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Best Monitor Privacy Screen in 2020 | Safety and Security

Pcs and computers have become indispensable to our everyday life during present times. Everything is stored in the form of data and information on the computers. This has given rise to the chances of information being stolen by hackers. We need to be extra cautious while we are working on computers or laptops in public areas with too many eyes around us. Monitor privacy screen filters come in handy when it comes to protecting the information which gets displayed on the monitor.

Finally, we have come up with the top 10 monitor privacy screens which prevent the visual hackers from having an access to the information being displayed on the monitor. So let us start with the review of the most advanced monitor privacy screens available in the market right now.

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 Best Monitor Privacy Screen That Everyone Should Get One

Best Monitor Privacy Screen Review | Safety and Security

15. AmazonBasics Privacy Screen Filter

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  • Allows holding private screen content 
  • Broad display angle (direct vision only, a dim screen displays side view) 
  • Reduces untreated blue light with less pressure on the retina 
  • Prevents a monitor screen from stub and scratches 
  • Reversible: go for matt or shiny, it is entirely up to you.  
  • Effectively sticks to bezel points or flexible adhesive strips

14. Vintez Computer Privacy Screen Filter

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  • Prohibits computer orientation to a straight line 
  • Helps to enhance the knowledge security, surfing data, and so on, and decrease the potential of graphic manipulation or graphic robberies 
  • Using anti-scratch, anti-gloss equipment which further lowers the eyes’ sensitivity to UV to about 96% which curbs blue light to around 65%

13. Skylarking Computer Privacy Screen Filter

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  • Secures your privacy and thus information
  • Anti-Lightning 
  • Anti-Reflex 
  • Reducing ultraviolet rays and even blue light 
  • Safeguard Display against Scratches 
  • Finished, Frameless, Compact and Slim 
  • Two convenient to use choices

12. TomDetm Computer Privacy Screen Filter

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  • Identity shield protects your data from public view in a right or left side position with an orientation of a little more than 60 degrees from your display. 
  • Software Privacy panel blocker is ideal for high traffic as well as crowded locations. 
  • Revolutionary licensed nano louvre system 
  • Anti-scratch and glare free technology  
  • Lifelong Warranty on these privacy panels

11. SightPro Computer Privacy Screen Filter

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  • Does not explicitly hinder vision behind you 
  • Built and quality controlled in USA 
  • Compliant to TAA and HIPAA 
  • Improves screen illumination by reducing the glare created by lights from the sun or the workplace. 
  • 60 degree full view that shades out the monitor from both the edges while offering a bright frontal view. 
  • It prevents your eyes against unhealthy blue and ultraviolet rays.

10. Privox Square 19 inch Сomputer Privacy Screen Filter

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This is a reasonably priced but highly efficient monitor privacy screen filter. Due to high-quality raw materials, it prevents your valuable and confidential information from being stolen by hackers. The individuals sitting in front of the monitor can see clearly the on-screen data. So, looking forward to safeguarding the information contained in your PC, laptop or Notebook from being hacked? Well, you must get this top quality privacy filter installed on the screen of your PC.

  • Perfectly fits 19-inch square monitors
  • Innovative micro-replication technology for enhanced protection.
  • Reduces the strain on your eyes and lets you work for the longer duration.
  • Attractive one-year warranty is another plus.

9. Flexzion Privacy Anti-Glare Protector Film, 19 Inch Widescreen Screen Filter

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This top quality and protective privacy screen filter not only safeguards the data but also keeps the LCD screen safe and scratch free. Install it right now and save your confidential information from prying eyes. In addition, it gets along all PCs, computers, notebooks, laptops and LCD monitors. Invest in this top quality and durable unit right now and rest assured about the safety and security of your valuable information.

  • The screen will be black from left or right.
  • Portable, lightweight, slim and also easy-to-install.
  • Designed to get along with widescreen laptops.

8. BESLIF Privacy Filter Screen 21.5 inch

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If you are on the lookout for a widescreen privacy filter screen, this is what will meet your requirements. A reasonably priced yet effective monitor privacy screen best suits 21.5 inches screen size. Suitable for both homes and offices, you must consider buying it to prevent your information from being hacked.

  • Complete privacy from side views.
  • Reversible unit featuring matte or glossy surface finish.
  • Matte surface for reduced strain on the eyes.
  • The advanced anti-scratch resistant technology for increased life of the screen.

7. Akamai Office Products SQUARE Privacy Screen Filter 17.0 Inch

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A premium and top-quality product best suited for 17 inches square monitors. 8 layers of film render enhanced protection to your data and information. Moreover, it perfect for offices, health care providers, educational institutions, and fieldwork. Also, this superior and efficient privacy screen filter doesn’t allow anyone outside 60 degrees viewing angle to have access to your information. This high-quality unit is worth spending your hard-earned money upon.

