Top 10 Best ATX Cases in 2019 Review

As a PC gamer or builder, what do you consider to get the appropriate and best cases that have the best performance and function? Oh well, there are many things to consider in getting ATX cases. Since many varieties of cases released every year, do you think you can choose the right one or you will just rely on what is new in the market? Computer cases are one of the important devices to every pc user, gamer and builder——-either for personal use or in business purposes.

Both need to be durable even after a few years, high-performance, and high-quality and high-functioning cases as well. Custom building of case is a bit hard and complicated especially if you are a first timer builder. Nowadays, custom building can be more exciting because of more peripherals and options available in the market. Upgraders tend to get confused to meet the right case because of wide array options with the specs and function of each case.

Each feature such as excellent cooling system, cable management, motherboard compatibility, LED fans, USB connectors, USB 3.0 supported ports, front I/O panels, plenty of rooms and storage and a lot more are the most important guides in choosing the best case.

Whether it is a mid-tower or full tower case, both needs proper reviews as they still have cons and problems needed to be improved. A mid-tower case is a bit smaller than the full tower case, has sleek looks and ideal in tiny places. Somehow, a full tower case is best for hardcore gaming, running a high performance GPUs and the like.

Manufacturers have been expanded and reconstructed their cases for many years to bring a high functioning and competitive units for every user. Choosing the right case is a bit difficult but also rewarding and overwhelming especially if it’s a personal custom build case.

Custom building your PC can be expensive depending on the quality and the customization you will do in it. Furthermore, you can be able to save money by reusing your old cases, old hard drives and other attachable peripherals needed in customizing the case.

This year let us find out the best manufacturers that offers great deals with their newly innovated cases. It is highly expected that main features have been redesigned properly and of its best functionality. There are series of cases that was upgraded and trying to pass their reputation for over the past decades.

PC users highly expect to get a best case ever with great manufacturers. Some chassis focuses on PC enthusiasts and experts’ demand for edgy and next generation appearance and functionality combined. What can you ask for?

1. Cooler Master HAF X

Cooler Master HAF X-Computer ATX CasesAbout the Product: Cooler Master introduces an enthusiast-grade new chassis in HAF X (High Air Fow) to serve as new flagship product in its series. Emblazoning a rugged midnight black interior, HAF X sits heavy at 14.35 kg with its 230 x 599 x 550 mm size.

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It is made up of steel, mesh, and polymer materials and comes with several motherboard types such as micro ATX, ATX, E-ATX, GIGABYTE XL-ATX. It is also built with six 5.25″ (two from X-Dock), five hidden 3.5″ (supporting 2-in-1 2.5″ and 1.8″ SSD) and two 2.5″ (from 5.25″ drive bays) drive bays.

Cooler Master included a built-in internal USB 3.0 I/O panel and nine expansion slots that can support triple VGA cards. HAF X also boasts a complex cooling system compatible with front, rear, top, and side fans and VGA cardholder and duct fan.

An air duct is also installed to cool the latest graphic cards coupled by advance cable management with rubber grommets. For the power supply, it bears a Standard ATX PS2 type where cables can be concealed by partitions. It also intends to carry out maximum compatibility with 13.5-inch VGA card and 7.5-inch CPU cooler. A well thought of computer case for future upgrades with more space allowance for larger components.


HAF X computer chassis musters a military-style black exterior giving away a quality-feel and enthusiast-class outer look. The overall cabinet design is distinct and durable inside and outside given its steel and plastic solid make.

Additionally, HAF X comes with complex air cooling system ensuring a better way to handle thermal load. This is true for both video card and processor, which maintained its low temperature, while the hard drive stays stable.

Because it allows more space inside, components such as the motherboard, coolers, and video setup slide easily in place. Cable management is another design where HAF X fairs well since cables fit in through the designated trays and cased hole. Its cabinet build is first in sporting a front USB 3.0 hubs adding to its distinct connection technology.

Cooler Master greatly considered ventilation in keeping HAF X in stable and best working condition despite maximum thermal load. In the latest of their HAF series, airflow is strictly observed to deliver a grander update in computer cooling technology.

This is done by assigning dedicated cooling and support system for graphic card and an up to four large fans. Quad SLI or Quad Crossfire setups are now achievable in HAF X given its nine expansion slots and more space for graphic cards.

Another distinct feature of this case is its easy installation, drives accessibility, and protective aspects. Wires, cables, and peripherals are easily hosted since it sports spacious interior. HAF X allows easy hard drive swapping without removing the side panel because of its new SATA dock.

It also has enhanced protective layer because of the inclusion of on/off button cover, rubber grommets, and bottom mount power supply. Who does not want a prospect of upgrade? In this day of age when technology surpasses its potential for more speed, space, and specs, HAF X welcomes upgrading with nine built-in expansion slots.

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2. NZXT Source 530

NZXT Source 530-Computer ATX CasesAbout the Product: Offering a full tower option for PC starters and upgraders, NZXT’s Source 530 is intended to provide essential features for the value. Weighing 9.2 kg with 235mm x 507mm x 510.5mm dimension, Source 530 averages as lightweight tower chassis.

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Made up of steel, plastic, and mesh materials, it supports fan system located at the top, rear, bottom, and inside part. The motherboard can support several types such as ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX, EATX (322x272mm). Source 530 also comes with eight expansion slots and built-in I/O ports for audio/mic and USB 3.0.

Capable of handling nine fans, Source 530 aims for extreme air-cooling and ventilation. How about compatibility with liquid cooling by its 3x120mm top mount, 2×140 top/front mount, and 2×120 front/bottom mount? NZXT treats enthusiasts with higher degree of customization by including modular drive cages, which also ensures airflow at max. Fully filtered intakes are also added – one large front filter and two small bottom filters aimed at superior ventilation. This black matted tower chassis allows more space because of its tidy cable management, discreet SSD mounts, and 10-port fan hub.


Source 530 is designed to be budget-friendly, that is why in digress with the usual NZXT bold and tidy visual signature. It has an open mid-range style sporting black matte color only unlike other NZXTs and similar to other budget chassis.

The heavy inclination to ventilation gave birth to this case aims at supporting two 120/140 mm fans or a single 200 mm giant. The tower also accommodates radiator for liquid cooling given its fully exposed fan mounts at the ceiling. Unlike other NZXT’s cases, Source 530’s interior is uncovered with strategic position and shape of its window.

