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Corner Counter Shelves keeps saves your space and keeps you organized. You need to buy one for your kitchen, home office, bathroom, or closet. They will hold and keep your accessories safe. For example, you can use them to keep medicine bottles, spices, grooming tools, jewelry, keepsakes, and more stuff. Since there are many of them throughout the websites, you might be overwhelmed, and this may leave you with a substandard stand that does not meet your needs. Therefore, we made it our responsibility to keep you up to date with all the information you want.

We have discussed the top 10 corner counter shelf with the basic details you need to know. Also, through extensive research, we have given you the feedback from the current users of the shelves. Keep reading. You can check this out: Wood Corner Desks

10 Best Corner Counter Shelves in 2018

Best Corner CounterShelves Review

10. Mind Reader 2 Tier All Purpose Metal Kitchen Corner Rack

Mind Reader 2 Tier All Purpose Metal Kitchen Corner Rack

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Upgrade your kitchen with a modern look. This corner counter shelf will provide you with ample space to stack everything you want.

It has a sleek design which results in a chrome look in any kitchen. With two tiers of different sizes, you can keep your appliances and the cooking ingredients. When it comes to construction quality, the materials are sturdy and easy to clean.

Many customers praise its strong nature, simple assembly, and sleek design. Therefore, this corner counter shelf has a 4.1-star rating.

9. mDesign Corner Plastic/Metal Freestanding Stackable Organizer Shelf

mDesign Corner Plastic/Metal Freestanding Stackable Organizer Shelf

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This corner counter shelf fits perfectly at the perfect corners and maximizes the space. You can use it in the bathroom, kitchen, or home office.

It provides you with two levels of storage. The legs are non-slip for extra safety when loaded with cosmetics or ingredients. Also, the manufacturer used a sturdy plastic with shatter-resistance. Lastly, you can clean it with mild soap and water.

Most of the customers’ feedback is positive about the strength and foldable legs. Many are using it for cups, medicine, cosmetics, and more. They have rated it with 4.2 stars which is great.

8. mDesign Metal 2-Tier Corner Storage Organizing Caddy Stand

mDesign Metal 2-Tier Corner Storage Organizing Caddy Stand

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Are you looking for a corner counter shelf to use as a closet shelving, under sink or bathroom vanity countertop? This stand is ideal for you. It keeps your items safe and secure.

The design makes it fit well in the corners to maximize your storage space. Except for the dimensions of 6.4″ x 9.13″ x 10.75″ high, it has two large shelves too. In addition, it does not require any assembly. This corner counter shelf has quality construction. The frame is sturdy and has a finish that is rust-resistant.

Many customers claim that it works perfectly for their bathroom stuff. Some bought it as a gift for their loved ones. With that, it has a commendable 4.8 stars from 33 customers.

7. Gobam Makeup Organizer

Gobam Makeup Organizer

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This product is for all the beauty and fashion lovers, teens, ladies, and other adults. This carousel helps you to organize your toiletries, cosmetics and other essentials.

Its design is elegant. The corner counter shelf has a crystal clear frame that makes it attractive. It offers you a large space to keep your beauty products. This is because it has four removable shelf trays, 6 tier levels, and 15 divide slot on the top. Also, it rotates at 360 degrees to help you save time. This product measures 8.75″ L x 10.75″ H its material of construction is polystyrene.

Many customers praise says it is elegant, thick and sturdy. They also like the adjustable shelves. From 254 customers, it has a 4.5-star rating.

6. Design Corner Plastic

Design Corner Plastic

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Get more organized with this corner counter shelf from MetroDecor. You can use it in your bathroom or to keep cosmetics, tissues, toiletries, facial wipes and more.

It has a classic design that makes it ideal for corners with dimensions of 13.5″ x 9″ x 6″. You can also fold it into a flat item when not in use. The legs are non-slip while the surface is scratch-resistant. This set of corner counter shelf has two units. MetroDecor constructed it with a Chlorine and BPA free plastic. Also, this plastic is so sturdy that it does not shatter.