  • Reduced strain on eyes as this monitor privacy screen is capable of filtering out 97 percent UV and 70 percent blue light.
  • Reversible screen filter allowing you to choose between matte and glossy screen surface.
  • Hassle-free installation.
  • 100 percent money back guarantee for enhanced customer satisfaction.

6. J-Dream Privacy Screen Filter 22 Inch (16:10 Aspect ratio)

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This is an efficient and superior quality widescreen filter best suited for 22 inches monitor size. If you work in open office settings, you must go in for this highly protective privacy screen filter to save your information from being stolen by visual hackers. It doesn’t allow anyone outside the 60-degree viewing angle to have access to your the information displayed on the monitor.

  • User-friendly monitor privacy screen.
  • Easy installation as the 2 distinct attachment options allow you to choose between adhesive attachment strips and slide mount tabs.
  • Reduced strain on eyes as this monitor privacy screen is capable of filtering out 97 percent UV and 70 percent blue light.
  • Reversible screen filter allowing you to choose between matte and glossy screen surface.

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5. VINTEZ New Computer Privacy Screen Filter 21.5 Inch

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Best suited for public areas, this highly secure anti-glare privacy screen filter is a great buy. The advanced micro-louver technology gives you enhanced privacy and doesn’t let the prying eyes have access to your information. Moreover, it features anti-scratch and anti-glare properties which impart enhanced user-convenience.

  • The increased 30-degree viewing angle doesn’t let the people around you see on the screen.
  • Perfect for 21.5 inches screen size.
  • Enhanced protection of eyes as it filters out up to 96% UV and 65% blue light.
  • The reversible design allows you to choose between matte and also glossy screen surface.
  • Easy installation as the 2 distinct attachment options allow you to choose between adhesive attachment strips and slide mount tabs.

4. JPC Privacy Filter Screen Protector Film 22″W, 16:10 ratio

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JPC 22 inches Privacy Filter Screen is another superior quality and functional protector film delivering unmatched protection. In hence, it best suited for 22 inches monitor sie, this protective film blocks out the view outside 60-degree viewing angle, which is quite an impressive feat. You must invest in this worth-buying unit as it offers the best bang for your buck.

  • Perfect for home as well as the office.
  • Reversible matte or glossy finish gives you the option of choosing between two color options.
  • Matte surface renders enhanced eye protection.
  • The advanced anti-scratch technology imparts protection to screen from dust particles, dirt and scratches.

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3. Akamai Office Products Privacy Screen Filter 23.0 inch

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If you are hunting for the super protective and highly versatile privacy screen filter for ensuring the safety of the confidential data of your office, so you mustn’t look elsewhere except at this top quality and value-for-money product. Rest assured your decision to spend your hard-earned money on this efficient and functional screen film won’t go wrong. Then what are you waiting for, order right now this advanced and high-tech monitor privacy screen and ensure the safety of your valuable data.

  • Best suited for 23 inches monitor size.
  • 8 layers of film render enhanced protection to your data and information.
  • Obscures view beyond 60-degree viewing angle.
  • Enhanced eye protection and reduced strain as this screen film filter out up to 96% UV and 65% blue light.

2. Kensington Privacy Screen for 22-Inch to 24-Inch (K55315WW)

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This is a highly efficient and amazingly versatile monitor privacy screen filter. Made from high-quality materials, this product is perfect for 22 to 24 inches monitor size. Especially, it prevents your valuable and confidential information from being stolen by hackers, the users sitting in front of the monitor can see clearly the on-screen data. In case, if you seek to safeguard the information contained in your PC from being hacked? Well, you must go in for this top quality privacy filter and have it installed on the screen of your PC.

  • Perfectly fits 22 to 24 inches square monitors
  • Easy installation.
  • The increased 30-degree viewing angle doesn’t let the people around you see on the screen.
  • Advanced hard-coated for enhanced screen protection.
  • Lets you work for the longer duration due to the reduces strain on your eyes.

1. 3M-24″ Widescreen Monitor Privacy Filter (PF240W9B)

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This is a versatile, durable and superior quality widescreen filter best suited for 24 inches monitor size. If you work in high traffic areas, this is going to fulfill your requirement of safeguarding your confidential information as well as data. However, the innovative and effective ‘blackout’ privacy doesn’t allow anyone outside the 60-degree viewing angle to have access to your the information displayed on the monitor.

