Best Conference Room Camera in 2018

To get professional management and service delivery in any conference room rely majorly on the type of surveillance cams used. But purchasing the best cam requires thorough research and review of the existing conference webcams in the market. In this regard, we have decided to simplify the task for you by reviewing the best conference cams in 2018. In this review, we have considered the unique features that you will need to check when making a purchase and it call Conference Room Camera. Read this piece of work and learn it.

Best Conference Room Camera in 2018

9. LiFu Wireless IP, [1080 X 720P Home Security Surveillance] Camera

LiFu Wireless IP, [1080 X 720P Home Security Surveillance] Camera - Conference Room Camera

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Lifu Wi-Fi 720 is a home surveillance camera with an inbuilt microphone and night mode vision for a pet.  You can adjust the motion detect sensibility when the monitor is detected or alarm is triggered, and an instant email will be sent to your account. Lifu wireless camera comes with a free phone app for Android and iOS. You can, therefore, view the footage via iPad, iPhone, Android phone, and Tablet. The setup process is pretty easy. You only need to plug the power cable, download the MIPC app and set it up from your Android or iOS device. Regarding versatility, the cam stand can be set on a wall, tripod, or shelf.


8. Conference Table Management Box Conference Table Management Box

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This is the top class conference room table that offers professional conference room management.  StarTech conference table will help eliminate clutter at your table or podium by organizing as well as storing cables in the conference table management box. This sleek design conference table comes with a table cable box and has cutout dimensions of (5.2 x 5.2) inches. The packages entail a conference room AV cable clutter, surface mount box, surface mount outlet, conference table connectivity box, tabletop box, AV connection panel with a built-in hideaway panel.

7. Logitech Video Conference [BCC950] Cam

Logitech Video Conference [BCC950] Cam

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Logitech BCC950 webcam comes with an HD 1080p Conference Room camera with an in-built speakerphone. Benefit from the broad application compatibility. This webcam is optimized for Microsoft Lync and Skype has a remote control and base options and works with most other popular UC platforms. You can, therefore, quickly tilt the cam, zoom, volume up/down/mute and answer/hang during calls. Logitech Omni-directional mic pickup and echo cancellation audio make it seem like conversations are happening in the same room. Other amazing features include a professional HD video with superior speakerphone audio for small and simple group conferencing.

6. Logitech ConferenceCam Connect [All in one Video Collaboration Solution] for Small groups

Logitech ConferenceCam Connect [All in one Video Collaboration Solution] for Small groups

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Logitech conference cam comes with a full HD 1080p video, USB and Bluetooth speakerphone and plug-and-play compatibility. The plug-and-play compatibility entails a USB connectivity to PC, thin clients; Bluetooth and NFC mobile device, and Mac. The conference webcam is compatible with most UC and web conferencing applications. Its wireless screen mirror projection allows you to connect mobile devices to the conference being to display presentations and other content on a TV screen from a tablet or smartphone.

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5. HuddleCamHD-3x G2 USB 2.0 [PTZ 1080p] Video Conference Camera-Black

HuddleCamHD-3x G2 USB 2.0 [PTZ 1080p] Video Conference Camera-Black

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If you have been looking for a conference cam with a 3x optical zoom, then you got it. HuddleCamHD video conference webcam provides variable focal length, a USB connection to PC for video and RS232 connection for wired control. Another amazing feature is the free remote pan, full 1080p -1920 x1080p @30fps, ½.7 inches CMOS2.1 Mega Pixel image sensor, and tilt driver over USB 2.0 cable. Get 81-degree field of view in wide zoom; 36 degrees field of view in tele zoom.

4. Huddly GO Video Conferencing Camera

Huddly GO Video Conferencing Camera

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Huddly is a USB plug and plays Conference Room camera that works both with windows and MacOS. With a recent software release, the cam can now support both USB 2 and USB 3 when an update is installed. If you need a conference cam that will work well with all the favorite applications like Skype, Google hangouts, and zoom, then this is a must buy. Huddly Go video camera is built for use in small meeting rooms for 2 to 6 people, in medium size conference rooms up to 12 people and for live streaming. Lastly, this cam has ultra-wide angle lens with excellent image quality, powered by cutting-edge software on Conference Room camera. Why not benefit from the lossless HD zoom up to 4x?

3. Huddly Go Camera Room Kit

Huddly Go Camera Room Kit

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Huddly Go cam kit is a high-end quality, wide angle lens, USB plug and play cam that supports all your favorite applications like Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangout. This cam is built for use in huddle rooms, I mid-size conference rooms, laptops, and live streaming. Huddly Go cam works with both Windows and MacOS, while its new Conference Room camera software now supports both USB 2 and USB 3 when an update is installed. With 150 degrees ultra-wide lens, you will get excellent image quality, powered by cutting-edge Conference Room camera.

2. Logitech PTZ Pro Camera

Logitech PTZ Pro Camera

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Logitech PTZ is a USB HD 1080p Video camera that delivers professional video quality to any conference room. The cam is ideal for custom integration due to its flexibility to use multi-mounting options and three camera presets. Get a 90 degrees field of view, 130 degrees tilt, and mechanical 260-degrees pan. These features give you a wide field of view and versatile controls making it easy to see all participant in the conference room.  Other amazing features include H264 SVC Video Compression, premium USB PTZ video camera, and plug and play compatibility.

1. Meeting Owl 360 Degree Video Conference [with Auto-Speaker Focus] Cam

Meeting Owl 360 Degree Video Conference [with Auto-Speaker Focus] Cam

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Meeting Owl 360 Degree Video Conference Room camera offers you a 360-degree audio and video. The 360-degree lens allows the device to see all directions at the same time, while an 8 microphone array ensures everyone within 12 feet to be heard. The package entails a 6 ft USB cable, 12 ft power supply, and a quick start guide. Owl automatically highlights up to 3 speakers at a go, while providing a dynamic shifting from speaker to speaker as the conversation moves. Also, no software download is needed for the plug and play functionality to work. Why not reduce the number of devices needed in the conference room with the combined video and audio?


In conclusion, this review has listed and highlighted all the unique features of each webcam. Therefore, buying a conference webcam has now been simplified. All you need is to prepare your budget and visit the nearest vendor to get a cam that meets your needs. No need to wait further, order yours.

Top 10 Best On-Camera LED Lights 2018

Working through an inadequate lighting is a punishment at best. Apart from the fact that it kills time, it is also the fastest way to come up with a poor job. That’s not considering that you expose yourself to harms and injuries while straining to get clarity. For those into photographing and video coverage, on-camera LED lights are lifesavers. You can’t rely on natural views to create the best shots.

The other alternative is to deplore the ample lighting from halogens. But, that isn’t the smartest move. The heat and the resulting discomfit is a kill-joy. You end up getting more stuck while trying to get the most enabling environment for your work.

But then, why should anyone go through that arduous experience? It isn’t that there is much to get crisp, clear and perfect handy lightening systems. It is just a couple of buttons away. Work can be fun. So is reading and other chores at home. All you need is to create the best working environment and watch yourself catching fun through the most terrible time of the tasks.

Here is the list of the best on-camera LED lights that will make your work a piece of cake.

Top 10 Best On-Camera LED Lights 2018

10 . ikan iLED6 Zoom ENG LED On-Camera Light

ikan iLED6 Zoom ENG LED On-Camera Light - On-Camera LED Lights

If you are a professional that places ease and quality high on your list, this ikan product is a must-have for you. This strong on-camera LED light has all you need for a reliable professional coverage. It is built in a way that the efficient energy LED can be adjusted to deliver a perfect job from any angle.

Some of the standout features include easy movement due to lightweight nature of the lamp. It is energy efficient with an adjustable rotary knob that gives you total control of the dimmer, built-in barn doors and stable structure that guarantees durability and stability.

Lastly, it is powered by the industry standard L-series battery.

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9. Fiilex P100 On-Camera LED Video Light (Generation 2)

Fiilex P100 On-Camera LED Video Light (Generation 2) - On-Camera LED Lights

Fiilex P100 is the next on-camera LED light on our list. It is a spectacular LED light with a high CRI cumulating at 90. This can be done across continuously adjustable points of 3000k to the max of 5600k. This compact LED light also offers a full spectrum light quality that ensures there are no spikes in your works.

This on-camera LED light also has a unique dense matrix LED design and offers a beam angle adjustable from 30- to 54-degree spot. You don’t want to miss the on/off switch that allows you to run the light while you keep the settings. Also, as part of the package, you have a 2-hour battery with an AC adapter to support.

