Best Shark Steam Mops in 2019 – Keep your Environment Clean

Having the best shark steam mops not only helps you to keep your environment clean but also to make it enjoyable. Everyone loves cleanliness, but cleaning has never been this easy before. Additionally, shark steam mops are more efficient than most cleaning methods. To be fairly honest, your floors should never be a bother to you.

These machines are there to simplify the process by a significant margin. However, they might have some extra weight, but their performance will exceed your expectation. Although there are many products on the market, a bigger percentage is not worth your investment. That’s why we prepared this guide in advance; it has the best shark steam mops that you can choose. Read the following review to find your most preferred shark steam mop. You can also check out this: Top 10 Best Vacuum Steam Mop Combos In 2019

Best Shark Steam Mops in 2019 That You Should Have In Your House

Best Shark Steam Mops Review | Keep your Environment Clean

9. Shark SK435CO Steam and Spray Mop

shark steam mops

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If you need a high level of cleaning performance at home or work, you can combine this product with Shark Hard Floor Cleanser. Why not when it would power through the toughest stains? Additionally, for the kitchen or bathroom, you can use with SaniFiber pads that are disposable to clean any germs.

These shark steam mops are designed in such a way that anyone can use them. You will get a perfect amount of steam for cleaning through its one-touch electronic steam control. When cleaning a sanitized floor, use steam only. The quick cleanups require to spray only. This design favors the removal of the power cord.

As for the reviews, the customer said that they had another machine that failed. When they bought this machine, they have loved it. This product has a rating of 4 stars.

8. Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Hard Floor Cleaning Pocket Mop

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If you have children or pets, harsh chemicals are a threat to them. Certified Refurbished Genius Steam Pocket Mop is a perfect replacement for dangerous cleaning chemicals. It has a direct steam channeling that can clean surfaces. Additionally, it uses steam to sanitize the floors. This gives it a competitive edge over its competitors.

The designer made it as one of the lightest shark steam mops. In addition to that, it has a touch-free advancement. Thus, you will never touch unclean mop head if you purchase it. When you want the pad to drop off, you can achieve it by pressing the pad release button. You can use it for both large and small amounts of space, for example, two-story house or tiny apartment.

To most customers, these are the best shark steam mops that look as good as new. They say that the mop works well and is easy to use. Also, some recommend it since it is easy to put together. To confirm these praises, the product rating at Amazon stands at 4.3 stars.

7. Shark Genius Sanitizing Steam Pocket Mop System

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Shark Lift Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop Hardwood Floor Cleaner is the way to go in the 21st century. Long are the days when cleaning required buckets and old school mops. Also, if you need the best shark steam mops that can clean hardwood floors and the areas above them, look no further.

This is a well-designed lightweight mop. It has three electronic steam settings, a touch-free technology, and an Intelli Mop Head. Therefore, you will not make your hands untidy through dirty pads or mops. Using it is a piece of cake. You will only attach the pad and commence your cleaning session. After that, release the dirty pad by pressing the button. Besides, the storage of this mop is possible in a closet or room corner.

Most customers love it since they do not have to bend or come into contact with dirty mop heads. Also, they say that it makes cleaning easier than other brands. The mop is strong and heats quickly. About 70% of the customers gave it full 5 stars it deserves. However, its overall rating is 3.9 stars.

6. Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop

Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop (S3601)

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It is time to protect your family from harsh chemicals by using the best shark steam mops. This product has great performance to exceed your expectation. Within 30 seconds only, the mop will have super-heated steam. Additionally, if you use it on hard floors, it will sanitize them killing 99.9% of germs. Why not choose it for superior cleaning? You will also not regret its faster dry times.

The best shark steam mops should have XL water capacity, and Shark Professional Steam Pocket is not an exception. Moreover, it offers you three levels of intelligent steam control. This is to make sure that every time you need to clean, you will be having the appropriate amount of steam. Another benefit of this mop is its two-sided cleaning with every pad. It has the right quality and will serve you for a long period.

