiration is Best Interior Designer. See what is trending and find out the best design ideas in this blog. Maybe you prefer using an interior designer to create your home into an amazing place to live – view designers from different countries and find one close to you. Read their most popular articles and discover the most popular brands in furnishing. Be inspired by highly recommended designers or advertise directly with them. Furthermore, view some inspiring projects from all over the world.

14. BLACK.WHITE.YELLOW – Be Inspired

BLACK.WHITE.YELLOW – Be Inspired- Interior Design BlogsBe inspired with Jess as BLACK.WHITE.YELLOW. View Jess dedicated blog to see what inspires her. With her, you can find out whom to follow in the architect and design world from Design Sponge right through to Design Milk. Looking to find out which designing magazines to read BLACK.WHITE.YELLOW can answer all these questions.

15. Best Design Books – The Blog Site for the Best Design Books

Best Design Books – The Blog Site for the Best Design Books- Interior Design BlogsWith Best Design Books, you can find an array of books on different design aspects. View some of the best sellers available and read interesting reviews about these books before buying them. For the fashionistas, there are 10 amazing books you can read and the 10 top interior decorating books. Best Design Books has everything available related to books under the sun. Choose a magazine or EBook as they give you forward-thinking projects available in book form.


Be inspired in the latest designs and trends from around the world with the top 15 best interior design blogs you should read. Find inspiration, motivation, development and more when bookmarking and following these prestigious blogs. Whether you need the latest recipe, style, DIY tips each one can help you with what you need.

Top 15 Best Architecture Books You Should Read

Architect people are energetic and create fascinating buildings around the world. The main problem is that they do not often have the time to read. From the student to professional admit they have many architecture books unread on the shelves that are unfortunate. Building is complex yet fascinating subject to understand. We have the top 15 best architecture books you should read available here to make this subject easier for you.

Learn to grow with these books in becoming an architect fan and understand the basics of the field. Each book enriched with the knowledge to help you find your way around the construction world and become a fellow engineer.

Top 15 Best Architecture Books You Should Read

1. Mathew Frederick: 101 Things I Learned in Architecture

Mathew Frederick: 101 Things I Learned in Architecture- Architecture BooksThe 101 Things I Learned in Architecture by Mathew Frederick a must have architecture book for any student or professional to have. For the student, their professors may not agree with the language set up in the book as Mathew expresses his thoughts clear. He tends to make the subject dark and obscure.

In the book, you will find lessons in design, drawing, creative processing, and presentation. Learn the basics of drawing lines to more multifaceted theories. The hardcover 2016-page book has a two-page format included with illustrations. Illustrations are easy to follow in the book and Mathew explains with examples the bad and good of drawing lines.

The book is a valuable guidepost for all planning, making sure they return to reading the book with its inspirational foundation. Take this book with you in your backpack as it has a pocket size and full of advice.

  Get it now on

2. Geoff Manaugh: The BLDGBLOG Book

Geoff Manaugh: The BLDGBLOG Book- Architecture BooksNeed information on landscaping, architecture, and building in different environments, Geoff Manaugh architecture book the BLDGBLOG is necessary to read. The guides filled with ideas that lead you into the future of design. View stunning images with new content and see the vision through Geoff’s eyes.

The book has different parts from being a travelogue, manifesto to sci-fi novel. Compared to other architectural novels this book is completely different to what you are used to reading about in this type of book filled with many ideas and interesting to read. The paperback has interesting perspectives spread over 272-pages. From Urban, the sky, landscapes to sound.

  Get it now on

3. Aaron Betsky: Translation

Aaron Betsky: Translation- Architecture BooksTranslation is a paperback architect book with information spread over 256-pages about Fernando Romero. Fernando is an designer well known throughout Mexico. Read about his projects that include Fluid Bodies his private project and how to address certain situations when it comes to using high-tech resources.

Find illustrations of his famous work the Modern Wetdream project a renowned villa at the Pacific Ocean, the Inbursa back a prestigious avenue in Mexico City with laminated glass. The book addresses his contemporary outlook via the process of architectural translation.

  Get it now on

4. Center for Environmental Structure Studies: A Pattern Language

Center for Environmental Structure Studies: A Pattern Language- Architecture BooksWant to design a house you can with the Center for Environmental Structure Studies book A Pattern Language. Use the book with your neighbors to improve your neighborhood and town. The architecture books packed with information to design offices, public buildings, and workshops. Learn the process of designing through to construction with the book.

The book approaches a new prospect to building and planning and is the 3rd book of a complete series. With the A Pattern Language book, you get answers to all your design questions such as how high should a window threshold be, and how much space do you need in a neighborhood for parks. For relativistic environmental design, this book is a student’s bible.

  Get it now on

5. Le Corbusier: Towards a New Architecture

Le Corbusier: Towards a New Architecture- Architecture BooksA New Architecture by Le Corbusier is a book filled with a collection of essays on the concept of modern architecture. This manifesto is a guide for architects and others filled with architectural theory. The book is a bit critical and made up of seven essays. Read the essays as Le Corbusier dismisses the present-day trends of eclecticism and art deco, replacing them with architecture fundamentals, changing how humans relate to buildings.

The essays are spread over 312-pages and available in a paperback form. This book is a must for any architect as Le Corbusier bounces back and forth from being brilliant to stupid as he makes superb points by answering his own idiotic and outrageous questions.

  Get it now on

6. Phaidon Press Editors: 10 x 10 Architecture

Phaidon Press Editors: 10 x 10 Architecture- Architecture BooksThe 10 x 10 Architecture book by Phaidon Press Editors gives you a view of how building functions in the modern world today. They selected 100 international architects and critics with illustrations of objects, movements, themes, films and more that influenced the design environment over the years.

The book looks at what impact planning will have in the design of buildings in the upcoming future. With the plastic lenticular 3D designed cover, the book has 468-pages with up to 1,500 images. The information is set up alphabetically in an A-Z format. There are more than 200 buildings and projects featured in 10 x 10. The book is pleasing to the eye with perfect presentations.

  Get it now on

7. Design Intelligence: Almanac of Architect & Design 2009

Design Intelligence: Almanac of Architect & Design 2009- Architecture BooksThe Almanac of Architect & Design 2009 is the 10th edition by Design Intelligence. What is the tallest building and do you know which firms received winning architecture rewards? Find out in this book as it highlights 2009 design award benchmarks, sustainable innovation records, watershed events and much more. The book is a resource for all to enjoy while reading. You can buy the book in a paperback form with 590-pages.

  Get it now on

8. Donna Goodman: A History of the Future

Donna Goodman: A History of the Future- Architecture BooksA History of the Future by Donna Goodman makes for one of the best architect books to read. The book explores what the impact of modern technology has on design & planning. Donna begins the book with Renaissance concepts and concludes it with emerging projects found in a sustainable design. Furthermore, it includes projects related to different fields of industrial design, photography, and films.

The book is suitable for everyone and not only dictated to engineers. The hardcover books packed with 250-pages and an essential guide for historians from different fields of life. The illustrations nice and well researched. You can learn all about the collision that planning has in the industrial revolution right through to media.

  Get it now on

9. Mike Davis: Ecology of Fear

Mike Davis: Ecology of Fear- Architecture BooksThe Ecology of Fear: Los Angeles and the Imagination of Disaster paperback book by Mike Davis is a fantasy life book. The book depicts on disasters of Los Angeles past. The inspiring book may concentrate on Los Angeles but there are many lessons to learn what impact these disasters has on our natural ecosystem when it comes to development. If you live in the city that has gone through many developmental changes over the years it is a must read.

The book is not dull and written in an energetic style with interesting and frightening facts. There are 496-pages in this paperback book with truth spread over all the pages an island placed close to a hostile sea. Many readers will see this book as a historical version of Los Angeles itself.

  Get it now on

10. Lee W. Waldrep: Becoming an Architect

Lee W. Waldrep: Becoming an Architect- Architecture BooksDo you want to find out what you need to do to become an architect? Lee W. Waldrep answers all your questions in this 320-page paperback book Becoming an Architect. For an up-to-date guide on architecture requirements, all the answers lie in this book to make a successful career of it. Read insights from leaders in architect as it covers everything from the education to registration needs. You can find valuable resources on organizations, accredited architecture programs, and websites to visit.

The hands-on book enables you to understand and apply for architect education, the exam, and experience. Read some of the in-depth reviews and profiles of different architects and the alternative paths you can pursue when studying architecture.

  Get it now on

11. Robert Venturi: Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture

Robert Venturi: Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture- Architecture BooksThe Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture by Robert Venturi is a hardcover book. The writing of the books influenced by the historical documentation influenced in the 1960’s and how architecture evolved over thousands of years. Venturi shows you that there is no straight line when you approach architecture but an ambiguous path to follow. One can learn many lessons in the book and is just as valuable today as the 1st time it appeared in 1966.

Venturi has inspired many architects around the world – he may have been a gray architect but started a postmodern movement in the architect world. The book has some outstanding imagery available in the glossy pages.