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8.  Stellar Lighting Systems STL-232R LED Ring Light for DSLR Cameras

Stellar Lighting Systems STL-232R LED Ring Light for DSLR Cameras - On-Camera LED Lights

This compact and lightweight on-camera LED offers the ideal facial fill lights that give that extra glint in your work. Unlike many in its category, this special lightening equipment provides ease of mobility and is friendly to use on any set.

You can have it on your DSLR and get a perfect result without it coming in to disrupt the functions of the lens. It is rated as one of the most adaptable and easy to use LED light for film and cinema shooting.

Other features include 1700 Lumen giving the perfect exposure you need on the job. The colour temperature works up to 5880K with the lamp backed by a 12-month warranty.

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7. Lowel ViP Pro-Light (120VAC/12VDC)

Lowel ViP Pro-Light (120VAC/12VDC) - On-Camera LED Lights

This on-camera light is an AC-powered video light with a unique focusing system. It allows you to recreate the effect of a Fresnel lens without having to lose the required level of light for your work.

The 5/8 interface allows it to be mounted on light stands and other equipment beaming the amount of required brightness into your work. You can also use the Lowel ViP Pro-Light as an eye light. However, you may need to do a lot of searches because it’s quite scarce in the market.

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6.  Rotolight NEO On-Camera LED Light

Rotolight NEO On-Camera LED Light (50-100 words) - On-Camera LED Lights

The Rotolight NEO is another unique on camera led light on our list here. With a single shape that looks like a football and gives a great feel when being used. This light is a versatile one offering a bi-colour, bi-camera LED light that delivers a 50-degree beam angle.

You can work the colour temperature between 3120K and 6300K with the aid of a rear rotary knob. You also have the other rotary knob that gives the dimness you required to as low as 0% from 100%.

Though you can have as much as 1077 lux brightness from the 120 LEDs, yet you don’t have to blow up the power used. You also have flicker-free at all frame rates/shutter angles all powered by the six AA batteries that can last you for 5 good hours.

Lastly, you can have accurate colour temperature and brightness shown through an electronic display while still shooting your work.

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5.  Lume Cube 1500 Lumen Light

 Lume Cube 1500 Lumen Light - On-Camera LED Lights

If you require an on-camera LED light that can go anywhere with you, the Lume Cube 1500 is your sure bet. It gives 6000k colour temperature with dimness adjustable from 0 to 1500 Lumen.

It is designed to be 100% waterproof LED meaning it will go places where other lamp dares not go. Add that up to its compactness and lightweight; you could say Lume Cube 1500 is the perfect companion on this job anytime.

You also have an integrated battery that can last you over an hour depending on the use and the 1/4”-20 allows you to mount it on many accessories. Add all of that up to the fact that you can use Bluetooth control on it for up to five fixtures and you will agree that this is about the most versatile in its category. This lightweight lamp is designed to be mobile and perfect for the detailed professional job.

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4. Genaray LED-2100 36 LED Compact On-Camera Light

Genaray LED-2100 36 LED Compact On-Camera Light - On-Camera LED Lights

This compact on-camera LED light can be deceptive if you look at its size. Notwithstanding its huge size, it weights just as light as many other simple LED lights around. The LED-2100 can be used by a pro as well as an everyday user because of its compactness.

The light is shoe-mountable with adapters for Sony Multi-Interface Shoe (MIS). The design makes combining multiple LED-2100 lights to create further brightness and special effects where required.

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3. LED Video Light, GILUMI 192pcs Ultra Thin Dimmable High Power Panel Lamp on Camera Video Light

LED Video Light, GILUMI 192pcs Ultra Thin Dimmable High Power Panel Lamp on Camera Video Light - On-Camera LED Lights

This is an exceptional video accessory that gives you peace of mind and balance while doing your work. Ultra-thin and light-weight, it offers adjustable brightness that produces between 3200K and 6000K. The flexible, 90 adjustable holders also enhance clear angle lights while you smile home to well over 90% lighting and clarity.

Also, its special LED lamp layout design with a rich lighting range gives brighter effects. You will be able to carefully monitor battery life through the 4-LED indicator while busy with your work. Lastly, it is compatible with a host of standard hot-shoe cameras.

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2. Godox LED 64 Continuous On Camera LED Panel light

Godox LED 64 Continuous On Camera LED Panel light - On-Camera LED Lights

Here is our number 2 rated on-camera LED panel light. It is a lightweight and compact tool that can be used to achieve different light brightness. It is environment-friendly, has a low power-consumption and is a highly sturdy and durable.

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1. NEEWER 160 LED CN-160 Dimmable Ultra High Power Panel Digital Camera / Camcorder

NEEWER 160 LED CN-160 Dimmable Ultra High Power Panel Digital Camera / Camcorder - On-Camera LED Lights

Here is our no #1 rated on-camera LED light, NEEWER 160. This on-camera LED light offers brightness and clarity to the most in-depth as preferred by the users. The 160 LED lights ensure that there can never be a dark area escaping the sight of the user. You have the power to control and adjust brightness without any strain through the special switch for power on/off.

Other features are that it is compatible with five different kinds of batteries and offers adjustable light intensity for effects and professional details. Lastly, you have extra filters that can easily control the colour temperatures to as low as 3200K.

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Here is the list of our top on-camera LED light for the year 2018. We are we sure you have your preferences well highlighted. So, it’s time to take your scene shooting and lighting system to the next level.

Top 10 Best Drone Cameras in 2018 Review

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) which are controlled via a remote control or pre-flight coordinates that are programmed into the main flight plan in the software that control the drones. These drones come in various kinds. There drones which are for professional purposes and then there are drones which are simply made for recreational purpose. Drone cameras has effectively reduced human effort for aerial videography and photography.

Despite reducing human effort, drone cameras make no comprises with the quality of output. For enthusiast and professional photographers alike, drone cameras are now the best options for any and all sorts of aerial photography.

Drone Cameras

These drones vary in prices based on specs and various other variables, starting from a couple of dollars to a few thousand dollars. Some of these drones have built in cameras while other need to be equipped with an aftermarket camera.

Just buying drones and knowing how to fly it is not enough. Different countries laws regarding flying drones. Before starting off with drone cameras, it is imperative that the user has necessary permits and has knowledge about various rules and restrictions regarding flying drones of the respective countries.

For example, taking into consideration the laws of United States of America, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) restricts drones to a height of 400 feet. In many states, flying over houses without permission can count as trespassing, leading to chances of facing severe charges.

The market is filled with a variety of drone cameras, each specializing in different sectors. With a large number of producers and a huge variety in models of drone cameras, it can often get rather confusing when choosing the right one. When buying a drone camera, it is absolutely necessary to consider the requirements of the users first and narrow down the list to a specific few models that best serve the user’s demands.

After that, it is recommended that users look up review of the different models to look up past customer experiences and also know about real times efficiency of respective models. This furthers helps down to shorten the list.

For the user’s out there who require help in choosing the perfect drone cameras, this article with provide a list of the top 10 best drone cameras in the market currently in order to aid people in choosing the right drone camera.

Uses of Drone Cameras

Drone cameras are used for a variety of purposes. The uses of drone cameras range from recreational purposes to professional uses. The difference in size, shape and flight range of different drones enable them to be used to different and specialized purposes.

The drones are often used in search and rescue situations where visual feeds play a critical role in helping the rescuers pursue the best course of action. Drone cameras provide the best video feeds from a higher altitude that helps the rescuers in their job.

Drone cameras can at times be used for security purposes as well. To ensure civil security, drone cameras are often used to monitor suspected terrorists or criminals and by doing so, aids in the maintenance of law and order in the society. Also, during protests or large gatherings of people, it can often get hard to get an overview of the entire gathering.

In this case as well, drones help provide real time overview of the situation and let the security personnel know about any developments. Drone cameras can also be used for industrial inspection as well.

Of all the uses, aerial photography and videography is by far the most popular use of drone cameras. Aerial photography and videography industry has grown exponentially in the past few years. From personal photography to movie grade videography, these drone cameras are undoubtedly the best options to consider.

Equipped with a wide range of cameras, these drone cameras are perfect for the job. This article will showcase a list of the 10 best drone cameras that have been selected on the basis of various criteria.

