Top 10 Pico Projector in 2017

Top 10 Pico Projector in 2017

Nothing is simpler to use than the handheld projector. This companion is portable enough to take with you anywhere. Our editor’s choice of the top 10 Pico projectors in 2017 will help you find one best suited for your budget and lifestyle needs. The device pairs with other compact brands such as cameras, Smartphones, and tablets. They are convenient to use and projects onto different types of surfaces from walls, airplane food trays, notebooks, and portable projection screens. If you would like to get your hands on one of these portable handheld devices, read all about their unique features in our Pico Projector reviews that follow here.

What is the Pico Projector

The Pico projector has become one of the most used handheld devices from the home to the office. The equipment is small making it mobile enough to carry with you on your travels. They can be set up anywhere as long as there is a white wall, projector screen, or any other form of mobile device. The projector uses a LED light source that eliminates the need for a lamp and great to use for work presentations, watching movies and more. They work with battery power and certain models you can embed inside a digital camera or your Smartphone.

The amazing thing about the best Pico projectors is the large display shown against a wall. The only downside is they present you with a low brightness and clarity compared to their bigger brothers. What are the Best Pico Projectors Used For The best Pico projectors designed to use with smaller electronics. You can use your phone to project movies onto a wall using the handheld projector. Certain models are great for office presentations when in a meeting as they are portable enough to take with your while traveling.  Review of the Best Pico Projectors

The RIF6 CubeThe RIF6 Cube

4.2$250- $300
The MP-CL1 Sony Portable ProjectorThe MP-CL1 Sony Portable Projector

The AAXA P300 PicoThe AAXA P300 Pico



The LUMEX Pico ProjectorThe LUMEX Pico Projector


The Magnasonic Handheld ProjectorThe Magnasonic Handheld Projector

The PocketPicoThe PocketPico

The Amaz-Play Mobile Pico ProjectorThe Amaz-Play Mobile Pico Projector


 1. The RIF6 Cube

The RIF6 Cube - pico projectorsThe RIF6 cube is a 2-inch convenient mobile projector used with a phone, gaming console, laptop, or tablet. The color design is silver and is compatible with HDMI devices. The unit uses a rechargeable battery with a minimum use of up to 90-minutes charged through mobile adapters. The light projection of the LED light lasts up to 20,000-hours and the display stretches up to 120-inches. You can connect the cube with a Micro SD, MHL, or HDMI and has a native resolution of 854 x 480 (WVGA).

Further, there is a video input up to a full HD 1080p. The brightness is 50 lumens and you may need an additional adapter. Included with your purchase you receive the HDMI and MHL connector cables, remote control, USB charger, mini tripod and a one-year limited warranty. Pros: Cons:Great to watch outdoor movies The sound is low when used with certain devicesEasy to use Compact Clear picture Can use with an iPad Can use the device while charging

2. The MP-CL1 Sony Portable Pico Projector

The MP-CL1 Sony Portable Projector - pico projectorsFor high-definition viewing, the MP-CL1 Sony portable projector turns any surface into the best viewing experience. For clarity, it uses a laser and has no lens giving you an aspect ratio of 16:9 and 1920 x 720 HD.Connect by means of HDMI or MHL to a mobile device and speakers with headphone using Bluetooth or the audio jack. The Pico projects rich color and the laser technology have a tight beam of light for each pixel to create the perfect image.Sony has taken it a step further to reduce the speckle noise in the laser while the dynamic mode gives color brightness to view photos and videos.

The device you can use to project on uneven surfaces with the distortion correction circuit. The compact size makes the MP-CL1 look like a thin paperback novel and gives you the option of choosing a size that suits your viewing needs. View from 40-inch up to 120-inch wide screen images. The system requires no manual focusing and includes the following accessories lens cover stand, use in horizontal and vertical position, carrying pouch, and a USB charging cable. Further, the device includes a one-year limited warranty. Pros: Cons:Needs no manual focusing Lacks an internal memory Connects wirelessly to mobile devices and a PCCompatible with MHL and HDMI

3. The AAXA P300 Pico Projector

The AAXA P300 Pico - pico projectorsFor a portable 0.97 lbs lightweight projector, the AAXA P300 is one of the best Pico Projectors you can buy at an affordable price. The lamp life is 20k-hours and gives you 60-minutes of battery use. The projector has built-in speakers and the compatible ratio is 4:3 to 16:9. The P300 connects via HDMI, VGA, A/V, micro SD, and USB. This is a great handheld projector to use for business presentations and home media sharing. Setting up the device only takes a couple of seconds with the USB plug in play. Can connect to Apple Mac and PC and gives a 120-inche image when viewed in low-light condition.