  • Easy installation as the 2 distinct attachment options allow you to choose between adhesive attachment strips and slide mount tabs.
  • Duly tested for hundred percent customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced strain on eyes as this monitor privacy screen is capable of filtering out 35 percent blue light.
  • Reversible screen filter allowing you to choose between both matte and glossy screen surface.

What is Monitor Privacy Screen?

A monitor privacy screen also called a protection filter, is a slight bit of plastic that is set over your screen or show board to keep meandering eyes from retaining secret data. You may have seen a comparable gadget at the bank on the off chance that you have at any point attempted to look at your record balance when the teller left. Security channels utilize a similar kind of technology.

Computer security screens ensure against this genuine security danger by basically clinging to your PC screen or work area screen to limit the gadget’s survey point with the goal that lone the individual before the screen can perceive what is on it. Anybody endeavoring to take a look from the privilege or left may have the option to see a bright screen. The standard sort of anti-glare channel comprises a covering that lessens the reflection from a glass or plastic surface. They produced from polycarbonate or acrylic plastic. A more seasoned assortment against the glare channel utilized a working channel that resembled a nylon screen. Albeit compelling, a working channel additionally caused corruption of the picture quality.

Why Do You Need a Monitor Privacy Screen?

They do this by making an image on the PC screen noticeable just to the client sitting legitimately before the screen: individuals sitting, standing, or strolling at different edges not in linear perspective on the screen see either a mutilated picture or a passed out screen.

Privacy Protection

Most PC clients want to keep their own and classified data only that – individual and secret! What is more, this is the significant preferred position of PC security screens, because they guarantee the pictures on a PC screen remain private. It is dependent upon the client to ensure that private data is protected. You might be checking touchy information in open territory, or maybe you are in an office situation and need to limit prying eyes; whichever way the perfect item to accomplish this is a successful and moderate PC protection screen.

Protection of Screen

An additional advantage of utilizing a PC security screen is that it will shield your screen from harm, for example, scratches, fingerprints, and smudges. Many computerized clients stress over their online actions being checked or kept an eye on carefully by their supervisor at work, their internet service, or even by government offices.

Anti-glare Light Protection

Another concern with PC screens is screen glare, and a PC security screen offers the client expanded assurance from screen glare. PC protection screens have regularly rewarded with an anti-glare covering, in this manner making seeing your PC, CRT, or LCD screen a lot simpler in daylight or other glare conditions.

Anti-blue Light Protection

These filters prevent large measures of blue light to be produced from your screen and from arriving at your eyes without influencing the visibility. The blue light may harm your visual perception and the capacity to oversee light. The blue light insurance capacity of the screen security defender is perfect because of the unsurpassed clients of PCs and those with eye issues.

Installation and Material of the Monitor Privacy Screens

PC privacy screens are made of thin sheets of plastic material that effectively spread your PCs presentation. The channel will have extremely little louvers, or boards, that contort the survey of the screen at any point other than legitimately before the screen.

Establishment of PC security screens includes utilizing either straightforward clingy tape that lets you connect the channel on to your screen for all time or clasps that join to the presentation and let you slide in and out the channel. The entirety of our channels accompanies two establishment choices to either introduce them for all time or not. What is more, a Mac Book go uses a licensed innovation utilizing pull tape that lets you join and expel the filter wholly and suddenly.

How does Monitor Privacy Screen Work?


Privacy screens, otherwise called security screens, resemble a lot of vertical blinds for your PC screen or any gadget with a screen, however, on a Nanoscale. Most cutting edge channels are just the thickness of a typical business card — .012″ (.3 mm). In contrast to vertical blinds, the louvers are for all time set in the fully open position.

Standard security filters for workstations or PC screens are 2-way, hindering the view from left and right. Four-way security channels are made with a second layer of protection louvers at 90° from the vertical louvers—4-way security channels used on tablets and telephones. The additional layer of louvers makes the channel somewhat thicker, and it likewise diminishes the light transmittance, which should be remunerated by expanded screen splendor. Most of the monitor screen protectors are made carefully but much more substantial and durable. You might not notice that a monitor privacy screen is in place.

Types of privacy screen

There are two significant kinds of screen privacy. The rear of the filter is covered with silicone, which gives a bond to the screen, similar to a typical telephone screen defender, or it can have no attachment to the filter. For the situation where there is no bond, the channel sent with tabs and strips that hold the protection channel set up from the edges, every ha its favorable circumstances.

The silicone bond gives the most extreme clearness and makes to a pleasant clean establishment; however, the establishment can be trickier — mainly if not introduced in a perfect residue-free zone. Residue can get between the channel and the screen, making bubbles manageable. Once set up, it tends to be forcefully expelled yet is not intended to be evacuated and reinstalled consistently.