Best Drone Camera Comparison

DJI Inspire 2DJI Inspire 2

N/A$3000-$3500   Get it now on
DJI Inspire 1DJI Inspire 1

3.8$3000-$3500   Get it now on
DJI MavicDJI Mavic

4.5$1000-$1050   Get it now on
DJI Phantom 4DJI Phantom 4

3.9$950-$1000   Get it now on
Yuneec Typhoon HYuneec Typhoon H

2.9$1000-$1050   Get it now on
DJI Phantom 3 (Professional)DJI Phantom 3 (Professional)

4.3$800-$850   Get it now on
Yuneec Q500 4KYuneec Q500 4K

4.2$800-$850   Get it now on
Yuneec BreezeYuneec Breeze

3.1$300-$350   Get it now on
Parrot AR Drone 2.0Parrot AR Drone 2.0

3.3$100-$150   Get it now on
UDI 818AUDI 818A

3.8Below $50   Get it now on

Review of Top 10 Best Drone Cameras

1. DJI Inspire 2

DJI Inspire 2- drone camerasAbout The Product

DJI is one of the most popular brands in the sector of drone cameras. DJI Inspire 2 is the latest release of DJI, its predecessor being the DJI Inspire 1. This drone has surpassed its predecessor in being more powerful and sturdier. The magnesium-aluminum body not only makes this drone lightweight but durable as well.

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The 67 mph speed along with a maximum height of over 15000 feet let’s this drone reach places that might seem impossible on many other drones. However, it does not sacrifice the stability for the speed or maximum height, allowing it to take pictures rather smoothly.

Another amazing function that comes packed with this drone is the self-heating battery. Due to this functionality, users no longer have to worry about flying at great heights in freezing temperatures. This undoubtedly ensures this drone a position in the 10 best drone cameras.

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Design and Quality

Of all the things that earns the DJI Inspire 2 a spot in the list of 10 best drone cameras, dual cameras play a significant role. Of the two cameras, the primary camera is situated on the bottom part of the drone and can rotate a complete 360 degrees, The secondary camera is a simple 2 axis camera situated at the front.

This design was used for the dual camera operation with each camera receiving its individual live feed. The CineCore 2.0 image processing system let’s this drone camera capture videos up to 5.2K at an immense rate of 4.2 Gbps bitrate. It also features a built-in SSD to store all the photographs and videos.

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  • The DJI Inspire 2 is a major upgrade from its predecessor.
  • The most impressive attribute is it X5S camera. The camera has incredible viewing angle alongside a very good low light capability.
  • Furthermore, a flight time of 25 minutes along with 67 mph speed and great stability makes it a great choice for aerial photography.
  • Despite the impressive functions and features that comes equipped with the DJI Inspire 2, it does have a few drawbacks.
  • The camera, though is impressive, faces occasional problems related to the auto-focus features.
  • The obstacle avoidance mechanism also triggers rather early ruining the “fly-by” shots that are favorites of many photographers.
  • There are also a few issues with the image transmission mechanism and the DJI Go App seems rather underdeveloped and has a troublesome user interface.

Despite a few problems that are present in this drone camera, it is still one of the most superior drone cameras in the market now and thus has easily gained the top position at the list of top 10 best drone cameras.

2. DJI Inspire 1

DJI Inspire 1- drone camerasAbout The Product

The predecessor to the DJI Inspire 2, this drone camera still packs a punch when compared to other drone camera models of the current marketplace. This drone features dual cameras which lets the two cameras receive individual live feeds.

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The cameras themselves can be controlled via a separate remote. This drone is rather bulky in size with a weight of around 6.5 pounds. However, the extra size helps the drone with increased stability at altitudes and prevents movements due to wind speed.

It can go at a speed of up to 50 mph and rise up to a height of 15000 feet. This drone is perfect for those who want speed and height in their drones to shoot videos of cars, boats, etc. The 23 minute flight time is enough to satisfy the needs of most.

However, it may seem rather energy hungry to those who want to use this for over 30 minutes. All these features make it an ideal choice to be placed in the list of 10 best drone cameras.

Design and Quality

The Inspire 1 comes with advanced optical and ultrasound system that enables the drone to maintain the perfect position even when there are no GPS signals. The secondary camera detects the movements relative to the ground by observing the ground below the drone.

This ground proximity reading is what controls the drone’s landing gears. This ensures that the landing gears are ready by the time the drone is preparing to land. The primary camera is a 12MP camera with fixed lens that is capable of capturing 4K videos with Sony EMOR 1/2.3-inch sensor.

This camera can rotate 320 degrees and tilt more than 90 degrees. This makes it ideal for photographers looking to capture the world at 4K crisp and clear videos. Furthermore, the detachability of the camera signals to the fact that future upgrades may no longer need for the entire craft to be upgraded rather only the camera.

This drone also has an option for extended battery that allows it to go a few more minutes, giving it a push to the list of the top 10 best drones cameras.

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  • What set the DJI Inspire 1 apart from the other competitors is the complete system that came with its compact design.
  • The practical design, followed by a variety of features and settings that met the requirements of both beginners and professionals made it stand out from other drone cameras.
  • The other most intriguing feature is the 12MP camera that can capture 4K videos along with the secondary 3 axis gimbal with ground proximity sensor for better functionality.
  • This ensures proper flight system even in indoors.
  • With the improved functionalities that are provided by the Inspire 1, comes a few drawbacks.
  • The DJI App has a rather clustered interface and is difficult to use.
  • That along with the lack of PC interface makes it hard to use.
  • Furthermore, a couple of firmware bugs and issues with the ground proximity sensor can make it rather troublesome to use.
  • There’s also the issue with the gimbal which often causes problem with the calibration and landing gear.
  • Despite a few drawbacks that are currently there in the DJI Inspire 1, the features and pros simply outweigh the drawbacks.
  • This is a must have for all enthusiasts and professionals who want to take aerial photography to the next level.

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3. DJI Mavic

DJI Mavic- drone camerasAbout The Product

The DJI Mavic is by far the smallest drone that captures 4K videos and has the live stream functionality. Generally smaller drones tend to lack functionalities and sacrifice on the battery life.

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However, the DJI Mavic completely changed these. It has superior imagery, decent battery life and a good range. Not only that, its autonomous intelligent functions rival that of much bigger drones. This easily ensures a spot in the 10 best drone cameras for this drone

Design and Quality

The DJI Mavic has been created using intelligent design that lets the wings fold underneath and on the side. The rotor too can be folded in half that lets it to be moved behind the drone. This allows the rotors to remain attached to the drone rather than having to remove them each and every time during transportation like the other drones.

All of this weights just a little over one and a half pounds. Like the drone itself, the remote too is rather small in size. However, despite being small in size, the remote does not lack in any of the functionalities.

This remote allows the users to fly the drone without the DJI Go App while displaying basic telemetry in the LCD screen for safe navigation. This drone can be flown without a remote as well. Using only the smartphone and DJI Go App, users can safely operate this drone by flipping on a switch at the back of the drone that switches the drone from R/C mode to Wi-Fi control.

However, this will significantly reduce the range of the drone and thus is recommended to be used only for short range flights. Also, the remote can be combined with the smartphone to gain live feeds and access to complex controls and camera settings.

  Get it now on

  • The DJI Mavic is undoubtedly one of the smallest and lightweight drones that has the ability to capture 4k videos.
  • This makes it a really powerful drone camera which comes with easy portability.
  • It’s hassle free since the propellers and rotors can be folded when keeping it away rather than storing them separately.
  • Furthermore, the stability offered by this drone even at winds of 20 mph makes it easier to capture stable videos and photos.
  • The gesture detection system makes this one of the rare drones with gesture control.
  • The sensors at the front of the drones prevents this drone from crashing while maintaining good positioning using its GPS system.
  • While the DJI Mavic has some really good features, it does have some drawbacks.
  • Specifically speaking, the angle of the camera is not really wide, which can be rather troublesome for a lot of people.
  • Furthermore, it tends to get blue casts in the pictures or videos in some certain lighting conditions.
  • Also it is rather complex in performing many functionalities in comparison to other drones due to a variety of factors.

Overall, this is a revolutionary design which portrays the idea that drones don’t have to be bigger to be better. Rather, even the smallest of drone cameras can be as good as other drone cameras.This drone camera is perfect for a wide range of consumers and thus has earned itself a spot in the list of 10 best drone cameras.