The customers are happy about the shape, the quality, easy setup. Some say it is versatile and saves space. It has a remarkable rating of 4.6 stars.

5. InterDesign York Lyra Corner Shelf

InterDesign York Lyra Corner Shelf

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This corner counter shelf best works as a shower caddy. You can store your soap, conditioner, shampoo, and more.

It is stylish with a shiny surface. This is due to the silver finish of the whole 10″ x 4″ x 22″ rack. It provides you with integrated hooks and two shelves. Also, the suction makes the caddy to remain intact to the wall. You have InterDesign to thank for the sturdy metal wire construction.

Many customers love its size, mounting space, and the storage space of small items. They have rated it 4.4 stars which are still great.

4. Lipper International 8883 Bamboo Wood

Lipper International 8883 Bamboo Wood

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Adding on to our list is this corner counter shelf. You can trust it since when it comes to Lipper International, value and quality is not a compromise.

It has a great design and measures 10″ x 10″ x 9 1/2″. There are three tiers that you can use to keep your bowls and plates. Lipper International used bamboo wood to make it sturdy. Lastly, no assembly or special washing is needed.

Many customers love it for the wide spacing and design. However, it has a 4.4-star rating. Were it not for the few with issues upon delivery; it could have been a five star.

3. IRIS 3-Tier Corner Curved Shelf Organizer

IRIS 3-Tier Corner Curved Shelf Organizer

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This product is a corner counter shelf that fits perfectly into any corner. You can use it as a bookshelf as you save space.

It has an elegant design that utilizes corner spaces. The corner counter shelf measures 11.43″L x 11.43″W x 34.63″H. The manufacturer made this multi-shelf unity with polished and curved shelves. Also, it is of high-quality, and CARB has cleared it.

There are a few complaints that the shelves are not big and some received it damaged. However, the majority of the customers love it sturdy and say that it is better than more expensive ones. It has 3.8 out of 5 stars.

2. Seville Classics 2-Tier Corner Shelf Counter and Cabinet Organizer

Seville Classics 2-Tier Corner Shelf Counter and Cabinet Organizer

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Seville shelf another corner counter shelf that we recommend. Why not while it gives you all that you need? You can store your bowls, cups, plates, and other items.

The platinum finish makes it elegant. The design makes it suitable to use anywhere in the house. It measures 10.23″ W x 10″ D x 8.58″ H and has two tiers with ventilation. The manufacturer made it out of sturdy iron.

If you are to look at the customers’ feedback, you won’t have to search anymore. Most of them agree that it is sturdy and keeps the dishes organized. The corner counter shelf has 4.4 stars.

1. Cook N Home 2-Tier Stainless Steel Corner Storage Shelf Organizer

Cook N Home 2-Tier Stainless Steel Corner Storage Shelf Organizer

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This corner counter shelf is worth every penny. It has a great display, storage and keeps your place organized.

This organizer has a sleek modern design to add to your fancy house. It has two shelves measuring 13.5 L x 10 D x 6.5 H inches and 19.5 L x 10 D x 9 H inches. You do not have to mind about assembly since no tools are required. Lastly, it has a stainless steel construction that the manufacturer has brushed.

Many customers say that it is easy to clean, has good design, and works magic. Some are using it for kitchen space and others in the bathroom. They have given this corner counter shelf 4.1 of 5 stars.


Whether you have a big or small apartment, utilizing corner space is vital. Therefore, you should have a corner counter shelf. Most of them have a design to fit in thin and wide corners. Also, the number of tiers that it has should save you a lot of space.

Corner counter shelf is useful when storing books, fruits, ingredients, dishes, and small linens. You can also use them to keep beauty products, soaps, and other stuff in the bathroom. It helps you to organize your essentials for easy access. From this list of top 10 corner counter shelf in 2018, you can trust any unit. Therefore, don’t hesitate to place an order.

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