  Get it now on

12. Robert Venturi & Denise Scott Brown: Learning from Las Vegas

Robert Venturi & Denise Scott Brown: Learning from Las Vegas- Architecture BooksIn the book, Learning from Las Vegas Robert Venturi & Denise Scott Brown makes architects, more aware of the values of common people and they need to become more receptive when creating new designs. The revised book is available in paperback format with 193-pages. The architecture book has some interesting gems within the pages and can even inspire you to write a great final essay and makes for a good read. You can also buy the book in a hardcover form as well.

  Get it now on

13. Aldo Rossi: The Architecture of the City

Aldo Rossi: The Architecture of the City- Architecture BooksAnother reprinted edition is The Architecture of the City by Aldo Rossi. He is the leader of the architectural movement in Italy. The book is a masterpiece of both architectural and urban theory. According to him, the craft of architecture needs restoring to its former glory and is one of the best architecture books you should read.

The original book originated more than 17 years ago when student movements in Italy were high. The paperback book has 208-pages and displays that architecture grows from the past and traditions of the human culture. Furthermore, it explains the uniting of building typology & urban morphology. You will gain a basic understanding of the thought behind city structure changes taking place over time.

  Get it now on

14. Colin Rowe & Fred Koetter: Collage City

Colin Rowe & Fred Koetter: Collage City- Architecture BooksThe reprinted edition Collage City by Colin Rowe & Fred Koetter gives a critical review of current theories when it comes to urban planning, design, and role of structural planning. Many found the book brilliant to read and witty as well. Be intrigued and enlightened with this thesis about modern architecture.

The book is in paperback format with 192-pages. Read about the difficulty and potentials of art in urban design as Colin critics the Modern Projects and comes highly recommended for graduate-level theorists and urban design students.

  Get it now on

15. Rem Koolhass: Delirious New York

Rem Koolhass: Delirious New York- Architecture BooksDelirious New York is a manifesto for Manhattan and written by Rem Koolhass. You can buy the book in Kindle and Paperback format. Read about the social history of New York as he depicts the metropolis as a place with a diverse population and the changes that took place in architecture over the years.

He puts a new perspective and light on Manhattan as the books filled with fascinating facts and photographs. The paperback version consists of 320 pages and is a study of Coney Island seen as the laboratory of Manhattan as it deals with development taking place over years. This theoretical approach is built around architectural history and planning.

  Get it now on


If you want to learn more about architecture or just enjoy reading about how this intriguing subject came into existence, you can find all your answers in our top 15 best architecture books you should read. The books filled with stories of old to modern designs in the 20th century. Find out how you can study in the field and what you need to become a great architect of the modern age today.

Top 15 Best Design Blogs You Should Read

Every day different people in the world inspire us with his or her decorating, interior design, food tastes and more. They invite us into their homes and lives and we want to thank them for their creativity, hints, and tips. Presented here we have the top 15 best design blogs you should read. They have captured each and everyone’s creative mind. Furthermore, they present you with different creative viewpoints from graphic designing right through to advertising material.

Find the one and only unique logo design with them or typography used in many different ways. Need guidance or tutorials with resources find what you are looking for with these best design blogs?

Top 15 Best Design Blogs You Should Read

1. TDB – The Design Blog

TDB that stands for The Design Blog is an amazing display area from different designers and studios around the world. Each one carefully selected for their stunning work. TDB presents you with good designers and each article categorized and easy to search with 26 diverse tags that correspond to separate areas in the trade. View daily themed content or partake in the “Shop Hunting Tuesdays,” “Friday Freebies,” or “Sunday Dribbles.” The blog came into existence in 2011. You can find the founder Ena Bacanovi work here.

2. Good Design Makes Me Happy – An Inspirational Journal

With Good Design Makes Me Happy, you can find carefully selected design work that speaks a million words when viewed. The site, founded in 2009 by Hanna Dollery started the blog to help designers get some eye candy. Hannah is always looking for new freelance projects and cannot wait to work with you. You can view some of Hanna’s outstanding projects here. View the latest packaging presented by different graphic designers for Mayuko and the branding of Lillevik Alpine Cider. Check out the Lorod Brand Identity and so much more.

3. AIGA: Eye on Design

The Professional Association for Design known as AIGA has come a long way since 1914. This blog has a massive membership contribution for designers in the United States. You can explore different bios of reputable providers each with their own unique designs. Furthermore, you can read some great content and the sites categorized into 9 major sections for your convenience. View the best work of leading and emerging designers. You can even send them feedback, questions, and submissions.

4. Trend List – Exploring Visual Trends

Trend List keeps you up to date with the latest visual trends, evolving in graphic design. With them, you can find 34 featured trend categories that include Left-Right-Up-Down and the Staircase. On each page, you can find an infographic for the latest trend, according to their popularity by year and is sure to inspire you. Find books, catalogs, album covers, poster and more displayed all over the site. If you want inspiration, Trend List is the place to be and one of the best design blogs available you should read.

5. Creative Review – A Leading Magazine for Design

Creative Review established them on the internet as a leading magazine dedicated to design. Run by nine writers providing you with detailed articles packed with opinions. Read some featured articles: How an Idea Becomes a Business by Startup Life or see Dave Bayley on the new Album of Glass Animals. Be inspired and amazed by the resources available as each one presents you with unique perspectives related to the design industry.

6. Logo Design Love – Use to be a Book of Logos

Need some inspiration in designing your own logo, try Logo Design Love. The blog used to be a book of logos and the site launched in 2008. The blogs updated twice a week and packed with some interesting logos from different brands. Not only do they cater for logo design, you can get helpful articles on different subjects: Cultural Differences in Logo Design or Companies Testing on Animals. Learn about the art of logo design or participate in the online logo-related Skillshare classes. Open your imagination and bookmark the site.

7. Designers of Tumblr – A Place for Designers

Another fantastic platform for all types of designing are Designers of Tumblr. Here different people display their work. The site has more than 100k followers on Tumblr alone. If you are in need of a place to highlight your work, make sure to place it here. For an array of graphic design, illustration, photography and more, follow them. Be inspired by what other designers have to offer.

8. Visual Sundae – A Collection of Art

For a collection of art & design, visit Visual Sundae. Find interesting ideas that range from the amateur to the professional designer. The blogs made up of different categories: Graphic Design, Illustration, Packaging, Print, Fine Art, and more. Some of the outstanding graphical designs are superb. Each designer has illustrations of their work available with text available on the designer with examples of their work to look at and like.

9. Brand New – For Exciting Logo Designs

The founder Armin Vit of Brand New has packed his blog with a logo festival. The featured works related to brand identity and corporate work. The website started up in 2006 since then it has grown into a well-known logo host site online. You can find well-known firm’s design work displayed on the blog and packed with resources. The website consists of three sections: Objective Notes, Minor Descriptions, and Reviews. For useful and rare logos, this is the place to visit.

10. Design Cloud – Inspire and Stimulate Your Mind

On Design Cloud, you receive only the best in art & design. View innovative and inspiring art from around the world. The crowd of Design Cloud shares different projects to encourage others to create and display their work. The site has 12 categories of painting, furniture, photography and more. View some of the best photography from different photographers. Each design has an info section and you can share images with friends or join each designer on their social media to stay in touch.

11. Vectro AVE

If you enjoy life in all its forms available, the creative blog by Vectro AVE will inspire you. They collect from graphic design, gadgets, art & design, music, videos and more. You can find view the best work available from different designers here. See the best illustration work and find out who is who in the world of design with Vectro AVE.

12. Brand New – Another Brand New Creative Blog

If you are passionate about innovation, join BrandNew Creative Agency as they journey and focus on four sectors Fashion, Lifestyle, Sports, and Tech. Looking for work or inspiration follows their blog as they are always in need of a graphic designer to join their team. View the amazing projects they have done with some of the popular brands available from Volkswagen to spending your day with loads of people celebrating The Day of the Dead. For some great designing events taking place, the BrandNew Creative Agency can help you out.

13. David Airey – For Design Brand Identities

David Airey is one of the best design blogs you should read. With David, you can find everything from art and design. He has written some interesting books as well – his first book was Logo Design Love and is available in ten different languages. For valuable information about creating visual identities, this book a must read. Maybe you need a unique design then David is the person that can help you. Follow his blog as he gives you helpful information such as Antisocial Media Marketing, going Beyond the Logo and Keep Experimenting.

14. The Blog of Mr. Cup – Creations that Speak to You

With the blog of Mr. Cup, the creations speak to you. View the projects he has created and current ones he is busy working on. Follow his blog for inspiration or join his newsletter. You can shop for posters and see the new arrivals available to buy. Choose a calendar or a wall sticker for that naked wall in your home.

15. Wrap Magazine – Contemporary Art

Wrap Magazine focuses on contemporary art and has an online shop that sells a range of stationery with modern art. Shop by category, from wrapping paper, gifts, socks to the Wrap magazine. When buying the magazine you receive five pull out sheets of wrapping paper. Chris Harrison and Polly Glass founded the company. Together they help to promote different designers work. Their blog site is going through changes so watch the space.