  Get it now on

4. DJI Phantom 4

DJI Phantom 4- drone camerasAbout the Product

The DJI Phantom 4 features a revolutionary step by DJI. This quadcopter is one of the most power efficient quadcopters out there, allowing it a flight time of around 28 minutes. A flight time of that long period is easily enough to meet the demands of most consumers that are willing to try this quadcopter out.

  Get it now on

The long flight time coupled with the advanced camera that records DCI 4K (4096 x 2160) videos at 25 frames per second and UHD 4K (3480 x 2160) at up to 30 frames per second, easily makes this a favorite among those looking to take magnificent and crystal clear photos or videos.

It can also record FHD 1080P at 120 frames per second for effects such as slow motion effect. Apart from that, the camera can also take 12MP photographs in DNG RAW or JPEG. The camera can also take photos in single shots, burst shots and time lapse modes. All these functions are more than sufficient to enlist this drone camera in the list of 10 best drone cameras.

Design and Quality

The DJI Phantom 4 has a sleek unibody construction made of magnesium. This lightweight body along with the streamlined body allows smooth and responsive flight experience for the controller, increasing the maneuverability of the drone in comparison to other drones.

This body has been built to perform tasks even in the windiest of days. While the magnesium body doesn’t exactly ensure a guaranteed crash protection, the front facing visual sensors have obstacle avoidance system and target tracking system which ensures that the drone does not face any trouble with flights, reducing the chances of crash to a great extent.

The vision position features also provides navigations support for the drone in case it loses its GPS navigation system. That along with active braking system ensures a good maneuverability for the drone, preventing any unwanted accidents.

  Get it now on

  • The DJI Phantom 4 is one of the best drones produced by DJI.
  • It has many features that gives it an edge over other drones.
  • The visual sensors really set this drone apart.
  • These sensors are capable of detecting obstacles and thereby either halts or avoids the obstacle.
  • These also act as active tracker that tracks a subject to take videos or photos from various angles.
  • It also features 3 separate flight modes namely: normal, atti and sport, which cater to the needs of different individuals.
  • That along with the impressive 12MP camera and 94o Wide angle lens to capture great photographs and videos.
  • It also has a customizable remote controller and beginner flight mode to let people have the freedom of deciding how to fly this drone.
  • While the Phantom 4 is filled with loads of features, it does suffer from a few minor issues such as issues related to drivers and firmware, obstacle detection system which often fails to detect minor objects such as leafless branches that results in crash, occasional problem with battery, etc.

However, when compared to the advantages this drone has, the few drawbacks seem almost negligible, thereby earning this drone a spot in the 10 best drone cameras.

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5. Yuneec Typhoon H

Yuneec Typhoon H- drone camerasAbout the Product

The Yuneec Typhoon H is a hexacopters, meaning it has six rotors instead of the traditional 4 rotors. However, this drone can still fly safely with only 5 rotors. While majority of the hexacopters in the market are built for professionals and require two people, one to operate the drone and one to operate the camera, the Typhoon H is a consumer friendly drone which requires only one person to pilot it.

  Get it now on

However, there is an option for a second controller for the camera, a feature that is quite rare in drones of this price range. This bundle of features for the price is what puts this drone in the list of 10 best drone cameras.

Design and Quality

The compact body of the Yuneec Typhoon H is rather sturdy and holds together firmly. While it’s not the sturdiest drone out there, it is still quite sturdy enough to meet the demands of most consumers. Although it might not be able to handle a hard crash, there are safety mechanism in place that will prevent it from crashing in the first place.

What it lacks it design, it makes up with the additional features. It is still able to stay rather still even in windy situations, allowing users to take great shots.

  Get it now on

  • One of the most impressive features of this drone is it’s obstacle avoidance sensor.
  • While most traditional quadcopters use visual sensors to detect obstacles, the Typhoon H uses sonar to detect obstacles.
  • Doing so makes it possible for this drone to avoid obstacles even in complete darkness whereas other drones would’ve crashed due to lack of visuals.
  • Apart from that, it has a wide variety of flight modes that are suited for different tasks.
  • Another impressive feature is it’s dedicated controller, the ST16 ground station, which unlike other drones, don’t require a smartphone app to make the best use of all the features.
  • It can also have a secondary controller to have control over its cameras, something that’s used by film makers.
  • Despite the wide array of features, the Typhoon H has some significant drawbacks.
  • The hinges of its legs are rather weak, making them the weakest links in the structure.
  • Another significant drawback is the 17-20 minutes use of the battery which triggered autonomous return.
  • The battery however, needs to be charged for well over 2 hours.
  • That being said, it is important to carry extra batteries in case of long use of the drone.

All these when weighed in terms of value, the features outweigh the drawbacks, granting it a position in the list of 10 best drone cameras.

  Get it now on

6. DJI Phantom 3 (Professional)

DJI Phantom 3 (Professional)- drone camerasAbout the Product

Predecessor to the DJI Phantom 4, this drone itself is still quite a beast. This is a great drone for flying and every function of this drone is manually controllable. However, most of the complex aspects of safe and stable flight are still done automatically by this drone.

  Get it now on

This was a major upgrade from its predecessor with inclusions like the 4K camera, manual control over the drone via smartphone app, etc. The fact that it can still perform in par with many of the new model drones is what earned this drone a place in the list of 10 best drone cameras.

Design and Quality

The Phantom 3 Professional had a huge upgrade in its build quality in comparison to the Phantom 2. It featured a much stronger and sturdier frame while maintaining stability in air. Furthermore, the aerodynamic design helped this minimize wind resistance when flying, allowing it to reach great speeds with much less resistance.

While it wasn’t exactly crash proof, the obstacle detection system present in it meant that it rarely had to crash. The inclusion of GLONASS greatly improved its positioning system, enabling it to fly smoothly both indoors and outdoors.

  Get it now on

  • The most significant upgrade that came with this model was the inclusion of a camera that was capable of recording 4k videos.
  • However, the 4k videos did have the “rolling shutter” which made the pictures seem unsteady. This drone faces difficulty in capturing videos or pictures in times of harsh lights or high speed.

While the drone is not as steady in air as many present drones, it still has enough stability to completely function and thus earning it a spot on the 10 best drone cameras.

  Get it now on

7. Yuneec Q500 4K

Yuneec Q500 4K- drone camerasAbout the Product

The Yuneec Q500 4K is a bang for the providing, providing features that are often absent in other drones of the same price range. It has a removable camera which can be used as a handled with an accessory as well. The controller also comes built in with an android device incorporated within the controller, not requiring additional smartphones to use the drone.

  Get it now on

The drone also has great 4K video capture capabilities which is rather great for the price, thereby giving it a spot in the list of 10 best drone cameras.

Build and Quality

This drone comes packed in a large case to prevent nay damage during transportation. Once opened from the case, it is clearly visible that the frame is very sturdy and the construction meets the standards. The body is strong and sturdy alongside the heavy duty arms which are both strong and stable.

This resulted in the legs being firm and sturdy which is quite rare for drones of this type.

  Get it now on

  • One of the best features of the Yuneec Q500 4K is it’s distortion free lens with a viewing angle of 115o, allowing the user to take great pictures.
  • Apart from that, the Watch Me feature makes it easy for the pilot to configure the drone to follow the pilot no matter how the drone is maneuvered.
  • That coupled with the quiet flight time and 4K video capture makes it an ideal drone camera for many people.
  • However, the lens of the Q500 4K is rather blurry at the edges. Apart from that, the automatic white balance of the camera is also rather inconsistent.
  • The largest drawback is the excessive heating of the battery charger during charging and the slow charge speed of the battery, meaning people have to rely on extra battery for long period of flight.

Despite the few inconsistencies, when weighed against the features that are packed in this drone camera, it can easily be said that this drone is one of the 10 best drones out there for people to purchase.

  Get it now on

8. Yuneec Breeze

Yuneec Breeze- drone camerasAbout the Product

The Yuneec Breeze has been launched to cater to the needs of beginner aerial photographer. This is one of the smallest and cheapest drones that made it into this list. With a price tag of just $390, this drone comes packed with really good features that will make it irresistible and definitely one of the best bang for the buck drones, putting it in the list of 10 best drone cameras.

  Get it now on

Build and Quality

The Yuneec Breeze has an all plastic body that might make the buyers skeptical at first. However, the intelligent design of this drone ensures that it does not snap or suffer major damage in times of crash. However, the crash tests were not very extensive and it is uncertain whether or not this drone would survive a major crash in a concrete pavement.

