Best Wood furnaces in 2018

It is not a secret that it is wise to choose wood furnaces over open fireplaces. That way, your house will be warm even during chilly winter. It will also be a simple task to keep your house clean. In addition to that, it is an easy and convenient way of keeping your home warm without spending much money on heating bills. However, you must consider other features. One of them is the safety. Since it is hard to research what is best, we have come to your rescue. We have done extensive research to offer you the best options. Continue reading to find out the best wood furnaces in the market.

Best wood furnaces in 2018

5. Shelter SF1000 Indoor Wood Burning Add-On Furnace (Heats up to 2,500 sq. ft.)

Shelter SF1000 Indoor Wood Burning Add-On Furnace (Heats up to 2,500 sq.ft.) - wood furnaces

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This product by Shelter opens our list of the best wood furnaces in 2018. It measures 4 cubic feet. Additionally, it can accommodate up to 20-inch log capacity. Equally important, it can burn up to 12 hours continuously. It uses the clean burn technology. That means that the air will be hot but also clean. It can heat an area of up to 2500 square feet. Since it burns for long, there is no need to disrupt your schedule. No need to chop a lot of wood. Consequently, it produces less heat.

Its design includes a fixed grade system. It has an air blower. The furnace distributes about 1500 CMF. It also has a draft blower. It is thermostatically controlled.

On the other hand, it can induce up to 50 CFM. In addition to that, it comes with a filter box. It has two hot air outlets. Their diameters are 8 inches. The product meats the new 2017 EPA regulations. For that reason, you should not worry about its quality.

As for the customers’ feedback, there is nothing to tell. No one has rated it yet. It is sad how clients are losing an opportunity to enjoy its benefits. Nevertheless, you can change that. Grab one today.

4. Ashley 1330E Hotblast Wood Burning Warm Air Furnace

Ashley 1330E Hotblast Wood Burning Warm Air Furnace

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We have another great option. Ashley manufactures these wood furnaces. It has all you would wish for in a product. It will work well with another existing furnace. The re-burn technology is another great thing. You do not need to spend much on its maintenance. For instance, no need for expensive catalysts.

Its design makes it reliable and efficient. For instance, it has a 550 CFM blower. Another good thing is the six rear mounted flue outlets. One cannot forget the two heat outlets. They have a diameter of 8 inches. The heating capacity and efficiency are excellent. Why not when it has a firebrick lining? There is also the powder-coated steel. It meets all the EPA guidelines as well. It produces 120,000 but. Its heat can be felt up to 2,000 square feet.

Though no ratings, the test showed the greatness of the product. Do not let that fact crowd your judgment. Be the first one to enjoy the benefits of this product.

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3. US Stove, 2500 Square Foot Hotblast Coal Furnace with Twin, 550 CFM Blowers

US Stove, 2500 Square Foot Hotblast Coal Furnace with Twin, 550 CFM Blowers

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These wood furnaces will also do you great. You are at liberty to use it with an existing HVAC ductwork. Thanks to the two blowers with 550 CFM. The redundancy ensures that you have large air flow. The firebox measures 20 x 30.5 x 19.5 inches. Its dimensions are 24.25 x 40.25 x 52.5 inches. The features include a removable dump pan. Its ash door is separate.

According to its design, it can serve up to 2,500 square feet. Its flue collar measures 6 inches. Its material is steel which makes it durable. The shaker grates are not only removable but also replaceable. It has two heat outlets with a diameter of 8 inches each.

It has a rating of 2.8 stars. With two reviews only, one is a 5 star, and the other one is a 1 star. The positive one says that the client loved the product. The other one is about packaging issues.

2. 18×18 Water to Air Heat Exchanger Hot Water Coil Outdoor Wood Furnace

18x18 Water to Air Heat Exchanger Hot Water Coil Outdoor Wood Furnace

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These are great wood furnaces by Brent Industries LLC. It is incredible water to air heat exchanger. You can use it with an existing forced air furnace. If you don’t have that, go for your hot air plenum. It works complementarily with an outside wood furnace. It will help it in the transfer of the heat to an air system.

Its performance is excellent with up to 120, 536 BTU. That is possible if the water is up to 180 degrees F. The parameters are 15 GPM and 1800 CFM. It is compact with dimensions of 18.25 x 20 x 3.5 inches. Its materials include aluminum and copper. For that reason, it will last for an extended period.

Its durability, lack of leaks and user satisfaction are some of the customers’ feedback. The rating as per the reviews is 5 stars.

1. Outdoor Wood Furnace, Bell, and Gossett Circulating Pump, Pl-36

Outdoor Wood Furnace, Bell and Gossett,circulating Pump, Pl-36

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On top of our list, we have these wood furnaces by Bell & Gossett. Its red color makes it visually appealing. With these wood furnaces, you should expect nothing short of great performance. That is why it is among our best wood furnaces.

As far as its design concerned, it can provide heat up to 100 feet. Its motor is both powerful and dry. Therefore, its performance is superior. Stainless steel materials make it durable.

User satisfaction was prominent with this product. It is something that was registered in every view. The rating is 5 stars.


The list above contains the best wood furnaces in the market. They are the solution you need to make winter bearable. You will have an easy time installing each one of them. Another thing that should not bother you is the maintenance. They will not disappoint you when it comes to bringing the comfort that comes with hot air. That is especially when the weather is cold. Therefore, you are at liberty to consider any of the above. That is without fear of wasting your time and money. Any of them can be a perfect choice. Do not hesitate to grab one before next winter.