Be inspired by our top 15 best design blogs you should read. Whether you are creative yourself or need, inspiration from others each of these blogs can help you. The blogs packed with art, fashion, lifestyle and more. Find helpful hints and resources on how you too can become creative and speak your mind.
Want to speak your mind with your creations our Top 15 Best Design Blogs You Should Read could help you. Display your own work or find inspiration with them online.

Top 15 Best Gay Blogs You Should Read

Whether you are gay or act gay, we have the top 15 best Gay Blogs you should read for the best LBGT news ever. Moreover, if you are not gay you can still join in the fun and read some of the wide-ranging blogs presented by the gay society. However, what is the most read blogs available?

Here with us in no particular order, you can find the best gay blogs to follow on the latest news, views, and gossip making its way online. We have visited different websites to check on what is happening around the LBGT world, as it is slowly becoming a dying breed.

With each of these gay blogs, you will find unique content updated on a regular basis.

The Top 15 Best Gay Blogs You Should Read

1. The Advocate – A Leading LGBT News Site

For leading news and politics around the LGBT world, the Advocate stands out for all the right reasons. With them, you can discover recently published news available in a print issue. The gay blog is one of the largest gay magazines available in the United States. Sort through their archive and find interesting articles created by the founders of right movements. Read about historic events: police raids on the Los Angeles gay bar. The website is suitable for allies, bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender societies. This blog has provided all for more than 45 years of important news.

2. Huff Post-Queer Voices – Make Yourself Heard

The Huff Post-Queer Voices (Gay Voices) is part of a larger platform of the Huffington Post. With them, you can express yourself and make oneself heard. They cover different subjects related to the LGBT community and debates issues that are important to all. A number of writers write the articles presented on the blog on important issues: ranging from celebrity news, gay dating, and relationships. They have recently undergone a name change says Noah Michelson the editorial director and changed the voice to queer that is an empowering word related to the gay community. The word Queer is an umbrella that translates to bisexuals, gays, lesbians, and transgender and for those who fall in between. Noah feels that the gay community should be proud of themselves even while some feel the word queer is not suited.

3. After Ellen – A Lesbian/Bi Feminist Blog

The After Ellen blog is the best gay blog for the bi/lesbian community to follow. This site takes after Ellen DeGeneres herself. The blog site is one of the largest bisexual and lesbian community pop culture websites. For a feminist viewpoint on books, lifestyle, films, music, TV, sports, and relationships make sure to follow them. They cover different lifestyle issues related to lesbian sex, coming out of the closet, and dating. Journalists that conduct factual interviews with managers, actors, film companies and more run the blog site.

4. Gay Star News – An International Media Source

For LGBT entertainment and news, the Gay Star News is an international media source with updated articles on daily basis. The site launched six years ago and has established itself in the gay community as having a powerful voice. For interesting news from around the world: politics, business, entertainment, and religion make sure to check them. A professional team runs the site with their main office in London. Their specialty is digital sales, marketing, journalism, brand exposure and more to reach different audiences around the world.

5. OUT – A Popular LGBT Publication

OUT founded in 1992 is a well-known publication in the gay community. They are one of the largest LGBT publications found in the USA. They cover the latest trends on entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, nightlife, news, travel and more. They have a wide audience that follows them on Facebook and gives their readers engaging content to read. The founder Robert Hardman employed Scott in 1996, changed the outlook of the publication, and attracted brands such as Saturn to advertise with them.

6. Towleroad – A Popular Gay Blog

One of the most popular gay blogs is Towleroad started by Andy Towle way back in 2003. Towleroad is one of best gay blogs you should read. It ranks in the top gay sites in the world. For the LGBT the blog has some influential news and covers different trends in the gay community. Find the latest news, politics, entertainment, technology, media, travel and more. They received the Webby Awards, Logo’s Best Web Site, Gay Bloggy, and Advocate Person of the year award. If you are, a gay man or busy coming out of the closet this blog site is for you.

7. FTM Magazine – A Platform for the Trans Masculine Voice

For a platform for Tran’s masculine voices, the FTM Magazine is a digital and printed publication that provides informative news for the Trans community. The blogs appropriate for all and touch on all the phases of transition. Read different articles on culture, questioning your gender, and other related concerns. The FTM Magazine has been around since 2013 and they release a printed publication quarterly. To receive your printed version makes sure to create an account on their blog.

8. The LGBTQ Nation – An Online News Magazine

The LGBTQ Nation gives you interesting news in an online magazine. They report on relevant bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender news. They welcome comments, tips, and any news you have to offer. The blog is one of the most followed communities across the United States. They focus on politics, gay rights, gender violence, racial justice, and more. Q-Digital runs the blog and for the most compelling topics with breaking news, makes sure to follow them.

9. Queerty – A Leading Gay Issue Site

If you enjoy reading gay-related topics, you must visit the Queerty. This leading gay issue site covers different pop culture topics from politics, relationships, celebrities and more. The nice thing about this site is that there are loads of comments from their readers. Make sure to bookmark them and stay up to date with the current trends happening around the world.

10. PinkNews – For a Love of Entertainment and Politics

For a UK-based gay newspaper, the PinkNews has a love for entertainment and politics. The blog established by Benjamin Cohen way back in 2005. The blog covers religion, finance, entertainment, community news and more. They received the Stonewall Publication of the Year 2006-2007 award. For the most creative journalism content, this website even included four British prime ministers. Head over to the PinkNews to find out who they are.

11. GA Voice – The Voice for the Atlanta LGBT Community

The GA Voice is worldly renowned for exclusive interviews with A-list celebrities that include Lady Gaga, Elton John, David Beckham and more. They cover different topics that are engaging from breaking news, lifestyle, culture, politics, and travel to entertainment. They have a bi-weekly print and for up to date news, they are the ones to visit. Georgia Voice received numerous awards for design and journalism. They would like to hear from you. Communicate with them on tips and if you have been a victim of any type of hate crime. They received many awards from renowned newspapers such as the National Newspaper Association.

12. Attitude – One of the UK’s Best-selling Gay Magazines

Another UK Best-selling gay magazine is Attitude. You can view interesting news online or request a printed edition. View them on your mobile or tablet for the latest celebrity news and events. Read personal reviews with Lady Gaga, Cher, Elton John, Robbie Williams and more. They have been socializing for 20 years and have revamped their website with exclusive breaking news, travel, lifestyle, and style. They even have a global audience of fashion-conscious gay men. For the best grooming, clubbing, innovative images of hot guys doing their thing follow the Attitude.

13. Autostraddle – Run by a Passionate Team of Weirdoes

Alexandra Vega and Riese Bernard founded Autostraddle in 2009. For intelligent and hilarious articles, this is the place to visit. This is one of the best gay blogs for the feminist community. Furthermore, it is one of the most popular lesbian websites and has frequent visitors totaling to more than a million per month. They have membership programs, affiliate programs, advertising, and merchandise sales available with them. They arrange meet-ups and have a full line of t-shirts, crop tops, tank tops and more available online.

14. JoeMyGod – A Popular but Blunt Gay Blog

JoeMyGod focuses on gay-related issues and gives his audience up to date breaking news, politics, culture and more. The blog is popular online but still a blunt gay blog. For fun-filled reading, you can leave comments for JMG as they see more than 100k per month. The blogs independently run and many of the visitors have a political view. See loads of posts about the LGBTQ entertainment and culture.

15. Card Carrying Lesbian – Are You Trying to Figure out Your Place in Society

If you are trying to figure out your place in the lesbian society, the Card Carrying Lesbian can help you out. With Sasha, you can find information on the best places to live, read about her personal experience, dating, and love advice. Her blogosphere offers some space for other writers as well who shares their own experience with the gay community. In addition, if you want some great jewelry, make sure to check her collection online.


Unfortunately, there is no way we could list all related gay blog sites, but these are the best gay blogs you should read. Each one helps to bring interesting stories over to like-minded people. When you visit any of these LGBT sites you are supporting the larger LGBT society and we thank you for stopping by our page.

Unfortunately, there is no way we could list all related gay blog sites, but these are the best gay blogs you should read. Each one helps to bring interesting stories over to like-minded people. When you visit any of these LGBT sites you are supporting the larger LGBT society and we thank you for stopping by our page.


Top 15 Best Travel Blogs You Should Read

You have unlimited funds – what would you do? You need to view our editor’s choice of the Top 15 Best Travel Blogs You Should Read to spend your unlimited funds on a deserved vacation. Each of these travel blogs presents you with exotic locations for you to visit.

Make your dream a reality and let these best travel blogs help you with a budget travel as each one comes highly recommended. Our list compiled here has many social media followers and all of them are gifted travelers and bloggers and can help you to save loads of money on your next vacation.

Read tips on planning your exotic vacation, booking your flights, and making a reservation in the best hotels or resorts found around the world. Join in on their journey to all the places they traveled and make your dream come true.