  Get it now on

  • The Yuneec Breeze packs a lot of features for the price tag.
  • It boasts a 13MP camera that is capable of capturing 4K videos at 30 frames per second.
  • Apart from that, it is also able to take great pictures with the 13MP camera.
  • Different filming modes such as Orbit, Selfie, Follow Me, etc. allow users to use this drone as per their requirements.
  • The small form factor along with indoor position system allows this drone to fly and capture videos even at homes.
  • However, with all the good features comes a few drawbacks for the price.
  • The flight time is very poor with a flight time of only around 12 minutes.
  • This is very bad for anyone trying to fly this for more than 10 minutes.
  • Apart from that, the 4K video capture is also not very steady resulting often in shaky videos and photographs.

However, considering the price with hich it comes, these are drawbacks that can be considered at times owing to the huge number of features it provides. Because of this, it has been granted a place in the list of 10 best drone cameras.

  Get it now on

9. Parrot AR Drone 2.0

Parrot AR Drone 2.0- drone camerasAbout the Product

The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 is more like a dream toy than a drone camera. This is one of the cheapest drone cameras in the market and is undoubtedly easy for the beginners to try out with its 2 built in cameras and easy flight control. The cheap price tag however comes at a sacrifice of many features.

  Get it now on

However, this drone is capable of fulfilling the demands of many novice aerial photographers for a small price. This affordability factor is what earns this a spot in the list of 10 best drone cameras.

Build and Quality

The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 has a plastic body and four rotors made entirely of plastic. It comes with two Styrofoam bodies for indoor and outdoor flights where the indoor body covers the rotors with foam rings and the outdoor body keeps the rotors exposed.

This protective body is undoubtedly necessary to protect this drone owing to its plastic infrastructure. It lacks a power button and can be turned on my connecting with the battery.

  Get it now on

  • The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 doesn’t come equipped with a controlled and is controlled by a smartphone by connecting to the drone’s hotspot.
  • The form factor of this drone makes it ideal for stunts and fun photography experience.
  • The camera is a mediocre camera that can record videos in 720P, which is justifiable owing to the cheap price tag.
  • However, this is strictly for the beginners who have no intention of getting into professional aerial photography and videography.
  • The battery that comes with it can only power this for about 10 minutes before requiring a 90 minutes recharge period.
  • This bad flight time is something to be considered when buying this drone.

Overall, for the price tag, it has some really cool and fun features. However, what earns this a spot in the 10 best drone cameras list is the features that this drone provides in comparison to the cheap price.

  Get it now on

10. UDI 818A

UDI 818A- drone camerasAbout the Product

There are drones out there in the market which are almost autonomous and then there are the ones which require complete pilot skills. The UDI 818A represents the latter class, relying completely on the ability of the pilot.

  Get it now on

Coming at a price tag of just $49.99, this drone is undoubtedly the cheapest drone to make it to this list. This is a must have for any pilot wishing to improve their flight skills without the risk of damaging a drone that’s worth a couple hundred dollars, thereby giving it a position in the list of 10 best drone cameras.

Build and Quality

This drone is made with the bare minimum use of materials, meaning that there is only the frame that ismade of light and thin plastic, which houses the rotors. The electronics are fitted in a small cavity of the frame.

However, unlike other low end drones, the rotors are fit in with screws rather securely, making its build quality one of the best in the genre of low end drones.

  Get it now on

  • The UDI 818A is undoubtedly made to last crashes. Included ith this are spare parts that are used whenever the drone faces any major critical damage.
  • The design of this drone is such that enables this to have high reparability, meaning it can come back from even the most severe of all crashes.
  • The camera isn’t all that great with video capture capability of just 640X480 pixels with 30 frames per second.

However, it is to be taken into consideration that this drone was designed primarily to train a pilot’s skill rather than using it for aerial photography, thus justifying It’s position in the list of 10 best drone cameras.

  Get it now on


This list contains drone cameras that were built to cater to the needs of professionals along with hobbyist aerial photographers and those willing to use the drones for a little fun. With the gradual development in the aerial photography/videography and drone manufacturing process, there exists a variety of models in the current market with specs with to those placed in the above mentioned list.

However, when comparing peer to peer, these drones simply out qualify any other drones of the similar quality, price or genre. All of the drones that have been mentioned in this list are best in class for what they’ve been made. Some were included for the impressive features while some were included for the affordability factor.

Overall, various criteria were taken into consideration when selecting the top 10 best cameras in the market. Not only reliant on features or pros, this list comprises of drones that best fulfill their intended role and thus are the best of their category.

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Top 10 Best DSLR Camera Stabilizers & Gimbals in 2018

Our editor’s choice of the Top 10 Best DSLR Camera Stabilizers & Gimbals in 2018 will prevent you from getting the shakes while using the camera. Not only will it eliminate frame-to-frame jitter it will help you achieve the highest-quality footage.

We have taken our time to do a thorough research to identify the best DSLR Camera Stabilizers & Gimbals for you. By reading through the available reviews, you will find that each one presents you with different functionality and features to make choosing your preferred tool easier.

Get a personal insight on the selected products before you decide to purchase one.

More about the DSLR Camera Stabilizers & Gimbals

If you are the owner of a DSLR camera, there is one thing that is very difficult to do – and that is to take a premium video recording. All of the latest DSLR cameras these days can record high-quality videos. The biggest problem while making your recording is to keep the image stabilized.

No matter how hard you try to hold the camera there will always be a shake leading to bad footage. You need a helpful accessory to achieve the best footage – and this is where the stabilizer and gimbal come in handy. The stabilizer or steady cam is a handy device that keeps the camera balanced, even while you are walking.

The counterweights in the device help to balance the camera and reduce shakes, giving a more stable and even recording. Furthermore, to rotate your camera the gimbal helps with the rotation to direct the camera in the direction you want to take footage.

Why Would You Use a Camera Stabilizer & Gimbal?

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced photographer, the camera stabilizer & gimbal are helpful accessories to have with you. With these two unique tools, you will be able to take exceptional footage as the stabilizer helps to keep the camera stable leaving your recordings without a shudder.
The gimbal again helps you to be able to rotate the camera in any direction, making it easier for you to take action photos while on the move.

Best Stabilizers & Gimbals Comparisons

The BeStableCam SteadyGim6 PLUS GimbalThe BeStableCam SteadyGim6 PLUS Gimbal

4.0$1000-$1050   Get it now on
The DJI Ronin-M3-Axis Handheld Gimbal StabilizerThe DJI Ronin-M3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

4.1$1000-$1050   Get it now on
The Glide Gear Geranos 3 Axis Gyro Motorized Camera StabilizerThe Glide Gear Geranos 3 Axis Gyro Motorized Camera Stabilizer

5.0$800-$850   Get it now on
The Beholder DS1 StabilizerThe Beholder DS1 Stabilizer

3.7$650-$700   Get it now on
The Zhiyun Crane 3-Axis Handheld GimbalThe Zhiyun Crane 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal

3.8$650-$700   Get it now on
The SunSmart Pro Magic Carbon Fiber Handheld Camera StabilizerThe SunSmart Pro Magic Carbon Fiber Handheld Camera Stabilizer

4.0$250-$300   Get it now on
The Opteka SteadyVid PRO StabilizerThe Opteka SteadyVid PRO Stabilizer

2.6$50-$100   Get it now on
The FOTOWELT Camera StabilizerThe FOTOWELT Camera Stabilizer

3.5$50-$100   Get it now on
The Imorden S-60C Camera StabilizerThe Imorden S-60C Camera Stabilizer

4.3$100-$150   Get it now on
The Fantaseal Tri-Cup Camera Suction MountThe Fantaseal Tri-Cup Camera Suction Mount

4.0Below $50   Get it now on

Review of the 10 Best Stabilizers & Gimbals in 2018

The Latest SteadyGim6 PLUS

1. The BeStableCam SteadyGim6 PLUS Gimbal

The BeStableCam SteadyGim6 PLUS Gimbal-DSLR Camera Stabilizers & GimbalsFor the latest addition to the SteadyGim6 range, we present you with the BeStableCam SteadyGim6 PLUS with a built-in Frame IMU sensor that helps measure the battery power consumption of your camera.

