Best Laser Tag Guns | Portable and Durable

The use of laser tag guns has dominated gaming over the recent years by both adults and kids. This is due to the famous and exciting game of Laser Tag that they like playing. It is a game you can play both indoors and outdoors. To continue enjoying this game, you need laser tag guns that are super simple to use and the ones that won’t let you down.

We have reviewed ten of the best laser guns in 2019 that you can choose from. Since your needs may vary, the features of these guns also vary. There are different kinds of laser tag guns offering different excitement levels. The ones with fewer batteries are economical. On the other hand, the ones with sophisticated technologies offer more enjoyment. Keep reading to find out which of the laser tag guns listed below is suitable for your case. You can check out this: Gym Gloves

10 Best Laser Tag Guns That People Should Buy

Best Laser Tag Guns Review | Highly Recommended

10. VATOS Infrared Laser Tag Guns Set

VATOS Infrared Laser Tag Guns Set 

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Are you trying to keep your children away from the computer and mobile games? These are the best laser guns you should buy. It will offer endless fun for your children and for you as well.

This set of Laser tag game includes four guns and four vests. So, you can play the game and make it challenging with four teams. You can choose the shooting mode from the rocket, machine gun, shotgun, and pistol. They are high quality and therefore durable.


  • Multiplayer with 4 sets of guns and vests
  • Every gun uses 3 x 1.5 V AA batteries
  • Made attractive and with high-quality materials
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Offers 4 firing modes

9. Play22 Laser Tag Sets Gun Vest

Play22 Laser Tag Sets Gun Vest 

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You might be wondering on the best gift to buy for kids you love. This set of laser tag guns is the right one to buy for both boys and girls. It has tons of features and satisfaction as you are going to learn.

One purchase gives you a set of four guns and four vests that can be used to play outdoors or indoors. The laser tag guns and vests come with four different colors and have great sound. They have four shooting modes. These guns are made with high-quality material. Thus, they are long-lasting.


  • Multiplayer with four teams
  • Offers a set of 4 vests and 4 guns; white, green, red, and blue
  • Shoot at a distance of 130 feet
  • It has four shooting modes
  • Vibration and sound enabled

8. ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Guns and Vests

ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Guns and Vests

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These are one of the most advanced laser tag guns we have in the market. Within moments, your backyard will turn into a laser tag arena. These guns will offer you and your kids a lifetime service.

The design of each gun and vest is the same except for the color. It comes in a set of one pair of guns and a pair of vests. For operation, 3 AAA batteries are required for each gun and each vest. The laser tag guns in this set use infrared emissions that are safe.


  • A set of two laser tag guns and vests
  • Offers four shooting modes
  • It has realistic shooting sound and vibration
  • The guns are of premium quality
  • It gives Infrared signal emissions

7. Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag Game

Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag Game 

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These laser tag guns are among the best and safest toys that your kids can have. They offer different kinds of game modes for an almost-real shooting experience.

The design is ergonomic allowing the hand to grab it well. The set of two offers a set of shooting mode ranging from a submachine gun, shotgun, pistol, and rocket. When you want to select the teams, you will see the indicated; colors blue, green, white, and red.


  • The guns shoot within a range of 130 feet
  • Comprises a set of two guns and vests
  • Great sounds and vibration
  • Infrared emission of 0.9mW
  • Possible 4 gun modes and 4 team modes

6. USA Toyz Laser Tag Multiplayer Games

USA Toyz Laser Tag Multiplayer Games

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With this set of laser tag guns, you do not need vests while playing an epic laser tag game. This means your kids can interact freely within your neighborhood.

The guns have a good design for easy gripping and reloading. It is equipped with a team selector and a life meter. These laser tag guns are compatible with other guns that are vest-less.


  • They can shoot for a distance of 130 feet
  • Four game modes selection between; pistol, machinegun, shotgun, and rocket launcher
  • The guns are of high quality, and therefore durability is guaranteed

5. Best Choice Products Kids Interactive Blaster

Best Choice Products Kids Interactive Blaster

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Laser tag game has never been this interesting without these pair of guns. They allow the game to be played by several players while protecting their eye health at the same time.

These laser tag guns have an impressive design, and you can use them to shoot and reload easily. When playing, 3 lights are indicating how many lives are left before one gets eliminated.


  • The guns shoot within a range of 130 feet
  • They use infrared lights and hence safe for your eyes
  • Each gun offers four blaster settings
  • The set allows multi-player mode with the ability to add players

4. ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Blasters and Vests

 ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Blasters and Vests 

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These laser tag guns are everything that you might be looking for. With more realistic features, you can change your backyard and your home to a gaming arena. Enjoy more gaming with your friends, kids, and family.

It comes in a set of guns and vests with incredible features. The guns work in guided direction and have night vision flashlight. They are made with premium quality materials. Therefore, durability is not an issue.


  • The set with four guns that shoots up to 150 feet
  • Four target vests are available
  • Multi-player functionality of up to 4 teams
  • Also, it allows four game mode selection
  • 3 AAA batteries are necessary for each component

3. Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag: Game Mega Pack

 Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag: Game Mega Pack

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With these set of laser tag guns, you are ready to get into a breath-taking battle with some colleagues or friends. They are easy to use and therefore suitable to gift any kid.

The set offers four laser tag guns with different colors. You can select the team you want from color white, blue, red, and green. It also allows you to select between 4 shooting modes. The guns have great sounds and vibrations that will add fun to your game. They are made with premium quality materials and hence are durable.


  • Four team selection with four colors
  • Offers four gun settings
  • It has a safe play to keep the kids unaffected
  • They shoot within 130 feet

2. DYNASTY TOYS Family Games Laser Tag Set and Carrying Case

DYNASTY TOYS Family Games Laser Tag Set and Carrying Case 

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You might not have loved the idea of vests. This set allows you to play with friends while targeting the blister. It is more fun than the olden days.

With their ergonomic design, you can easily check the health level, reload and shoot effortlessly. There are four teams that you can select and start playing without vests. The quality and durability of these guns are satisfactory.


  • The set includes two laser tag guns
  • Easy to change the blast settings and team settings
  • They have 0.0496mW output and are therefore safe for your kids
  • It is a multiplayer set

1. Laser Tag Set Toys and Carrying Case for Kids

Laser Tag Set Toys and Carrying Case for Kids

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How can you forget this multiplayer set on your shopping list? With no limit to the sizes of the teams, these guns will extend the fun to your friends in the neighborhood.

The pack contains four guns that offer you some of the best features. Colors indicate the teams you select; green, red, white, and blue. As you play, you should consider the blasters as the targets. Therefore, vests are not needed. The guns are premium quality to give you a lifetime enjoyment.


  • Four teams with no limits. Thus, you can join your friend’s team
  • The blaster targets have four colors
  • You can interchange the blast settings and the team settings
  • Blasters have different range requirements, reload times, and stoppage power


Depending on the number of individuals or kids you want to play the laser tag game, you should consider buying the right laser tag guns. They are available in different designs, colors, sets, and packages. All the top ten best laser tag guns listed here are easy to set up. Furthermore, they have various colors to select the team you want to join.

Some of them have vests while others do not. Therefore, you should choose the one that you think will be exciting to target. The relevance of laser tag guns ranges from enjoyment to changing the bad behavior of computer gaming in kids. You can buy one set and surprise your kids during their birthdays.