Top 10 Christmas Movies On Netflix in 2019

The Christmas season is long enough, and if you are not adequately equipped, you may find yourself becoming idle and losing the Christmas psych even before the New Year sets in. Therefore, Christmas movies on Netflix will keep you occupied throughout the season. Unlike many holidays, Christmas holiday is one of a kind because it gets people together for a whole week. People are relieved from duty to go and unwind, celebrate and together welcome the New Year. Therefore, if you don’t get time to watch movies due to tight schedules, Christmas gives one ample time to relax and listen to your favorite tunes and watch a movie. However, it can be a daunting task to select a thrilling movie. Fortunately, these Christmas don’t have to be boring anymore with the following top 10 Christmas movies on Netflix.

Top 10 Christmas Movies on Netflix in 2019

10. Home for Christmas


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The main starring in this movies is April Pearson, Karl Davies, and Lucy Griffiths. In the Christmas movies on Netflix, Beth Prince has the love for fairytales, and with the turn of event, she feels as if on the verge of her happy ending for her dream job in an independent cinema and a prince charming.

The only problem is that no man is yet to tell her that they love her. She gets desperate and opts to take matters into her own hands. The Main characters April Pearson, Karl Davies, and Lucy Griffiths. This movie falls under the comedy genre and its production was in 2017. It is 93 minutes long.

9. The Christmas Switch


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The Christmas switch is so far the best Christmas movies on Netflix to watch at home during Christmas. It features a gamble that is offered an eternal redemption or $1million in return if he agreed to swap bodies with Santa.

The question that begs is whether the gambler will discover the true meaning of this special day. These Christmas movies on Netflix falls under Science Fiction, Drama genre. The starring in the film comprises of Natasha Henstridge, Brian Krause, and Smith Cedric. It lasts for 89 minutes

8. Falling for Christmas


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When champion realizes that Claire the skater is injured, she gets sent to a rehabilitation center in some snowy mountains. At the snowy mountains, she meets a local ice fisherman which she falls in love with. The ice fisherman shows Claire that there is more to life than just competition.

These Christmas movies on Netflix are clean, interesting and also family friendly. Its storyline is also interesting. This movie has a nice storyline. The main actors are Leah Renee, Niall Matter, Lisa Whechel.

7. True Love at Christmas


 True Love at Christmas

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This Christmas movie is short and talks more about the season of giving. Nothing can go better with this season than love. Though it is only one minute, it makes viewers feel good about the chrisms season.

The one minute Christmas comedy and the director is Henrique Couto. Alia Gabrielle Eckhardt stars it, and since its release, the Christmas movies on Netflix can be streamed online. This is a one-minute movie that falls under the genre of Comedy.

6. An Hour Behind


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In the movie, Trish Harper is late for a blind date due to the Daylight Savings time. Trish accidentally meets a thoughtful paramedic by the name of Parker. There is an attraction between them. Trish discovers an error with Parker but still keeps her at arms-length and focuses on her booming bakery instead. However, Trish slowly starts to fall in love with him.

This Christmas movie is entertaining and is a cut above an average romantic Christmas movie. It is tearful and sweet. This movie is entertaining and cuts above an average romantic movie. It ran for 90 minutes and its release in 2017.

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5. Homeless for the Holidays


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A self-satisfied enjoys a perfect life until he gets laid off at work. The reality of life strikes him, and he soon finds employment at a burger joint. He starts falling behind his bills. If nothing happens soon, his family will lose everything by Christmas.

Watch the movie to know whether his family and faith will be enough joy even when you are homeless during Christmas. This film’s genre is Drama, Faith, and Spirituality. Its release was in 2009 and is 105 minutes long. The main actors are Matt Moore, Crystal Dewitt-Hinkle and Cole Brandenberger.

4. Christmas Town


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This Christmas movie that is currently streaming on Netflix is about a cynical workaholic who gets suspicious of her father, who is a banker who suddenly departs from his career and the city life. The banker decides to move to a small town with the unusual strong ties to Christmas. Watch the movie this Christmas to find out how it unravels.

The movie is very cheesy; it is marginally acted. The boy in the movie never obeys his mother even ones in the entire movie. All in all, it is a great move that is worth your time. This movie was produced in 2008. George Ershbamer directed it. The main starring in the move includes Nicole de Boer, Patrick Muldoon, Gig Morton. It is a nice move that runs for 82 minutes.

3. Be Homeless For Christmas


Be Homeless For Christmas

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In this film, a petty thief gets to learn that his latest mark is a struggling single mother whose source of livelihood is working in a homeless shelter. The petty thief feels demoralized and as a result, then decides to use his skills in the streets to make this woman’s Christmas the best for her and her son.

The main character in this movie is sweet, he changed abruptly and became so giving. However the romance with the woman doesn’t seem like a good idea after all, but it’s what makes the movie interesting.

The movie is a hit. It falls under the drama and kids genre. The movie director is Bren Allison, and the main starring here are Mandi Christine Kerr, Travis Breedlove, and Walter Robert Duckworth

2. Christmas In the Heartland

 Christmas In the Heartland

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In this Netflix movie for Christmas, Klara and Jessie became unlikely friends. Their friendship began as they were sitting next to each other on the plane heading to the heartland. The two were each visiting family who they have never met before, so they agree on switching places for Christmas.

This is the greatest Christmas movie to watch as you wait for the D-day. It is really fun and interesting, especially how the cast manages to put a fun spin on the classic tale with some few surprises as the movie progresses.

This is a 111 minute Christmas movie that was released in 2017. Harvey Lowry directed the movie. It falls under the drama and kids genre. The main characters include Sierra McCormick, Brighton Sharbino, and Bo Derek.

1. Shadow Island


Shadow Island - Christmas Movies On Netflix

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In this Christmas movie, Claire’s grandfather who goes by the name Raymond La Foret summons the whole La Foret family to the Shadow Island for a Christmas reunion. Nonetheless, on Christmas Eve, the grandfather announces that he is going to die and because that will be his last Christmas together with them, he had constructed a special game for the occasion.

This game was called ‘The Jean La Foret Memorial Puzzle’. There are a lot of mysteries in the Shadow Island. The movie is perfect for a quiet Christmas evening.

This movie lasts for 92 minutes. It falls under the suspense genre that was directed by Gary Yates and released in 2010. The main starring includes Jennifer Finnigan, Natalie Brown, and Cedric Smith.


Christmas is a season for relaxation and giving. The festivities spread over a long time, and therefore in between, you may have some time to watch these movies with your folks and friends. In case you are spoilt for choice on which Christmas movie to pick this Christmas season, why not pick on one of these ten or shop for all of them if you have time? In a way, they will set in the Christmas moods ideal for this duration. One thing more, all the above listed Christmas movies are family friendly, and therefore you can watch them with your entire family.

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