The towers inside components offer a spacious layout giving more rooms for internal peripherals and cable management. Cooling fans can also be positioned slightly, which directs the air upwards rather than straight through. Drive vibrations are also minimized using rubber grommets and drive cages are protected using tightened thumbscrews.

Installation of the case is remarkably easy for starters and upgraders alike due to its ample clearance and removable drive cages. Source 530 chassis gives enough space preventing clearance issues and adaptive to liquid cooling by fans and radiator. Exhaust fans and cooling fans can be installed for maximum ventilation.

There is also a feature to control the speed of cooling fans using a Speed Fan switch at the top portion of the chassis. Cable management is also excellent because of added fan PCB and spacious interior to easily slide in SSD and effectively minimize cable clutter. Panels and sockets can be easily removed to mount liquid cooling components such as

Installation of the case is remarkably easy for starters and upgraders alike due to its ample clearance and removable drive cages. Source 530 chassis gives enough space preventing clearance issues and adaptive to liquid cooling by fans and radiator. Exhaust fans and cooling fans can be installed for maximum ventilation.

There is also a feature to control the speed of cooling fans using a Speed Fan switch at the top portion of the chassis. Cable management is also excellent because of added fan PCB and spacious interior to easily slide in SSD and effectively minimize cable clutter. Panels and sockets can be easily removed to mount liquid cooling components such as reservoir, radiator, or pumps.

Source 530 also creates another layer of stability for optical drive bays with its metal tension locks mechanism. The availability of space in this tower provides PC users the option to slide in components for either liquid cooling or peripheral upgrades. Its lit brand name coupled by LED lighting enhances the sophisticated look of the unit when running.

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3. Silverstone Tek Extended ATX/ATX/SSI-CEB

Silverstone Tek Extended ATX/ATX/SSI-CEB-Computer ATX CaseAbout the Product:

Silverstone’s revolutionary computer chassis RAVEN RV03 focuses on excellent cooling performance, smart layout, and compatibility with motherboard and graphics cards. Made up of reinforced plastic outer shell and steel body material, the matte black Silverstone Tek Extended ATX/ATX/SSI-CEB is a real eye candy.

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It can support wide range of motherboard types such as SSI-EEB, SSI-CEB, Extended ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX. With seven 5.25″ external drive bay, six 3.5″ x 10 from 5.25” adapters, and two 2.5” drive bays for SSD, this case is built for compatibility and upgrade.

Its focus on ventilation retains its features of cooling fan in front, rear, side, and bottom and an exhaust fan or radiator on top. It sports eight expansion slot and front I/O hubs for audio, mic, two USB 3.0, which is also backward compatible with USB 2.0.

This tower allows compatibility with expansion cards of up to 13.58 inches, width restriction-6.61″. Tek Extended built is relatively heavy at 12.5 kg and measures up at 235mm x 522mm x 570mm. In addition, the case boasts of independent cooling zone for each hard drive compartment.


The extended model is installed with larger motherboard tray enabling ease and access to CPU cooler back plates for swapping. Similar to other Raven models, the 90-degree motherboard mounting is retained which allows stack effect and prevent heating common on a vertical setup. Two 180 mm Air Penetrator fans are included, which ensure peripheral components do not heat up and stay quiet. It is a smart move to make

The extended model is installed with larger motherboard tray enabling ease and access to CPU cooler back plates for swapping. Similar to other Raven models, the 90-degree motherboard mounting is retained which allows stack effect and prevent heating common on a vertical setup. Two 180 mm Air Penetrator fans are included, which ensure peripheral components do not heat up and stay quiet. It is a smart move to make

The extended model is installed with larger motherboard tray enabling ease and access to CPU cooler back plates for swapping. Similar to other Raven models, the 90-degree motherboard mounting is retained which allows stack effect and prevent heating common on a vertical setup.

Two 180 mm Air Penetrator fans are included, which ensure peripheral components do not heat up and stay quiet. It is a smart move to make independent compartment for hard drives with corresponding cooling mechanism to boost ventilation and cable management. Since it has designated cable slots with multiple pass-through holes, more space is freed up to reduce clutter and retain cooling ability.

People at Silverstone made a great job in aggressive and upscale style of the chassis with the addition of dual-purpose front panel bezels all to aid thermal problems. The minimalistic look and the materials used boost the appeal and integrity of the case making it a worthy build for a PC unit.

Hosting multiple motherboard types makes this case a favorite among other PC chassis due to its potential for varied build types. It also allows usability given that it welcomes ten full-sized and two SSDs without the need for adapters. Moreover, it also allows installation and addition of up to three graphic cards for fully loaded and highly demanding kind of PC works.

The case lives up to its promise of excellent cooling capability by designating independent cooling fans for every compartmentalized hard drives. It covers problems encountered in an extensive PC usage such as problems on airflow, thermal conditions, and annoying sound.

Given the built-in Air Penetrator fans, the video cards and other peripherals remain stable and cooled off regardless of their position inside the case. The dust covers or panels in front can be removed for regular cleaning and allow ventilation and thermal dissipation.

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4. Nanoxia Deep Silence 5 Big Tower Case

Nanoxia Deep Silence 5 Big Tower Case-Computer ATX CasesAbout the Product:

This German-engineered PC chassis is developed by Nanoxia Company and most popularly known as the big tower. Measuring 552 mm x 232 x 550 this gargantuan of a case sits heavy at 16.2 kg. Deep Silence 5 Big Tower is true to its name as it comes with dark black unit and made up of steel and plastic materials.

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It can host several motherboard types such as E-ATX, XL-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX, which maintains it steady in the market. Nanoxia’s Big Tower is built with four 5.25“and a 3.5” external drive bays plus eight to eleven 2.5/3.5“and six 2.5” internal drive bays. More features are also built in such as case fans in its front, rear, top, and bottom parts. When installed in the PC tower, CPU coolers reach 185 mm while VGA card pegs at 338 mm.

Distinct characteristics can be attributed to the Deep Silence 5 besides is classic design and towering height compared to other cases. It has a focused design and integrated sound dampening system to minimize noises; maximum functionality and adaptability, and efficient ventilation scheme.


