Top15 Best Computer Desk in 2018

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Computer Desk is one essential item every office or home office needs. Can you guess what it is? Yes, you guessed right the best computer desk in 2018. Without this vital furniture piece, you will not be able to get any work done.

The desk is the centre of attention in any office and you need an attractive, durable, and functional one. We know there are different types of desks available from ones with added storage traits to ones specifically designed for your workstation.

This is why we have selected the top 15 computer desks you can buy before 2018 finally greats us goodbye. You can find the perfect desk made from composite to solid wood with us and is sure to fit in with your home or office décor.

Each desk designed to fit in small to large spaces. Some have L-shaped designs while others you can fix to a wall. Whether you need a standing desk or budget computer desk choose one from our selection available here.

Top 15  Best Computer Desk in 2018

15.Furinno Go Green Computer Desk

Furinno Go Green Computer Desk - Computer DeskThe Furinno Go Green computer desk is your best option if you need a desk for your kid’s room. The desk is affordable and available in three distinct colors Black, Brown, and Espresso. The Furinno 11181 computer desk has a compact design to fit into a small space at home or apartment as well.

List of the product’s features

The Furinno computer desks not designed for a business but more suitable for a child to use in their room. The great news is you can even use the desk as a double next to a girl’s vanity table. If you need a cheap computer desk this is the one to buy.

14.Techni Mobili Compact Computer Desk

Techni Mobili Compact Computer Desk - Computer DeskThe Techni Mobili compact computer desk has a sturdy design with a Cherry surface. This piece of furniture offers you enough work and writing space. There is even a sliding keyboard shelf to keep your keyboard secure and out of the way when not in use.

List of the product’s features

The Techni Mobili is the best computer desk if you need one for your home. The size is perfect to fit a laptop or PC and the assemblies easy. The design is durable and stylish the only problem is to make sure they include all the hardware and instruction.

13.Sauder Edge Water Computer Desk

Sauder Edge Water Computer Desk - Computer Desk

The Sauder Edge Water Computer Desks available in an Estate Black color shade. For the office, this desk is sure to become the center of attention. Keep your keyboard hidden away with the flip-down slide-out shelf. Place the tower behind the storage area door with an adjustable shelf.

List of the product’s features

If you need a heavy solid desk, the Sauder Edge Water is perfect. The color shade is ideal to fit in with any décor and has a good-sized desktop with quality hardware. Even the keyboard tray is solid and has a wire guide.

11.Sauder Brushed Maple Computer Desk

Sauder Brushed Maple Computer Desk - Computer DeskWhether you need a computer desk for your home or office Sauder has one available for you. The Brushed Maple desk has a slide-out keyboard shelf and there are two drawers to use for hanging files. Keep things organized with the desktop grommet hole specifically made for electrical wiring.

List of the product’s features

When you purchase the Sauder Brushed Maple computer desk, you are getting value. The desk is spacious and has a smooth flat surface. Place files in the drawers and free up space on the desktop with the sliding keyboard tray.

11.Cabot L Shaped Espresso Oak Desk

Cabot L Shaped Espresso Oak Desk - Computer DeskDo you need a large durable work surface in the office or home? Bush Furniture has something that might interest you. The Cabot L Shaped Espresso Oak Desk will help you spread out everything comfortably in no time. You can buy this furniture piece as the desk alone or buy it as a set including a Hutch.

List of the product’s features

If you need the best computer desk to use at home, school, and small to large offices, the Cabot L Shaped desk has an attractive design. There is ample storage space to keep your workstation clutter-free and it is easy to clean and move.

10.OneSpace Regallo Expandable “L” Computer Desk

OneSpace Regallo Expandable "L" Computer Desk - Computer DeskThe OneSpace Regallo Expandable L Shaped computer desk is a great space saving furniture piece. The great thing is this office furniture easily converts into an L-Shape. There is a bottom storage shelf and a pullout keyboard shelf.

List of the product’s features

The great thing when buying the OneSpace Regallo Expandable “L” Computer Desk is you can use it for anything. Assembling the desk is easy and offers you an outstanding color scheme fitting in with any décor.

9.Prepac Floating Desk

Prepac Floating Desk - Computer DeskDo you need something different look at the Prepac Floating Desk? The desk is available in the color white, black, espresso and you can mount it at different heights with the incorporated hanging rail structure.

List of the product’s features

For an attractive desk to use anywhere from the study to the kitchen, the Prepac floating counters ideal. The drawers will glide with ease and the entire furniture piece has a durable structure.

