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Camping can be a source of fun for most people who have truck bed tents. If you do not appreciate sleeping on the ground, you should think of getting one ahead of your next camp. However, getting the best truck bed tents can be overwhelming due to the availability of countless sellers in the industry. That is why we are your best companion in providing you with the best information.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, truck bed tents are perfect to give you the most memorable nights right on your pick up. After all, who would not like a combination of comfort and mobility beneath the moon and stars? Also, the truck bed tents have other tons of benefits and features to accompany your trips. Read the description of the top 10 truck bed tents 2019 below for more information. You can also check out this: Mandoline Slicers

10 Best Truck Bed Tents That Every Camper Looking For

Best Truck Bed Tents Review | Highly Recommended

10. Kodiak Canvas Mid-Size 5-6ft Truck Bed Tent 7211

Kodiak Canvas Mid Size 5-6ft Truck Bed Tent 7211

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This is one of the best units that you can buy for your truck. If you really appreciate openness and proper ventilation, we recommend this truck bed tent for you.

It has a tunnel shape design which creates ample space for outdoor sleeping. This is also accompanied by its high ceiling level of 5 ft. Since it has five windows, you can breathe fresh air directly from nature. Lastly, its steel tube frame makes it sturdy and durable.

Based on the customers’ feedbacks, this tent is above average. About 57% of the customers gave it a full 5 stars. However, there are a few complaints regarding the setting up of the tent. Due to this, it the unit has 3.9 out of 5 stars.

9. Napier Outdoor Sportz Truck Tent – Compact Bed

Napier Outdoor Sportz Truck Tent - Compact Bed

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This Napier Outdoor Sportz Truck Tent is ideal for overnight camping, tailgate, and other events. You should not leave it if all you need is a space with your partner.

It is among the truck bed tents that has impressive designs. This is enhanced by its blue and grey look. It perfectly fits in your pick up to give you a compact 5 ft. space. This tent is easy to assemble. In addition, its overall measurements are 60 inches length by 68 inches height. Lastly, the manufacturer made it using super-durable polyester taffeta.

According to most customers, this unit is amazing and easy to set up. Therefore, it has a whopping rating of 4.1 stars.

8. Tuff Stuff Ranger Overland Rooftop Tent with Annex Room

Tuff Stuff Ranger Overland Rooftop Tent with Annex Room

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If you are looking for truck bed tents that can fit a dining table & chairs or a queen-size mattress, this is one of the best options.

It has a great design whereby the manufacturer fitted the tent with 3 screened windows. Also, it can easily unfold off of the rear or the side of the truck. This unit measures 12x 56x 48 inches and you can set it up in a few seconds. its all-aluminum frame and material make it durable.

The customers are satisfied with the customer service and this product’s performance. This appreciation has earned it an impressive 4.9-star rating.

7. DAC Full – Size Truck Tent

DAC Full - Size Truck Tent

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The comfort of this product is beyond compare. Unlike most truck bed tents, this DAC Full-Size Truck tent is very convenient.

It has hooks with a plastic coating which snug the tent tight. The tent has two no-see-um screens to give you visibility and ventilation. Also, it fits vehicles that are full size and SUV’s which have a tailgate. Unfortunately, you cannot use it if you have mounted a spare wheel at the back.

Going with the customers’ feedback confirms the unending benefits of this unit. Most say that it is compact and spacious which has left it with a 4.5 of 5 stars.

6. Milliard Truck Tent | Standard 6.5ft Bed

Milliard Truck Tent | Standard 6.5ft Bed

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This is one of the best truck bed tents that you can assemble in a snap. Why not upgrade your camping experience using this unit?

The tent has a great design that makes it fit a standard truck bed of 6.5 ft. So, you should close the tailgate when you measure your truck. The manufacturer fitted it with mesh windows and door which have privacy shades. Lastly, this tent will serve you for a lifetime due to its ripstop grade material.