Installed components on this tower include foam-insulated front doors where four external drive bays, two fan controllers, and the reset button are located behind the upper door. Easy access fan trays are also situated behind the second door where two 140 mm fans can be placed.

Magnets are also included to allow automatic and easy closing and opening of the doors. The I/O panel is situated in the uppermost front part where the power button, 2 USB 3.0 and two 2.0 hubs, and audio and mic hubs are. It has modular setup for hard drive cages, which allows maximum compatibility for liquid cooling or other sophisticated water-cooling systems.

A ventilation system is intelligently designed with the inclusion of three 140 mm cooling fans. One fan mounted at the back while the two are mounted on special swiveling brackets to allow access to fans and dust filters.

Stealth is one of the core missions of Nanoxia which is the reason why they strive for silent PC chassis in their development. The noise reduction capability of Deep Silence 5 employs materials to insulate and minimize structural and airborne noises.

Even the front doors are equipped with materials for sound absorption while anti-vibration devices are installed for hard disk and PSU. Living up to it counterparts when it comes to cooling capabilities, Deep Silence 5 employs smart ventilation system.

It has three 140 mm fans, dust filters, and installable 120/140 mm fans on both top and bottom up to a maximum of 6 fans. Liquid cooling is also compatible so a radiator or compact solution can be fitted in with added four rubber hose at the rear.

It gives your money’s worth with how versatile its features are besides pre-installed and installable cooling mechanisms. Maximum of 14 hard disk drives can be mounted al with anti-vibration device. It welcomes longer graphic cards using its removable drive cages up to an incredible length of 468 mm.

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5. Thermaltake Core V71

Thermaltake Core V71-Computer ATX CasesAbout the Product:

This chassis focuses on PC enthusiasts’ and experts’ demand for edgy and next generation appearance and functionality combined. It leads the way in configuring computer cases to a more versatile and adaptive approach by introducing flexible installation and ops.

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A great deal of customization is allowed for PC users to mod in favor of airflow or liquid cooling. Core V71 is emblazoned in black with solid window-type side panels. This full tower can support several motherboard types such as Mini-ITX, MicroATX, ATX, and E-ATX and measures 583 mm x 236 mm x 560 mm. Its clearances include 185 mm CPU cooler when installed, 310 mm VGA with HDD or 400 mm without HDD and 220 mm ATX PSU.

This case including eight 3.5” or 2.5” internal and two 5.25 external drive bays can host eight expansion slots. Compatibility with I/O ports is also included such as with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0, HD audio, and fan controller. Ventilation mechanisms it can host include air and liquid cooling. Air-cooling is available at top, front, rear, and bottom sides while liquid cooling are also at the top, front, rear, and bottom.


Thermaltake is known for building PC cases with clean lines, bold textures, and subtle curves, Core V71 is not an exemption. Enthusiasts and experts alike eye for the simplicity yet elegant-looking appearance of this case. Core V71’s massive mesh is designed to facilitate proper airflow inside the unit while keeping out dust and hot air. The black exterior is emblazoned with LED indicator and integrated with fan controller making Thermaltake’s case an award winning shot.

Tinkering the drive bay to remove and install in between hard drives and cages is possible with its modular style. It also permits maximum space inside the case to give way to airflow or installable external cooling device. Expansion has never been so easy with Core V71’s distinct back tray design, which enables users to assemble whenever drive cages are removed. PC users are also saved from installing screws because of its tool-free drive bay for ODD and HDD installation.

Thermaltake takes a bold step in creating Core V71 capitalizing on subtle aesthetics, upgrading its features and components, and enhancing capabilities. Great deal of effort is spent to enhance optical drives, storage bays, unit modularity, and even its appearance. This chassis allows incredible thermal dissipation by adding 200 mm fans which facilitates effective airflow in and out of the case.

Its potential to host four 200 mm fans and its ability for three additional 120 mm fans is unrivaled in the market presently. In so far as liquid cooling is concerned, high-end radiator, reservoir, or pump are welcomed which further extends its ventilation power.

Its tool-free feature also goes a long way for removable optical bay, sectionalized drive trays, support, and cages. Removing the drive bays offer unlimited possibilities of upgrading and adding latest peripherals or even advanced external cooling device.

Another offering to maximize space is its large CPU back plate where cables and wires can be neatly installed and housed. Cable management is also a breeze for users because all the wirings are sleeved, pre-routed, and plenty enough for the switches, LEDs, USB hubs to be built.

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6. Thermaltake Chaser MK-1

Thermaltake Chaser MK-1-Computer ATX CasesAbout the Product:

The Chaser MK-1 is a full tower gaming chassis that brings different gaming style for every users to the next level. It is ideal and cool in customizing and accessing to Medias and gaming look. It supports unique features and easy access to plug and play HDD/SSD docking for additional storage and fast data transfer speed.

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It offers a pre-installed and customizable shifting of fans’ speed and LED color such as red, blue, green, off, flash or even mixed color variations to be able to match the theme modes that users want. It is designed with options for Air and Liquid configuration, cable management optimization and options for headset side mounting.

This case supports ATX and M-ATX Form Factor Motherboards. It has ports for mic in front, for headphone (1x) and two ports for USB 3.0. A convertible 5.25” drive bay supports 4×5.25” with 1×3.5” and an internal storage of 6×3.5” or 2.5” drive bays. Chaser MK-1 built with a pre-installed 1x200mm color shift on front and top with 1x140mm rear fan. It also supports liquid cooling up to 240mm or maximum sizes of 280mm. It was been designed with a side mount for easy storage of headset.


It features a case type of ATX Full Tower Chassis with a case dimension of 22.4 inches in height, 9.3 inches in width and 22.9 in density. The Motherboard is compatible with ATX 12.0”x9.6” and a micro ATX 9.6”x9.6”. It has an expansion slots up to 8. It supports standard PS2 Power supply.

The case includes a gaming headset holder to help you in securing your headset. Designed and manufactured by Thermaltake USA Direct. A removable filter can help in securing your cases from dusts. It is a tool less design and has cool fans that help in good airflow both in and out of the case. A switchable option buttons for different color is a way cool.