The Top 15 Best Travel Blogs You Should Read:

1. One Mile At A Time – A Traveler By Heart

The founder Ben Schlappig of One Mile At a Time is a traveler by heart. The blog site has been in existence since 2008 and still going strong. If you need helpful, information on traveling Ben is the man to follow. He has more than 4 million miles behind him. View some of his amazing articles such as the Beginner’s Guide to miles and points. Need reviews on the best hotels, airports, or airlines make sure to read it here? Ben will even try his best to answer your travel-related questions or you can subscribe to his free daily newsletter.

2. Nomadic Matt – Best Selling Author and Backpacker

Nomadic Matt is his own self as the blog site shows. Nomadic wrote the book How to Travel the World on $50 and has more than millions of visitors that uses his advice. The site shows you how you can travel cheaper, better and longer. He does things differently and each of the budget hotels, restaurants, and places has been visited by either him or a guest columnist. Each travel company hosted on the site is useful and recommended. If you want to make your travel dreams a reality start following his blog.

3. View From The Wing – A Frequent Travel Expert

Gary Leff is the founder of View From The Wing and a frequent travel expert. To earn affiliate commission you can find some helpful links to credit cards and other products. For all your travel information, View From The Wing can help you out. To find advice on Frequent Flyer, General Travel, Hotels or Airlines, and Airfare make sure to visit them. You can find the latest news on airline stock prices and more.

4. Expert Vagabond – A Full-Time Adventure Travel Blogger

Matthew Karsten is the founder of Expert Vagabond and a full-time adventure travel blogger. Not only is he a blogger but a photographer who has some amazing images to see on the site. Read some of his stories while traveling or find helpful tips for your travel. For daily inspiration and motivation, Expert Vagabond can help you out. If you want to find out how to travel the world and in need of some help, this blog site is one of the best travel blog blogs you should read.

5. Migrationology – Connect Your Travels with Mark Wiens

The founder of Migrationology, Mark Wiens, believes there is no better way to connect with other people while traveling through eating food. If you enjoy eating then Migrationology is the best place to find interesting travel information and connect with others through food. No matter where you travel, you can find out what the locals are eating from the destinations he has visited. If you are passionate, about learning and growing in your travels make sure to follow him.

6. Hand Luggage Only – Owned by Yaya and Lloyd

Back in 2014, Yaya and Lloyd university students at the time brought Hand Luggage Only to life on the internet. Hand Luggage Only is one of best travel blogs you should read. They share their travel stories with amazing photos with like-minded travelers. With Hand Luggage, Only you can find interesting information on different destinations to travel, life hacks, inspiration, blogging tips, videos and so much more. For interesting food, places to visit when traveling abroad make sure to visit their food page.

7. Two Monkeys Travel Group – A Community Travel Blog

Two Monkeys Travel Group is a community travel blog that came to life by Kach Medina Umandap and Jonathan Howe. Both share their knowledge while traveling the world with inspirational stories, travel guides, advice, and how to plan your itinerary. If you want to learn, a sustainable life while traveling this is the place to be. Find out how you can travel up mountains, live out of airplanes; travel by motorbike or even with a mountain bike. The blog consists of 20 travel blog writers that have traveled Asia, Canada, Europe, USA, and South America. Find all the inspiration to plan your next vacation with them.

8. Nomad Revelations – Designed for the Adventure Traveler

For an archive of exotic places to visit or need some inspiration to start exploring the world visit Nomad Revelations. For inspiration and the best places to travel in the world, they can help you out. View some interesting facts and places to see in Finland, United States of America, Brazil, Morocco and so much more. Meet João and all the places he has traveled. Not sure which travel gear to take with you. Make sure to visit his travel gear page to find out what to take with you while traveling.

9. Y Travel Blog – For Those of You Yearning to Travel

The Y Travel Blog can help you with interesting travel tips on how to slip into a hammock and enjoy an ice cold drink. Whether you want to travel to Asia or enjoy a gap year in Machu Picchu, they have all the information you need. Therefore, if you want to escape the chaos they can help you to follow your traveling dreams. This married couple Caz and Craig Makepeace can help you to fuel all your vacation desires. For helpful guidelines or weekend getaways to a long vacation, make sure to pay them a visit. They will show you how you too can travel around the world on your little dime.

10. The Blonde Abroad – Is None Other than Kiersten

Kiersten is a world traveler who started The Blonde Abroad with all her travels to 50 different countries. For helpful tips on how to afford your travels, she can help you out. According to Kiersten, you need to learn to live with as little as possible and make compromises where you can. With her, you can view all the places she visited and explore the countries she has visited. View festivals taking place around the world, fashion, food, and flights or you can even work with her.

11. I Am Aileen – A Nomadic Digital Traveler

Aileen Adalid is I Am Aileen where she shares all her adventures for you to read in one place. For all your inspirational traveling trips, you are sure to find it with her. View some interesting tips on how you can earn money while traveling, How to become a digital nomad or Some great food discoveries you can make when visiting certain countries around the world. View some of her recommended travel gear that she uses to travel with and start planning your next trip.

12. The Poor Traveler – The Budget Traveler Blog

The Poor Traveler’s founders are Vins and Yoshke that caters for the budget traveler. The blog has the most traffic and social media presence on the web that attracts casual travelers and vacation-goers. The blog has grown into a community base blog where people share their adventures and interesting places to see around the world. Read how you can get to Tokyo from Osaka the cheapest way or how to apply for a multiple-entry Japan Visa.

13. Our Awesome Planet – Find Out What is Happening on Our Awesome Planet

If you want to find out what is happening on our awesome planet you need to visit Our Awesome Planet. The blog is an inspiration on the Philippines and Asian food. With the founder Anton Diaz, you can find out why you must visit the Lubao Balloon and Music Festival or why the bike playground in the Philippines is so popular. Browse for the best accommodation and restaurants to visit while traveling through the Philippines.

14. Young Adventurers – Great Travel Reading Tips

Young Adventuress is packed with some great travel reading tips and misadventures that Liz Carlson had. She is a professional nomad and has the best information available. For a great read visit her article on 5 things no one tells you about moving abroad and for the females planning a trip a must read is the solo female traveler’s manifesto. If you to want to travel the world and earn money while traveling, Liz has a great article available for you to get started here.

15. The Savvy Backpacker – For All Your Backpacking Tips

Travel BlogsIf you are planning a trip around Europe, The Savvy Backpacker can help you. With James and Susan, the founders of the travel blog site you can find great plans to journey on a budget through Europe backpacking. View their Backpacking Guides to plan your next trip the correct way. View their city guides for interesting places to visit and things to do or join their newsletter and follow all their recent backpacking trip posts.


Whether you are planning a vacation in your own country or want to explore the world, you can find someone online to help you out with interesting facts and trips. With our Top 15 Best Travel Blogs You Should Read, you can find helpful guides for planning your next backpacking trip or vacation anywhere in the world.

Top 15 Best Earbuds under 50 in 2019

Are you looking for a great pair of earbuds without breaking the bank – we have the top 15 best earbuds under 50 in 2019 available here! You will find our editor’s choice most pleasing as each model is great value for money spent.

All of the reviewed models have a great combination of feeling comfortable when used has excellent build quality, great sound and durability compared to some of the most expensive brands online. If there is one accessory that is underestimated, it is the earbud.

With the right pair, the earbud can take you to another world when listening to music. The important thing is to decide if the earbuds made for you and if you are completely happy with the product when buying one. There are many different brands available online some are cheap while others are more expensive as they present you with sound isolation blocking out the ambient noise.

If you are in search of the best earbuds to isolate noise, we are pleased to advise you that you can find one right here with us for fewer than 50 bucks.

Choosing the Right Earbud

There is only one reason that you need the best earbud, and that is to listen to your favorite music while on the go. Whether it is in the comfort of your home to a busy gym, you can find the best earbud under 50 in 2019 made to suit your needs.

However, before you head out and buy one there are some things you need to consider:

The price tag – it may sound great to buy a cheap pair of earbuds, but remember the less expensive they become the likeliness is that they consist of poor quality material. Some of them do pose certain problems from feeling uncomfortable while wearing, do not fit your ears or the sound quality is not that great. Always look for ones made from high-quality materials.

Do you need noise isolation – this is an important feature to consider as no one likes to listen to music and hear the background sound seeping through to the ear. Furthermore, you do not want others to hear what you are listening to while working out in the gym.

Another important feature is the frequency range – with the best earbuds, you will be able to pair it with your mobile device, and it needs to have a wider frequency range. This helps to better the quality of sound when using your earbud.