8.Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation

Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation - Computer DeskThe Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation has a contemporary style with a cherry texture and black accents. The surface has a apparent tempered glass design with black borders. The desk has chrome tube glass supports. In addition, it has a pullout keyboard tray with castors to move the desk around.

List of the product’s features

If you do not need added drawers and cupboards, the Z-Line Cyrus is perfect. The good news is the desk has a special keyboard tray.  In addition, you receive extra hardware if needed.

7.TECHNI MOBILI Workstation

TECHNI MOBILI Workstation - Computer DeskAnother, Techni Mobili office furniture you might like is there complete workstation with two drawers, side cabinet, storage cabinet and more.

List of the product’s features

If you need a good sturdy desk, the Techni Mobili Workstation is what you need. Even while the desks covered with vinyl wood it still looks and feels like real wood.

6.BellO Computer Desk

BellO Computer Desk - Computer DeskThe BellO computer desk has a huge work surface with a pullout keyboard tray in the center. There is a cable management system to keep things organized.

List of the product’s features

For the home office, the BellO is perfect. This is one of the best computer desks made with high quality in mind. With the spacious desktop, you can easily place a 20-inch monitor and the keyboard tray frees up loads of workspace.

5.Atlantic Gaming Desk

Atlantic Gaming Desk - Computer DeskIf you need a gaming desk, Atlantic can help you out. The built-in wire organization system keeps the workstation clean and has a Feet Steel Rod construction. You can place a 27-inch monitor on the surface and still have enough space to work or play games.

List of the product’s features

For an easy to assemble versatile desk, the Atlantic gaming desk is suitable for any task. The furniture piece is equipped with loads of accessories for gamers and normal work use. The only downside with this desk is it does not have a dedicated keyboard tray.

 4.Office Star Prado Complete L-Workstation

Office Star Prado Complete L-Workstation - Computer DeskThe Office Star Prado L-Workstation you can install left or right. There are metal wire management grommets on the desk to keep the works surface clutter-free. You can buy the computer desk with a black or white laminate top with metal legs.

List of the product’s features

With the Prado desk, you have an L-Shape design with loads of workspace. The great thing is you can convert this desk to work to the left or right. With the metal frame and dust + scratch resistant surface, you can use it for many years without spending an extra cent.

3.Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk - Computer Desk

Another gaming desk that works as an office desk is the one from Arozzi the Arena. You can place large monitors and other devices on the desktop. There is a custom mouse pad with microfiber cloth surface and it is water-resistant.

List of the product’s features

The Arozzi Arena gaming desk will not only be pleasing to gamers but normal workers as well. With the wide and long dimensions, you can fit a large 18-inch laptop with a monitor and PS4. Compared to the previously discussed gaming desk this beast is a bit more expensive, but worth every cent.

2.Adjustable Stand up Desk

Adjustable Stand up Desk - Computer DeskWith the Adjustable Stand up Desk, you can improve your health with the stylish 60-inch curved top crank adjustment. You can move from a sit to a stand position while working.

List of the product’s features

If you have an office, the Adjustable Stand up Desk will work great in the reception area. Alternatively, it will work well in any large study as well. Now you can decide whether you want to be seated or standing when your work.

1.ApexDesk Elite Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

ApexDesk Elite Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk - Computer DeskIf you liked the idea of sitting or standing while working, look at the ApexDesk Elite. This is an electric height adjustable standing desk and a bit more expensive than the previous crank model.

List of the product’s features

The ApexDesk Elite works in different environments from the office to your home. The desk adjusts making working easier and versatile to use as a workstation, drawing desk to using it for needlework.

Why buy a computer desk?

With a computer desk standing in your office or home, they offer you the versatility to use them for anything. If you need one for the office, you can buy them with adjustable keyboard trays to dedicated places for a monitor. They have shelves and drawers to keep office items organized.

While other desks offer you routing cable management systems keeping the desktop clutter-free. You can buy them with manual cranks or electrical motors to adjust the height of the desk. These types of desks have no drawers or special compartments but they are versatile to use for any type of work.

The computer desk with the adjustable height you can use as a drawing desk, needlework station, or place it in the kitchen. The outstanding thing is with one of these furniture pieces in the home you can set up a dedicated spot for your home office. Another great thing is it keeps all your office equipment neat and tidy.

In addition, if you need extended workspace an L-Shape one always comes in handy. So before you start using your dining room table as a workplace look at our list of best computer desks and make your life a little easier at home.


Who said finding the best computer desk in 2018 is going to be difficult. With our list of affordable desks, you can find one to fit into your office, home, or apartment. Keep things organized in one place by choosing one of the models available here. We are sure you will find one best suited to your specific needs.




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