Best Wood Bed Platform in 2018

Best wood bed platform refers to wooden slats that help to support the mattress. However, choosing the best wood bed platform can be a bit challenging. For you to get the best you will need to go through many products again, there are many materials and designs that might confuse you. Additionally, you will also need to look at the size, durability, the size, and many other features. You should also be careful with the person making you to part with your money and giving you the product so that he can give you the right product.

You might be planning to remodel your bedroom just to have the right feel and look in your home. Then try to have the best wood bed platform in your bedroom. Many have been checking what and choosing what they love and what will be able t to fit the space and not forgetting the item that will make sense considering functionality with kid-pet-circus. We are much pleased to give them and discuss the best wood bed platform that will make them be pleased. In case you are also planning to make your bedroom a place of refuge here are some of the best wood bed platforms for you.

Best Wood Bed Platform 2018

5. Nomad 2 Platform Bed –Queen

Nomad 2 Platform Bed - Queen - wood bed platform

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Nomad 2 Platform is made of solid unfinished, which is a popular hardwood, and they are made in the USA and they come with a warrant of 5 years. It has a new design of slats, which has flush together with the top of 4-bed rails, and the center gap is smaller. Nomad 2 Platform hardwoods are clean, smooth and have a totally untreated wood because many customers are preferring the natural and hypoallergenic alternative.

Nomad 2 Platform has a trundle and a drawer that one can decide to order it separately. When you decide to choose a Nomad 2 Platform that has a plus version, it contains optional 2.8-inch slat spacing. It is also essential to note that the Nomad 2 Platform new updated design 100% solid kiln that is a dried hardwood construction. The dimension of this product is 81.5 x 62 x 15 inches and the weight is 63 pounds. Customers like the product because it is beautiful, sturdy, simple and easy to move.

4. Zinus Platform 3000 Metal Bed Frame

Zinus Modern Studio 14 Inch Platform 3000 Metal Bed Frame/Mattress Foundation/no Boxspring needed/Wooden Slat Support/Good Design Award Winner, Queen

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Zinus Platform is one of the best strong mattress support which has 10 wood slats that helps your bed from sagging hence increasing mattress life. It has the ability to assemble easily within minutes and contains a plastic foot that helps to protect your floor and comes with 5 years warranty. It has a foam-padded tape that in the steel flame and that helps for noise-free use. Zinus Platform contains a non-slip tape at the wooden slats that help your mattress from moving. The dimension of this product is 80 x 60 x 14 inches and the weight is 53 pounds. Customers like this product because it is easy to build, strong and very quiet.

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3. Zinus Upholstered Button-Tufted Platform Bed

Zinus Upholstered Button-Tufted Platform Bed

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Zinus Upholstered Button is one of the classic stylings and has a soft button tufted taupe upholstery. The core composition of this Zinus Upholstered Button is knitted polyester, steel flames, and wooden slats. Zinus Upholstered Button has a flame, footboard, legs and wooden slats, which are located in the zippered compartment at the back of the headboard; however, the mattress is sold separately. Zinus Upholstered Button contains a foam-padded tape in the steel frame that helps prevent noise while using. Additionally, this Zinus Upholstered Button is available in queen, full, king, and twin and with a warrant of 5 years. The dimension of this product is 87.5 x 65 x 44.5 inches and the weight of 83.3pounds. Customers like this product because it has a great design and has an elegant look.

2. KD Frames Nomad 2 Platform Bed Plus

KD Frames Nomad 2 Platform Bed Plus

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KD Frames Nomad 2 is one of the platform bed that can easily be painted or even stained. When assembling. KD Frames Nomad 2 you will need a Philip head screwdriver and the hardware of this platform bed is plated with oil rubbed bronze finish. It is manufactured in the united state and has a footboard. KD Frames Nomad 2 has slats and a natural, light yellow wood in color. The dimension of this KD Frames Nomad 2 is 82 x 78 x 15 inches and the weight is this product is 43 pounds. Customers like the product because is a nice and simple platform.

1. Zinus quick snap 14-inch platform bed frame

Zinus quick snap 14-inch platform bed frame

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Zinus Quick Snap is one strong metal flame together with wood slats and which is less than 3 inches apart. It is also a patent pending quick snap and is easy to assemble because it does not have tools. Zinus Quick Snap contain a mattress sagging which helps to increase the lifespan of the mattress. Zinus Quick Snap is also one of the best because it eliminates the need for the box spring. Additionally, Zinus Quick Snap has the ability to open the two legs that help when attaching the headboard. The dimension of this product is 79.5 x 59.5 x 14 inches and the weight is 75 pounds. Customers like this product because it is sturdy and super easy to assemble.


Lastly, it is important to know that the bed is the most centerpiece of your bedroom. Your bed is furniture that you will be spending most of your time on it compared to any furniture you own in your house, the bed will have an effect in your well- being and with your health also. It is advisable you choose is wisely. Therefore, there is a need to take care of the mattress by the use of the best wood platform on your bed. This wood bed platform will help to offer support to any type of the mattress without the need of having a box spring. We have discussed the best wood bed platform to help you in choosing the best that will satisfy you