Best Earbuds under 50 Comparisons

Brainwavz Delta EarbudsBrainwavz Delta Earbuds

3.7Below $50   Get it now on
The T-TOPERThe T-TOPER3.7Below $50   Get it now on
CB3 Audio Metal EarbudsCB3 Audio Metal Earbuds3.5Below $50   Get it now on
Shure SE112-GRShure SE112-GR3.7Below $50   Get it now on
The VXi BlueParrott Reveal 203750The VXi BlueParrott Reveal 2037502.7Below $50   Get it now on
The Monoprice Hi-Fi EarphonesThe Monoprice Hi-Fi Earphones3.7Below $50   Get it now on
The Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Pro HeadphoneThe Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Pro Headphone4.0Below $50   Get it now on
The VAVA Flex EarbudThe VAVA Flex Earbud4.4
Below $50   Get it now on
The Symphonized NRGThe Symphonized NRG4.1Below $50   Get it now on
The SENSO ACTIVBUDSThe SENSO ACTIVBUDS4.5Below $50   Get it now on
The G-Cord In-Ear EarbudThe G-Cord In-Ear Earbud3.9Below $50   Get it now on

The G-Cord D SeriesThe G-Cord D Series4.6Below $50   Get it now on
The Beats urBeats Wired In-Ear HeadphoneThe Beats urBeats Wired In-Ear Headphone3.3Below $50   Get it now on
The Tao TronicsThe Tao Tronics4.1Below $50   Get it now on
YINENN 760 Bluetooth Stereo Wireless EarphoneYINENN 760 Bluetooth Stereo Wireless Earphone3.5Below $50   Get it now on

Review of the 15 Best Earbuds under 50 in 2019

Wonderful Sound for fewer than 50

1. Brainwavz Delta Earbuds

Brainwavz Delta EarbudsFor a wonderful sound for fewer than 50, the Brainwavz Delta earbuds give you vocals produced with clarity.

Great Sound Performance and Design

When you look at the Brainwavz Delta headphones, be assured that you will receive value for your money spent. The earbuds have a quality build with perfect sound and premium accessories available at a low price. This earphone has an amazing balanced sound with balanced bass response commonly found on your more expensive brands.

Features and Specs

  • The Delta has an amazing sound with superb bass response
  • Made with an all metal housing that consists of aluminum making it durable and perfect if you are a person on the go
  • For a comfortable ear fit, you receive comply foam ear tips made from premium foam
  • Has a built in microphone with a 3 button remote that works on iOS and Android devices
  • Listen to your favorite music and make/receive calls
  • For the affordable price, you receive the earphones, a hard case, 3 sets of ear tips, a set of conform foam tips, one clip, a Velcro wire tie and a user manual
  • Has phone call control, audio player control, volume control and supports TRRS connector
  • Has a dynamic 8 mm driver with a frequency range of 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • And the Y-cord is 1.3 m long and the 3.5 mm plug is gold plated
  • Choose from three stunning colors red, black, and silver
  • Has a 24-month warranty

  Get it now on


  • Amazing pair of headphones for the price
  • Compares well with studio quality headphones
  • Durable design
  • Affordable
  • Can be used with both Android and Apple devices


  • Not made for the bass head but still has a great acoustic sound

A Noise Isolating and Sweatproof Earbud

2. The T-TOPER

The T-TOPER- EarbudsFor the best-delivered music to your ears, the T-TOPER earphones are one of the best earbuds under 50 available on the market.

A Power-packed Design

The T-TOPER has twin drivers and an eco-friendly flexible designed ear hook for the best in sound and comfort. The pure metal shells packed with amazing features from noise isolation with semi-transparent wire made with Kevlar fiber.

Features and Specs

  • Designed for stronger music shock as it has twin drivers
  • The eco-friendly design of the ear hooks give you a comfortable fit
  • Made with pure metal and gives you a better listening experience with the noise isolating feature
  • Has a semitransparent wire made from Kevlar fiber and designed to wear in the ear
  • Can be bought with or without a microphone
  • The cable length is 4.27 ft and has a direct insertion plug
  • The frequency range is 20 – 20kHz
  • Included with your purchase you receive extra, six by isolation plus Earbud tips, an exquisite gift box, user guide and a carry bag
  • Works with Android and Apple devices and includes a one-year limited warranty
  • Suitable to wear while training as it has a sweat proof design

  Get it now on


  • Great to wear with occasional exercise
  • Low price
  • Comfortable
  • Crisp sound and the bass is not too bad
  • Stylish
  • Sweatproof
  • The cord is durable
  • Multiple tips for a comfortable fit


  • Minor complaints that they fall apart after a couple of months use

A Top of the Line Earbud

3. CB3 Audio Metal Earbuds

CB3 Audio Metal Earbuds- EarbudsFor a top of the line earbud, nothing is better than the CB3 Audio Metal Earbuds!

First-class Design

For the best earbuds under 50 bucks, the CB3 Audio earbuds have a metal design with a mic. Made from gunmetal gray material with gold accents it stands out with amazing features. The cable cord is durable and braided giving it a great feel and look.

Features and Specs

  • When you look at the CB3 you may think it cost more than 50 bucks, this is not the case as it is sold at an affordable price and made from premium metal
  • The microphones conveniently placed to play music and answer calls
  • The cables braided and way better than the plastic cables found on other brands
  • Has a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee
  • Stunning gold/silver color and has a one-year limited warranty

  Get it now on


  • Fit well
  • Blocks out background noise
  • Pumps out volume well
  • The quality of the materials good
  • Includes two extra sets of rubber ear pieces
  • The earpieces are nicely angled towards the front of your ear


  • They cause random problems when you move your phone around such as resetting to the default volume and more
  • Not recommended for running as the pause/skip button jolts around

Get the Proper Fit with

4. Shure SE112-GR

Shure SE112-GR- EarbudsFor the best noise isolation, you need a proper fit and this is what the Shure SE112-GR offers you!

Flawless Design

With the Shure SE112-GR, you get superior isolation of ambient noise with the Shure earbuds and the single dynamic MicroDriver. You can enjoy listening to deep bass music. With the sound isolating sleeves available in multiple sizes, ambient noise is a thing of the past.

Features and Specs

  • Designed with a MicroDriver for the best bass sound
  • Includes Sound Isolating sleeves available in multiple sizes blocking up to 37 dB ambient noise
  • As it is an international version it does not include a warranty
  • You receive extra a sleeve fit kit, drawstring pouch, user guide and a nozzle cleaning kit

  Get it now on


  • Sound great
  • Good clarity
  • Easily plugs into the iPhone
  • Excellent isolation


  • Minor issues to get a perfect fit without them falling out of the ears – can order some comply fit replacement foam tips

Designed for the Motorist

5. The VXi BlueParrott Reveal 203750

The VXi BlueParrott Reveal 203750- EarbudsFor the motorist, the VXi BlueParrott Reveal 203750 is a headset available under 50 bucks.

Designed with Extendable Boom

Although, the BlueParrott Reveal is imported and made of plastic it has some amazing features. The headsets designed with a boom slide that extends for optimal microphone placement.

Features and Specs

  • Made of plastic and has an advanced noise-canceling microphone that reduces ambient noise up to 90%
  • The boom slide extends for best possible mic placement
  • Designed with a strong wideband for the best audio output
  • Supports audio streaming with the A2DP
  • Designed with multipoint pairing for up to two devices and has Near Field Communication
  • Gives you 7-hours talk time and 150-hours standby time
  • Included you receive a one-year limited warranty
  • Designed with Bluetooth 4.0 with a range up to 66 feet
  • The speaker has a 10.3 mm receiver with a frequency range of 20 Hz – 20 kHz and has dual MEMS

  Get it now on


  • Voice quality is ok
  • Comfortable
  • Good base and sound quality is great
  • Good noise canceling


  • When you have your phone in your shirt pocket the Bluetooth range is awesome, but when you have your phone in your pants pocket it breaks up

Colorful Earphone under 50

6. The Monoprice Hi-Fi Earphones

The Monoprice Hi-Fi Earphones- EarbudsThe Monoprice Enhanced Hi-Fi earphones you can buy in four stylish colors.

Colorful Design

Choose your favorite color when buying the Monoprice Enhanced Hi-Fi earphones to fit in with your current lifestyle. The headphones designed with a massive 14.2mm drive unit for a full and rich sound.

Features and Specs

  • Available in 4 stylish color designs
  • Fitted with a 3.5 mm plug and includes one pair of Soft Earpads
  • Designed with a massive 14.2mm drive
  • Has an impedance of up to 32 kHz
  • Has a 48-inch cord with motion technology
  • You receive a one-year limited warranty

  Get it now on


  • Great sound but better with some IEM steal tips
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable to use


  • Has an odd design for fitting everyone’s ears

A Earbud That Supports Both iOS and Android Phones

7. The Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Pro Headphone

The Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Pro Headphone- EarbudsFor the best earbud fewer than 50, look at the Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Pro headphone!

All-round Design

The wire of the Xiaomi Mi is suitable to connect with both the Android and iOS phone. On the Android, the headphone supports answer, play and the volume control. When used on the iOS it does not support the volume control.