If you were to go by the majority, you will find this as one of the best shark steam mops. They have mentioned that it helps them to achieve a high amount of cleanliness. Also, they recommend it for pet owners who would like to clear small messes on floors. This product has an impressive rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 stars.

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5. Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop

Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop (S3973D)

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Whether you need to blast away sticky dirt, sanitize your surface, or switch into a convenient cleaning method, this is your product. We recommend it because it does all this. Its advantages range from ease of cleaning, speed, and simplicity. Its intelli-mop technology allows you to release or attach the pad using a button.

The design of this mop makes it one of the best shark steam mops. It boasts a dual-sided dirt grip pads. In addition to this, you have its three-setting intelligent steam control to thank for its effortless scrubbing, mopping, and dusting. The Shark Lift-Away pro steam pocket mop has 3 feet above-floor accessory hose. Therefore, you can use it for any type of cleaning.

Customers’ feedback is that it cleans sticky and gross things that used to give them trouble. They express their satisfaction with the fast heating and drying, which leaves them with super clean floors. Just like the one above it, this product has received 4 stars on

4.Shark Steam Mop Hard Floor Cleaner for Cleaning and SanitizingShark Steam Mop Hard Floor Cleaner for Cleaning and Sanitizing with XL Removable Water Tank and 18-Foot Power Cord (S1000A)

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This is one of the best shark steam mops that are effective. By using the power of steam only, this mop you will have strain-free cleaning sessions. All you need is water to clean through any messes. Additionally, it not only cleans but also sanitizes. The reason we recommend it is that you will no longer need chemicals to clean. Also, it does not have residue.

The designer had the user in mind. They made it with less weight and ensured it is maneuverable. Therefore, you can reach all the tight spaces. Uninterrupted cleaning time is also possible thanks to its SL removable water tank. Besides, this tank is not only easy to fill but also to refill. The power cable extends through a length of 18 feet. This mop has one of the best steams which is ready within 30 seconds. Lastly, it has a compact size and upright lock which simplifies its storage.

According to the customers who are using the product, these are the best shark steam mops they have ever had. Each machine is very lightweight and quiet. Also, they prefer this method to the old school ugly mops and water. To some, it has brought changes to the appearance of the floors and tiles. Many people have rated it 5 stars due to its undeniable features. The average rating is 4.2 stars.

3. Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System Pocket

Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System Pocket

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There is no doubt that the best shark steam mops help to kill 99.9% of bacteria without leaving residuals and chemicals behind. However, according to the manufacturer, this Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop is the easiest-to-use and the most advanced steam mop they have. You can use it for minor cleanings on a daily basis or when deep cleaning your fancy room.

It features a three-setting electronic intelligent steam control to help you in regulating the steam amount. Additionally, they used the steam blaster technology for this mop, which will give you extra-targeted steam power. The technology loosens the stuck-on, greasy, and tough messes on the floors and cleans them with ease.

Moreover, the mop has a dual-sided dirt grip pads that clean and sanitizes hard floors. These pads are also washable. If all you need is to avoid touching dirt, this mop guarantees you a functional touch-free technology. After purchasing, you will receive spray pocket mop, dirt grip pads, genius mop head, spray bottle with clip and cleaning solution. Ensure that you do not use bleach; instead, fill the flask with water.

Customers find these mops very easy to assemble. They also like their power in removing stains. Moreover, shark steam mops are lightweight and easy to maneuver. Notably, it has a rating of 4.3 stars.

2. Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop

Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop

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Say goodbye to harsh chemicals because this shark steam mob has your back. It ensures that your hard floors are sparkling clean. It also offers 99.9% sanitization against germs as well as bacteria. The floor will also dry within no time.

Its design incorporates intelligent steam control. That gives you the power to determine the amount of steam to use. You get three options. Its other great feature is the shark steam pocket technology.