  Get it now on

Amazing Design and Features
  • The latest update of the SteadyGim6 has a new unique design known as the HORIZON
  • The gimbal has a built-in frame IMU sensor to measure the battery power consumption
  • Has a dedicated three by SPI/PWM port to connect encoder
  • Has added I2C port to connect a second encoder or IMU
  • Designed with a built-in sound beeper and supports 6s LIPO battery
  • Designed with a 2.4G wireless joystick control and supports camera/lens combos weighing up to 2500 grams
  • Supports the following cameras BMCC, Sony A7 series, Panasonic (GH3, GH4, and NEX), and the Lumix series
  • The package includes the SteadyGim6 PLUS 3 Axis stabilizer, joystick, gimbal tuning stand, battery pack & charger, hard case with preformed foam inserts

  Get it now on

Enjoy Unencumbered Handheld Shooting

2. The DJI Ronin-M3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

The DJI Ronin-M3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer-DSLR Camera Stabilizers & GimbalsFor unencumbered handheld shooting, the DJI Ronin-M3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer gets the job done. This device supports cameras weighing up to 8-pounds and is one of the best DSLR Camera Stabilizers & Gimbals in 2018.

  Get it now on

Amazing Design and Features
  • Suitable to use with most cameras weighing up to 8-pounds
  • Designed with brushless motors that work with a three-axis: one for side-to-side roll to keep the horizontal level, one for pan and one for tilt and is computer-controlled
  • Can be used in vehicle mountings
  • Comes with a transmitter for remote control
  • Has a tool-less balance adjustment system with Bluetooth wireless interface setup
  • Supports dual-operator shooting
  • Needs balancing and once balanced you can use it with iOS, Windows, and Bluetooth devices
  • Includes a gimbal tuning stand
  • Dimensions: 18 x 12 x 18-inches and weighs 15.2-pounds

  Get it now on

A Mirrorless Gimbal Stabilizer

3. The Glide Gear Geranos 3 Axis Gyro Motorized Camera Stabilizer

The Glide Gear Geranos 3 Axis Gyro Motorized Camera Stabilizer-DSLR Camera Stabilizers & GimbalsFor a Mirrorless gimbal stabilizer, you need the Glide Gear Geranos 3 Axis Gyro! This stabilizer will help you to achieve impressive cinematic movement when placed in your hand.

  Get it now on

Amazing Design and Features
  • Designed for the run and gun shooter as the Glide Gear gives you a tool-less balancing design
  • The Geranos uses advanced encoders with a 360° rotation for professional movie making
  • Has single hand design and weighs 2.8-pounds with the batteries
  • Has three programmed controls and is vest and arm mountable
  • Includes two sets of batteries with a use of up to 6-hours
  • You receive a hard case to keep the stabilizer securely stored away and great for traveling
  • Holds any type of camera weighing up to 2.6 lbs
  • Dimensions: 15 x 8 x 15-inches

  Get it now on

Designed for Theater Quality Movies

4. The Beholder DS1 Stabilizer

The Beholder DS1 Stabilizer-DSLR Camera Stabilizers & GimbalsFor making theater- quality movies, the Beholder DS1 Stabilizer will get the job done in no time. This is one of the best DSLR camera stabilizers & gimbals in 2018 you can buy.

  Get it now on

Amazing Design and Features
  • You can easily load a DSLR camera weighing 0.75 – 1.7kg
  • Can be used to capture theater video, microfilm, documentaries, feature films and more
  • Designed with dual sensors to support any type of angle boot
  • Supports the GH series scroll, has support for external remote control and supports 3 axis 360° no dead augmentation
  • Supports the following cameras: Sony A7 series, GH4, GH7, Canon 5D, NEX, DMC, Canon 7D and Nikon D800 & D810
  • Includes a tripod mount, USB charging port, dual IMU sensor, Bluetooth, camera quick release plate, travel case and cleaning cloth
  • Dimensions: 13.3 x 7.8 x 4-inches

  Get it now on

A Gimbal with Camera Control Interface

5. The Zhiyun Crane 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal

The Zhiyun Crane 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal-DSLR Camera Stabilizers & GimbalsThe Zhiyun Crane 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal is a DSLR and Mirrorless Camera tool made from CNC aluminum alloy.

  Get it now on

Amazing Design and Features
  • The Zhiyun Crane has a built-in Camera Control Interface joystick
  • Designed with three operational modes and tool-less mounting
  • Designed with 3 axes 360° brushless motor for limitless rotation and includes automotive-grade magnetic encoders that are great for inverted and low-angle shooting
  • Can connect the gimbal with the remote control sold separately or you can use the Zhiyun Smartphone app
  • Has an innovative battery tray that supports both the 18560 and 26650 batteries sold separately and the batteries gives you a usage off 6 – 12 hours
  • Weighs 950 grams and can handle a payload weight of up to 1200 grams
  • Has powerful microcontroller units
  • Dimensions: 14.2 x 14.3 x 12.4-inches

  Get it now on

Designed with a Padded Grip

6. The SunSmart Pro Magic Carbon Fiber Handheld Camera Stabilizer

The SunSmart Pro Magic Carbon Fiber Handheld Camera Stabilizer-DSLR Camera Stabilizers & GimbalsFor a lightweight stabilizer, the SunSmart Pro Magic Carbon Fiber Handheld Camera Stabilizer is the one to have.

  Get it now on

Amazing Design and Features
  • The stabilizer you can use with different types of camcorders, DSLR, DVs, and SLR cameras
  • The stabilizer extends for higher angle shooting
  • Designed with round rods for fastening extra accessories
  • Designed with a padded grip and gliding joints for a smooth movement
  • Made with aluminum
  • The camera is held in place securely and upright with the high-spec bearings
  • When in full length the stabilizer doubles to a monopod and the handle can be adjusted
  • Designed with two adjustment knobs and a locking screw
  • Has a minimum length of 27-inches and a body weight of 1.61kg with a capacity range of 2 – 5.5kg
  • You received included a protective bag

  Get it now on

Designed for Fly Precise Balancing

7. The Opteka SteadyVid PRO Stabilizer

The Opteka SteadyVid PRO Stabilizer-DSLR Camera Stabilizers & GimbalsTo help reduce shake and keep your camera stabilized, you need the Opteka SteadyVid PRO Stabilizer.

  Get it now on

Amazing Design and Features
  • The stabilizer supports a weight of up to 5 lbs
  • The mounting plate is adjustable for fly precise balancing
  • Designed with a comfortable grip handle
  • You received included two additional add-on weights
  • Made with an aluminum body, the handles padded with rubber, and the counterweights chromed
  • Dimensions: 8 (L) x 9.5 (H) x 1.2-inch (D)
  • Includes a one-year limited warranty

  Get it now on

Supports a GoPro

8. The FOTOWELT Camera Stabilizer

The FOTOWELT Camera Stabilizer-DSLR Camera Stabilizers & GimbalsNo matter what type of camera you own, the FOTOWELT Camera Stabilizer even fits the GoPro.

  Get it now on

Amazing Design and Features
  • The FOTOWELT supports cameras weighing up to 6.61 lb
  • Even supports the GoPro
  • Has an aluminum construction with a black powder coating finish
  • Designed for high and low angle shooting
  • Has high-precision bearings with low friction joints
  • Available in the color black
  • Has a folding dimension of 12.99 (L) x 9.06 (W) x 6.69-inches (H)
  • Included in the package you receive the FOTOWELT, the Gradienter, and a bag

  Get it now on

An Easy To Use Stabilizer

9. The Imorden S-60C Camera Stabilizer

The Imorden S-60C Camera Stabilizer-DSLR Camera Stabilizers & GimbalsFor an easy to use stabilizer the Imorden S-60C is one of the best DSLR Camera Stabilizer & Gimbals in 2018 you can buy at an affordable price.

  Get it now on

Amazing Design and Features
  • Fits cameras in the range of 2 – 6 lbs
  • Suitable to use for short filmmaking
  • The handle has an ergonomic design that is easy to hold and agile to use
  • Designed with adjustable height depending on the weight of the camera used
  • Designed with a carbon shaft and suitable to use with the GoPro
  • Has a quick release plate to remove or install your camera
  • Included with your purchase you receive the camera stabilizer, a carrying bag, six by counterweights, and a quick release plate
  • You receive a two-year limited warranty
  • Product dimensions: 16.5 x 9 x 5-inches

  Get it now on

A Stable and Secure Mount

10. The Fantaseal Tri-Cup Camera Suction Mount

The Fantaseal Tri-Cup Camera Suction Mount-DSLR Camera Stabilizers & GimbalsIf you need to stabilize your camera, the Fantaseal Tri-Cup Camera Suction Mount has a three vacuum suction base to use on any smooth surface.