Features and Specs

  • Compatible with most phones
  • Designed with in-ear remote and mic
  • Has a enameled copper wire with a speaker impendence of 32 ohm
  • The cable length is 1.25m and has a 3.5mm gold plated jack
  • Has a frequency response of 20 – 20kHz
  • Included with the headphones you receive three different sized sleeves
  • 12-month Warranty

  Get it now on


  • Good sound quality and has a metal construction
  • Has a decent cable
  • Fit is comfortable
  • Good base and mids and is made up of balanced armature drivers


  • The ear tips are not of the best quality and best to replace them with hybrid ear tips

For a Richer Sound Experience

8. The VAVA Flex Earbud

The VAVA Flex EarbudsFor a richer sound experience, you need the VAVA Flex Earbud!

Designed with Dual Equalizer Modes

Choose how you want to listen to your music with the VAVA by simply rotating the ear buds. Use the normal mode or the enhanced dual EQ mode with ease and make your music sound perfect. This device received the best earbud under 50 reviews from various clients online.

Features and Specs

  • Has dual EQ mode giving you a richer experience in sound
  • Listen to music according to your needs by turning the earbuds
  • Designed with normal an enhanced EQ mode
  • Activate the voice control for hands-free calls
  • Designed with powerful 8mm drivers with a full in-line music control
  • Does not work with the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus
  • Made with aluminum alloy earbuds and has a oxygen-free copper wiring with a durable thermoplastic Elastomer cable
  • The package you receive has the VAVA headphones, extra earbuds, a carrying case and the user guide
  • 18-month Warranty

  Get it now on


  • The packaging you receive the earbuds in are exquisite
  • Designed with two modes normal and bass and you rotate the buds to toggle between the modes
  • The quality of the sound will blow you away
  • Blocks out background noises well
  • You get a nice traveling pouch
  • Although the cord does allow in sound filtration it is easier to untangle
  • Excellent reception with the microphone


  • Sound infiltration from the cord against the body is not on par

Available in Two Dazzling Colors

9. The Symphonized NRG

The Symphonized NRG- EarbudsIf you need one of the best earbuds under 50 and concerned about color and style, the Symphonized NRG 3.0 you can buy in two dazzling colors Black Night and Hazy Gray

Wooden Design

Not only are the Symphonized NRG 3.0 earphones available in different dazzling color styles it has a wood construction. Furthermore, it has noise isolation.

Features and Specs

  • Handcrafted with wood and has an in-ear design with noise isolating feature
  • Enjoy a crisp and clear sound with strong bass
  • The included ear tips are custom made with silicone and available in three different sizes
  • Included with the 6 x ear tips and headphone you receive a convenient carrying pouch and clip
  • Designed with a volume control, answer/end calls, skip tracks, active voice control with a built-in in-line mic
  • The cords attached to the headphones available in different colors
  • Designed for the latest devices and for a stronger sound connection it has a gold plated 3.5 mm jack
  • One-year warranty

  Get it now on


  • Excellent customer service
  • Amazing sound quality
    Includes a clip to keep the wire secured
  • Looks sexy and stylish
  • Fits comfortable in some users ears
  • Even when making calls or receive calls the voice comes over clear


  • Does not provide superb noise isolation with the included ear tips, but by replacing them with the Symphonized new inserts it improves the noise isolation and comfort

A Better Choice for an Amazing Headphone


The SENSO ACTIVBUDS- EarbudsFor the best high-definition sound, you need the SENSO ACTIVBUDS S-250!

The SENSO Design

The SENSO S-250 is a great product for you if you have an active life as it has an IPX7 sweat and waterproof rating. Enjoy listening to your music while running on the treadmill or working it out in the gym with the long battery life up to 8-hours. Connect to your phone and other mobile devices with the Bluetooth 4.1 wireless connection for up to 30 feet.

Features and Specs

  • Designed with Bluetooth V4.1 CSR technology for the best wireless connection up to 30 feet
  • Rated with IPX7 that is great when you sweat it out in the gym and the device is waterproof as well
  • Has an 8-hour talk time and up to 240-hours standby time and only takes 1.5-hours to charge
  • Has a cordless design with passive noise cancellation
  • Control your calls with hands-free calling and easy controls for selecting volume and more
  • Pair it with your mobile devices from your iOS to your Android
  • Uses a lithium-ion rechargeable battery 85mAh with a frequency response of 20 – 22kHz
  • Includes with your purchase you receive the ACTIVBUDS S-250, a carrying case, short charging cable, three sets of ear tips, a cable management clip and user manual
  • As a bonus you get a dual port USB car charger and a 3ft charging cable for your Apple and Android devices plus a one-year limited warranty

  Get it now on


  • Has an incredible sound
  • Pairs with both the iPhone and Android
  • Includes the cables to connect to both the iPhone and Android devices
  • Sweatproof
  • Has a range of up 30ft
  • Comfortable when you wear them and stays in place even while sweating it out at the gym
  • The clip that goes around the ear is made of a soft rubber
  • Available in different color styles black, gray and red
  • Even connects with your smart watch


  • The only downside is that they ask a different price when buying the different colored earbuds

For The Best Earbuds under 50 in the Comfy Range

11. The G-Cord In-Ear Earbud

The G-Cord In-Ear EarbudsThe G-Cord In-Ear earbud has a comfortable design and is one of the best earbuds under 50 you can buy.

Comfortable Design

For a comfortable fit when outdoors or commuting to work, you need the G-Cord In-Ear earbud. This headphone has a simple, one-button design that is easy to use. Answer and end a call with the hands-free function while driving or listen to music streamed directly from your mobile device.

Features and Specs

  • Has a one button design that is easy to use
  • Gives you hands-free use to answer and end calls
  • For reducing outside noise you receive three soft silicone tips available in three different sizes
  • Made with a 1.2m tangle-free flat cable available in the color black/red with a universal 3.5mm jack
  • Connects to most mobile devices with iOS system and other devices
  • Has a built-in microphone and backed by a one-year limited warranty

  Get it now on


  • Gives a clear audio sound when listening to music
  • Works well with phone calls
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Works with most mobile device
  • Has a circle shape that may work for some users


  • The volume can get a bit loud

A Pair of Convenient and Durable Earphones

12. The G-Cord D Series

The G-Cord D Series- EarbudsThe G-Cord D Series earbud is a convenient and durable device to enjoy listening to music and make hands-free calls.

Supreme Quality Sound Design

When buying the G-Cord D Series you can choose different color styles to suit your lifestyle. For the best quality in sound, you receive three sets of ear tips made with silicone material for the best fit. The cable is flat and tangle-free and the headset is easy to use with the built-in mic.

Features and Specs

  • Includes with your purchase you receive the earbud, three sets of ear tips in three different sizes, and a cable clip plus a 12-month warranty
  • For a perfect connection to your mobile device, the cable has a 3.5mm audio jack
  • Designed with an ergonomic angle for the best wearing experience as the earbuds made from a soft gel material to help isolate noise
  • The microphones enhanced to transmit sound clearly and the control buttons easy to use

  Get it now on


  • For the price, it has excellent value
  • Can wear them for hours
  • They look and feel great
  • Great combination of bass and treble when listening to music
  • Fit comfortable


  • May feel uncomfortable for some users when using the ear tips

An Earbud Designed to take a Beating

13. The Beats urBeats Wired In-Ear Headphone

The Beats urBeats Wired In-Ear Headphone- EarbudsIf you need an earbud that can take a beating, you need the Beats urBeats wired in-ear headphones.

Durable Design

If you do not want to sacrifice sound for style, the urBeats is lightweight and designed with a colorful package. Made from durable metal and the cable are tangle-free.

Features and Specs

  • Has a metal housing with tangle-free cord
  • Designed with a remote talk cable for hands-free use
  • Has custom designed drivers for listening to bass with a clear midrange
  • Has a sealed in-ear edifice with multiple ear tips to block out external noise
  • Included with the urBeats earbud you receive a carrying case, 4 by ear tip fittings, matching in-line microphone & remote cable, and a carrying case
  • The cable length is 1.2m and it has a 3.5mm jack to connect to most mobile devices
  • 12-month Warranty

  Get it now on


  • Amazing packaging
  • Includes an easy to use manual
  • Great sound and improved bass


  • The earbuds blow out after using them for more than three months and could be fakes sold online

A Perfect Pair of Headphones for Working Out

14. The Tao Tronics

The Tao Tronics- EarbudsFor a perfect pair of headphones for working out, try the Tao Tronics Bluetooth earphones.

Wireless Design

The Tao Tronics Bluetooth headphones are perfect for working out at the gym or just relaxing listening to music on the couch. When you do not need to use the earbuds connect them together with the built-in magnet and keep them hanging around your neck.

