Top 10 Funny Halloween Costume in 2019

Even amidst these scary moments, there can be fun if you get the right funny Halloween costume. However, where does someone begin with all the options in the market. Which brand will not disappoint? What material will last for a long period? Those are answers that only experts can answer. What about a buyer like you with little or no knowledge regarding the matter. You don’t have to worry. As usual, we’ve got your back. Below is a discussion on the best top 10 funny Halloween costume in 2019. Don’t miss it if you if you want to make the right choice.

Top 10 Funny Halloween Costume in 2019

10. PartyCostume Latex Hunam face Mask

PartyCostume Latex Hunam face Mask

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Latex Hunam is a funny Halloween costume that minds about the mood of this festivity. It has a funny human face to bring a peculiar picture to kids and adults during this memorable moment.

Made from 100% natural latex, this costume is environmentally friendly. It also has non-toxic characteristics. The design of this product is such that it comfortably fits any adult. It is also ideal for a child whose age ranges between 6 years and above.

Those who have received the fun have many good things to say about it. It is the best for a costume party, a photograph capturing and costume model headgear. They have awarded the product with 4.5 stars which are a rank of excellence.

9. Forum Novelties Men’s Monkeyin’ Around Costume

Forum Novelties Men's Monkeyin' Around Costume

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A funny Halloween makes you a great moment during such an unforgettable time. With Forum Novelties Men’s monkeyin, that is what you will get in return. It gives a scenario of a person riding on a monkey. Such moments are not only funny but also rare.

The item features a funny appearance of a monkey. It then wears complete clothing to come up with a Halloween special scene. The 100% polyester allows for stretching and tightness. As a result, you get a relatively funny monkey.

Nothing compares to this product in the market for Halloween costumes. Many reviewers point out the fact that it is funny enough and per the specification. The rating is not less than 4 stars.

8. California Costumes Unisex – Adult Cry Baby Bodysuit Costume

California Costumes Unisex - Adult Cry Baby Bodysuit Costume

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What a fun Halloween costume from California Costumes? It gets you with fun during these celebrations. It is an adult cry baby bodysuit costume. You should put it on your doorway to entertain your guests.

Its design is unforgettable since it is that of a big baby that has the size of an adult. The 100% polyester material and handwash mechanism give you a durable costume that is easy to clean.

Such big babies are only in legends. Fortunately, the customers have seen them thanks to the product. That is why most of them feel that it is worth the specification. The rating is 4.5 stars hence a good product.

7. Morph Novelty Piggy Back Funny Piggyback Costume Unisex – with Stuff Your Own Legs

Morph Novelty Piggy Back Funny Piggyback Costume Unisex - with Stuff Your Own Legs

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Toro. TM has a Halloween funny costume looking as novedy piggyback.  It has the features of a president. Despite being one size, it can fit everyone. Your Halloween will not be as dull as you thought before. This costume makes it lively.

The design features the funniest costume of your Halloween party. Given how you feel about Trump, the mood will differ from one person to another.

As far as the customers are concerned, it is 100% true to its manufacturer’s specification. Its features will ensure that your memories stick. That’s why it has received 5 stars.

6. Rasta Imposta Squirrel Costume

Rasta Imposta Squirrel Costume

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Rash Imposta has a funny Halloween costume where you invite a squirrel to this occasion. In order to create the fun, one wears it to look like a squirrel thoroughly.

This item has a design that brings to your eyes an imaginary large squirrel which is contrary to the norm. Its durable material is 100% polyester. It is not only good for a stretch but also easy to clean

The product has received many positive reviews from customers due to quality and specification assurance. On average, it has a 4-star rating that winds up the goodness of this product.

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5. Rasta Imposta Giraffe Costume

Rasta Imposta Giraffe Costume

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The next Rasta Imposta funny Halloween costume is a giraffe. It features a two-feet standing giraffe. That can be a great source of fun for you and your guest.

It has a pull on closure design. Thanks to that, it produces a smooth shape of a giraffe. The material is 100% polyester. It is durable as well as easy to stretch.

According to customers’ feedback, these products are excellent for your choice of Halloween costume. It has more than 270 customer reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars.