Guaranteed with a 3-Year Warranty in all parts and services free of charge. A maximum VGA length of 330mm supports GPU’s a high performance. It is built with three cooling system in top with 120mm fans, rear 140mm fans and front 200mm fans that is awesome in air circulation of the case. The upgrade is not a problem since it has a cable management and plenty of spaces. The case has been set up to easy water cooling adaptation. It is ideal for the user that needs large volume and expansions options.

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7. Antec 900 ATX Computer Case

Antec 900 ATX Computer Case-Computer ATX CasesAbout the Product:

Introducing the newest ultimate, industrial feel case fits for hardcore gamers. It is a classical black ultra-mean case. Now you can own it at very reasonable price. The case was built for maximum cool performance featuring perforated front bezel. It is built with three-millimeter fans and has been mounted for more fans so that user will definitely enjoy every hardcore game.

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Fans have three speed settings, low, medium and high and are lit by blue LED color design. A top-mounted monster 200mm fan is also there! Yes, that is right! No more worrying of over-heating the hardware! It is supremely customizable and versatile case.

The case has a tray on top for your speakers, mp3 players or camera, mobile phones and or even an explosive space modulator. An easy access to power and reset buttons, usb ports and audio in and out. Everything in the case uses traditional screw system. With this new Antec Nine Hundred Computer Case, you can impress your friends or even your love prospects and they will envy you. Show them what you have got and let them prove that you are the ultimate master when you have this case.


It is uniquely designed to easily cool heat from the hottest system and maximum air intake to prevent it from over usage. Along with it is the built in two front HDD cages in which you can be able to load up to six hard disk drives and a 120mm fan to cool the drives. With this HDD cages, it serves as an air ducts for more efficient air intake. The product has a unit dimension of 18.4 x 8.1 x 19.4 inches, an 18.5 pounds item weight and 22 pounds in shipping weight. It is manufactured by Antec.

It has nine grilled plates but no silly doors. Top plate is obviously designed for an optical drive and the other two below is fitted for another optical drives. It has a modular design that helps you in modifying the front fans and hard drive cages. Two modules below can take up three bays each and is designed to fit hard drives.

A mid-tower case developed with an advanced cooling system, a unique 200mm TriCool fan helps and keeps heat to build up in the case and gave an instantly great impression. Cooling system is said to be an important thing for enthusiast nowadays. Opening the top of the case helps in removing excess heat out of the case. Top portion is made of black plastic that helps the weight at ease.

There a little hole in case where you can keep coins, clips, etc. It is perfectly designed for sitting preferences, as the height is perfect. Antec is a company that best known for producing great looking and excellent cooling cases over the years. It has seven expansion slots. It fits Micro and standard ATX.

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8. Phanteks Enthoo Pro

Phanteks Enthoo Pro-ATX Computer-Computer ATX CasesAbout the Product:

A budget friendly full tower case from Phanteks. The New Enthoo Pro trying to pass its reputation from the award winning Entoo Primo. It is engineered to have amazing expansion flexibility and to maximize cooling potentials. They focus on providing great design with favorable price. This classic black-colored, simulated brushed plastic aluminum appearance case has multiple radiator support, removable SSD bracket, closed HDD panel and Velcro cable ties with 35mm cable management space and additional cable compartment in bottom.

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Equipped with new, redesigned and high performance one 200mm fan in front, 140mm fan in the rear side and a possible upgrade to additional fans made by Phanteks.

A very convenient task of installation especially of the water cooling builds since it have radiator bracket and pump mounting locations. Four different installation areas for radiator has provided from single to triple form factors. It has three dust filters that protect the case from dust pollution and are removable for easy maintenance. Unlimited possibilities come in at Enthoo Pro whether you are a water-cooling enthusiast or a system builder.


Behind the motherboard tray is a pre-installed cable management. It is equipped with a 2xUSB 3.0, 2xUSB 2.0, microphone and a 3.5mm audio jack. A split window design, simple window panels and has PSU cover; PSU and HDD hidden. Controllable connected fans with the help of PWM hub. Installed Drop-n-Lock SSD bracket that is removable can put into two different locations. This unit has dimensions of 22 x 10 x 21 inches, 29.5 pounds in item weight and 29.5 shipping weight.

This case is clean look because of its simple but elegant appearance. Each HDD modular cages holds up three HDDs or SSDs and are easy to remove using thumbscrews. It can mount 3.5 or 2.5 inches drives and does not need to bend. There are three 5.25 inches bays with less mounting mechanism and has 8 expansion slots. It is built with top power button and includes a reservoir mounting bracket.

An extreme cooling capacity and extensive water cooling support. This full tower case can give you plenty of room for work and an easier system building. Steel made frames and side panels. It features an exceptional cable management as it includes Phanteks cable, velvet cable straps at the back of the motherboard, plenty of spaces behind the motherboard tray and quality rubber grommets. The package includes an instructed user’s guide to help you in assembling the case and a toolbox containing all the screws needed for the build.

It is organized as the PSU stealth cover hides the excess cables. Excellent decision in using Phillips head screws for the chassis instead of rivets. An exceptional quality as everything is stiff and secure. It has an endless possibilities and options in this case.

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9. Rosewill ATX Slim Full Tower

Rosewill ATX Slim Full Tower-Computer ATX CasesAbout the Product:

Introducing a unique chassis from Rosewill, a slim full tower ideal for system builders that highly considered form and functions. It is developed with a spacious room interior that has a capability of accommodating up to E-ATX (12”x10.3”)motherboards, dual power supplies and up to 13.9 inches (355mm) long graphic cards. The interior design allows an open airflow for a superior thermal performance. It offers an eight expansion slots.

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The case is designed to perform an advanced cooling system with the support of three radiators and a convenient tubing arrangement. It is built with two USB 3.0 ports and four USB 2.0 ports for you to have plenty of room to plug in your peripherals. To show off the system, the rise glow comes with a side window panel. Rosewill Slim case is equipped with three blue-colored LED 120mm fans in front and one 80mm fan that helps in keeping your system cool and at ease.

Furthermore, it has the option to upgrade at two 140mm top fans but if it was not enough then you have the option to mount your power supply on top or bottom. This is the perfect case for gamers that are awesome in system building and hardcore gaming.


