Top 15 Best Gay Blogs You Should Read

Whether you are gay or act gay, we have the top 15 best Gay Blogs you should read for the best LBGT news ever. Moreover, if you are not gay you can still join in the fun and read some of the wide-ranging blogs presented by the gay society. However, what is the most read blogs available?

Here with us in no particular order, you can find the best gay blogs to follow on the latest news, views, and gossip making its way online. We have visited different websites to check on what is happening around the LBGT world, as it is slowly becoming a dying breed.

With each of these gay blogs, you will find unique content updated on a regular basis.

The Top 15 Best Gay Blogs You Should Read

1. The Advocate – A Leading LGBT News Site

For leading news and politics around the LGBT world, the Advocate stands out for all the right reasons. With them, you can discover recently published news available in a print issue. The gay blog is one of the largest gay magazines available in the United States. Sort through their archive and find interesting articles created by the founders of right movements. Read about historic events: police raids on the Los Angeles gay bar. The website is suitable for allies, bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender societies. This blog has provided all for more than 45 years of important news.

2. Huff Post-Queer Voices – Make Yourself Heard

The Huff Post-Queer Voices (Gay Voices) is part of a larger platform of the Huffington Post. With them, you can express yourself and make oneself heard. They cover different subjects related to the LGBT community and debates issues that are important to all. A number of writers write the articles presented on the blog on important issues: ranging from celebrity news, gay dating, and relationships. They have recently undergone a name change says Noah Michelson the editorial director and changed the voice to queer that is an empowering word related to the gay community. The word Queer is an umbrella that translates to bisexuals, gays, lesbians, and transgender and for those who fall in between. Noah feels that the gay community should be proud of themselves even while some feel the word queer is not suited.

3. After Ellen – A Lesbian/Bi Feminist Blog

The After Ellen blog is the best gay blog for the bi/lesbian community to follow. This site takes after Ellen DeGeneres herself. The blog site is one of the largest bisexual and lesbian community pop culture websites. For a feminist viewpoint on books, lifestyle, films, music, TV, sports, and relationships make sure to follow them. They cover different lifestyle issues related to lesbian sex, coming out of the closet, and dating. Journalists that conduct factual interviews with managers, actors, film companies and more run the blog site.

4. Gay Star News – An International Media Source

For LGBT entertainment and news, the Gay Star News is an international media source with updated articles on daily basis. The site launched six years ago and has established itself in the gay community as having a powerful voice. For interesting news from around the world: politics, business, entertainment, and religion make sure to check them. A professional team runs the site with their main office in London. Their specialty is digital sales, marketing, journalism, brand exposure and more to reach different audiences around the world.

5. OUT – A Popular LGBT Publication

OUT founded in 1992 is a well-known publication in the gay community. They are one of the largest LGBT publications found in the USA. They cover the latest trends on entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, nightlife, news, travel and more. They have a wide audience that follows them on Facebook and gives their readers engaging content to read. The founder Robert Hardman employed Scott in 1996, changed the outlook of the publication, and attracted brands such as Saturn to advertise with them.

6. Towleroad – A Popular Gay Blog

One of the most popular gay blogs is Towleroad started by Andy Towle way back in 2003. Towleroad is one of best gay blogs you should read. It ranks in the top gay sites in the world. For the LGBT the blog has some influential news and covers different trends in the gay community. Find the latest news, politics, entertainment, technology, media, travel and more. They received the Webby Awards, Logo’s Best Web Site, Gay Bloggy, and Advocate Person of the year award. If you are, a gay man or busy coming out of the closet this blog site is for you.

7. FTM Magazine – A Platform for the Trans Masculine Voice

For a platform for Tran’s masculine voices, the FTM Magazine is a digital and printed publication that provides informative news for the Trans community. The blogs appropriate for all and touch on all the phases of transition. Read different articles on culture, questioning your gender, and other related concerns. The FTM Magazine has been around since 2013 and they release a printed publication quarterly. To receive your printed version makes sure to create an account on their blog.