  Get it now on

Amazing Design and Features
  • Supports a DSLR weighing up to 30kg and has a tri-cup suction design with three vacuum suction base
  • Made of durable ABS material
  • Has a dedicated ¼ -inch ball head screw adapter and provides a 360° rotation ball head design
  • Includes a GoPro adapter and fits cameras with a ¼ -inch thread
  • Dimensions: 7.9 x 7.9 x 2.4-inches and the item weight is 3.2-ounces

  Get it now on

Final Thoughts

If you are into making movies one cannot always stabilize your DSLR camera by only using your hands. By choosing any one of our Top 10 Best DSLR Camera Stabilizers & Gimbals in 2018, you can easily start making movies while on the move. Each one has their own unique features and fits the majority of digital and Mirrorless cameras available sold these days!

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Top 10 Best Camera Bags in 2018

Whether you are a casual or expert photographer, you will find our editor’s choice of the top 10 best camera bags in 2018 sold online pleasing to your pocket and the eye! One does not want to settle for the 1st camera bag available you see – that is why we have taken it upon ourselves to help you with the best camera bags reviews to make your selection easier when choosing one for your photographic needs.

Have you used different camera gear over the years and still searching for the right one? Make sure to stay a while longer! Find out how you can find the perfect camera bag to keep your camera and graphic equipment neatly packed away.

More about the Camera Bag

If you are looking for a trendy camera bag that is practical to use it can be difficult to find one suitable for your lifestyle and needs. Why as they can range from small camera bags to large hard case ones. The other important thing to remember is that these bags have different designs and depends on the photographic equipment you need to carry around with you.

You need to choose one that is great to use while traveling, keeping your gear secure in one place. The fact remains that there is no perfect camera bag and many photographers own more than one bag to use for different occasions.

Why do you need the best camera bag?

You need the best camera bag to transport your photography equipment wherever you go. Choosing the right bag depends on your photographic needs, as a photographer that does landscaping may need a backpack.

If you have a passion for traveling and enjoy taking photos on your travels, you would rather choose a camera bag that fits into your luggage. Once you have decided what your needs are, you can look at the following when choosing your best camera bag?

  • The material – you can buy camera bags made from canvas, cotton, or leather while other bags have a water-resistant design.
  • Protection – the more padded the camera bag is, the more it can safeguard your equipment and if you do travel a lot a well-insulated bag is just as important – you can even buy bags with waterproof coverings to protect it while it’s raining
  • The comfort – the bag needs to be comfortable and best to try out the bag for an ideal weight before you buy it
  • Size matters – how big must your camera bag be? This depends on the gear you have, as you need to carry it around wherever you go. If you are into action photos you may need to carry around huge telephoto lenses while the normal traveler may only need a smaller rucksack type of bag

Best Camera Bags Comparisons

The Lowepro Nova 180 AW DSLR Shoulder Camera BagThe Lowepro Nova 180 AW DSLR Shoulder Camera Bag

4.5$50-$100   Get it now on
The Case Logic SLRC-206 BackpackThe Case Logic SLRC-206 Backpack

4.6$50-$100   Get it now on
The BUILT Neoprene Large Cargo Camera BagThe BUILT Neoprene Large Cargo Camera Bag

4.4$50-$100   Get it now on
The Case Logic DCB-308 SLR Camera BagThe Case Logic DCB-308 SLR Camera Bag

4.5Below $50   Get it now on
The Thule Covert CSC Sling Camera BagThe Thule Covert CSC Sling Camera Bag

4.3$50-$100   Get it now on
The Nikon Digital SLR Camera CaseThe Nikon Digital SLR Camera Case

4.5Below $50   Get it now on
The USA Gear Compact BackpackThe USA Gear Compact Backpack

4.2Below $50   Get it now on
The BESTEK® Waterproof Canvas Digital Camera BagThe BESTEK® Waterproof Canvas Digital Camera Bag

4.3Below $50   Get it now on
The AmazonBasics Large DSLR Camera BagThe AmazonBasics Large DSLR Camera Bag

4.6Below $50   Get it now on
The Case Logic DCB-304 Compact Camera CaseThe Case Logic DCB-304 Compact Camera Case

4.4Below $50   Get it now on

Review of 10 best camera bags in 2018

A Well-Designed Camera Bag

1. The Lowepro Nova 180 AW DSLR Shoulder Camera Bag

The Lowepro Nova 180 AW DSLR Shoulder Camera BagsFor a well-designed camera bag, the Lowepro Nova 180 AW DSLR stands out for all the right reasons – comfortable, customizable, protection and plenty of storage space.

  Get it now on

Stylish Design and Features
  • You can easily fit a DSLR with its lens attached, memory cards, flash unit, and 3 – 4 extra lenses in this bag
  • The bag has a built-in all weather AW cover that protects your equipment from the rain
  • The strap is adjustable and removable
  • Designed with a grab handle that is cushioned and has a trolley sleeve for ease of transport
  • The interior of the bag, adjustable and includes padded dividers
  • Available in the color black and has a limited lifetime warranty
  • The bag dimensions are 9.4 x 11 x 8.9-inches and weigh 1.61 pounds
  • Made from durable nylon

  Get it now on

  • This is a bag that you can use to grow your photographic equipment
  • Has ample storage space
  • Has loads of zippered compartments for different items
  • Water-resistant
  • Has a plastic buckle to secure each half of the camera bag
  • One client would have preferred if the cover opened in the opposite direction away from your body
  • A bit boxy and uncomfortable to wear but has a nice wide shoulder strap
  • Not suitable for out-on-the-town-and-shooting

  Get it now on

Take Your Laptop and Camera Gear with You

2. The Case Logic SLRC-206 Backpack

The Case Logic SLRC-206 Backpack- camera bagsFor one of the best camera bags, you can look at the Case Logic SLCR-206 Backpack! This bag is massive to fit in your laptop with camera gear.

  Get it now on

Massive Design and Features
  • Can easily fit a laptop with a dimension of 15.4 x 10.4 x 1-inches
  • Can hold your SLR camera with the lens attached and extra photographic items
  • Has a hammock system that suspends the camera section above the case
  • The bags, waterproof with an EVA base and the interior lids fitted with memory foam
  • Available in the color black and made with nylon material
  • The dimension of the bag is 9.7 x 13.6 x 18.1-inches and weighs 1,290 grams
  • Has a 25-year limited warranty

  Get it now on

  • Designed with durable weather resistant material
  • Ample storage
  • Can take your laptop and camera gear with you
  • Has hook-and-loop straps to hold a tripod
  • The shoulder straps adjust
  • The interior of the bag is fully customizable with the removable shelves
  • Has four accessory pockets
  • The dividers are thick and take up loads of space
  • Most of the lower compartment is hard to reach as the flap does not pull apart more when opened

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A Large Camera Bag

3. The BUILT Neoprene Large Cargo Camera Bag

The BUILT Neoprene Large Cargo Camera BagsThe BUILT Neoprene Large Cargo Camera Bag you can buy in a stunning navy blue design. The bag you can customize to add DSLR cameras, accessories and a camcorder.

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Large Design with Superb Features
  • The bags, water-resistant and made with EVA and Neoprene material
  • Has extra padding in the base of the bag
  • The padded dividers you can remove for extra storage space
  • Holds a camcorder, DSLR camera, and additional accessories
  • The shoulder straps, removable and includes interior pockets
  • You can hand-wash the bag
  • Dimensions 13.5 x 11 x 5.5-inches and weighs 1.1-pounds
  • Carries a manufacturer’s warranty against defects

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  • The bag has ample storage to fit a Nikon D40 with additional lens
  • Is a great bag for traveling
  • Stylish
  • Reasonably priced
  • Durable
  • The insert you can remove to adjust the bag according to your needs
  • Lacks cushioning

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A Customizable Camera Bag

4. The Case Logic DCB-308 SLR Camera Bag

The Case Logic DCB-308 SLR Camera BagsIf you are looking for the best camera bag, the Case Logic DCB-308 SLR stands out for all the right reasons.