4. TOLOCO Inflatable Unicorn Rider Costume | Inflatable Costumes for Adults or Child

TOLOCO Inflatable Unicorn Rider Costume | Inflatable Costumes For Adults Or Child | Halloween Costume | Blow Up Costume

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TOLOCO inflatable unicorn funny Halloween costume. It creates a lot of entertainment. The rider costume requires inflation. After that, it can fit adults and children.

It has a unique design of a hilarious inflatable costume. There is also the freedom of choice with options such as the gorilla, Trex, ballerina, and cowboy among others.

Out of over 350 customers, most of them feel that they purchased the right product. Around 70% of them have given the item 5 stars.

3. TOLOCO Inflatable Dinosaur T-REX Costume | Inflatable Costumes For Adults

TOLOCO Inflatable Dinosaur T-REX Costume | Inflatable Costumes For Adults| Halloween Costume | Blow Up Costume

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Another great design from TOLOCO of Halloween funny costume is this inflatable dinosaur. It is perfect for adults. Make your occasion lively by including this strange feature.

This item has a distinctive design that is legendary put in books. It resembles an extinct animal, dinosaur, hence gives a clear picture of the same.

After 360 reviews, the product has garnered a rating of 4 stars. That earns it a place among the best funny Halloween costumes.

2. Rasta Imposta Lightweight Penguin Costume

Rasta Imposta Light Weight Penguin

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Again, we have a Rasta Imposta funny Halloween costume. This one gives you a penguin look. Since it is lightweight, it will not disrupt your fun.

Its design provides comfort and fun. It is 100% polyester and fits users of different sizes. It is easy to wash, and your hands can do a great job.

As for the customers, they keep praising the quality and value of the product. It has around 4 stars on average after over 400 reviews.

1. Rasta Imposta Lightweight Banana Costume

Rasta Imposta Lightweight Banana Costume - Funny Halloween Costume

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Last but not least, we have yet another funny Halloween costume by Rasta Imposta. It is a yellow colored standard size costume that looks like a ripe banana. The thought of a walking banana alone is funny. Can you imagine the real scenario?

Its design ensures that it resembles an upright big banana when an adult wears it. Its polyester material makes the product of high quality and easy to stretch. It is also easy to clean.

The 4-star rating after 672 reviews speaks volume regarding the quality of this product.


The occasion is excellent, but you can make it even better with a funny Halloween costume. It is important to note that you have ten of the best options at your disposal. In addition to providing you with the ideal choices, we have added the necessary information regarding each one of them. Some are ideal for the kids while others are great with the adults. For family things, there are those that are unisex and great for both kids and grownups. It means that you will blame no one if you settle for a pathetic Halloween costume. However, you can save yourself regrets by buying one from our list.

Best Halloween Costume For Men in 2019

Take the next eve to a whole new experience with a great Halloween costume for men. It will add fun to the occasion without compromising your masculinity. That would require some planning for it to become a reality. Unfortunately, such an event comes as a surprise all the time. For that reason, you need something that is durable enough for reuse. It would save you not only money but also time. A good example is a well-made costume. Since the options are also too many, we decided to make a choice overwhelming. Read on for the best Halloween costume for men in 2019.

The Best Halloween costume for men in 2019

6. Halloween Cosplay Costume Cloak Medieval Wizard Witch Vampire Devil Robe Cape

 Halloween Cosplay Custome Cloak Medieval Wizard Witch Vampire Devil Robe Cape

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Clobeau brand opens are a list with this Halloween costume for men. It serves many characters including vampires and witches. It features horrible characters in a series of drama to make your occasion unforgettable. The costumes are ideal for kids and adults. They will be perfect for a Christmas fancy dress, cloak carnival, vampire, and other party costumes.

This item has a design of double size cloak with two different colors. That provides a classic and wearable costume for both children and adult. The self-tie strap around the neck allows natural pit on and take off mechanisms.

It is highly valuable to people who love funny men. With a rate of over 3 stars which is above average, the piece is worth spending on.

5. Forum Men’s Tropical Tourist Costume

 Forum Men's Tropical Tourist Costume

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Forum Novelties Halloween costume for men will decorate your eve. It is ideal for touristic events, especially. The two-piece costume includes a Hawaiian-style shirt and printed tank top with attached shorts. It also features a hoop waist for a larger than life middle part.