An ATX Full tower type with power supply mounted top and or bottom. Its motherboard is compatible in either micro ATX, ATX, E-ATX. It has front ports with two USB 3.0, four USB 2.0 and audio port in/out that lets you connect plenty of peripherals. It supports an external 5.25” drive bays and has an eight expansion slots. The unit has product dimension of 17.3 x 9.2 x 21.6 inches and both 23.9 pounds in item weight and shipping weight.

It is manufactured and designed by Rosewill Direct with reference of RISE Glow and is originated in China. It has a simplistic style and design that is pleasing to the eye. It is taller than wide so it’s a little shallow for a full tower case. The power button is somewhat hard to press. There is a sticky large label at the bottom of the fan vent that completely covers it. The fans have connectors’ splitter on the side.

It is able to supports up to seven fans with controllable speed, 380mm long VGA card, 280mm Liquid Radiator on top and 360mm radiator in the front. Fans are great in the good circulation of air in the system. The setup is a bit modern compared to standard cases and is good in cable management. The HDD cage is also removable. No more worrying with dust particles as it is equipped with three dust filters at the top, front and bottom part.

It also supports 3.5” or 2.5” HDDs or SSDs in the HDD trays. Rosewill is developed as an advanced dual PSU design. This case has an advanced cooling system with pre-installed three front 120mm fans, one 140mm fan at the rear side, optional two top 140mm or 120mm fans and one rear 80mm fan ( if one bottom PSU is installed). It can fit tall CPU heat sinks. The materials used are not premium and some are plastic but still it is amazing and has the best design ever.

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10. Xion Performance ATX Tower Case

Xion Performance ATX Tower Case-Computer ATX CaseAbout the Product:

A unique Hybrid Mesh High performance mid-tower case. It can fit large 13 inches performance graphic card. It supports a one solid-state disk for high performance gaming requirement. Xion features a quality cooling system for larger heat sinks. It is designed with a USB 3.0 for high-speed driver. It has a black-colored internal finish and brushed outlooks for sleek and modernly professional look.

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This tower case is compatible with Micro ATX motherboards and fits to power supplies. It does not have real sharp edges on case. One 80mm rear fan, 90mm optional and one 120mm front fan with blue LED design and included dust filters. It is not developed with water cooling system and absolutely has no cable management.


This series has a black with blue LED light design made in steel and plastic. It has no power supply but has top mounted power supply. It is built with 5.2” external drive bays and internal 3.5” to 2.5” SSDs and HDD bays of one 2.5” and one 3.5”. Expansion slots are only up to four with USB 2.0 x 1, USB 3.0 x 1 and HD audio front ports.

It has a maximum 13” (330mm) VGA clearance and supports 6.5 (155mm) CPU heat sinks. This unit has product dimensions of 15” x 6.8” x 14.6” and 7.4 pounds weight. The front bezel is meshed front panel design and has no side window. The front I/O panel is near at the top so it is very accessible along with the power and reset button.

It has enough internal spaces to keep your components cool. For a high quality video card, there is enough room for that. Most graphic settings are on high and have some decent air circulation. You can be able to build this case and play newer games.

The case is made of metal and is thinner and lighter. It is transferrable because of its slim and tiny size and can fit to small spaces. There is no CD/DVD drive bays but is durable and has a room for a 3.5” and 2.5” hard drives. Fans lights up beautifully and is completely silent with awesome ventilation.

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How to choose the best Computer ATX Case?

Custom building your PC has become even more satisfying with the upsurge of products available in the market. You can now setup a unit compatible with your taste and consistent with your need. Whether you need high-functioning PC for competitive gaming, digital animation, or large-scale editing, custom building allows flexibility and functionality. However, PC starters and upgraders tend to get confounded with specs and confused with the wide array of options. Things get overwhelming when you are to decide what CPU.

However, PC starters and upgraders tend to get confounded with specs and confused with the wide array of options. Things get overwhelming when you are to decide what CPU, GPU, or peripherals are compatible and give your money’s worth. It goes with choosing what computer case to house your valuable hardware. You may shrug the idea off as unimportant but covering up your unit with carefully picked case gives it its final change.

However, before you get lost in technical wilderness, computer cases are also called chassis, base unit, system unit, tower, or cabinet. It is an enclosure that houses most of the interior components of your PC, except the mouse, keyboard, and display monitor.

Computer cases are made up of several materials often steel and aluminum, and sometimes plastic. With the promise of customization, we now see personal-built cases made of wood, glass, or even Lego bricks to achieve more unique setups.

Towers usually come in black metal enclosures, but the race towards custom building allows manufacturers to experiment on design, color, and additional features. PC cases are categorized by the size of the motherboards they can accommodate and often referred to by their size or form factors.

A sure shot way of rallying a perfect-looking PC case is by careful consideration of its design, color, and functionality. Cases and its mounting positions are also varied as you may have imagined which include standard top deck, half deck sizes and so on. It is thus important to understand that the size of your motherboard, being the largest component of a unit determines the form factor of the case.

Rack-mounted or blade servers should fit in specific enclosures; hence, PC users must give high regard with precise external dimensions. For starters, PC case should allow component upgrades in the future thus larger build is recommended. By doing so, your case can be reused to fit additional hard drive or upgraded video card. Upgrading is one of the aspects PC user’s fair best compared to laptop users since it is quite difficult to splice up the latter.

A custom-built unit should greatly allow the highest and widest functionality available. Its main function is not just decorative but to hold internal components together and protect its sensitive electronic parts. Therefore, it is important for the PC case to support most frequently used elements both in its front and back regions.

These include power button, a number of USB ports, and an audio outlet for headphones, drive bays for optical drives, card readers, and hard drives, and connections for other peripherals. Be familiar with the layout to understand where peripheral connectors, expansion slots, buttons and LEDs, mainboard, vents, wires and switches are.

Choosing the right case to maximize the functionality and appearance of your unit can be a bit handful but it can also be rewarding. After all, every PC users strive hard to achieve a unit that is both high-end and eye candy.

No need to fret folks, leave it to us to lay down 15 of the best editors’ choice ATX cases available in the market. We have compiled these products based on design, quality, and pros & cons so you can weigh in the contenders who can throw the punch.


Computer cases come with many different sizes and shapes, usually determine by the form factor of the motherboard. They are usually constructed from steel or aluminum, sometimes plastic is used too. It is important to determine the different classifications of computer cases since there are varieties of cases in the market.

