Top 15 Best Travel Blogs You Should Read

You have unlimited funds – what would you do? You need to view our editor’s choice of the Top 15 Best Travel Blogs You Should Read to spend your unlimited funds on a deserved vacation. Each of these travel blogs presents you with exotic locations for you to visit.

Make your dream a reality and let these best travel blogs help you with a budget travel as each one comes highly recommended. Our list compiled here has many social media followers and all of them are gifted travelers and bloggers and can help you to save loads of money on your next vacation.

Read tips on planning your exotic vacation, booking your flights, and making a reservation in the best hotels or resorts found around the world. Join in on their journey to all the places they traveled and make your dream come true.

The Top 15 Best Travel Blogs You Should Read:

1. One Mile At A Time – A Traveler By Heart

The founder Ben Schlappig of One Mile At a Time is a traveler by heart. The blog site has been in existence since 2008 and still going strong. If you need helpful, information on traveling Ben is the man to follow. He has more than 4 million miles behind him. View some of his amazing articles such as the Beginner’s Guide to miles and points. Need reviews on the best hotels, airports, or airlines make sure to read it here? Ben will even try his best to answer your travel-related questions or you can subscribe to his free daily newsletter.

2. Nomadic Matt – Best Selling Author and Backpacker

Nomadic Matt is his own self as the blog site shows. Nomadic wrote the book How to Travel the World on $50 and has more than millions of visitors that uses his advice. The site shows you how you can travel cheaper, better and longer. He does things differently and each of the budget hotels, restaurants, and places has been visited by either him or a guest columnist. Each travel company hosted on the site is useful and recommended. If you want to make your travel dreams a reality start following his blog.

3. View From The Wing – A Frequent Travel Expert

Gary Leff is the founder of View From The Wing and a frequent travel expert. To earn affiliate commission you can find some helpful links to credit cards and other products. For all your travel information, View From The Wing can help you out. To find advice on Frequent Flyer, General Travel, Hotels or Airlines, and Airfare make sure to visit them. You can find the latest news on airline stock prices and more.

4. Expert Vagabond – A Full-Time Adventure Travel Blogger

Matthew Karsten is the founder of Expert Vagabond and a full-time adventure travel blogger. Not only is he a blogger but a photographer who has some amazing images to see on the site. Read some of his stories while traveling or find helpful tips for your travel. For daily inspiration and motivation, Expert Vagabond can help you out. If you want to find out how to travel the world and in need of some help, this blog site is one of the best travel blog blogs you should read.

5. Migrationology – Connect Your Travels with Mark Wiens

The founder of Migrationology, Mark Wiens, believes there is no better way to connect with other people while traveling through eating food. If you enjoy eating then Migrationology is the best place to find interesting travel information and connect with others through food. No matter where you travel, you can find out what the locals are eating from the destinations he has visited. If you are passionate, about learning and growing in your travels make sure to follow him.

6. Hand Luggage Only – Owned by Yaya and Lloyd

Back in 2014, Yaya and Lloyd university students at the time brought Hand Luggage Only to life on the internet. Hand Luggage Only is one of best travel blogs you should read. They share their travel stories with amazing photos with like-minded travelers. With Hand Luggage, Only you can find interesting information on different destinations to travel, life hacks, inspiration, blogging tips, videos and so much more. For interesting food, places to visit when traveling abroad make sure to visit their food page.

7. Two Monkeys Travel Group – A Community Travel Blog

Two Monkeys Travel Group is a community travel blog that came to life by Kach Medina Umandap and Jonathan Howe. Both share their knowledge while traveling the world with inspirational stories, travel guides, advice, and how to plan your itinerary. If you want to learn, a sustainable life while traveling this is the place to be. Find out how you can travel up mountains, live out of airplanes; travel by motorbike or even with a mountain bike. The blog consists of 20 travel blog writers that have traveled Asia, Canada, Europe, USA, and South America. Find all the inspiration to plan your next vacation with them.

8. Nomad Revelations – Designed for the Adventure Traveler

For an archive of exotic places to visit or need some inspiration to start exploring the world visit Nomad Revelations. For inspiration and the best places to travel in the world, they can help you out. View some interesting facts and places to see in Finland, United States of America, Brazil, Morocco and so much more. Meet João and all the places he has traveled. Not sure which travel gear to take with you. Make sure to visit his travel gear page to find out what to take with you while traveling.

9. Y Travel Blog – For Those of You Yearning to Travel

The Y Travel Blog can help you with interesting travel tips on how to slip into a hammock and enjoy an ice cold drink. Whether you want to travel to Asia or enjoy a gap year in Machu Picchu, they have all the information you need. Therefore, if you want to escape the chaos they can help you to follow your traveling dreams. This married couple Caz and Craig Makepeace can help you to fuel all your vacation desires. For helpful guidelines or weekend getaways to a long vacation, make sure to pay them a visit. They will show you how you too can travel around the world on your little dime.

10. The Blonde Abroad – Is None Other than Kiersten

Kiersten is a world traveler who started The Blonde Abroad with all her travels to 50 different countries. For helpful tips on how to afford your travels, she can help you out. According to Kiersten, you need to learn to live with as little as possible and make compromises where you can. With her, you can view all the places she visited and explore the countries she has visited. View festivals taking place around the world, fashion, food, and flights or you can even work with her.

11. I Am Aileen – A Nomadic Digital Traveler

Aileen Adalid is I Am Aileen where she shares all her adventures for you to read in one place. For all your inspirational traveling trips, you are sure to find it with her. View some interesting tips on how you can earn money while traveling, How to become a digital nomad or Some great food discoveries you can make when visiting certain countries around the world. View some of her recommended travel gear that she uses to travel with and start planning your next trip.

12. The Poor Traveler – The Budget Traveler Blog

The Poor Traveler’s founders are Vins and Yoshke that caters for the budget traveler. The blog has the most traffic and social media presence on the web that attracts casual travelers and vacation-goers. The blog has grown into a community base blog where people share their adventures and interesting places to see around the world. Read how you can get to Tokyo from Osaka the cheapest way or how to apply for a multiple-entry Japan Visa.

13. Our Awesome Planet – Find Out What is Happening on Our Awesome Planet

If you want to find out what is happening on our awesome planet you need to visit Our Awesome Planet. The blog is an inspiration on the Philippines and Asian food. With the founder Anton Diaz, you can find out why you must visit the Lubao Balloon and Music Festival or why the bike playground in the Philippines is so popular. Browse for the best accommodation and restaurants to visit while traveling through the Philippines.

14. Young Adventurers – Great Travel Reading Tips

Young Adventuress is packed with some great travel reading tips and misadventures that Liz Carlson had. She is a professional nomad and has the best information available. For a great read visit her article on 5 things no one tells you about moving abroad and for the females planning a trip a must read is the solo female traveler’s manifesto. If you to want to travel the world and earn money while traveling, Liz has a great article available for you to get started here.

15. The Savvy Backpacker – For All Your Backpacking Tips

Travel BlogsIf you are planning a trip around Europe, The Savvy Backpacker can help you. With James and Susan, the founders of the travel blog site you can find great plans to journey on a budget through Europe backpacking. View their Backpacking Guides to plan your next trip the correct way. View their city guides for interesting places to visit and things to do or join their newsletter and follow all their recent backpacking trip posts.


Whether you are planning a vacation in your own country or want to explore the world, you can find someone online to help you out with interesting facts and trips. With our Top 15 Best Travel Blogs You Should Read, you can find helpful guides for planning your next backpacking trip or vacation anywhere in the world.

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