Top 15 Best Design Blogs You Should Read

Top 15 Best Design Blogs You Should Read

Every day different people in the world inspire us with his or her decorating, interior design, food tastes and more. They invite us into their homes and lives and we want to thank them for their creativity, hints, and tips. Presented here we have the top 15 best design blogs you should read. They have captured each and everyone’s creative mind. Furthermore, they present you with different creative viewpoints from graphic designing right through to advertising material.

Find the one and only unique logo design with them or typography used in many different ways. Need guidance or tutorials with resources find what you are looking for with these best design blogs?

Top 15 Best Design Blogs You Should Read

1. TDB – The Design Blog

TDB that stands for The Design Blog is an amazing display area from different designers and studios around the world. Each one carefully selected for their stunning work. TDB presents you with good designers and each article categorized and easy to search with 26 diverse tags that correspond to separate areas in the trade. View daily themed content or partake in the “Shop Hunting Tuesdays,” “Friday Freebies,” or “Sunday Dribbles.” The blog came into existence in 2011. You can find the founder Ena Bacanovi work here.

2. Good Design Makes Me Happy – An Inspirational Journal

With Good Design Makes Me Happy, you can find carefully selected design work that speaks a million words when viewed. The site, founded in 2009 by Hanna Dollery started the blog to help designers get some eye candy. Hannah is always looking for new freelance projects and cannot wait to work with you. You can view some of Hanna’s outstanding projects here. View the latest packaging presented by different graphic designers for Mayuko and the branding of Lillevik Alpine Cider. Check out the Lorod Brand Identity and so much more.

3. AIGA: Eye on Design

The Professional Association for Design known as AIGA has come a long way since 1914. This blog has a massive membership contribution for designers in the United States. You can explore different bios of reputable providers each with their own unique designs. Furthermore, you can read some great content and the sites categorized into 9 major sections for your convenience. View the best work of leading and emerging designers. You can even send them feedback, questions, and submissions.

4. Trend List – Exploring Visual Trends

Trend List keeps you up to date with the latest visual trends, evolving in graphic design. With them, you can find 34 featured trend categories that include Left-Right-Up-Down and the Staircase. On each page, you can find an infographic for the latest trend, according to their popularity by year and is sure to inspire you. Find books, catalogs, album covers, poster and more displayed all over the site. If you want inspiration, Trend List is the place to be and one of the best design blogs available you should read.

5. Creative Review – A Leading Magazine for Design

Creative Review established them on the internet as a leading magazine dedicated to design. Run by nine writers providing you with detailed articles packed with opinions. Read some featured articles: How an Idea Becomes a Business by Startup Life or see Dave Bayley on the new Album of Glass Animals. Be inspired and amazed by the resources available as each one presents you with unique perspectives related to the design industry.

6. Logo Design Love – Use to be a Book of Logos

Need some inspiration in designing your own logo, try Logo Design Love. The blog used to be a book of logos and the site launched in 2008. The blogs updated twice a week and packed with some interesting logos from different brands. Not only do they cater for logo design, you can get helpful articles on different subjects: Cultural Differences in Logo Design or Companies Testing on Animals. Learn about the art of logo design or participate in the online logo-related Skillshare classes. Open your imagination and bookmark the site.

7. Designers of Tumblr – A Place for Designers

Another fantastic platform for all types of designing are Designers of Tumblr. Here different people display their work. The site has more than 100k followers on Tumblr alone. If you are in need of a place to highlight your work, make sure to place it here. For an array of graphic design, illustration, photography and more, follow them. Be inspired by what other designers have to offer.

8. Visual Sundae – A Collection of Art

For a collection of art & design, visit Visual Sundae. Find interesting ideas that range from the amateur to the professional designer. The blogs made up of different categories: Graphic Design, Illustration, Packaging, Print, Fine Art, and more. Some of the outstanding graphical designs are superb. Each designer has illustrations of their work available with text available on the designer with examples of their work to look at and like.

9. Brand New – For Exciting Logo Designs

The founder Armin Vit of Brand New has packed his blog with a logo festival. The featured works related to brand identity and corporate work. The website started up in 2006 since then it has grown into a well-known logo host site online. You can find well-known firm’s design work displayed on the blog and packed with resources. The website consists of three sections: Objective Notes, Minor Descriptions, and Reviews. For useful and rare logos, this is the place to visit.

10. Design Cloud – Inspire and Stimulate Your Mind

On Design Cloud, you receive only the best in art & design. View innovative and inspiring art from around the world. The crowd of Design Cloud shares different projects to encourage others to create and display their work. The site has 12 categories of painting, furniture, photography and more. View some of the best photography from different photographers. Each design has an info section and you can share images with friends or join each designer on their social media to stay in touch.

11. Vectro AVE

If you enjoy life in all its forms available, the creative blog by Vectro AVE will inspire you. They collect from graphic design, gadgets, art & design, music, videos and more. You can find view the best work available from different designers here. See the best illustration work and find out who is who in the world of design with Vectro AVE.

12. Brand New – Another Brand New Creative Blog

If you are passionate about innovation, join BrandNew Creative Agency as they journey and focus on four sectors Fashion, Lifestyle, Sports, and Tech. Looking for work or inspiration follows their blog as they are always in need of a graphic designer to join their team. View the amazing projects they have done with some of the popular brands available from Volkswagen to spending your day with loads of people celebrating The Day of the Dead. For some great designing events taking place, the BrandNew Creative Agency can help you out.

13. David Airey – For Design Brand Identities

David Airey is one of the best design blogs you should read. With David, you can find everything from art and design. He has written some interesting books as well – his first book was Logo Design Love and is available in ten different languages. For valuable information about creating visual identities, this book a must read. Maybe you need a unique design then David is the person that can help you. Follow his blog as he gives you helpful information such as Antisocial Media Marketing, going Beyond the Logo and Keep Experimenting.

14. The Blog of Mr. Cup – Creations that Speak to You

With the blog of Mr. Cup, the creations speak to you. View the projects he has created and current ones he is busy working on. Follow his blog for inspiration or join his newsletter. You can shop for posters and see the new arrivals available to buy. Choose a calendar or a wall sticker for that naked wall in your home.

15. Wrap Magazine – Contemporary Art

Wrap Magazine focuses on contemporary art and has an online shop that sells a range of stationery with modern art. Shop by category, from wrapping paper, gifts, socks to the Wrap magazine. When buying the magazine you receive five pull out sheets of wrapping paper. Chris Harrison and Polly Glass founded the company. Together they help to promote different designers work. Their blog site is going through changes so watch the space.


Be inspired by our top 15 best design blogs you should read. Whether you are creative yourself or need, inspiration from others each of these blogs can help you. The blogs packed with art, fashion, lifestyle and more. Find helpful hints and resources on how you too can become creative and speak your mind.
Want to speak your mind with your creations our Top 15 Best Design Blogs You Should Read could help you. Display your own work or find inspiration with them online.


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