Choosing the right and best computer cases depends on your needs. There are quality made cases and low cost cases. Of course, you get what you pay. There are also cases for builders that has strict budget. Some of the builders highly appreciate cases that have unique and simple design yet with high performance level.

Others features they consider are the compatibility of the design, motherboards compatibility, great cooling system and water cooling system and good cable management. These days, many users are into hardcore gaming and badly want their PC to be that powerful so it is best to have these kinds of reviews to be able to meet and know the pros and cons of every case.

Every case has their own pros and cons so there is really no perfect cases after all. All of them have different features but mostly of the same performance. One of the most important things you should consider if you are to purchase a computer case especially if you are a first timer builder, you should get an easy installation cases. Some packages doesn’t come with a manual or instructional guide and either downloadable manual online, so you must be very careful when purchasing it because it can lead to wrong installation and worst you can damage your cases.

It is also important that you check the dimensions of the unit because some of the mounts will not fit to the case and you cannot be able to use it. Fans are also considered an important feature in the case as it helps in the cooling system of the case so you had better check for it. Most installed fans are irritably noisy but good in ventilation function.

Some of them are with LED colors that give an elegant look to the cases. You need to be careful in choosing the right case for you, just choose the one that fits your needs to maximize the functionality and appearance of your unit.

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Tips of using Electronic Digital Caliper That You Need To Know

Tips of using Electronic Digital Caliper That You Need To Know

Electronic Digital Caliper

An electronic digital caliper is one of the most useful measuring instruments. While a good number of people may not be aware of this equipment, it deserves their attention. Its effectiveness in taking accurate measurements surpasses all other precision tools. So what exactly is an electronic digital caliper?

A digital caliper is a precision instrument ideal for inspection in manufacturing. In the caliper technology, the electronic digital caliper is the most recent. It provides unambiguous measurements of an object, making it highly favorable among users. Electronic digital calipers can take differential measurements. The measures come in handy when making comparisons of measurements between two different objects. What makes it even better is the display of the recorded measurement.

The electronic digital caliper features enhanced technology that can produce an electronically generated reading. The reading is usually on a digital and high-resolution LCD screen as a single value. Most electronic digital calipers can shift between metric and standard units. Therefore, if you are looking for a measuring tool with accuracy like no other, consider purchasing an electronic digital caliper. Below are further details on the features and usage of this instrument. Therefore, read on as we discuss the electronic digital caliper. You can also check out this: Electronic Digital Vernier Calipers

Features of an Electronic Digital Caliper

Electronic Digital Caliper

Nothing entices a customer more than rare and bonus features in a product. When it comes to the electronic digital calipers, they deliver nothing short of that.


These instruments are of high quality strong composite carbon fiber. They are highly durable for increased longevity as a result of the strong composite fiber material.


When it comes to the design, these battery-operated measuring instruments feature ergonomic design. As a result, electronic digital calipers are suitable for measuring inside or outside dimensions of an object. The design accommodates a zero/on button for turning on the calipers. It also resets the current position of the calipers to zero.

Two jaws:

Electronic digital calipers feature two jaws, that is, the inside and outside jaws. The outside jaws as the name suggest measures the outside dimensions of your object. The inside jaws, on the other hand, measure the inside dimensions of objects. Both jaws are very delicate. Therefore, observe caution as you use them.

Depth Gauge:

Another crucial feature is the depth gauge. The depth gauge is useful in assessing the thickness of an object. Also, it measures the depth of a hole or object. Additionally, electronic digital calipers feature a step gauge which is not visible. It is used to measure the distance from the edge of an object to another point on the same object.


For safety purposes, electronic digital calipers feature a locking screw. It prevents the caliper jaws from moving. The inch or millimeter button switches the measurement units between inches and millimeters. There is also the ABS button feature which temporarily adjusts the current position to zero. Electronic digital calipers also feature a battery compartment for securing the battery in place.

Ease of use:

The entire point of using an electronic digital caliper is to make your measuring process easier. Therefore, having an instrument that features an onsite sensor is a bonus. The AOS onsite sensor is an electromagnetic inductive sensor. It facilitates resistance against water, dirt, and oil. Therefore, your digital caliper remains in good condition for a long time.

Types of Calipers

Electronic Digital Caliper

Not all calipers are electronic. There are a few other types of calipers available in the market. First is the inside caliper. It is used in measuring the inside dimensions of an object. The opposite type of calipers is the outside calipers. It is useful in gauging the outside dimensions of objects.

Divider Calipers

The divider caliper, popularly known as a compass, is extensively used in the metalworking field. It is used in marking out locations. The divider caliper has sharp points which act as markers. Oddleg calipers are used to mark lines at a particular distance from the edge of a specific workpiece.

Vernier Calipers

The next type of calipers is the Vernier calipers which are very popular among users. These calipers provide a direct reading of the measurements obtained with high levels of accuracy. They comprise a calibrated measuring scale with two jaws and a pointer that slides along the scale. To read the results, simply read the position of the pointe directly on the scale.

Dial Caliper

The dial calipers offer an alternative to using the Vernier mechanism. Dial calipers read the last fraction of an inch or millimeter on a simple dial. A rack and pinion move the pointer on a circular dial. Therefore, this facilitates the direct reading of measurements without having to use a Vernier scale.

Micrometer Caliper

A micrometer caliper uses a calibrated screw to measure the dimensions of an object instead of a slide. The last type of caliper is the digital caliper. The electronic digital caliper falls under this category. They are the current invention in regards to calipers. They display the measurements are numerical values on the LCD screen by use of a linear encoder. Additionally, digital calipers offer a serial digital output. Therefore, you can interface your electronic digital caliper with your personal computer. You can also check out this: Electronic Digital Vernier Calipers

How to use an Electronic Digital Caliper

To take precise measurements, it is essential to possess knowledge of how to use electronic digital calipers. These measuring tools are your best friend in regards to measuring relatively small objects. The majority of digital calipers are accurate to within plus or minus 0.001” which is equivalent to 0.02 mm. Hence, there is a guarantee of accurate measurements. The chances of any errors are greatly reduced when using electronic digital calipers.

