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Everyone in need of sharing something from one source to various screens needs HDMI splitters. That includes sporting events, social and cultural conventions, news stations, schools, and commercial places. The HDMI splitter can transfer your data faster and in high quality. After that, you can quickly receive the music, videos, or pictures through a TV, monitor, and other displays.

To get the best HDMI splitter, you need to have a lot of information on their features and functionality. That is why we bring the fast hand researched details of the top 10 HDMI splitters in 2019. Why are they the best? Continue reading to find out. You can check out this Best Pry Bars 

10 Best HDMI Splitters in 2019 That Everyone looking for

Best HDMI Splitters Review | Highly Recommended

10. HDMI Splitter 1 In 2 Out

 HDMI Splitter 1 In 2 Out 

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This Techole HDMI splitter can give you two displays from a single source. Besides, they will bear the same audio and show the same videos simultaneously.

This splitter takes the signal from one source and shares on two outputs. If the display is not near, it provides a bandwidth of 10.2 Gbps. The distance can go up to 100 feet while using the AWG26 HDMI ordinary cable.


  • It supports HDCP 1.4 and various HDMI versions
  • A wide range bandwidth of 10.2 Gbps
  • High-quality videos and pictures
  • One input and two outputs available

9. HDMI Splitter Keliiyo

HDMI Splitter Keliiyo  

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With this HDMI splitter, you can a single signal to a series of outputs without compromising the quality. It can be ideal for training/education center, a conference hall, or other places where multiple displays of one content are required.

Keliiyo HDMI splitter has a one input port and four output ports. It gives out pictures and videos of 3D resolution and high definition 1080P. The compatibility extends to computers, TVs, projectors, PS3, and other devices. This HDMI splitter construction uses a high-quality metal, and therefore it is durable.


  • 1 in 4 out HDMI
  • Full HD resolutions
  • Easy to install with a manual
  • High frequency and deep color display

8. HDMI Splitter, GANA HDMI Switch Bidirectional

HDMI Splitter, GANA HDMI Switch Bidirectional 

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All those devices with HDMI interface in your apartment can be used with this HDMI splitter. All you have to do is plug and play in a snap.

The design makes it a bidirectional. This means it is two output one input and two input one output according to your current need. Thanks to the HDMI and display switch that makes it possible. Its HDMI standard cable can extend your use to five meters. In fact, the audio and videos will remain in HD since it has a good bandwidth of 3.4Gbps.


  • Has 2+1 ports that you are at liberty to toggle
  • It supports 4K (4096*2160) resolution
  • Offers plug and play making it easy to use
  • Broad usage with other devices
  • It supports 4K x 2K, 1080P, and 3D resolution

7. Movcle HDMI Splitter

Movcle HDMI Splitter 

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You can now distribute the fun across the rooms inside your house using this HDMI splitter. It allows you to have a long distance transmission as well.

This HDMI Splitter is easy to install and will give you four outputs. The outer metallic cover protects the inner motherboard. You can also cascade several HDMI splitters to increase the display.


  • Supports 4K x 2K, 1080i 1080p, 720i, 720p, and 480i, 480p resolution
  • Has a heavy-duty metallic cover
  • Distance signal of over 15m
  • Gives four outputs

6. HDMI Splitter 1 in 2 out

HDMI Splitter 1 in 2 out

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As you check around HDMI splitters, it is also important to look at this mini HDMI splitter. It functions well like any other device and gives two signal outputs for a single input.

This switch has a simple design which makes it small to carry. There are two HDMI outputs to connect with your TV, computer and other devices. This mini HDMI splitter will distribute your audio or videos without sacrificing the quality.


  • Dimensions are 2.5×2.1×0.5 inches and hence portable
  • It has one input and two outputs
  • Supports 4K resolution, 3D, 3480x2160p,etc.
  • Compatible with devices that have HDMI v1.3/1.4, HDCP

5. HDMI Switch 4K HDMI Splitter

HDMI Switch 4K HDMI Splitter 

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This HDMI switch is easy to set up and start using. In fact, you do not require any power supply to enjoy its services.

This switch is bidirectional with 2 in 1 out and 1 in 2 out. You can simply switch signals by just pressing a button. After that, you will see a LED indicator of the active port. Having been made using an aluminum alloy, it is sturdy and durable.


  • Compatible with computers, Xbox, PS, etc.
  • Supports 4K x 2K@30hz, 1080P, 3D, and other resolutions
  • Stable and fast data transmission
  • Easy to plug and play

4. HDMI Switch 4k

HDMI Switch 4k

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This HDMI splitter can be compatible with devices such as PS3, PS4, Blue-ray, Xbo360, and others.

It gives you a seamless transition when you connect with two or three HDMI enabled devices. This HDMI splitter also supports 4K resolution and 3D too. Also, you can use a remote control to operate it.


  • Contains three input ports
  • Uses the infrared remote control
  • Supports a wide range of devices and resolutions

3. HDMI Switch

HDMI Switch

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If you are in search of an HDMI Splitter that will save you time and energy, we recommend this device from GANA. It does not require any power connection.

Its design makes it source power from the three input sources. You can manually create a selection when you want to play. Therefore, no need to keep plugging and unplugging. Lastly, the gold coating resists corrosive chemicals and also aids in transmission.


  • Does not require any additional power
  • The input and output is gold plated
  • Supports high definition resolution
  • HD audio supported; LPCM, DTS7.1, AC3, DOLBY, etc.

2. DotStone HDMI Switch Bi-Direction 4K HDMI Splitter

 DotStone HDMI Switch Bi-Direction 4K HDMI Splitter

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When it comes bidirectional working HDMI splitters, this device cannot be left out. You can use on different occasions when you want to share audio or video of high quality.

You can connect one HDMI source to two displays and vise-verse. But please note that you cannot have two TVs displaying simultaneously. This HDMI splitter does not require extra power; it is a plug play.


  • Compatible with numerous HDMI enabled devices
  • Supports 4K, 3D, and other resolutions
  • Plug and play capability with no power needed
  • It is 2 to 1 bi-directional

1. HDMI Switch, GANA 3 Port 4K HDMI

HDMI Switch, GANA 3 Port 4K HDMI 

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It is one of the most advanced HDMI splitters and therefore we cannot forget it. You should not miss its design and alluring features as well.

It has a great design with a key press for smart and auto-functions. Besides providing you with three inputs and one output of HDMI signals, it is compatible with Apple TV, Blu-ray, DVB, PS, Xbox versions, etc.


  • HDMI switch with three ports inputs
  • Supports 3D, 4K, and other resolutions
  • Plug and play
  • HDCP compliant
  • Supports HD audios


In the modern world, HDMI splitters are useful due to the act of sharing. As technology evolves, many devices come with an HDMI support system. Therefore, their demand will continue rising.

If you intend to distribute audio or video where they can play simultaneously, consider buying HDMI Splitters. You can use those that you can toggle or connect them in a series. Most of them do not compromise the quality and supports many resolutions. In this guide, we have selected the top 10 HDMI splitters that are most preferred. Therefore, you should not doubt when buying any of them.

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