The size of the Pico is 5.9 x 3.9 x 1.6-inches. Included with your purchase you receive the P300, adjustable tripod, VGA 1280 x 800 input support, HDMI 1280 x 800 input support, a micro SD card slot,  composite video input, USB port, remote control, wall charger and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The built-in battery is rechargeable and consists of a lithium-ion battery and you receive a one-year limited warranty. Pros: Cons:Versatile to use for work and leisure No main adjustment Top-notch quality The tripod included could be better Perfect size for traveling Amazing lumen projection and its LEDLightweight Easy to use.

4. The LG PH300 PICO Projector

The LG PH300 PICO  - pico projectorsThe LG PH300 Pico uses a LED light source and has an embedded battery with 2.5-hours of use. The high-definition resolution is (1280×720) and is a USB plug and play with 300 ANSI lumens. The digital tuner built into the device and you can enjoy a 100-inch viewing experience. The Pico has television functions and able to receive over-the-air signals for real-time sports games. Connect the projector by means of a Smartphone, or tablet to a big screen. The unit connects through HDMI and MHL with a converter cable to Android and iOS devices. Plug and play movies from your PC or another mobile device.

Use it for presentations as it reads PPT, Word and Excel files. Further, the picture quality has a contrast ratio of 100,000:1.A keystone auto correction automatically rectifies the image. The LED light last up to 30k-hours and you can enjoy up to 4-hours a day of viewing. Other special features connect to speakers and include a lithium-ion battery and remote control. Pros: Cons:The TV tuner works well Does not include BluetoothPlays different file formats The auto keystone is perfect and quick Has a manual feature for rectifying the image.

5. The ASUS S1 Pico Projector

The ASUS S1 - pico projectorsThe ASUS S1 Pico has a built-in 6,000 mAh rechargeable battery to enjoy up to 3-hours viewing. This unique handheld projector uses DLP technology with a LED lifespan of up to 30k-hours. The lumens brightness is 200 with a native resolution of 854 x 480.You can view up to 100-inches in low-light conditions on a big screen. With the palm-size, the projector weighs .75-pounds and great to take with you on your travels. Connect the device using HDMI or MHL and includes the USB port charging cable only.

There is an enhanced speaker for the best sound and connects to iOS and with an extra Lighting Digital AV adapter sold separately, you can connect it to your Apple device. For connecting to Samsung, you need to buy the specific MHL cable. Further, you receive the instruction manual, USB charging cable, and two travel cases. Pros: Cons:Lightweight No remote control includedDecent video quality Not great for business useSolidly built.

6. The LUMEX Pico Projector

The LUMEX Pico Projector - pico projectorsThe LUMEX is compatible with Mac, Windows, Tablets, Android, iOS, and iPod. The equipment has a mini SD card port with a 4 pin USB cable included. Further, the projector has PC VGA and HDMI and VGA ports. Enjoy a high-definition experience with the DLP LED lamp for up to 30k-hours. With the built-in stereo audio speakers, you have a theater system in the palm of your hand. The MX500 has a 500 lumen combined with Texas Instrument DLP technology and vivid color technology.

View 200-inch images with brilliant colors. Connect to your PC, DVD player, Smartphone and more. Other standout features are the fact that you can connect a keyboard, mouse, and game controller. Use the Pico projector for viewing documents and images via the USB port or use the micro SD card slot to upload files directly to the device.Pros: Cons:Compact in size Has no zoom function Connects to different devices Great for presentations and movies Excellent customer service.

7. The ICODIS G1 Pico Projector

The ICODIS G1 - pico projectorsThe iCODIS G1 is a top-rated Pico projector with DLP Technology and has 100-lumen brightness. The resolution of the projectors 854 x 480 and can support 1920 and 1080. For the best viewing experience, you can view movies with a display size up to 120-inches. The LED life use is 30k-hours and the device is portable with the 200 grams weight. Connect to your Smartphone by means of the HDMI port. The gadget has a built-in wireless display to support Airplay and supports TF cards and USB.