Features and Specs

  • Designed with built-in magnets to attach the headphones together and keep them hanging securely around your neck
  • Reduces outside noise with the CVC noise isolation technology for the best microphone sound use
  • Designed with a 5-hour play time and 175-hours standby time
  • Works with all types of mobile devices that are Bluetooth enabled and uses Bluetooth 4.1
  • Has aptX codec for the purest and clearest sound
  • Has built-in in-line controls and consist of the microphone, volume+ and volume -, MFB, LED and charging port
  • Activate Siri for making and receiving calls
  • For the perfect fit, use any of the included three sets of ear hooks and tips plus receive the charging cable and user manual
  • Includes a 12-month warranty plus an additional 6-month extension warranty when registering your product with the manufacturer

  Get it now on


  • Most comfortable pair of Bluetooth headset for the price
  • Suitable for runners
  • Has a superb noise canceling
  • The sound is crisp and clear
  • Perfect fit
  • Does not get tangled if you have long hair


  • None noted making them one of the best earbuds under 50 to buy

A Headset with a Comfortable Neckband

15. YINENN 760 Bluetooth Stereo Wireless Earphone

YINENN 760 Bluetooth Stereo Wireless Earphone- EarbudsIf you prefer a Bluetooth wireless earphone with a neckband, the YINENN 760 is one of the most comfortable neckband headsets available.

Easy to Use and Comfortable Design

The YINENN is compatible with many of the latest mobile devices as it pairs via the Bluetooth 4.1+EDR system. The neckband is flexible and lightweight on the neck and made with memory alloy.

Features and Specs

  • Has advanced wireless technology and uses Bluetooth 4.1+EDR to connect to your mobile devices
  • The neckbands designed with memory alloy making it lightweight around the neck and includes magnetic properties
  • Designed with an HD speaker to enhance bass
  • Has a unique neck strap for ease of carrying and it is bendable
  • Has a talk time of up to 15-hours, 400-hours standby time and 10-hours music play time
  • Designed with multi-functional buttons for ease of use as the in-line controls simplifies everything from listening to music and taking calls
  • You receive the headset, USB charging cable, 6 x ear tips and the user manual
  • No mention of warranty

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  • The earbuds fit well in the ear
  • Decent sound
  • No issues with the mic
  • Lightweight
  • Amazing customer service


  • Included magnets not strong enough and fall out
  • Battery life is not up to par as advertised
  • Impossible to see the LED battery indicator light outdoors


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Top 10 Best Baby Car Seats in 2019

When you look at our editor’s choice of the top 10 Best Baby Car Seats in 2019 – you will find out how important these safety seats are. In many countries these days, it is compulsory to have a baby car seat in your vehicle when leaving a hospital with a newborn!

With our selection of the best baby car seats, we have made it easier for you to find a suitable one. Your infant’s life depends on it when traveling by road. With us, you can find infant and convertible seats to make your choice simpler.

If you need one of the safest car seats, our best baby car seats in 2019 reviews will help you make a life-changing choice. The baby car seats have all gone through some vigorous tests for durability and reliability. This product is slowly becoming part of the legal requirement as it helps protect your child in the occurrence of an accident.

Which one is best for you? This all depends on your lifestyle and needs as the baby car seat is stay-in-car based while another present you with numerous stroller options. All infant car seats have adjustable handles that help you to carry your baby around with you. Stay a while and choose one that fits your budget and your needs.

More about Baby Car Seats

Although we have not personally tested each of these apparatus, we chose ones based on manufacturers testing and safety. Each of these car seats has outstanding features to help make your life a little easier. The infant car seats available here grows with your child, and there are important areas that we considered when choosing the best one.

A baby car seat is there to protect your infant, and we selected each one according to their safety. Each one, the car seat crash, tested and carries the approval of the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.) When choosing one, a rear-facing baby car seat is the safest choice. Always look for one with a high weight and height limit for a growing child.

Choosing a convertible one allows you to place your child in both a rear-facing and front-facing position as your baby grows. The infant car seat needs to be adjustable, durable, and easy to use.

Why Should You Use a Baby Car Seat?

There is one simple answer to this question, and that is to save your child’s life when riding in a vehicle. With a baby car seat in the car, it keeps your child secure when colliding with another object! As your kids held down inside the automobile, he or she will not go flying around in the car, and the chance is greater in saving their life.

You do not want to travel at high speed, and per accidently collide with another vehicle traveling at the same rate, leaving your child thrown through the front windscreen. Do the right thing today and buy yourself one of the best baby seats in 2019 today!


Review of the 10 Best Baby Car Seats in 2019

A Life Saver for Your Baby

1. The Chicco NextFit Zip

The Chicco NextFit Zip- baby car seatsFor a convertible baby car seat that is a lifesaver for your baby, choose the Chicco NextFit Zip! This device has innovative safety features, and it is available in three different color styles. Not only is it stylish it is simple to install.

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  • The NextFit Zip is a convertible baby car seat that is easy to install and has an exclusive Zip & Wash Seat Pad
  • Has a ReclineSure® nine-position leveling system to accommodate a wide range of automobiles
  • Has force-multiplying technology known as SuperCinch® Latch to make baby secure and tight
  • For the correct seat angle when used in both rear and front-facing modes it has RideRight® bubble levels
  • There is no need of re-threading the latch when converting from front to rear as it has a built-in slide path
  • With the ComfortFlex® Harness Management, it keeps the sides of the waist belt out of the way when loading and unloading
  • Can be used with children with a weight from 5 – 40 lbs in the rear-facing mode and the forward-facing mode it accommodates a child’s weight between 22 – 65 lbs
  • Available in Notte, Lavender, and Sapphire
  • Suitable to use with an infant to a preschooler
  • The headrest has six adjustable position settings
  • Has a 5-point harness with Two-position chest clip
  • Includes an infant insert for your newborn baby
  • Additionally, it has a thermal-insulated cup holder with a pocket
  • Weighs 25.1-pounds and has a UPC of 049796607987

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  • Convertible for rear and front-facing
  • Fits in most vehicles with the different recline angles available on the baby car seat
  • Easy to install
  • Looks great
  • Compact without making your child feel cramped
  • The covers removable to wash and designed with a zip
  • Easy to latch baby in
  • Has a steel frame for added protection
  • A bit pricey compared to other car seat models
  • When in the rear-facing position, reaching the straps are a bit difficult
  • Stays in the car at all times and when used with a stroller you will need to buy an additional system

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A Baby Seat with DeepCradle Side-Impact Protection

2. The Orbit Baby G3

The Orbit Baby G3- baby car seatsCocoon your baby into the Orbit Baby G3 that has DeepCradle side-impact protection. The infant car seat you can buy in two stylish colors black and mocha.

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  • The baby car seat has a side-impact protection system known as the DeepCradle; this cocoons your baby preventing them from being hit by debris
  • For ease of loading, it has a side-face entrance
  • Designed with a soft carry handle making it portable to take anywhere
  • The fabric is certified clean by Oeko-Tex
  • With the SmartHub system, you can quickly load your child into the car seat as it rotates at any angle
  • Gives your infant a 360° degree safety protection
  • With the G3 StrongArm knob you can easily place the base of the child car seat in the vehicle
  • The foam of the car seat is made with expanded Polypropylene
  • Includes a UV sunshade extension
  • Has a soft carry handle for portability
  • Weighs 30-pounds and UPC rated: 810449020398
  • Maximum weight recommendation up to 30-pounds
  • The frame of the baby seats works with all G1, G2, and G3 seats and even the stroller is superb

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  • Suitable to use with infants and preschoolers
  • A back saver with the rotating feature
  • Combines well with the G3 Stroller
  • Can easily switch it out to another car without buying an additional car base
  • The seat is very deep
  • The liner and padding comes out easily to wash
  • Excellent craftsmanship, design, and detail
  • One of the best baby car seats in 2019
  • A bit on the big side but the safety features are superb
  • Some minor complaints that the chest clip is sharp

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A Legend in Infant Car Seats

3. The Chicco Keyfit

The Chicco Keyfit- baby car seatsMake your baby’s world an enjoyable and safe one with the Chicco Keyfit baby car seat. The infant car seat is the easiest one to install in your vehicle. With the ReclineSure® Spring-Loaded Leveling Foot adjustment you can install it perfectly all the time.

