World Top 10 Best Business Schools Of All Time

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Basically, education is meant to benefit the student, and in a way, the educational institution focuses on the student, and not really the public, or other institutions. Though a school might not be set up for the sake of completion, there are some aspects that move it to engage in some competition. The competition here is mostly aimed at offering the top quality education, which is the essence of all. There are several business schools, which vary in many ways. Some professionals have reviewed a number of business schools across the world, which is quite a challenge though. The world is becoming more competitive and job opportunities tend to decline gradually. For that, people are aiming at a more quality education, from some of the best business schools in the world. Some schools are top in the world, however, there are some that are also worth high rating, in relation to individual perceptions. Each school offers different programs, services and facilities that suit a person’s goal different from another. In the ranking of the top schools in the world, the focus is put on the data of the school, the facilities or history. Also, the alumni of the given schools contribute to their top ranking. For that, here are world top 10 best business schools of all time.

Best Business Schools Of All Time

1. Harvard Business School, Harvard University

Time and again, the Harvard Business School has retained the top spot in the highest ranking business schools. It was founded back in 1908, and it is well known around the world. The case study method is emphasized in classrooms, and most of the case studies in the world originate from the faculty of Harvard. The school is known to have very many eminent alumni. Some of top alumni include former US president, George Bush and Mitt Romney, a presidential candidate in 2012. It has a high rating and prestigious, which totals the fee and tuition to about $95,000.

2. Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford University 

This is another school that has been a competitor of Harvard over the years. In the whole of America, Stanford is the hardest to join. The entry requirements of 2012 were the most strict, with a lower acceptance rate, highest median GPA and the topmost median GMAT score. What makes Stanford executive is that every student must travel abroad for a short or long stay, over the summer. According to the statistics, 20% of the students receive dual or joint degree with other schools. Having a Stanford degree can assure you of a median salary of about $120,000. Top companies hire students from Stanford and they include Google, Apple or Bain.

3. The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

This school was founded in 1881 and it is among the oldest MBA schools on the planet. It stands as the second largest school in the US, after Havard. The faculty members from abroad make a quarter of the entire faculty. There are 18 majors and more than 200 minor courses that students are allowed to choose. It also provides dual degree program in partnership with 7 more schools. The school has an online business journal, Knowledge@Wharton, which has more than 1.7million subscribers and it comes in 6 languages.

4. Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Also known as MIT, it has nurtured many business innovators via an integration of the real-world learning and the antique case-study strategy. It hosts 3 competitions in entrepreneurship, which are the Launch Contest, Accelerate and Pitch. These competitions give out more than $350,000 yearly. It also has an E-Lab, a course that helps students start projects via the local technology.

5. Booth School of Business, University of Chicago

It was founded in 1898 and 6 of its faculty members and alumni have won the economics Nobel Prizes right from the 90s. It has different programs, which are the executive MBA, weekend, full-time and evening programs, which allows students to choose according to their ability. The median salary for a person who has graduated from Booth is about $140,000. Some companies that hire Booth graduates include Credit Suisse and the Bank of America.

6. London Business School 

This is the best business school in Europe, and it is located in the UK capital, London. It also offers versatile full-time programs that are mostly aimed at youthful managers who have an average work experience of 5 years. The length of stay is flexible to the students as they can either choose 21, 18 or 15 months. 90% of the full-time business students at London Business School are international students.

7. Columbia Business School, Columbia University 

This New York based school is also one of the largest business schools in America. An alumni of the school, Henry Kravis, pledged to donate $100million in 2012, which helped in expanding the school. A top professor of the school, Joseph Stiglitz won the 2001 economics Nobel Prize. It is known to be linked great leaders, who help in supporting the school.

8. Said Business School, Oxford University

Oxford is another top university in the UK, but in terms of offering MBA, it only ranks at the 8th spot. The Said Business School boasts a record of 698 as the average GMAT score. In addition, it has an amazing international student count of over 93%. It also offers a special 1+1 program that lets students combine their full year MBA full-time with another desired MSc course from Oxford.

9. Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College

This is among the most preferred consulting schools in America. In 2012, about 45% of the graduates ventured into consulting, which was the highest across the US. Each 1st year student is expected to successfully complete a major project that they are to consult for nonprofits, corporations or startups. There is also a course, the Tuck Global Consultancy, which lets students work as consultancy agents for international NGOs and other companies.

10. Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

This school stands proud of building a new system for the philanthropists and other top business executives. More than eighty percent of the new students are involved in the Service Trips, and the Kellogg Worldwide Experience, which allow them to travel to Turkey, Malaysia or Alaska. There is a program that works with other local organization around Chicago. The program is called the KVOL and it allows students to join upon enrolling. Some of the top hiring firms include Bain, Deloitte and Boston Consulting Group.

These are the world top 10 best business schools of all time, which has a great reputation and executive programs that lets students choose, according to their preferences.


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