Best Hot Chocolate Makers in 2019

Hot chocolate makers are widely used for professional and personal use to prepare delicious beverages. With a hot chocolate maker, you can prepare hot and cold beverages depending on the features and functionalities a particular model is providing. Similarly, you can prepare thick and foamy frother and various other chocolate related drinks both in cold and hot form that kids and guests will love to have. We have listed the best hot chocolate markers in 2019, and they are completely different than one another in design and operation. If you are an old-school person, you can buy the traditional jug and induction oven system. Some of suitable for stovetop while others need an electrical power supply. Before buying any hot chocolate makers, do go through the description minutely to understand the type of drinks you can prepare with them.

Best Hot Chocolate Makers in 2019

5. Chef’s Star MF-2 Premier Automatic Milk Frother

Chef's Star MF-2 Premier Automatic Milk Frother, Heater and Cappuccino Maker with New Foam Density Feature (New Version)

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This is one of the most versatile hot chocolate makers with the primary function of a milk frother. You can create creamy froth and heat the milk with just a push of a button. Then you can add chocolate powder to the milk and prepare any type of chocolate item you want. The milk froth is also suitable for iced drinks and cappuccino. You can also prepare hot drinks like latte and others. The product has high-quality stainless steel construction, and it detaches from the base so that you can pour it easily.

Furthermore, there is vacuum insulation available for the content of the frother to stay intact in its temperature. There are various frothing functions available starting from hot, dense foam and airy foam to hot and cold milk and chocolate frothing for preparing various chocolate items. The capacity of the frother is 125 ml for frothing and 250 ml for heating. The product has an ergonomic design with a comfortable grip, and the company offers one year warranty.

4. La Cafetiere Coco Stovetop Hot Chocolate Pot and Frother (Red)

La Cafetiere Coco Stovetop Hot Chocolate Pot and Frother (Red)

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This is a beautiful looking hot chocolate pot cum frother. It has an ergonomic design and an eye-catching design. Coming to the features and functionalities, you can heat milk and blend it with chocolate powder conveniently at the same time. The pouring of milk into the pot is easy, and it is compatible with chocolate powder, flakes, and chips. You can place the pot on the stove and heat at the desired temperature to prepare the chocolate items.

There is a built-in pump available that keeps mixing the chocolate and frother to get a light texture. One of the standout features is that it is dishwasher safe and one can wash it manually as well. There are various color options available, and you will get a traditional taste with this classic pot.

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3. SimpleTaste Milk Frother and Warmer

SimpleTaste Milk Frother and Warmer, Foam Maker for Hot or Cold Milk, Auto Shut Off, and Ceramic Non-Stick Interior, Patented Design

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If you have a modern collection of kitchenware, this is one of those hot chocolate markers that will enhance the beauty of your kitchen. It is a multi-functional hot chocolate marker that you can use for cold frothing and hot frothing. Furthermore, it is suitable for warming milk, preparing cappuccino, lattes, and various such delicious home-made beverages conveniently.

The auto shut-off feature is highly useful, and the ceramic non-stick interior is perfect for hot chocolate cooking. It is a rather big capacity frother, and you can do 150 ml of frother and 250 ml of warming. For cold frothing, you should use refrigerated milk for best output. The base is rotatable by 360 degrees, and it is easy to operate with full safety. The patented design comes with magnetic attaches, and there is no chance of leakage of froth. Similarly, there will be no jamming of motor, and the cleaning is effortless.

2. Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk Frother

Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk Frother

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This is the most traditional hot chocolate maker that you will come across. The product needs induction heating to froth milk and prepare a hot chocolate mixture. All you have to do is place the jug on the induction oven and pour the ingredients for warming, heating, and get the delicious beverage. The product is easy to clean with a dishwasher.

There are discs for cappuccino and latte preparation. There is an onboard storage system, and it is highly useful in the preparation of thick and creamy froth. To prepare a hot chocolate mixture, all you have to do is add chocolate powder, flakes or syrup to warm milk and spin it for a while. The capacity of the container is 3 cups, and you can add any flavor powder directly into the jug. There is an auto shut-off feature, and the temperature is adjustable.

1. Sunbeam Hot Shot Hot Water Dispenser 16 oz, Black, 006131

Sunbeam Hot Shot Hot Water Dispenser 16 oz, Black, 006131

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This is one of the bestselling hot chocolate makers and probably the most convenient one as well. In fact, it is the bestseller in the hot water dispenser category. It can heat water as well as milk or chocolate milk faster than the microwave oven can do it. There is an auto shut-off feature that turns the system down after the cycle is complete. It occupies the least space in the countertop of your kitchen and pouring the water or hot chocolate out a cakewalk.

The cord fits perfectly under the base for easy and neat storage. You can store the hot beverage inside and use the dispense buttons later to get the product. Inside the machine, it is likely to stay warm. The cleaning is the easiest aspect, and it is one of the most versatile hot chocolate makers as you can use it for hot water, hot milk, and coffee making as well.


Hot chocolate is a high demand beverage especially in the winter season to warm up the body and fulfill the desire of your taste buds. Without wasting money is buying them regularly from the outlets, you can prepare hot chocolate drinks like cappuccino, latte, and others with milk, chocolate powder, syrup, or flakes. There are different types of hot chocolate markers available based on the features and functionalities, and you should choose according to your comfort level. All the above hot chocolate makers are equally efficient in the preparation of delicious beverages with chocolate. Furthermore, they have an auto shut-off feature to prevent overcooking and provide safety measures. Choose according to your comfort level and budget and save a lot by preparing them at home.

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