Best Magnetic Screen Doors | Keep Insects Far From You

Installing a magnetic screen doors changes the way people interact with the environment. They prove effective especially in places prone to critters and bugs infestation. If it is sturdy enough and well consolidated, it should be able to serve you for a long time.

These magnetic screen doors help to keep any house under cool temperatures. Also, they allow free movement of air to avoid living in a stuffy room. You should never be worried by not shutting your door. Mosquitoes cannot penetrate these top 10 magnetic screen doors we have for you. They are easy to use, and most of them do not block the pets from walking through. Read on to discover more about these magnetic screen doors. You can check out this Best Pry Bars 

10 Best Magnetic Screen Doors in 2019 That Every House Needs

Magnetic Screen Doors Review | Top Choice

10. Aoocan Magnetic Screen Door


 Aoocan Magnetic Screen Door 

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This Aoocan Magnetic screen door is ideal for most doors. It easy for your kids and pets to enter and leave. To some extent, you will enjoy the way it opens and closes.

This screen door is ideal for doors measuring 34”x82” or smaller. The net will keep all insects outside. The mesh is heavy duty and durable.


  • Fit for doors with 34” width and 82” height
  • Has extra gravity to handle the wind effect
  • It has a strong, built-in, hidden magnet
  • It is of a heavy-duty mesh, and therefore it is durable

9. Double Door Screen 60

Double Door Screen 60

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This is an ideal screen door to install on your house door. It stands out among other magnetic screen doors for its ability to resist hostile treatment from the environment.

The manufacturers have designed it with a good shape with high wind resistance. This is made possible by the windproof magic sticker at the bottom. It allows good light transmission. The material used is durable; fireproof, and resistant to chemical corrosion.


  • It has a high-density fiberglass screen mesh
  • This screen mesh measures 62”x 87.”
  • Ideal for light transmission
  • Its design is unique with magic sticker hasp

8. Magnetic Screen Door

 Magnetic Screen Door

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Protect yourself and family from mosquito bites while the main door is still open. This is one of the best magnetic screen doors which is multipurpose.

This screen door has a great design with impressive features. It has a Velcro-like strip that you can use when attaching it to the frame. This magnetic screen door has a strong magnet that runs down the length continuously. It is super easy to attach.


  • It is user-friendly including pets and kids
  • Polyester mesh makes the door
  • It offers security from harmful insects
  • There are handy snaps that keep the door open when being used many times

7. IKSTAR Magnetic Screen Door

IKSTAR Magnetic Screen Door 

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If you are looking for magnetic doors that close and opens automatically, this door from IKSTAR fits in your budget. It is compatible with many sizes of door frames.

This magnetic screen door features a design that will suit your needs. Its installation is easy and fast. When you want to keep it temporarily, you can easily fold it


  • It measures 48″x 83 inches
  • The built-in magnet is strong and closes fast
  • It offers frameless and retractable folding
  • The magnetic screen door is kids and pets friendly

6. Homitt [Upgraded Version] Magnetic Screen Door

 Homitt [Upgraded Version] Magnetic Screen Door 

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This is an fantastic magnetic screen door from Homitt. Its quality and long-term service are worth every penny.

For the fact that it is magnetic, it has seven sets of the magnet and six sets of magnetic seals. Therefore, the door does not slam. The mesh allows fresh air to flow inside. There are gravity sticks to handle any blowing wind. It comes as a package of push pins, a roll of hook & loop, and the screen door.


  • It measures 39” x 83”. Thus, ensure that your door size is 36”x82” or less.
  • There are four sets of gravity sticks
  • They sewed in 26 magnetic points to make it strong
  • It comes with a package of relevant tools

5. APALUS Magnetic Screen Door

APALUS Magnetic Screen Door

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To add on to our list, this magnetic steel door does not restrict your kids and pets from accessing your house. It is ideal for most medium sized doors.

This screen is quick to install and remove without the need for extra tools. It has a powerful magnetic seal that is also durable.


  • The dimensions are 36″x83″,
  • A polyester mesh to keep away the mosquitoes and bugs
  • It has Velcro along the frame
  • There are 28 sewed magnets inside the seam

4. Magnetic Screen Door

Magnetic Screen Door 

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This is among magnetic screen doors that have passed a series of tests before being introduced into the market. Therefore, you can be sure while spending on it.

The firm gave it a Velcro hasp design so that it can be wind resistant. It also used a mesh that is heavy and durable. So, there is no entrance for biting insects.


  • It has a fiberglass screen mesh
  • High wind resistance
  • Heavy mesh with 15x 17 curtain density
  • Easy to install and remove

3. Magnetic Screen Door

Magnetic Screen Door

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Just like other magnetic screen doors that do not hinder your pets from entering and leaving, this screen door is not an exception. The only difference might come to its unique features.

It has a design that simply fits doors with maximum measurements of 36″ x 82”. This magnetic screen door is easy to install and does not leave gaps due to its strong magnets.


  • It measures 39″ x 83 inches
  • Includes seams that are reinforced
  • The fly screen allows you to walk hands-free
  • Compatible with a wide range of doors

2. Homitt Magnetic Screen Door

 Homitt Magnetic Screen Door 

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This is yet another magnetic screen door from Homitt ranking among the top ten. It is user-friendly in that you do not have to use your hands when opening among other features.

This screen door has a hook&loop design. Thus, you can remove its curtain easily. The push-up pins provide support to make it stable. To prevent it from being blown by the wind, there are extra eight pieces of gravity sticks.


  • It measures 39”x 83 inches
  • Contains tight magnetic seal
  • Humans and pets friendly entry
  • Extra gravity to sustain the wind

1. iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door

 iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door

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Protect yourself from flies, bugs, mosquitoes, and unwanted insects using this magnetic screen door. As you search for the best magnetic screen door, we can recommend this one for you. Why? It has everything you need from magnetic screen doors.

It has a simple design allowing you to walk in without opening with your hands. The seal is reinforced all through. In the edges, it has 26 powerful magnets which make it stronger.


  • Compatible with door sizes up to 34 x 82 inches
  • It has hook & loop design
  • Strong magnetic seal
  • This magnetic screen door has a tough mesh


Since these are the best magnetic screen doors available, consider selecting one which is ideal for you. They are available in different shapes and designs. The strength of the magnet of the mesh is different in each product. Magnetic screen doors have different measurements. Therefore, it is advisable to measure the width and the height of your doors before purchasing magnetic screen doors.

For accuracy, make sure you add an each on the width and two inches on the length. Also, if you have metallic doors, you should not install magnetic screen doors. This is because the magnet will be attached to the door and will not close automatically. Magnetic screen doors keep us safe from allergies, insects, and dust particles. Their relevance is beyond imagination and hence the reason to own them.