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Is the New iPad Pro 2020 Worth to Buy? | Go Through the Details Here!

Is the New iPad Pro 2020 Worth to Buy?

The iPad Pro 2020 is a tablet of choice if you are artists or designers, thanks to its wide array of apps. Typically, it is an upgrade of the 2018 model.

It comes with upgrades such as blazing speed thanks to a new A12Z Bionic chipset, dual camera sensors, long battery life, a LiDAR scanner for augmented reality apps, and above all, mouse support. That means it can replace your laptop.

There are two versions, i.e., an 11-inch display and a 12.9-inch display. Both versions are more than a quasi-computer, and it beats lots of laptops when it comes to speed and battery life.

However, it lacks much-needed computing comfort. You may need to buy some accessories such as a keyboard for a better experience.

Previous iPad versions offer duality of purpose. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro retains this property but features a more improved camera and cheapest.


The 2020 iPad pro retains the design of the 2018 iPad Pro, but with the slight difference on the dual camera module – it is a little bump at the back of the iPad housing camera and LiDAR scanner. Aesthetically, it appears like the iPhone 11 pro.

The available colors are space Gray and silver, with an aluminum body. Keep in mind; the 12.9-inch iPad is an almost all-screen tablet, were it not for the narrow bezel on all the 4 sides. The profile is ultra-slim and has rounded corners.

Like loud sounds? The iPad Pro has a 4-speaker setup: two on the top edge and two on the bottom. They are very loud, even at low volume. Additionally, it has 5 microphones, a feature that Apple describes as “studio-quality.”

It has a USB-C port for charging and plugging in accessories. Still, it packs a magnetic connector for the Apple Pencil on the right side. Like the 2018 model, it sports a TrueDepth camera upfront, for Face ID.

The iPad Pro 2020 has dimensions of 280.6 x 214.9 x 5.9 mm and weighs 641g. If you have pretty small hands, you can still manage it, but consider using the folio.


2020 iPad pro retains the Liquid Retina display, but it comes with True Tone – ProMotion technology, which automatically adjusts the refresh rate to 120Hz.

What does this mean for you?

The display measures the amount of light around you and adjusts the brightness of the screen accordingly. It is a useful feature, especially if you are outdoors. It eliminates the need to change the brightness manually.

Note; Liquid Retina display is one of the best screens for mobile devices. It is bright and colorful. It reproduces all the details of movies, and tests show that the display emits average brightness of 559 nits.


The iPad Pro 2020 can handle the most demanding tasks, such as editing 4K video and designing 3D models. This boost in performance is due to the new A12Z Bionic chip (processor). Besides, the eight-core GUP within the A12Z Bionic, alongside the enhanced thermal architecture and tuned performance controllers, this iPad offers excellent performance for an iPad.

Further, the eight-core CPU and the powerful Neural Engine, makes it possible for the 2020 iPad pro to hold and operate next-generation apps. So no iPad can match up to the iPad Pro 2020.

Battery performance is decent, lasting up to 10 hours. You also get faster Wi-Fi connectivity and gigabit-class LTE, which is 60 percent faster and supports more LTE bands than other tablets.


You get a TrueDepth camera for things like selfies and video calls. With such a camera, you can use it for Face ID and Portrait mode.

The camera system features a 12MP Wide camera that captures stunning photos and 4K video. Besides, the 2020 iPad pro has an additional 125-degree 10MP Ultra-Wide camera (f/2.4 aperture), which increases the view angle.

Typically, its addition aims at doubling the photo and video capabilities – multi-camera use for creative pros. You can switch to the ultra-wide view by pressing the zoom button to switch from 1x to 0.5x.

LiDAR scanner and AR

This scanner is at the back, and it measures the light reflected, i.e., the time it takes to reach an object and reflect it. This feature intends to enable developers to create more compelling augmented reality apps.

Essentially, it makes all AR apps faster and better. Thanks to the LiDAR scanner, you need not calibrate the surrounding space by moving the camera back and forth.


These are discounted prices.

The iPad Pro 2020 is an upgrade from the 2018 version. Though they may appear similar, there is a remarkable difference when it comes to performance. It has two cameras, i.e., an additional 10MP, which doubles the capabilities of the phone.

What’s more, the processor, CPU, and GPU, enhance performance to a whole new level in the iPad world. You must consider this product if you are an artist, designer, you love a convertible iPad or an iPad enthusiast.

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