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  • Fit the baby car seat into most cars with the ReclineSure® Leveling Foot adjustment
  • For a proper fit, it has RideRight® Bubble-level indicators
  • Achieve a secure and tight fit with the SuperCinch® One-pull Latch Tightener
  • Includes removable inserts to use with baby’s weighing 4 – 11 lbs
  • The seats lined with energy-absorbing EPS foam and has an adjustable canopy
  • Easy to remove from the car and stroller
  • Includes easy belt routing and has a built-in lock-off system
  • Carries the approval of the FMVSS 213 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards)
  • Can be used in an aircraft as it is FAA approved
  • Compatible with different strollers: Activ3, Caddy, Cortina, Cortina Magic, Cortina Together, Chicco Bravo, Liteway Plus, Keyfit, and Urban
  • Available in different color designs
  • Use with baby’s with a weight up to 30 lbs
  • Has one-pull adjustable harness and the product weighs 21.2-pounds

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  • Safe and easy to use baby car seat
  • There are four different car seat canopy models available to use with the car seat: a sporty one, the magic one, 3-panel canopy and the Zip canopy
  • The base is easy to install, and you can click the car seat in with ease
  • Clicks easily into the stroller
  • The sunshade is a bit flimsy to fold down

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A Lightweight and Travel-Friendly Car Seat

4. The BOB B-Safe by Britax

The BOB B-Safe by Britax- baby car seatsFor a lightweight and travel-friendly baby car seat, try the BOB B-Safe by Britax. For protection, it also has the side impact design with energy-absorbing foam liner. This infant car seat gives your baby protection from all sides

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  • Lightweight and travel-friendly as it only weighs 16-pounds and has an ergonomically designed handle
  • Has side impact protection and protects your baby from all other sides as well
  • Has a 5-point tangle free harness
  • Compatible with strollers as it has an integrated click-and-go adapter system that works well with the Britax B strollers
  • Has 4 x harness heights and 2 x buckle positions and adaptable with a growing child
  • Has a removable comfort pad and harness pad
  • Includes a large canopy
  • Has premium push button LATCH connectors with a built-in lock-off
  • Accommodates infants in the rear-facing position with a weight of 4 – 30-pounds
  • UPC 652182706180

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  • The canopy works silently when you expand it and is big
  • Excellent harness
  • Easy to install and remove the base
  • Works with the Britax B stroller
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to strap baby in
  • Has a nice grip handle
  • The baby car seat rocks when not used in your car
  • Installing the baby car seat takes a bit of effort
  • A bit heavy for women to carry around

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A Baby Car Seat Engineered for Safety

5. The Combi Shuttle

The Combi Shuttle- baby car seatsFor one of the best baby car seats in 2019, the Combi Shuttle stands out for all the right reasons. For 360° protection, the car seat has a Combi TRU-safe side impact fortification and anti-rebound bar protecting your baby from all sides. You can buy the infant car seat in two stunning colors black and teal.

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  • Available in two color designs black and teal
  • Gives baby a 360° protection with the Combi TRU-safe side impact fortification with anti-rebound bar
  • Has an adjustable head restraint and deep side walls with energy-absorbing foam
  • The cover, harness pads you can remove, and it has a large canopy
  • Has built-in lock-off and premium push-button latch connectors with a carry handle
  • Compatible with the Combi strollers
  • Accommodates babies with a rear-facing weight from newborn to 35-pounds
  • Has a one-pull harness adjustment and 4 x height adjustment
  • Has a vehicle level indicator and two-piece chest clip
  • The unit weighs 17.6-pounds
  • The UPC rating is 044929004541 and 044929007290

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  • Compact
  • Fits well into small cars
  • Easy to take apart and clean
  • For safety, it has a rebound bar
  • Fits well onto the tri-fold stroller
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Has an expiration date
  • With the cover that folds out, it makes the baby car seat a bit bulky

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Award-Winning Protection

6. The EvenFlo Triumph

The EvenFlo Triumph- baby seatsFor a perfect award-winning protection, the EvenFlo Triumph received the best baby seat in 2019 reviews from many clients online. This infant car seat cradles your child within the deep side-impact walls.

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  • The Triumph is a changeable car seat you can use for rear-facing and forward facing use
  • Have deep e3 side-impact walls
  • Has a child harness that you can tighten with a single hand by using the Tension Right® knob
  • Buy the car seat in a variety of fashionable colors
  • Protects children when facing rear with a weight of 5 – 40-pounds and for forward-facing 22 – 65 pounds
  • Has a quick connector latch with a 5-point harness
  • Includes a double built-in cup holder with double elastic cup holders
  • For tightening the harness, there is a tension right knob
  • Available in black, Everett, and Mosaic
  • Designed with Up-front multi-position recline
  • The car seat pad you can remove to wash, and there is a removable head & body pillow
  • Weighs 23-pounds
  • CPU rated: 619730717500, 032884184309

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  • Has a flat base
  • Has metal hooks to place the seatbelt
  • Placing and removing your child from the car seat is a breeze
  • Unisex colors
  • Fits well into most cars
  • The shoulder straps is not that easy to use

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A Car Seat Protected by Air Protect Technology

7. The onBoard35 Safety 1st Baby Car Seat

The onBoard35 Safety 1st Baby Car Seat- baby car seatsThe onBoard35 Safety 1st baby car seat has all the safety and comfort features to keep your infant in capable hands.

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  • For advanced side impact protection, the baby car seat has air protect technology
  • The base has been updated and offers five angles for a perfect fit
  • The car seat is suitable for newborns to preschoolers in rear-facing position
  • Designed for baby’s weighing 4 – 35-pounds
  • The seat pad removes for machine washing
  • Has a Carry Curve handle with a comfortable grip when traveling
  • Has a one click latch with latch storage and exceeds the ASTM and Federal Safety Standards
  • Weights 20-pounds
  • UPC: 884392596545

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  • Great baby car seat for newborns
  • The base is easy to install and the car seats easy to get out of the base
  • Affordable
  • The infant insert is a bit on the clumsy side to use and works better with receiving blankets to support their head

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A Baby Car Seat that is Convertible

8. The Graco Contender

The Graco Contender- baby car seatsThe Graco Contender is a baby car seat that is convertible for the rear to forward facing and suitable for children with a weight from 5 – 40-pounds rear and 20 – 65-pounds front facing. It is a great nominee as one the best baby car seats in 2019.

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  • The Graco Contender you can buy in four stylish colors Chili, Red, Sapphire, and Glacier
  • Suitable for rear-facing infants weighing 5 – 40-pounds and front facing toddlers weighing 20 – 65-pounds
  • The harness has a Simply Safe adjust design you can use with one-hand
  • The baby seat is side-impact tested and has a five point harness
  • Exceeds the US FMVSS 213 standards
  • Has an eight-position adjustable headrest
  • Designed with EPS energy-absorbing foam
  • For ease of installation, the infant car seat is LATCH equipped, and you can use either the built-in LATCH system or the car seat belt to secure the seat
  • The LATCH has a level indicator
  • The head and body support is removable and has a convenient cup holder
  • Item weight is 15.2-pounds
  • Has a UPC rating of 047406130535

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  • The car seat fits ok when place on its own but does limit space when adding two next to each other
  • Has a solid cup holder and cleaning it out is super easy
  • Easily adjusts for different sized children
  • There is no need of re-threading the harness
  • Easy to install and change from rear to front use
  • Has nice a nice buckle
  • Comfortable and secure
  • The infant insert is a bit on the clumsy side to use and works better with receiving blankets to support their head

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A SIP Adjustable Baby Car Seat

9. The Peg Perego Primo Viaggio

The Peg Perego Primo Viaggio- baby car seatsFor safety, comfort, and style all in one, the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio baby car seat has everything you need to keep baby safe.

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  • This is a rear facing baby car seat for infants 4 – 35-pounds and includes a base that has a built-in anti-rebound bar
  • For extra support, it has a dual stage cushion system to support your baby’s bottom and neck while the second stage helps to support your growing child
  • Has SIP protection with six different positions
  • The car seats designed with color-coded belt paths and a handle
  • The material used to make the cover is Italian textile and available in three color themes Atmosphere, Black/Silver/Red, and Aquamarine
  • The shell is EPS lined
  • You can attach this baby car seat directly to the Peg Perego stroller without using adapters
  • The base is innovative as it has a Right Tight System that locks the base securely in place
  • Can use it with the provided LATCH strap or seat belt of your car
  • Item weighs 21-pounds

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  • Has a spacious seat leaving enough room for your child to grow
  • Has a smooth harness and thick straps
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • The anti-rebound bar is superb but does not fit into all cars
  • Installs with ease
  • The canopy sits close to the hand bar and does not stay open in the middle
  • Hard to carry as it has a metal handle that hurts your hand

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A Baby Car Seat Suitable for Tiny Newborns

10. The EvenFlo Embrace

The EvenFlo Embrace- baby car seatsIf you have a tiny newborn, you will be more than pleased with the EvenFlo Embrace baby car seat. This infant car seat fits babies with a weight of 4 – 35-pounds.

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  • This is a rear-face baby car seat, and you cannot convert it to front facing
  • Available in two color themes: Penelope and Raleigh
  • Made of plastic and polyester
  • The infant car seat is nationally recognized for safety in premature babies
  • With an adjustable auto base with central pendulum level indicator
  • Including three shoulder harness positions
  • Got a Separate stay-in-car base and the car seat has a handle for easy of transporting
  • Has a removable head pillow and a canopy
  • The seat pad is removable for ease of cleaning
  • Lightweight as it only weighs 13-pounds

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  • The baby car seat does not cost you an arm and a leg
  • Easy to get your baby in and out of the car seat
  • The base that stays behind in the car is superb
  • Lightweight to carry around
  • The included canopy does not completely cover your baby

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Now that you have a list of the top 10 best baby car seats in 2019 make sure to choose one for yourself. For a reasonably priced infant car seat, you can look at the Combi Shuttle, Chicco Keyfit, and Britax BOB B-Safe. Not only are they affordable they present you with some great safety and comfort features.

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