8. The LGBTQ Nation – An Online News Magazine

The LGBTQ Nation gives you interesting news in an online magazine. They report on relevant bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender news. They welcome comments, tips, and any news you have to offer. The blog is one of the most followed communities across the United States. They focus on politics, gay rights, gender violence, racial justice, and more. Q-Digital runs the blog and for the most compelling topics with breaking news, makes sure to follow them.

9. Queerty – A Leading Gay Issue Site

If you enjoy reading gay-related topics, you must visit the Queerty. This leading gay issue site covers different pop culture topics from politics, relationships, celebrities and more. The nice thing about this site is that there are loads of comments from their readers. Make sure to bookmark them and stay up to date with the current trends happening around the world.

10. PinkNews – For a Love of Entertainment and Politics

For a UK-based gay newspaper, the PinkNews has a love for entertainment and politics. The blog established by Benjamin Cohen way back in 2005. The blog covers religion, finance, entertainment, community news and more. They received the Stonewall Publication of the Year 2006-2007 award. For the most creative journalism content, this website even included four British prime ministers. Head over to the PinkNews to find out who they are.

11. GA Voice – The Voice for the Atlanta LGBT Community

The GA Voice is worldly renowned for exclusive interviews with A-list celebrities that include Lady Gaga, Elton John, David Beckham and more. They cover different topics that are engaging from breaking news, lifestyle, culture, politics, and travel to entertainment. They have a bi-weekly print and for up to date news, they are the ones to visit. Georgia Voice received numerous awards for design and journalism. They would like to hear from you. Communicate with them on tips and if you have been a victim of any type of hate crime. They received many awards from renowned newspapers such as the National Newspaper Association.

12. Attitude – One of the UK’s Best-selling Gay Magazines

Another UK Best-selling gay magazine is Attitude. You can view interesting news online or request a printed edition. View them on your mobile or tablet for the latest celebrity news and events. Read personal reviews with Lady Gaga, Cher, Elton John, Robbie Williams and more. They have been socializing for 20 years and have revamped their website with exclusive breaking news, travel, lifestyle, and style. They even have a global audience of fashion-conscious gay men. For the best grooming, clubbing, innovative images of hot guys doing their thing follow the Attitude.

13. Autostraddle – Run by a Passionate Team of Weirdoes

Alexandra Vega and Riese Bernard founded Autostraddle in 2009. For intelligent and hilarious articles, this is the place to visit. This is one of the best gay blogs for the feminist community. Furthermore, it is one of the most popular lesbian websites and has frequent visitors totaling to more than a million per month. They have membership programs, affiliate programs, advertising, and merchandise sales available with them. They arrange meet-ups and have a full line of t-shirts, crop tops, tank tops and more available online.

14. JoeMyGod – A Popular but Blunt Gay Blog

JoeMyGod focuses on gay-related issues and gives his audience up to date breaking news, politics, culture and more. The blog is popular online but still a blunt gay blog. For fun-filled reading, you can leave comments for JMG as they see more than 100k per month. The blogs independently run and many of the visitors have a political view. See loads of posts about the LGBTQ entertainment and culture.

15. Card Carrying Lesbian – Are You Trying to Figure out Your Place in Society

If you are trying to figure out your place in the lesbian society, the Card Carrying Lesbian can help you out. With Sasha, you can find information on the best places to live, read about her personal experience, dating, and love advice. Her blogosphere offers some space for other writers as well who shares their own experience with the gay community. In addition, if you want some great jewelry, make sure to check her collection online.


Unfortunately, there is no way we could list all related gay blog sites, but these are the best gay blogs you should read. Each one helps to bring interesting stories over to like-minded people. When you visit any of these LGBT sites you are supporting the larger LGBT society and we thank you for stopping by our page.

Unfortunately, there is no way we could list all related gay blog sites, but these are the best gay blogs you should read. Each one helps to bring interesting stories over to like-minded people. When you visit any of these LGBT sites you are supporting the larger LGBT society and we thank you for stopping by our page.


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