To begin using the electronic digital caliper, it is vital to zero the instrument. Skipping this step results in inaccurate results. Press the zero/on button to set the scale reading to zero. When you close the jaws, the reading should be 0.000”. The digital calipers are now ready to take measurements.

When measuring the outside dimensions of an object, use the outside jaws. Ensure that the object is positioned parallel to the outside jaws. Otherwise, you are likely to obtain erroneous measurements. You can also utilize the outside jaws to gauge the thickness of an object. Place the object in a position perpendicular to the jaws for accurate measurement.

The inside jaws measure the inside dimensions of an object. The objects should be placed perpendicular to the jaws. To gauge the depth from one surface to another, employ the depth gauge. Ascertain that the calipers and the surface being measured are perpendicular to each other.

Step Gauge:

For step measurement, use the step gauge. It is highly useful in assessing the distance between one edge of an object and the next ledge above it.

Comparative Measurement:

One of the functions of electronic digital calipers is comparative measurement. To achieve this, zero the digital calipers when taking a measurement. You can juxtapose dimensions of two different objects by doing this. Firstly, use the inside jaws to gauge the inside diameter of your object. After that, press the zero/on the button to zero the calipers. Lastly, utilize the outside jaws when measuring the outside dimensions of the second object. You obtain a reading on the screen which exhibits the disparity between the dimensions of the two different objects.

It is crucial to bear in mind some factors when using electronic digital calipers to get an accurate measurement. First, ensure that your digital calipers are clean. Also, both sides of your object should be spotless for accurate measurement. Another thing to pay attention to is the tightness of the calipers during contact with the object. Do not overtighten your instrument. Slight contact is enough to acquire error-free measurements.

What is the Electronic Digital Caliper used for?

The primary use of electronic digital calipers is measurement. However, these instruments are used in different contexts. Digital calipers are also common in educational institutions. Schools employ these excellent tools in engineering related classes. They assist students in gauging the dimensions of various objects. Also, digital calipers remedy the zero error. These tools are for physics students to facilitate measuring objects with various shapes.

Steel Manufacturing:

In the steel industry, digital calipers are significant tools for accurate measurements. The purpose is to gauge the inside dimensions of steel objects. Electronic digital calipers also measure the thickness of an array of objects that have distinctly shaped. Moreover, digital calipers come in handy when measuring the depth of some objects made up of mixed metals.


The medical realm also employs electronic digital calipers. The surgical instruments’ industry widely depends on digital calipers for precise measurement. Keep in mind that in the medical sector, the dimensions of various instruments with distinct characteristics require measuring with absolute correctness. Due to this high level of sensitivity, even the slightest impact from external factors can cause unimaginable havoc. That is why digital calipers are utilized.

Science Laboratories:

Scientific labs also use electronic digital calipers for a plentitude of objectives. These instruments perform more enhanced functions in scientific labs. They include precise measurement of objects vital in taking on important work such as combining two parts of an object. Hence, high-level of absolute precision is required. Digital calipers are equally useful in providing dimensions of irregular and regular shapes from both the inside and outside dimensions.


Another industry that utilizes electronic digital calipers is the aerospace and aviation industry. Very accurate measurement is required in this field. Any erroneous measurement results could lead to fatal accidents. Therefore, digital calipers are used to ensure accurate measurement of parts used in putting together aviation machinery.


Machine and automobile shops are also among the most extensive users of electronic digital calipers. Automotive machinery comprises the most intricate of components. Therefore, for them to function correctly, each element requires careful measuring. Ship makers also use digital calipers in gauging the dimensions of the parts making up a ship.


Another set of professionals who use electronic digital calipers are locksmiths. The trade of locksmithing requires very accurate measuring since it encompasses the use of composite patterned keys and locking techniques. The use of digital calipers assists in measuring the thickness of diameters with extreme accuracy.

Using electronic digital calipers is advantageous in some ways. Firstly, it is easy to read the measurements. The LCD readout screen displays the measurements vividly, so you do not require to struggle with reading the results. Also, digital calipers guarantee accuracy. The reliable results ensure you get the best measurement of the dimensions of your objects. Some digital calipers can measure distances as precise as micrometers.

Additionally, it is possible to zero electronic digital calipers at any point without necessarily requiring calibration. Measurements can also be easily converted by use of the millimeter/inch button. Since electronic digital calipers are battery-operated, they are power-conserving devices. The battery life is exceptionally long, so you do not require to replace the batteries frequently. You can also check out this: Electronic Digital Vernier Calipers


It is apparent from the review above that electronic digital calipers provide a much better way of measurement compared to rulers and other measuring devices. They are also very safe to use. Once you purchase yours, be keen to use it properly. Keep your digital calipers in good condition too. See to it that you check the calibration of your digital calipers before use. Mostly, every time you use a digital caliper, you require to make sure that it is properly calibrated. Each electronic digital caliper comes with at least one or two calibration rods. Make proper use of them for impeccable results.

Using digital calipers instead of a ruler for measurement is advantageous due to high accuracy levels. Also, it is much easier to use electronic digital calipers compared to dial calipers. Reading digital calipers is much more comfortable. The best part is that electronic digital calipers come at an affordable price. You do not require to blow a huge chunk of money to purchase one. The majority come with a warranty in case of any default. So unless you are the old-school type or you happen to fancy dial calipers, make the switch to electronic digital calipers today.

Top 10 Best Electronic Digital Vernier Calipers in 2019

Accurate readings are a necessity of an engineer’s life. If the readings slightly change, the whole result could come out as a disaster. This can cause a lot of difficulty for the people using it and also the engineer who is trying to build it. Vernier caliper is a tool that is required by an engineer at the building sites. The Electronic Digital Vernier Calipers are being used these days that give the most accurate measurements which are used for measuring the depth of the holes and the diameters of the pipes. However not all the Electronic Digital Vernier Calipers are made with accuracy? Some of these give false readings at times. Hence it is important to be careful while picking up the best one for you. Everything you might need to know: How to use as well as the benefit of using Electric Heat Lunch Box

Electronic Digital Vernier Calipers

If you do not know what Electronic Digital Vernier Calipers will suit your preference, we are here to help. The list given below has the top 10 Electronic Digital Vernier Calipers available in the market that can help the user in taking accurate measurements. For more details, read below:

Top 10 Electronic Digital Vernier Calipers in 2019

10. Mitutoyo 500-196-30 Absolute Scale Digital Caliper

Mitutoyo 500-196-30 Absolute Scale Digital Caliper

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At number 10 on the list of the Electronic Digital Vernier Calipers is the Mitutoyo Electronic Digital Vernier Calipers. These calipers measure 0 to 6 inches and have a 0.0005 inches precision. The LED screen shows the results in inches or other metric units.