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Customizable Design and Features
  • The Case Logic has a side-entry compartment for quick access
  • The bags designed for both the SLR and DSLR camera
  • The bag you can customize with the included adjustable divider to keep additional accessories such as a lens, memory card, flash and more securely in place
  • Designed with internal zippered pocket
  • Includes a weather hood that fits over the bag
  • Available in the color black and made from polyester
  • The bags, padded with high-density foam and has a rubber zipper
  • Dimensions: 16.93 x 8.66 x 10.04-inches
  • Weight 875 grams
  • Includes a 25-year warranty on the sling and the slings lined with scratch-resistant micro rip-stop nylon

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  • Stylish
  • Designed with a sling
  • Ample storage and fits a DSLR camera with additional camera accessories including tripod
  • Has a side-entry camera compartment
  • The divider is adjustable and you can customize the bag according to your needs
  • The sling has a zippered compartment with a weather hood
  • The bag includes a tripod system found on the side of the sling
  • Designed to fit most brands of cameras
  • A great camera bag for traveling
  • The sling can only go over your left shoulder

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A Perfect Traveling Companion, for your Camera Essentials

5. The Thule Covert CSC Sling Camera Bag

The Thule Covert CSC Sling Camera BagsThe Thule Covert CSC Sling Camera Bag is a perfect traveling companion when in need of packing your camera essentials.

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Travel Design and Features
  • The camera bags designed with a padded iPad mini compartment
  • Dimensions: 19.6 cm (H) x 34 cm (L) x 15 cm (D)
  • Designed with chassis system that protects your camera
  • Has a pocket found on the front panel to place smaller items
  • The built-in Origami-inspired divider folds around the gear for a perfect fit
  • Can store up to four lenses and the adjustable divider reconfigures to fit your DSLR kit
  • Designed with two carrying options cross-body sling and lumbar pack
  • The shoulder straps reversible to use left or right
  • Designed with compression straps, water-repellent YKK zippers, and Duraflex fasteners with the visible lining material

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  • Compact design
  • Gives you ease of access to camera equipment
  • Exceptional build quality
  • Great to use while traveling
  • Comfortable when slung over the shoulder
  • Not bulky
  • The straps, adjustable only on the one side as the padded portion of the straps sewn into the short side

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Protects Your Valuable Investment

6. The Nikon Digital SLR Camera Case

The Nikon Digital SLR Camera Case- camera bagsThis Nikon Digital SLR Camera Case protects your valuable investment. The camera bags suitable to fit the Nikon D3100, D3200, D5100, D5200, D7000, D7100, D600, D4, and Nikon SLR Camera.

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Tough Design and Features
  • The bags made from nylon and outfitted with a slip-resistant handle
  • You can easily place your camera with the zoom lens attached, battery grip, flash, lenses and other accessories in the bag
  • Designed with a padded shoulder strap
  • Has zippered and Velcro-closure pockets
  • Designed with a large mesh pocket found on the inside of the top flap and the front of the bag
  • Has two gusseted side pockets
  • Has a large storage space of 12 x 6 x 6-inches and removable dividers to customize according to your needs
  • Available in the color black and made with nylon fabric and has a shipping weight of 2.45-pounds

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  • Excellent price
  • Ample space to store from a beginner to intermediate camera gear
  • Durable and quality
  • The center compartments huge
  • Has a nice shoulder strap
  • Not a small bag and designed for traveling if you need a bag for commuting around town, this is not the one to buy

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A Camera Bag that is Travel Ready

7. The USA Gear Compact Backpack

The USA Gear Compact Backpack- camera bagsThe USA Gear Compact Backpack is one of the best camera bags that are travel ready! This bag is so amazing you can take your laptop with you while traveling.

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Travel Ready Design & Features
  • Designed with a travel-ready construction
  • Has heavy-duty buckles, handles, and zippers
  • Made from high-quality nylon fabric
  • The shoulder straps, padded while the back of the backpack has an airflow design
  • Has a large front zipper opening and Velcro divider walls to customize the bag according to your photographic needs
  • Designed with quick-access side doors
  • Can be worn as a backpack or sling as the shoulder strap tucks-away
  • You can even wear this bag across your chest as you received included a waist strap
  • Accommodates a 15.6-inch laptop and has five extra accessory pockets with a tripod holding system
  • Included you receive a custom fit rain cover with a luggage handle slot for transportation
  • Dimensions: 8 x 12 x 18-inches and the item weight is 2.5-pounds

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  • Superb price
  • Can take your laptop and camera equipment with you while traveling
  • Designed with a rainproof cover that fits the entire bag and includes a tripod holder
  • Has loads of pockets with a soft foam backing that is comfortable to wear when you have the laptop in it
  • Gives you ease of access to your equipment
  • The shoulder straps secure
  • The pocket for the tripod could be a little deeper, but does have a top side buckle to give additional support

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A Waterproof Canvas Camera Bag

8. The BESTEK® Waterproof Canvas Digital Camera Bag

The BESTEK® Waterproof Canvas Digital Camera BagsThe BESTEK® Waterproof Canvas Digital Camera Bag, you can buy into three stunning color designs brown, Black and Khaki.

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Canvas Design and Features
  • The camera bags designed with different compartments to hold your camera, flash, phone, tablet, two lenses, charges and more
  • Made with durable, waterproof canvas material
  • Designed with two small button-down pockets and an internal zipper pocket
  • Has a top flap that you can wear the bag over the one shoulder or across the body
  • Designed with a shockproof camera insert
  • Dimensions: 11 x 15 x 7-inches and the item weight is 2.4-pounds

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  • Spacious
  • Water-resistant enough, but does leave the bag feeling damp
  • Ample space for a beginners photographic equipment
  • Affordable
  • The padded insert is superb, but does eat up some of the space
  • May need an additional rain cover for the bag
  • The button system is not pleasant to use

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A Jaw Dropping Price

9. The AmazonBasics Large DSLR Camera Bag

The AmazonBasics Large DSLR Camera BagsThe AmazonBasics Large DSLR Camera Bag received the best camera bag in a 2018 review for a jaw-dropping price.

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Large Design and Features
  • Designed for the beginner photographer and makes for a suitable everyday type bag
  • The interior divider you can remove to accommodate a DSLR camera body with up to three lenses and additional accessories
  • Designed with a padded slot found on the inside of the bag to place your Kindle or iPad mini
  • The straps on the exterior adjusts to attach a tripod
  • Padded to keep the camera gear secure and designed with both gray and orange interiors
  • The external dimension of bag 12 (L) x 7 (W) x 9-inches (H) and the internal dimension is 10 (L) x 5 (W) x 7-inches (H) and weighs 1.6-pounds
  • Has movable dividers

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  • Spacious
  • Looks nice
  • The main compartment of the bag has two straps, Velcro, and a zipper
  • Includes a second strap attached to the side to use instead of the handle
  • Customizable
  • Affordable
  • Getting into the main compartments tedious if you forget where you have placed your items
  • If you want to carry the bag by its handle, you need to attach the strap

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A Camera Bag Designed for a Single Camera with a Lens

10. The Case Logic DCB-304 Compact Camera Case

The Case Logic DCB-304 Compact Camera Case- camera bagsIf you are looking for a camera bag to keep your camera and lens secure while roaming around town, the Case Logic DCB-304 Compact Camera Case is the one to have! Not only will it keep your camera gear safe, but also the price is number one.

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Superb Design and Features
  • The bag has a flexible wall found on the inside that helps to separate your camera from other accessories
  • Designed with pockets to keep your cables, lens, batteries, and memory cards together
  • Made of polyester material and easily fits a device with a size up to 5.1 x 3.3 x 5.8-inches
  • Designed with a built-in belt loop, removable shoulder strap for multiple carrying options and a padded handle
  • Made with polyester material and includes a 25-year limited warranty
  • The camera bags compatible with high zoom, compact and hybrid camera
  • Dimensions: 7.5 (L) x 4.75 (W) x 7-inches (H) and weighs 0.5 LB

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  • Suitable to use as a camera bag or a woman’s purse
  • Has a sleek design and the handles are padded while the zippers are rubberized
  • Water-resistant
  • Has a strong fixed sleeve on the inside and accommodates various sized items
  • The top flap has a great zippered pocket that is suitable for a memory card and additional battery
  • Affordable
  • The bag has a great design the only cheesy thing found on the bag is the plastic loops

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Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate photographer, you need the right bag to carry your camera gear around with you. We hope that our top 10 best camera bags in 2018 helps you to make the right choice when choosing one. They are affordable and made from durable material to last you a lifetime.

Check each one out and choose the best one to suit your lifestyle and photographic needs! Each one gives ample storage space to keep your camera gear secure in one place.

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