The non-silicon protection channel has silicon strips that are made of thin explicit materials and are anything but difficult to apply along the edges of the channel. These channels can be expelled as much as an individual may like, and you do not need to stress over residue or air bubble issues during establishment. Photo don security filters accompany two sorts of connection, silicon strips, and tabs.

How it works

Screen protection filters work a similar way, however, on a lot of littler scope. The minuscule blinds, or small scale louver, is incorporated with the filter permit light to go through straight on and not on the sides. This causes it so you too can perceive what the weirdo close to you on the plane is on your screen, yet cannot. A few PCs even accompany them worked in now, where you can go the channel impact on and off freely.

Screen protection filters work well; however, decent ones are not modest, particularly if you have a huge screen. The small polarized blinds, now and again known as miniaturized scale louvers, make it, so the substance of your PC screen is noticeable to you, yet not the individual sneaking to one side or right.

The more slender the visually impaired, the more that light can go through for the planned client. An enraptured plastic sheet utilizes a similar innovation in protection channels as utilized in spellbound glasses, in which an optical channel shut out the light from specific edges.

Contingent upon the make and model, security screens usually begin to square visibility at around a 30-degree side point and may show up passed out close to a 60-degree edge.

Is monitor privacy screen terrible for eyes?

Privacy screens can have hostile to glare highlight, which implies that your eyes do not need to hold up under the unnecessary strain that it typically would from mobile phones and different screens. Many individuals are regularly worried about screens and attempt to abstain from them as much as possible. In most cases and according to feedback from the customers, the effect it has on your eyes is minimal and without complaints.

Anti-glare function

This is because the fundamental conviction is that investing an excessive amount of time before screens can make seriously harm your eyes. These cases are valid, and there are endless situations where individuals who invested much energy gazing at screens have feeble visual perception. Even though individuals have begun depending on focal points and glasses, they, despite everything, do not give enough insurance to your eyes. This is the place the screen privacy step in; the security filters did not have the counter glare work during its earliest stages. Notwithstanding, as time passed by, further developed and advanced structures began to come up, and in the long run, protection channels with the counter glare and capacities presented.

The anti-glare function guarantees that your eyes see only the screen of your PC or PC. Not exclusively does the nearness of the counter glare work imply that your eyes are shielded from intelligent lights, yet they will likewise be protected from the destructive beams that PC screens pass on.

Blue light protection

It shields our eyes from harmful blue light, which is exceptionally hazardous for our eyes. Blue light is likewise alluded to as High Energy Visible light (HEV). A high abundance of blue light is found in tablets, cell phones, TVs, and PCs. Extreme medical problems, for example, a sleeping disorder and crumbling of eyes, are vigorously connected to blue light. Subsequently, it would just bode well to get hold of security channels for your screens as they would ensure that your eyes are shielded from blue lights and frown consistently.

Adverse effects of privacy screen on your eyes

Sharing something that is on your screen gets troublesome also. You will need to point it in the perfect away show others a video or a photograph. 2-way privacy screens help with this issue by letting you effectively flaunt the presentation in the scene direction. Be that as it may, this will not be conceivable on the off chance that you get a 4-way security screen defender.

At last, the review point decrease may not be as constraining as you’d need. As low as view angles of 60 or 90 degrees sound, anybody remaining in nearness, the state on the tram or a means of transport, will at present have the option to see behind you and get a to some degree away from what is going on your screen.

This is because most of the PC security screens are simply intended to ensure your private data on your PC from somebody else. In any case, the luminescence power may not be suitable for your vision without adjusting. For this situation, the PC protection screen will make mischief to your eyes on the off chance that you continue gazing at it. At that point, it is effortless for your eyes to feel eye strain, dry and weariness eyes, and some other eye issues. Along these lines, to maintain a strategic distance from the harm of the PC security screen, you ought not to remain before the PC in any event, when the projection screen is taking a shot at.

Using the monitor privacy screen in your day to day life is a more advantageous motive. The reason why it is advisable to use these screen protectors is that they protect you from different harms. You protect your data from visual hackers, protect your eyes from the intense light of your computer or monitor, protect you from having eye problems due to the blue light effect, and also protect the screen of your laptop from scratches and damages. Therefore, as seen above, privacy screens are significant, primarily if you work in an office.

They are made in such a way that a person passing by cannot have a glance at your passwords or personal files. The `monitor privacy screen is made differently and has continued to advance. The previous ones used silicon features and were in the form of strips. However, there might be inadequacies due to the effect of adding more brightness. Also, sharing of information with your partner hindered as they have to move all over. Use the monitor privacy screen that is the most suitable for you in any situation.

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