The connectivity HDMI cables included in the package. The lithium-ion 3,000mAh battery is built-in and rechargeable with a running time of up to 110-minutes. The display technology used is a DLP HD LED lens. The G1 has a 12-month warranty. Pros: Cons:Works well in dimly lit rooms Cannot use the projector while chargingCompact and lightweight Lacks keystone correctionCan use with different devices Remote controls included


8. The Magnasonic Handheld Pico Projector

The Magnasonic Handheld ProjectorFor the smallest Pico projector, the Magnasonic is 3.9 x 3 x 0.5-inches and is a DPL device with HDMI connection. Compared to the previous Pico projector reviews here, this unit displays 60-inch size videos and images.Using the projector is simple with the plug and play feature. With the 25 lumens LED DLP light, you can enjoy viewing images with a 640 x 360 resolution at home. The contrast ratio is 1100:1 and has a battery used of 2-hours. The device uses a lithium-ion 2100mAh rechargeable battery and comes included with an HDMI, micro HDMI, and MHL cable.

Use the device with your Samsung device adapter. Connect it to the laptop, tablet, and Android and Apple devices. For listening to videos, there is an internal speaker or you can connect it to an external speaker with the 3.5mm headphone jack. The Pico can accept input up to 1080p and is perfect for the home. Setting up the projectors simply done via plugs & play feature. The LED bulb has a lamp life of 20k-hoursPros: Cons:Picture quality is good Sound of the speakers is poor Runs without any problems up to 10-hours straightSolidly built device Compact Great for traveling

9. The PocketPico

The PocketPico - pico projectorsFor a handheld projector, the PocketPico is versatile to use and lightweight. This model fits into your hand and can play through an Android and iPhone device. Connect wireless through the 5G Wi-Fi and it has keystone correction. This handy unit has an internal storage of 16GB, HDMI connectivity, and Bluetooth. Use it for streaming movies, images, video games, and presentations. The great thing about this projector is it comes loaded with business and entertainment apps from Netflix to YouTube.

Screen mirroring quick and easy with the airplay and Miracast apps. The device has a 500 lumen with 2000:1 distinction ratio. View 854 x 480p resolution as it projects up to a 120-inch image when used in a dark room.With the 1080p HDMI input feature, you can connect it to an Xbox, Play Station, or laptop. Included with your purchase you receive a HDMI cable, a wireless mouse that folds, pivot tripod, carry case, USB data transfer cable, rechargeable batty (2-hours use), and the USB/DC charger cable.Another important feature is the 12-month warranty on the labor and parts. Pros: Cons:Looks great Text is difficult to readLoads of accessories included The UI is bright

10. The Amaz-Play Mobile Pico Projector

The Amaz-Play Mobile Pico Projector - pico projectorsFor the best mobile Pico projector, nothing compares to the Amaz-Play. The device has a built-in 4,000mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery with 120-minutes playtime. Charge the projector via your Smartphone or tablet using the USB port while on the go.Works with Hot Spot wireless connection with Airplay or Miracast and for the best office doc viewing, we suggest you sue Airplay. Connect to Apple devices with the included HDMI cable and AV adapter that sold separately.

 The Amaz-Play uses DPL technology with a 20k-hour LED lifespan and 100-lumen brightness displaying an image size up to 120-inches. The mobile Pico is perfect for home theater entertainment and office meetings. The native resolution of the device is 854 x 480 and compatible with 1080i/p. Pros: Cons:The brightness of images is perfect Fan runs a bit loud in a quiet roomCan operate from an AC adapterYou receive an adapter, remote, HDMI cable and tripod


Whether you need to enjoy home entertainment or presentations at work the mobile Pico Projector is perfect. Choose one for your lifestyle and needs from our list of the top 10 Pico projectors for 2017 reviewed here. Each device has its own unique features to keep your family entertained for hours. Viewing a theater experience at home has become easier with our Top 10 Pico Projector for 2017. Enjoy the best movies in the comfort of your home.

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