The item has a special design of a quick sticking out like a sore thumb for a unique appearance. Made from the pure polyester material, this costume is durable and has an easy to stretchability. The fact that it is hand-washable means that you will have cost-free and smooth eating.

Up to this far, the reviewers have many positive remarks as per specifications. It pronounces for good quality and affordable fit for your memorable occasions. Rating this attire with over 4 stars out of 5 captures the perfectness of this product.

4. Unisex Halloween Full body Elastic Bodysuit Superhero Zentai Cosplay Costume

 Unisex Halloween Fullbody Elastic Bodysuit Superhero Zentai Cosplay Costume

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Seven plus cosplay have creative ideas to bring you a great Halloween costume for men. It has come up with a unisex bodysuit. It has a design of superhero characters to make your Halloween occasion a time not easy to forget. This costume converts a man into a super creature that can do extraordinary things incredibly.

This costume has a well-created design with the use of special material of high spandex which is not contaminated. It gives you a stretchable and durable costume. The design also allows for use by different sizes of users whether adult or children. It also provides for total coverage of the body in the one-piece suit.

From over 10 reviewers, this Halloween product has brought joy to all the customers. That is to the extent of ranking it with satisfactory remarks of over 4 stars out of 5. Therefore, it needs no further clarification as a good product.

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3. CosyBreath Adult Unisex Lycra Spandex Zentai Halloween Cosplay Costumes 3D Style Jumpsuits

 CosyBreath Adult Unisex Lycra Spandex Zentai Halloween Cosplay Costumes 3D Style Jumpsuits

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CosyBreath dares not to be left behind when creating fun in your Halloween occasions. From then we get a peculiar Halloween costume for men. This product is a soldier clothing design which comes as a separate mask and costume. That ensures that you get a harmless soldier in your Halloween occasions to make fun out of it.

This Armour Halloween attire has a design of a single cloth that covers the whole body. The same produces a nakedness shape plus a mask to cover your face. The high standard of spandex material makes this attire smooth and durable. The high stretching ability makes it an easy to use costume, which is also easy to wear and take off.

The customers through their experiences have discovered that the product can change your Halloween mood completely. That is why 60% have awarded it 5 stars. The average rating is 3.4 stars which are above average.

2. Cosplaysky Star Wars Jedi Robe Costume Obi-Wan Kenobi Halloween Outfit

 Cosplaysky Star Wars Jedi Robe Costume Obi-Wan Kenobi Halloween Outfit

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Cosplaysky brings you star wars a Halloween costume for men. The product creates funny moments when entertaining your guests during this rare occasion. It gives you an opportunity to include a warrior in the party. It features the memory of great star wars characters wearing Jedi robe costumes.

This Halloween costume for men has a fabric design rode, and the material is a combination of linen, cotton, and polyester. That brings about an elaborate but durable Halloween clothing. The further design provides for the use of Cosplaysky star wars Jedi robe costume and Obi-wan Kenobi Halloween outfit. The product provides for easy and quick wearing in and out.

The product has received reviews from 400 customers. 74 % of them have given it 5 stars. That means that the item fits as per the manufacturer’s specification. The average rating is 4 stars. That shows good reputation which clarifies the true functionality and value of the product. Therefore, do not hesitate to entertain your guests this season with the attire to create fun moments.

1. Leg Avenue Top Gun Men’s Flight Suit Adult Costume

 Leg Avenue Top Gun Men's Flight Suit Adult Costume - Halloween Costume For Men

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Leg Avenue has one of the best Halloween costumes for men. It comes with a top gun men’s flight suit and is ideal for adults. It also has a front zipper and force style patches to create a battlefield moment in your Halloween fun games.

The attire has a design of a soldier uniform with false maverick and Goose name badges. Its material is 100% polyester material similar to a khaki green soldier uniform. It is also easy to wash even with bare hands.

The product has a rating of 4 stars after 683 customer reviews. They are willing to buy it once again if a need arises. Choosing it, therefore, means that it is worth every penny.


Each of the Halloween costume for men discussed above, there is something for everyone regardless of the preferences. There are some that are ideal for men who love star wars. Others are for vampires and witches. Despite the variations, these products have one thing in common. They are durable and also matches the occasion. In fact, they are the best in the market. That is why you should consider them for the event. There is the convenience as well as quality assurance. That is the dream of every customer. You can make it a reality by selecting from our list as soon as possible.