How to Start a Home Inspection Service

A home inspection service is one of the extremely important businesses that’s present in the community. It’s a type of service which aims to help people learn more about the quality of a certain type of home before it gets sold to the client, or even before it gets bought by the real estate service. Making sure that houses are safe and clean to live in is a huge priority that every home owner knows, and getting a decent home when moving towards a new location is also a priority. That’s why home inspectors are extremely valuable, and what made this more interesting is that a lot of people demand this type of business.


Home-InspectionEven known magazines such as Money has already ranked ownership of a home inspection service has one of their hottest jobs on the list. It’s because there are lots of people that are already aware of the fact that some homeowners are not just that good in taking care of homes. It has also helped a lot of people decide for a better home in the long run, and also made them feel convenient about checking the status of the home.

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This type of business can be a great opportunity to you. However, you must first learn the different steps needed to be taken in order to become a home inspector. Here are the following:

Learn from the Experts

There are lots of experts in the field that are willing to teach you when it comes to home inspection tasks. In fact an organization called American Home Inspectors Training exists, and they are open when it comes to helping out people become home inspectors. Their organization can be a good start for you to learn the basics of home inspection, plus it can also lead you towards the path that you will take once you consider it as a business. The said organization has also helped thousands of people already in developing their own home inspection business.

On some states, you might also need to get a certificate in order for others to prove further that you’re a legit home inspector that’s worth dealing with. Florida and Colorado are some of the notable states where no license for home inspection is needed.

Get Insured

There will be an instance where a certain homeowner might not agree with the suggestions and ideas that you have, and there will be a time where the client can also get injured as a result of your suggestion when remodeling the old house. Insurance is a great way to cover all of these up when the need arises, and hopefully it won’t ever happen. Liability insurances are great ways to save your finances, and with just a little investment, you will become financially protected against certain emergencies that are business related.

Contact Real Estate Services

Build relationships and networks with real estate agents since it can give you more opportunities when it comes to your business. For example, a real estate agent can provide their clients some details about your service as a home inspector for you to assist their client when deciding whether to get the home or not.

The help of real estate agents is a great way to market your service further through the use of a more in-demand service. These two companies are a perfect match indeed, and it helps each other become productive by helping their clients out. If you also want to get more contacts, you can also ask banks and mortgage lenders to help you out with clients who might be in need of a home inspection.

Market your Services

You can use marketing strategies that are not damaging to your finances so then you will be able to promote your business further towards more clients. A perfect example of this is the internet – where you can promote your business through social media and your personal website. Your friends, real estate agents, and other companies will be able to see this. It’s a fast and cheap way for you to get promoted because in this era, the internet has served as a huge hub of info, and even businesses are often checked out online nowadays.

Start Financing

In order for you to get things started in the field of home inspection, make sure you have already planned out your finances. There are different techniques and approaches that you can do in order to fund your business. You can get some loan, ask a friend to help you with money, or simply earn with your own efforts for you to continue this business plan of yours. Get everything set by paying taxes, listing down your expenses for purchasing tools, and even the money that needs to be spent on your inspectors. Financing will always make everything flow smoothly in the business which is why you need to plan this well.

You can Also Start Online

You can create a home inspection service purely online, and all you need to do is to learn how the business works. Once done, you can use your website and e-mail so then it will serve as a means in operating your business further. It’s a great thing to know that the help of the internet is extremely useful to some jobs – to the point where others can save money since there is no need of renting a space for office.

Once you get a decent reputation online, reviews about your business will be seen, and some might even share your page on social networking sites for others to know. In the internet, businesses can easily achieve more clients since everything can be easily searched nowadays thanks to the power of technology. Small businesses such as a home inspection service are perfect to operate online, and the only operating time where you and your workers will go out is when a client hires your services.

As you can see, the help of a home inspection service is extremely valuable to people who desire to get a new house to live in. Making sure that safety measures are done is a great idea in planning various matters in our lives, and that includes the house that we will be living at. With home inspection services as your business, for sure a lot of clients will see you as an extremely helpful business to deal with during some of the most important choices in their lives – the part where they pick a home to live in.

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