The majority of the customers claims that this is a great tent that has good construction and rain fly. As a result, they have rewarded it with a 4.1-star rating.

5. SportZ Truck Tent Blue/Grey

SportZ Truck Tent Blue/Grey

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Also on our list is this Sportz Truck Tent. It is suitable to provide shelter for two adults during camping.

This tent is spacious and provides you with large rear access. Therefore, you can obtain additional space from the truck’s cab. You do not have to worry about ventilation since the side vents and two mesh windows are right there. In addition, to make the set up faster, the manufacturer has color-coded the pole and sleeve system.

If you were to consider the views of other customers, you would not hesitate to buy this truck bed tent. They love the way it fits perfectly and its setup. It has a remarkable 4.2 star-rating.

4. Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent

Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent

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You can now give a whole new meaning to what you call a “truck bed” if you use this tent. All you need is that truck and a vacationist.

This type of truck bed tents deploys quickly and have a compact design. The door is large and has a D- shape while the center height is 4.75 ft. There are two storage pockets and mesh windows too. Also, the manufacturer has sewn-in a good polyethylene flooring. In addition, you will receive a carrying bag that is water resistant.

The product has 4.0 stars out of 5. This is because most customers are satisfied with its price, the design of the hooks and the way it fits in a truck.

3. Napier Backroadz Truck Tent – Full Size Regular Bed (6’4″ – 6’7″)

Napier Backroadz Truck Tent - Full Size Regular Bed (6'4" - 6'7")

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The Backroadz Truck Tent is one of the best truck bed tents you will come across. You can have it during tailgating, camping or fishing.

The cost and your needs have motivated the design of this truck tent. You can set up a campsite in a blink as long as you have an open-bed pickup. Why worry about elements while it features a full floor design. It fits in most pick-up trucks and creates a large space inside. Furthermore, you are guaranteed a 5.6’ of headroom.

A lot of feedback acknowledge the color-coded pole that makes it easy to set up, sustaining harsh weather and that it is spacious. This has led to its 4.3 stars rating.

2. Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent

Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent

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The truck bed tents that are fully enclosed are the best for outdoor vacations. If you have no idea of any, this Guide Gear Full-size Truck Tent is one of them.

This truck tent has great construction with proper air movement and adaptable options. It has a polyethylene flooring and two storage pockets. Despite its spacious room, the headroom is 5.25’ which is amazing. They are available in the green color. Lastly, so as to keep you totally dry, the seller will provide you with a rainfly.

Several customers talk about its ability to withstand heavy winds. Most of them are also satisfied with its strength and ease of set up. This is confirmed by its achievement of 4.3-star rating.

1. Rightline Gear 110730 Full-Size Standard Truck Bed Tent 6.5′

Rightline Gear 110730 Full-Size Standard Truck Bed Tent 6.5'

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Last but not least, we have the Ridgeline Gear truck bed tents that will exceed your expectations.

This kind of tent has a floorless design. Therefore, it becomes easier and quicker to set it up than other truck bed tents. Also, you do not need to use a stepping stool to access the highest poles. You can easily fix it while stepping on the ground. Also, it features a glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls, some hanging hooks, gear pockets, and a sky view vent.

If you are to go with the majority, these truck bed tents work magic. They are proud of its stability, rainfly and set up procedure. However, some customers encountered issues upon purchasing which results to an overall 3.9 stars.


The truck bed tents give you the ability to experience a better form of camping. They keep you elevated from the ground which brings a lot of benefits. They ensure that you are comfortable regarding visibility and ventilation. That is why we recommend this list to nature lovers.

According to this guide, you should take the measurements of your pick-up truck with the rear open before purchasing the truck bed tents. This will give you the one that fits perfectly. Also, you can choose whether you need the one with sewn-in flooring or floorless ones. These are the best truck bed tents 2019. Therefore, you should not hesitate to choose one of them.

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