Best Highlighters Pen Set | Suitable For Every Student and Worker

In order to mark the essential lines or sections in a text, you need highlighters pen set. This makes it simpler for you to remember where you will pick up from next time, where to get specific information, or which points to note down. Therefore, you need highlighters pen set that can do the work correctly.

It is also important to have high-quality pens, and it is not easy. This is because we had to do intensive research to bring you this list. It has the top 10 highlighters pen set in 2019 that can work on various types of papers. Let’s discuss each one of them and see why they are worth having. You can check out this: Sling Bags For Women

10 Best Highlighters Pen Set That Every Student and Worker needs

Best Highlighters Pen Set Review | Highly Recommended

10. Zebra MILLINER Highlighter Pen Set

Zebra MILLINER Highlighter Pen Set

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This is a good set of highlighters pens from Delta with amazing features. While using them, you will realize that they are easy to erase without tearing the paper.

Just by handling these pens, it feels really nice and gets more fun when writing. The chisel tip does the highlighting while a fine bullet tip takes care of the writing. For consistent and sharp lines, these pens have 0.5mm tips.


  • They use thermosensitive ink that you can erase
  • Each pen has mild coloring
  • Proper tip for consistency
  • Equally distributed weight

9. GC 72 Colors Dual Tip Brush Pens Highlighter

GC 72 Colors Dual Tip Brush Pens Highlighter 

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This is a perfect highlighters pen set for a professional adult coloring book and fine art. Why? It offers you all the primary colors you require while highlighting, sketching, painting, and doing other activities.

The set comprises 72 colors in total. In addition to that, each pen has a 0.4 mm tip to draw lines and relatively wide brush tip for coloring and shading. Thanks to its fantastic color blending and accuracy while drawing lines.


  • The pens are multipurpose
  • Offers 72 vibrant colors
  • Uses non-toxic and acid-free ink
  • Two tips with different functions
  • Each pen can draw a 300m line

8. Dual Tip Marker Pens Permanent Double-Ended Art Markers

 Dual Tip Marker Pens Permanent Double-Ended Art Markers 

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Grab this highlighters pen set this year and stand a chance to draw sharp lines with controlled accuracy. They all use a water-based ink that is a high recommendation.

This pack presents 16 markers with saturated colors. The pens have dual ends that are fine tipped and brush tipped. Their design makes them useful to teachers, students, artists and in other places. Lastly, they are of premium quality, and hence they are long-lasting.


  • The set contains dual tipped pens
  • Made of premium quality
  • 16 package set for a wide range of users
  • The ink dries very fast

7. Zebra Mildliner Double-sided Highlighter Pens

Zebra Mildliner Double-sided Highlighter Pens

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For a student used to reading a lot and underlining some points, this an ideal highlighters pen set for you. It works well with your daily schedule notebook, leaving you in a good feeling.

After purchasing, this set provides you with 15 different pens of different colors. After using them, store them in their cute sticker for easy carrying.


  • Highlights without blur
  • Useful while studying
  • The pack has 15 colored pens
  • It is ideal for painters too

6. Pilot Frixion Highlighters 12 Colors & New FriXion Erasers

 Pilot Frixion Highlighters 12 Colors & New FriXion Erasers 

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This is a highlighter pen set that can be used anywhere in college, adult painting, fine arts, and other places. Let’s look at why it is worth spending on.

With only one package, you will get 12 highlighter pens with different colors, and another set of 2 Frixion erasers. This is pretty impressive comparing its cost. When you want to use the pen’s tip, you can press the clip downward. Also, there is an eraser at the top of the pen.


  • A set contains 12 pens with two eraser value set
  • Contained in a vinyl pen case
  • Each pen has a retractable tip

5. Multi-Color Highlighter Pen Marker Paint Pens set

Multi-Color Highlighter Pen Marker Paint Pens set

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Are you tired of using highlighters pens with smelling ink? Buy this pen to avoid such experiences.

This highlighters pen set contains eight markers of various colors. Every pen has a writing width of 1-5 mm, and they are all 5.2” long. These pens are made with premium quality material.


  • Their ink is easy to clean and odorless
  • There are eight pens in one pack
  • Multipurpose hence good for drawing, highlighting, painting, etc.
  • Can write on many surfaces such as glass, leather, paper, cloth, rubber, etc.

4. 50 Chisel Tip Highlighters Markers Bulk Assorted Colors

50 Chisel Tip Highlighters Markers Bulk Assorted Colors

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This highlighters pen set provides you with a whopping 50 markers in a smart reusable box. Make it long before you buy highlighters.

The pack contains 25 pen style and 25 tank style markers. The chisel tip design makes it possible to achieve the best highlighting. The manufacture molded it to produce 3 line thicknesses. All the pens are made with lightweight and have long-lasting tips.


  • For highlighting use the 4mm tip
  • To achieve good underlining work, use 1mm and 5 mm tips
  • Offers 50 pens with different colors
  • The ink used it non-toxic

3. Zebra Mildliner highlighter pen set

Zebra Mildliner highlighter pen set

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Also, we cannot avoid mentioning Mildliner highlighters pen set. It is suitable while writing a notebook or other daily work.

This pack gives you a total of 20 colors; 5 new warm and 15 standard colors. Every pen is double-sided with a fine and a broad tip.


  • Contains 20 different colors
  • Ideal for wide range of users
  • Works perfectly on a paper without bright fluorescence
  • Features a vinyl casing

2. Mr. Pen- 18 Pc Highlighter Set

Mr. Pen- 18 Pc Highlighter Set

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Not all highlighters pen sets will give you everything you need like this “Mr. Pen” set. It presents many pens, designs and color options. Also, the pens do not dry if you forget to cap them.

This package contains 18 pieces of essential tools. This includes six gel highlighters, six pen style highlighters that are narrow, a highlighter tape, a pencil sharpener, two neon lead pencils, and two wide highlighters.


  • Has chisel tip highlighters
  • You can highlight the bible with gel highlighters
  • Features highlighting pencils and a sharpener
  • They can be perfect for many surfaces
  • Highlighter tape is part of the package

1. Sharpie Liquid Highlighters

 Sharpie Liquid Highlighters

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During your fast-paced meetings and all-night study sessions, you need a highlighters pen set that will keep you going. This set has amazing pens with a variety of uses.

The pens have a chisel tip design for maximum consistency. They use saturated ink with good colors. Also, you can keep checking the ink levels through the transparent barrels. Finally, you can attach your pen to 3 ring binders using the notched clip.


  • The pens use bright saturated ink
  • It has a notched clip
  • Offers ten colors in one package
  • Their tips have a chisel shape design


Almost anyone who engages in intensive reading, drawing, painting, and shading requires a highlighters pen set. They are available in different sizes, tip shapes, colors, and other features. As you have realized, each highlighters pen set in the market have different numbers of pieces. Besides, some offer additional tools. Depending on the level of your needs, you can easily choose from our list.

If you buy any of these top 10 highlighters pen sets, you will be using the most consistent pens. Don’t forget to check their ink qualities too. Make your paperwork, decorations, and artwork to look tremendous by purchasing highlighters pen set.