These Electronic Digital Vernier Calipers have been given 4.5 stars by the users; this means that the people love them. The only defects that have been seen are the manufacturing defects on some of the products.

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9. Green Toolz Electronic Digital Caliper

Green Toolz Electronic Digital Caliper

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At number 9 on our list of the best Electronic Digital Vernier Calipers is this one from Green Toolz. This is one of the best digital calipers that provides the most accurate readings. This caliper has an LED screen that gives the readings as accurate as 0.0005 inches.


The users have given this caliper a 4.5 rating. Most of the customers are satisfied with the product and rave about its durability and accuracy. There are some who received the defected products which is a total fault of the manufacturer or the seller.

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8. iGaging IP54 Electronic Digital Caliper

iGaging IP54 Electronic Digital Caliper

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Number 8 on our list id the iGaging Electronic Digital Vernier Calipers. These are some of the most accurate calipers on the market that you can get for a really cost-effective price. They can give you an accuracy of 0.0005 inches and measure 0 to 6 inches. The body is made of steel and cannot be easily defected.


The product has been given a 4,4 on 5 rating by the customers. This proves that the claims made about this product are true. It is accurate, durable and easy to carry.

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7. Aickar Digital Caliper, Stainless Steel Electronic Digital Caliper, 

Aickar Digital Caliper, Stainless Steel Electronic Digital Caliper, Digital Calipers 6 Inch with LCD Screen, Durable Accurate Vernier Caliper Tool

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At number 7 on our list id the Aickar Electronic digital caliper. This is one of the best products available in the market in today’s times. The LED screen shows accurate readings up to 0.005 inches, and the Electronic Digital Vernier Calipers are made of stainless steel for added durability.


As per the customers, the product is highly accurate and can be used by professional engineers on their construction sites. The material is durable and long-lasting.

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6. GlowGeek Electronic Digital Caliper Inch

GlowGeek Electronic Digital Caliper Inch/Metric/Fractions Conversion 0-6 Inch/150 mm Stainless Steel Body Orange/Black Extra Large LCD Screen Auto Off Featured Measuring Tool

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At number 6 on the list of the Electronic Digital Vernier Calipers in 2019 is the GlowGeek Electronic Digital Caliper. This is another one of the most accurate calipers. This is black in color and is made of hardened stainless steel. This does not rust even if it is kept in water or rain.


Since the accuracy of these Electronic Digital Vernier Calipers is 0.0001 inches, it is loved by the customers. Some of the engineer customers have raved about its accuracy and the durability at various platforms.

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5. UBANTE Quality Electronic Digital Caliper Inch

UBANTE Quality Electronic Digital Caliper Inch/Metric/Fractions Conversion 0-6 Inch/150 mm Stainless Steel Body Green/Silver Extra Large LCD Screen Auto Off Featured Measuring Tool

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Number 5 on our list is the UBANTE Electronic Digital Vernier Calipers. This is a stainless steel caliper that is blue and silver in color. It has a 6-inch measurement ratio and an accuracy of 0.0001 inches. You can take the readings on the digital screen.


The product is very useful, and hence it has been given a 4.5 rating on various platforms. The only drawback was the manufacturing defects for some users.

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4. iGaging ABSOLUTE ORIGIN 0-6” Digital Electronic Caliper

iGaging ABSOLUTE ORIGIN 0-6” Digital Electronic Caliper

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At number 4 on our list of the best Electronic Digital Vernier Calipers is the one from iGaging. This is another one of the most accurate calipers and has an accuracy of 0.0001 inches. You can easily use this to take the readings with the help of the digital LED screen. The product comes in a box that is useful in carrying it around to work.


Most of the engineers and the professionals who have bought this product have been impressed with its accuracy. The only thing to improve here is the durability of the product.

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3. VINCA DCLA-0605 Electronic Digital Vernier Caliper

VINCA DCLA-0605 Electronic Digital Vernier Caliper

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At number 3 on our list if the Electronic Digital Vernier Calipers 2019 is the VINCA DCLA caliper. This is one of those calipers which will last you for years and years to come. The accuracy of the caliper is 0.0001 inches, and it can measure from 0 to 6-inch space. The LED screen shows the readings accurately.


The product has a 4.6 rating. This means that the people who have purchased it are happy with their buys. The only problems a few people faced was the defects in the products or inaccuracies.

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2. EAGems 6”/150mm Digital Caliper

 EAGems 6”/150mm Digital Caliper

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At number 2 on the list of the best Electronic Digital Vernier Calipers is the EAGems digital caliper. This according to us is one of the most impressive calipers. Made of stainless steel. It has an accuracy of 0.0001 inches and it can measure up to 6 inches and that to accurately and also comes in a case that protects it from any kind of damage.


As per the customers, this product deserves 5 stars. This means that there are no flaws these users could find in the product and we could not agree more.

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1. Neiko 01407A Electronic Digital Caliper

Neiko 01407A Electronic Digital Caliper

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At number 1 is the best Electronic Digital Vernier Calipers we have ever come across. Neiko electronic digital caliper which comes in a black box and is made of stainless steel. It is durable and accurate.


A 4.5 rating, this product has been loved and appreciated by the customers all over the world. the only complaints that we could find were about the accuracy or a defect in the machine.

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Electronic Digital Vernier Calipers are very important at a construction site. Hence it becomes a necessity to check their accuracy before buying them. If your caliper is showing some kind of inaccuracy or fault, it is time to change it and get a new and accurate one. An engineer’s job is a very difficult one, and they need to have precise measurements in everything they do.

Also when you buy one of the Electronic Digital Vernier Calipers from the list above, make sure you see the authenticity of the product. A fake product can do more harm than a broken one. So, be careful about what you pick and make the choice of the perfect Electronic Digital Vernier Calipers from the list above.