Ease of assembling, using and cleaning has seen most of the buyers praise it endlessly. That explains the 4.2 stars out of 5 ratings.

1. Shark Steam Pocket Mop Hard Floor Cleaner with Swivel Steering XL Water Tank

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If you need to clean dirt or even grime, this is a perfect choice. It not only cleans but also sanitizes the floor 99.9%. Therefore, you also eliminate germs and bacteria. It comes with 2 microfiber pads. They are easy to wash. The handle is also soft.

Its design makes it ideal for sealed/glazed hard floors. Its power cord measures 22 feet. On the other hand, the water tank has a capacity of 450 ml. The steam mop has a dual-sided steam pocket pad. It also releases powerful steam to give you excellent results.

It has a rating of 4.1 stars after receiving almost 4,000 reviews. That’s because customers love its durability, cord length, and versatility. It is ideal for deep cleaning and hardwood floors. Assembling it is also easy.

How does shark steam mops work compared to other steam mops?

Shark Steam Mops

Shark is a renowned brand when it comes to steam mops. However, you might not get great results if you don’t do it the right way. To avoid that, read our guide on how shark steam mops work.

  • The first thing is to assemble the shark steam mop.
  • Secondly, fill its tank with water.
  • Thirdly, dampen the cloth by pumping its handle a number of times
  • Then, select the best mode for your situation. You can choose among dust, mop and scrub modes for light cleanups, regular cleaning, and stubborn grease, respectively.
  • Use a back and forth movement pattern as you clean

Tips when using a Shark Steam Mop

  • Get rid of debris and any other dry waste on your floor before using shark steam mops. This will ensure that neither scratches nor gouges find their way on your smooth floor.
  • Ensure that the water heats for about 30 seconds before you start using it.
  • To see to it that the steam pipes don’t clog and that there are no cases of scaling, fill your water tank with clean water only.
  • Unplug your mop as soon as you finish cleaning.
  • Make sure that your cloth cools before you remove it.

Compared to other steam mops, the shark ones are the best. The only shortcoming is the fact that they are not ideal for cleaning carpets. So, if you have to clean carpets, it would be wise to go for another brand. When it comes to pricing, they are also reasonable. Below are the details.

What is the price range of shark steam mops?

Shark Steam Mops 1

If you visit, expect to find Shark steam mops with prices ranging from approximately $10 to $200. That’s quite a huge margin since they are of the same brand. Nevertheless, that makes sense given their differences when it comes to features. For instance, some of them are cordless. It is convenient since you can comfortably clean every corner of your room. When it comes to those with cords, their length differs and so do the prices. For those with cables measuring 8 meters, it will be more convenient using them compared to those with 6-meter cables.

Other models have intelligent steam control feature. It enables you to control the amount of steam getting out of your mop. Settings include high, low and medium depending on what works best for you. You definitely expect to cough much money for the same. The size of the water tank also determines the price.

Some have handles that are more comfortable than others. Their grips are soft and great yet easy to use even when cleaning will take quite some time. There are others capable of removing tough stains better than others.

Another factor that contributes to the difference in prices is the attachment that comes with each shark steam mop. They include water fill flask, spray bottle, cleaning solution, clip, spray pocket mop, dirt grip pads and genius mop head among others.

In that case, ensure that to compare what you are getting and the money you are spending despite the fact that you are dealing with the same band. Also, it is okay to go for a cheap or an expensive steam mop as long as what you get is worth every penny you spend on it.

Having discussed the top 10 best shark steam mops in 2019, we hope that you will have an easy time choosing one. If that happens, the time and efforts spent researching on this topic will not be in vain. You will always look forward to cleaning your house since you get to enjoy every second of doing that. Ensure that you compare all of them to avoid buying one that isn’t perfect for your needs. The guide should also help use it once you secure one. Never forget that cleaning doesn’t have to feel like slavery. The right shark steam mop is all that you need. Best of luck!

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